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chad valley pink sand and water pit

About the Chad Valley Pink Sand and Water Pit

The Chad Valley Pink Sand and Water Pit (Capacity 111 litre) is a charming blue, fully assembled, apple-shaped sand and water pit known to be popular with kids. Whether filled with water, sand or playballs, it will provides young ones hours of garden fun at a fantastic price.

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Chad Valley Pink Sand and Water Pit Reviews

5/5   'My daughter loves her sand pit . In the warmer weather we put sand in one water in the other . The only thing I would suggest is it should have a catch on it to keep the lid on to keep cats or foxes out the sand . Other then that another great product'

5/5  Shell 'My 2 year old daughter loves this! Lots of fun. Bigger than I thought it would be. Great value'

5/5  LauraR 'Bought for my little girls 2nd birthday. Perfect and worth the money'

4/5  Emma 'Vibrant colour and compact size with multifunctional lid. Usable for sand, water or ball pool.'

5/5  Amum 'Brilliant buy we use as just sand pit and lid my daughter who is a big 3 can sit in the middle and play with stacks of room I bought 2 bags of the argos play sand it filled nicely'

5/5  Safia 'Good quality sand pit. Nice color. My daughter like it.'

5/5  Helen68 'This is just perfect granddaughter can play in sand and have a paddle she loves it'

4/5  Lamogio 'Could be better quality and sand could be cheaper'

5/5  Shorty 'The kids will play in these for hours. The trays are versatile with what you can put in them, balls, water, sand etc and will stand up to a lot of use.'

5/5  Marijee 'Got this delivered to my door and no assembly required. My 3yo daughter really enjoys playing in it, such great size as well for babies and toddlers. I love the fact you can cover it with the other half so to keep the rain and crawlies out overnight . Seems sturdy enough and good quality, I would definitely recommend this over some inflatable because they get pierced easily.'

5/5  Holly 'Light weight and a lovely pink colour. My daughter has had hours of fun in her sand and water trays and it was so reasonably priced. Highly recommended'

5/5  Charlie 'Well made sand and water pit. Easy to pour out water after play and pop the other half over the sand to keep water and cats out. My only concern is the plastic could break but only with a lot of pressure on it. The zip tie holes that keep the two halves together when packaged leaves holes to keep the two halves together. Would have been nice to have something that comes with it, instead of using our own string. But not complaining as it’s a brilliant price.'

4/5  Sal 'Hours of fun, my daughter loves it'

5/5  NannyPlum 'Great fun, the 3 girls love playing with it. Have not used it for water yet.'

5/5  Martin 'Good size sand pit,excellent value for money and lot of fun in the garden'

5/5  Spud 'Great value and provides safe opportunities for our large dogs to paddle in safety in the heat of Summer.'

3/5  Bird 'Not very strong edge of sand pit cracked'

4/5  Jess 'Excellent value for money'

5/5  Richey 'This is brilliant for our 1 year old girl. Easy to stow away and a real simplistic design. Filled ot full of sand and water and keeps her entertained for hours. Great buy and cheaper than the one in aldi'

5/5  Cee 'Perfect sand tray. Great for the good weather'

5/5  AuntyK 'Ideal for what we wanted, the lid is great to keep the rain and cats out'

4/5  Snodders 'My 5 year old foster daughter loves it and having lots of fun. It's a good size for her age and when the lid is on and it has rained it's stayed dry. She said would be better if had a little seat to sit on the side (on the lip) as she doesn't like to sit fully in the sand all the time.'

5/5  Victoria 'Perfect for sand and water. It fits nicely on my balcony for the kids to play in.'

5/5  Linda 'Bought this for my granddaughter for her first birthday, loved that it was pink and in the shape of an apple, good sturdy item and I'm sure she'll enjoy playing in there for a few years to come!'

5/5  Dianmoonbeam 'Excellent value for money sturdy product great service from Argos'

5/5  Nat118 'Children love playing in it , good size , easy to manoeuvre in and out of .'

5/5  Kitkat 'Granddaughter loved it'

5/5  Karley 'Kids love it can play with sand or water and be entertained for hours'

5/5  MR 'This sand pit is perfect for sand and/or water. Plenty of room & can last for years.'

5/5  Niknaks 'After getting a black lab puppy, I wanted something I could bathe her in outside for days she gets muddy and this is perfect! It will be big enough for when she is an adult, the sides are low enough that she can jump in and I have a spare! The only negative is that it has flexed slightly on the underside when she sat on top of it when turned upside down! (i know technically that is not what should happen with it, but simply stating in case a toddler does the same thing and it breaks!)'

5/5  Cat73 'Granddaughter has had hrs of fun with these 1 filled with sand & 1 with water, evn the dog can jump in & out without any damage, very sturdy and love that 1 fits on top of the other for storage or just to keep sand covered until next time, would definitely recommend great value for money *****'

5/5  Angie 'Brought this for my near 2yr old granddaughter and she loves it she spends how's having fun. Quality is great and good price too.delivery was fast .so overall am a happy gran .'

5/5  DollyDonut 'Speedy delivery. Quite sturdy. Good value for money'

5/5  Fair 'Sturdy pool and sand pit - great that it has interlock lid and base, when stops animals accessing it.'

5/5  Shanny 'My daughter loves playing in the garden with this'

5/5  KP 'It’s a great size and can be used for water, sand or a ball pit. It’s really sturdy and I won’t worry about leaving it out. I do worry I’ll end up with rain water in it during our bad months, but that’s the joys of living in England. Well worth the money.'

5/5  Katie 'It’s just a standard cheap sand pit, but good quality and does exactly as needed. My 3 and 5 year old love it!'

5/5  Belle 'I bought this for our 8 week old Leonberger as the weather was so hot and she has been struggling. It was such a great price and as it’s plastic she isn’t able to break it (she’s had a good chew though!!). One very happy puppy and one very happy family watching her have so much fun in it!'

5/5  Moley04 'Ideal for the garde, is bigger than expected and my daughter loves it. Great value for the price and comes with a lid too to stop cats getting into it and doing their biz which happened with our old one. Definitely recommend'

5/5  Andy 'Excellent value for money. Would be even better if the top clipped securely onto the bottom rather than just resting on.'

5/5  Mazza 'Nice sturdy pool, ideal for small dog, he loves it, havnt used the sand pit part yet, doubt hed like that as much :)'

5/5  Kirsty 'I needed a sand pit for my dog, as she was digging up my plants, this is brilliant as i can use 1 part for sand and yhe other for water.'

5/5  Kaz1959 'Much better than I expected and being able to put the lid on it is a good idea as it prevents cats using it. Granddaughter loves it.'

5/5  Jojo 'Wanted something solid for our puppy during the hot weather. Great item and he can't pop it.'

5/5  Sue 'My 2 grandaughters love this. Its the ideal size for a 2 and 4 year old and a great price !'

5/5  Mio 'My two-year daughter loved it. It is large enough to put water in one half and the little toddler can have a splash. Also the lid is ok to cover the sand over night.'

5/5  Drew 'Bought this as a way of cooling my dogs down in the back garden during the recent spell of hot weather. Hopefully they will get a lot of use out of it.'

5/5  AprilJ 'I bought this to use as a paddling pool for my dog during the hot weather. It is the perfect size for a small dog (French bulldog) and because it is hard plastic I don't have to worry about her puncturing it.'

5/5  Ian 'Great value for money. Needs four bags of sand. Don't move the sandpit or paddling pool when full.'

4/5  Woo14 'Fantastic purchase, my daughters aged 1 and 4 loved it, we had one side for sand and the other a pool and they had a blast, I was worried about how much water(when it rains) would stay out of the sand pit when it was closed and not in use but I’m pleasantly surprised as there was only a few drops of water that got through'

5/5  Ejlynch 'Perfect for sand and water. We used one side for sand and one side for water. 3 year old loves it.'

5/5  Elizabeth 'Do get second one for the dog, I did !!! She loves the water. I put some old carpet under the bottom to protect it from the gavel .'

5/5  MrsG 'Lovely sturdy sandpit and paddling pool. My granddaughter absolutely loves it and it outside playing in it every times she comes.'

5/5  Milmac 'Sturdy and plenty of room for the kids to play .excellent value for moneu'

5/5  Grassy 'Sand pit is strong & colourful. Used sand side first then when it was sunny used lid as a pool. No problem purchase from Argos, bought & paid for online. Shopping there again very soon.'

5/5  Debbie60 'Good value for money as you get 2 halves. I fill one with sand and the other with water. When water emptied it doubles as a lid/cover for the sand pit. Excellent!'

5/5  Joanne 'I bought this for my granddaughters aged 3 & 6 along with the sand pit toys and they have had great fun with the sand pit and also the water side. Enough room for them both to have fun. Durable and of good quality.'

5/5  Pam 'My LO loves this av put sand and playballs in it instead of water and she is never out if it. Great purchase. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Babyrio 'Fun Fun Fun really good fun'

5/5  Jennie 'Used for my dog to be honest, he loved it. Very big compared to him (6 pound dog) and kept him busy for ages. Filled one side with 4 bags of sand (heavy to carry from the shop) and the other is used as a pool on hotter days. Perfectly able to withstand destruction from a little chihuahua, not so sure if it would fair as well with children though.,'

5/5  Bonnitta 'My little girl loves it xxx'

5/5  Nayash 'I love it and it's perfect for my little girl. Always look forward to playing in the garden and enjoy her cute apple sand pit'

5/5  S76 'Perfect size for toddlers. Great quality, bright colours.'

5/5  Kalex 'Grandchildren love it. Used as sand pit until the weather improves. Am sure they will have hours of fun when water is added'

4/5  Denise 'I bought this for my puppy to stop her digging in the garden. It is great I fill one half with sand and on a hot day the other side with water. It is really well made and was a great price'

5/5  Marmar 'Perfect for small garden - sand and water play. One half can cover the sand keeping it clean.'

5/5  Granny 'Great sandpit the lid is great to keep the local cats out of the sand .'

5/5  Nadia 'Bigger than I thought it would be. Looks sturdy and most of all my girls love it.'

5/5  Zante 'Grandchildren loved the sand pit played for ages lots of fun digging the sand and making castles I would recommend this sand pit for allsmall children also the other half of the sand pit is good to use a small paddling pool .'

5/5  Jelena 'Nice one! My daughter so happy!'

5/5  Dave 'Great little sandpit with lid, I wasn't too sure if the 2 pieces joined together from the description but I can confirm they do. Haven't used it with sand yet but have used both pieces to hold water as a temp paddling pool one day when it was hot but couldn't justify setting up the bigger pool. Construction was rigid enough to lift and empty the water without them creasing. Once summer comes back I'll be filling one side with sand and using the other as the lid.'

5/5  Angelpusskins 'Durable and feel quite good quality for the price. I used one as a ball pit and one for sand. One old year old loves climbing in and out and it a good addition to anyone’s ply collection. I’ve used inside playroom and outside on warm days. Easy to stack and clean.'

5/5  Heleno33 'My kids loves it, the colour is so bright nd beautiful'

5/5  Jana 'I’m very happy with my purchase. My girl love it is big and practical. Delivery was fast. Couldn’t be more happier. Highly recommended. ;-)'

5/5  Rachel 'Bigger then I expected, perfect for any little girl'

5/5  Tracey 'My grand daughter loves building sand castle and she thinks its wonderful because she can sit in it'

5/5  Hamillet 'Brilliant product definitely recommend'

5/5  Liss 'Lovely for little gardens in summer clips together easy.'

5/5  Shaznic 'I was going to buy this anyway and then they dropped the price'

5/5  Summer 'Great pool and sandpit for little ones, or use one side as lid.'

5/5  Juejue 'Great value for money, fab bright colour, good size.'

5/5  Zoe 'Perfect when you have 2 young ones that argue over everything, they got to have 1 each as a paddling pool! Fantastic price and great quality, these should last a few years rather than other cheap pools I’ve bought in the past.'

5/5  Julie 'It was very cheap and reasonable for the item , love. Love love it'

4/5  Hubb 'Brilliant very cheap and just the job for summer. Half sand pit half paddling pool light enough to move around and deep enough for the 3 year old to play in.'

5/5  Lulu 'This is very good value for money, much cheaper than other websites. It is very robust. She enjoys playing with sand in one half and can have water play in the other and don't have to fill the big paddling pool . Lots of fun.'

5/5  Mike 'Good value for money. Little one loves to climb into it and play. No issue with sand getting wet or animals getting into the pit - just put the lid on when not used. It is quiet large so ensure it will fit in your car before collecting.'

5/5  Sandman 'Good quality item puts up with the abuse from toddlers with ease ,'

5/5  David 'Good as a sandpit ...we haven't had the weather to use the paddling pool yet .'

5/5  Mbuss 'We got this for our granddaughters bithday and she loved every moment in it.'

5/5  Ojfenton 'Great sand pit/paddling pool/ball pit. hours of fun.'

4/5  Russell 'It does the job- a good size, cheap, wish there was a same priced blue (boy) colour or neutral colour.'

5/5  Cath 'Much bigger than I thought, will be needing more than 2 bags of sand.'

5/5  Gem 'This is a lovely size sand pit. My little girl is 4 and sits in it with lots of room to play around her. The lid also doubles up as a paddling pool so great value too.'

5/5  LJ 'Brilliant price and size for my LG hours of fun playing in sand and water definitely recommended.'

5/5  Ejcl19 'I recently bought this for my toddler. the 2 halves are a good size for her and hold a nice amount of water to play in. my older children also joined in and there was plenty of space between them to play together. would reccomend.'

5/5  Pammy 'Excellent size for the money. Bought the pink and its lovely'

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