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Chad Valley Ocean Lagoon Pool - Multicoloured

About the Chad Valley Ocean Lagoon Pool - Multicoloured

Chill in the glorious sunshine and have lots of fun, frolicking water play with this Chad Valley Ocean Lagoon Pool. The printed sea animals are brilliant and bright to get creative juices flowing and stimulate inventive play in the water.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Ocean Lagoon Pool - Multicoloured Reviews

4/5   'This is a lovely size pool for our almost 3 year old. The sides are strong enough for her when getting in and out and she sometimes sits on them with her feet in the pool. Have blown this up manually a couple of times and is doable but does take about 20 minutes for one person so would advise a pump as can make you lightheaded. It also looks really great in the garden but I wish there was a cover I could buy to go with it. Would recommend this product.'

5/5  Thelma 'This pool is excellent for good family fun'

4/5  LKG 'Bought this during the hot spell for my young grandchildren. Probably should have got a smaller one as it does taste an awful lot of water to fill to the desired level. Easy to inflate with a pump (bought separately) and easy to empty / deflate.'

5/5  Haboor 'Kids love it, me too haaa'

5/5  Lexielou 'Excellent value for the money. Definitely a great product for children also adults. Well finished and easy to pack away again'

5/5  Shandy149 'The swimming pool is bigger than it looks in the picture which is an additional bonus to the family great design lovely and fun'

4/5  Sid 'A must have for this lovely weather'

5/5  FREDDY 'Perfect for my Grandchildren, and brightens up my garden with it's interesting artwork.'

5/5  Chaz 'We all love our pool Even no it to big lol'

5/5  Lozza86 'Kept kids happy and entertained. Is a good size. I used an electric pump to blow it up & suggest anyone who buys a large pool does the same!'

5/5  Fiona 'My kids love this pool, it’s huge and fits in all the family. It’s good quality and goes up easily. Perfect for the summer!'

5/5  Cbear 'Im actually impressed at the size of this as i brought it for my niece aged 3 and nephew aged 10.. They have plenty of room to play, have fun and theres still room for more bodies. Its great and good value'

5/5  Cool123 'This pool is a great size and has very nice pictures on the side of it. Better then some bigger pools and kids will love it.'

4/5  Jasper 'Good product, no complaints so far. I have had these pools before and they get torn easily and are hard to patch so be careful!. Fantastic click & collect service from Argos within Sainsbury's.'

5/5  StephenM 'Bought for two grandsons aged 4 and 7. Happy faces Stacks of space and hours of fun. What's not to love.'

5/5  Bex 'Brilliant pool and easy to set up!! The children absolutely love it. It’s bigger than it looks!!!'

5/5  Cha 'Excellent product, quality!! I recommend this!'

4/5  Laura 'Unplugged it and its ripped a big hole in it'

5/5  Pashcara 'Brilliant pool. Good size. Big enough for our two nearly 8 year olds to play in. Need a pump to inflate'

5/5  Shelly 'Fast to set up and a great size and price'

1/5  KT 'This was only up for an hour or so before it began to deflate. Checked it for punctures but couldn't find any. It was blown up on the grass and didn't move from there. Clearly poor quality. Waste of money!'

5/5  Kh24 'Great size big but not too deep for younger children'

5/5  Wordy 'This is a great pool at an excellent price, it's plenty big enough for 2-3 kids or 2 kids and an adult, getting this pool up and filled under the blazing sun is amazing, and necessary, I would definately recommend this pool. Very happy with it.'

5/5  Tami 'The only problem with this pool- is getting the kids to come out of it! They have had so much fun this summer already along with their friends and the neighbours children. I deal size for them to have enough room but not too big to leave me anxious. Great purchase and have recommended it!'

5/5  Lorraine 'Spacious and very quick to blow up . Very easy to drain just pull the plug out. Kids loved it.'

5/5  Graeme2018 'Perfect paddling pool for young kids to play in (and for the parents to cool off in).'

5/5  Nenee 'Really happy with grandkids love it'

5/5  Makingpasta 'V pleased with pool, especially as I brought it on offer. Wish I'd used an electric pump to inflate but ok once up, the sides are thicker than they look!'

5/5  Lilmissk19 'My children had hours of fun in this paddling pool .'

5/5  Scotgirl 'My 4 year old son was very excited to receive this new paddling pool. Its sturdy enough for him to sit on the side and we even fit a small lilo into it for him to play on. perfect size in my opinion, i personally i wouldnt recommend getting one much bigger as it takes ages to fill up and then you have to work out how to empty it also! good bargain'

5/5  Kitkat 'My grandkids loved it'

5/5  HM 'Great size, easy to blow up with a hand pump, my kids are 8 and 6 and they both love it.'

5/5  Jul3s 'You pay for what you get. Very easy to set up but had a hole in by the end of the day with the kids jumping in and out. And it didn't stay up for long before I had to jump it up again.'

1/5  Shazza 'Nice size and design'

4/5  Arczi 'I recomend, Good size, good price, a lot of fun for kids.'

5/5  IvyK 'Well designed and spacious pool for kids to have fun. Don’t forget to purchase electric pump'

5/5  Stuart 'Great size for all the family to enjoy.'

4/5  Rachel 'This product is really great looks lovely when set up!'

5/5  Kay 'Not used as yet as no pump we have to blow up but very happy'

5/5  Gem 'Great pool for the kids to splash around in over the summer.'

4/5  Nickyj203 'Fab pool, it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be and very deep. My boy had a brilliant time in it'

5/5  Georgia 'Bought for my 2 children and they have had hours of fun along side my nieces it’s got plenty of room and the bright colours look brilliant.'

5/5  Clara 'Great pool for the summer with friends. Great size can easily fit two to three adults in. Easy to pump up and store'

5/5  Slug 'I was able to enjoy a great weekend in the sun, playing with my grand-daughter, it was possible for 2 adults to be in at the same time'

5/5  Margaret 'I bought this pool for my four children and they were all in it.'

5/5  Kim27 'Does exactly what you would expect. Kids love it. Good value for money.'

5/5  Rosie 'The swimming pool was absolutely amazing, the quality of the product is really great and i would recommend it to my friends. The sizing is great, it is quite big and not too shallow either as it is deep enough but not too far to where I feel that a toddler would not be safe standing up. Overall, I think that this product is really great and i would 100% recommend it to my friends xx'

4/5  Kellogs 'This pool is the best one ive bought for our grandson, and us! Its easy to put up, spacious, and very easy to clean, the best thing i like is the valves, not your usual 'quick get the cap on before air gets out' these valves have inner seals, so no need to panic! Great value and would reccomend to everyone!'

5/5  Lynda 'Lovely little pool. Bigger than I thought but not as deep. My daughter loves it!'

5/5  Ilks 'The size is amazing, depth is great. All round amazing, my friend already brought one for her son.'

5/5  Shirl 'Don’t overfill past the marked lines as will start to tilt over'

5/5  Keeley 'Large pool , didn’t take to long to fill up and was easy enough to empty and put away'

5/5  Con 'Quality pool. Excellent value'

5/5  Tony300 'Good value paddling pool,kept the children happy for hours.Would advise buyer to ensure that they have adequate bellows/pump etc as it takes a lot of air to fill side walls.'

5/5  Lilyp 'Brought thinking it would be a tiny pool due to price. I was wrong me, my dad and mg 2 kids fit comfortably in this pool. Very durable and was easy to inflate! (We used a hairdryer on cold) would definetly but this again and have already recommended to many people'

5/5  Wayne 'My kids love it and the size is good'

5/5  Julie2000 'Bought on the spur of the moment on a sunny day. Very easy to set up, stable and survived some rough water play.'

5/5  Stephyfishy 'I set it up with an electric pump that i use to blow up air beds. It was up in less than 2 minutes. It is huge and the kids love it and can easily fit adults in it'

5/5  Huwgo 'Very good for the sunny days kids love it'

5/5  JimC 'Much better than I thought, a good quality sturdy product for the price. It is certainly large enough for the kids and due to the large valves, providing you have a basic hand pump very quick to inflate.'

5/5  Lice 'It’s a good size but the plastic around the bottom plug ripped immediately so we had to bin it. Don’t waste your money. Get a better quality one.'

1/5  Caz 'Brought for my 5 year old Grandson and his Granddad , big enough for both of them to have fun In quick to put up and to fill very sturdy. Good value.'

5/5  OurNellie 'Grandson absolutely loves the paddling pool. Hard to get him to come out to eat or drink.'

5/5  Lexiethedog5 'Bought for my granddaughter, delivered next day, good service from argos as usual, she loved it, it's big enough for my grandchildren and nice and bright design because she's autistic, it's a thumbs-up from me'

5/5  Nanny 'Was so easy to put up, nice and solid once inflated and ideal size for a few toddlers, my 3 year old grandson loves it.'

5/5  Mags 'Great value, was ready to collect within 2 hours, kids had a wonderful time playing in the sunshine. Would recommend.'

5/5  Carl 'What a great buy. With the promise of some hot days we decided a pool for the kids was a must and this did not disappoint at all. Really easy to set up (you definitely need a pump with the adaptor) which we had but Argos do sell them relatively cheap, and it took about 30 minutes to fill. Once up and filled we had a great time, with both myself and the kids enjoying the pool. Loads of space, good quality, hard warring, with easy valves and plugs to enable you to blow it up easily and deflate.'

5/5  Luke 'Perfect for the kids and adults as its not too deap.'

5/5  Damo 'Did what I needed it to on a sunny day. Able to get it up easily and fine to fill.'

5/5  Hayley 'I set it up in the evening so my children could jump in after school the following day. It had gone down by early morning unfortunately. It's a shame as it's a nice pool and design'

4/5  Keano16 'Great value for money!a lot bigger than it seems and perfect for fun in the garden'

3/5  Shambles 'Great medium sized pool for the money. Suits both our children who are 6 & 3 years old. Would certainly recommend this to anyone!'

5/5  NicolaR 'This was a great buy. Great price, really good size and so easy to assemble. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a paddling pool.'

5/5  Fox5 'This is a great paddling pool for summer, very good value, its just the right size for 4 under 10's to play in and deep enough for them to sit in comfortably. Its simple and no-fuss in terms of the design and features which is what we wanted. very east to blow up with an electric pump (which id recommend)'

5/5  ML 'Perfect for grandchildren aged 5 and 3. They loved it so much and had so much fun in it we gave them one for their own garden.'

5/5  Chappers 'Ideal for kids, great size Easy to put up lovely looking pool'

5/5  Sherwob 'Very simple to set up and takes o time at all to be pumped up. Feels very sturdy and less liable to puncture as our previous one did. For what it is, I'm very satisfied.'

5/5  Mac 'The pool is easy to set up and big enough for all the kids to enjoy.'

5/5  Lou94 'Pool was fab for the kids in the warm weather and I could even sit in and have a paddle'

4/5  Claire 'Great size for my teens and Jack Russell to have a play and a cool off in the heat wave, very durable considering my Jack Russell was balancing on the edges and it didn't pop. Great value for money'

5/5  Bimkaylis 'Great size, great value for money,'

5/5  Sal 'Do move it around the garden'

5/5  Dude 'This is the best size swimming pool that I have brought would highly recommend it it doesn't take up a big space as in wide but it's long enough to have lots of fun in'

5/5  Charl 'My 4 year old son loves this pool and very easy to inflate with an electric pump! Nice size too and easy to empty with plug at bottom!'

5/5  Basra 'It is very good and resealable prize definitely again'

5/5  Bazza 'Bought for my grandchildren, a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old, they loved it,bigger than there last pool so they were over the moon with it,couldn't keep them out of it ( adult supervision is needed).'

5/5  LH 'Bought for my 8 and 5 year old to play with,along with their cousins. Plenty of space for all and a great depth. Great for the price!'

4/5  Dena 'Never have a worry with Argos regarding returns. Always excellent customer service. This product is sturdy and well made. The only negative thing I can say is don’t be deceived by the photo. It will fit two small toddlers in it at a push.'

5/5  Tennabe 'Great pool and good size, instructions state that it should take 1 adult 10mins to set up but the inflation was closer to 30mins in total but apart from that it's great and affordable'

5/5  Beatrice 'First time having a pool and must say made the right choice. Easy to pump,i used a battery powered pump connected from the car. Kids are so happy and spent ages playing in the pool in the glorious sunshine. I would recommend'

5/5  Pammee 'Excellent product - very robust and user friendly. sturdy material for kids to mess around in. Lovely fun colours. Would wholeheartedly recommend this product.'

5/5  Zdenka 'Easy to set up, quick to fill with a hose, perfect for a toddler to dip their little legs in.'

5/5  Ann 'Defo would buy again it's brill for my boys they love it and doesn't take ages to come down and easy to store away when it does brill pool'

5/5  S940 'Great size pool for the price.'

5/5  Tish 'Just the right size that they can have friends in it to play as well'

5/5  Joe 'Cheep and cheerful waste of money'

5/5  Sue 'Great value for money great size for at least 4 kids easily to play in. Would buy again'

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