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Chad Valley Multi-Stage Swing Seat

About the Chad Valley Multi-Stage Swing Seat

This wonderful, comfortable and easily convertible Chad Valley Multi-Stage Swing Seat - made from sturdy injection moulded plastic with ropes fitted - can be set up as a nursery swing, a swing with a backrest and a large swing. It's ideal if you have children of varying ages or if you just want a swing seat that will last for longer and provide great value for money. Stage one (1) safety swing with detachable T bar, for ages nine (9) to thirty-six (36) months. Stage two (2) swing with backrest: for ages three (3) to five (5) years. Stage three (3) large swing seat: for ages five (5) years and over. Size H29, W40, D39.5cm.

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Chad Valley Multi-Stage Swing Seat Reviews

5/5   'This swing is fab I love the way it grows with your child so will last a long time, quality is great lovely bright and colourful my little one loves it would highly recommend'

5/5  Shaz 'Well worth the money,only problem I had to travel 15 miles as they didn't have one in my local town'

5/5  Shah 'It’s fabulous my son enjoy on the swing seat it’s very good .'

5/5  Dawn 'Bought it for my 1 year old grandson, its perfect will grow with him and he just loves it ... very happy'

5/5  Sonya 'Very sturdy baby swing seat. Looks really nice too! My little girl loves it.'

5/5  Mo 'This swing is marvellous, it is well worth the money'

5/5  TXB 'Very safe adjustable very good fit for children'

5/5  Strawberrybev 'Completely safe and secure seat for my grandson of nearly 2 years old'

5/5  Abbie 'This product is amazing you can remove parts of it to match your child’s age group. It can turn from a baby swing to a children’s swing by taking 1 or 2 parts off'

5/5  Nana44 'Perfect swing seat for my 9 month old granddaughter. Very safe & secure. Lovely bright colours too. She loves it!'

5/5  Lucysw 'Fab swing, feels safe and sturdy for my son . Definitely recommend, hours of fun to be had . Very good quality .'

5/5  Jenny 'Lovely seat, good that it has different stages for when my boy gets bigger. Hope that the plastic is long wearing in the garden. The seat part could be a bit more comfortable with no grooving but hasn’t seemed to matter to my babies enjoyment.'

5/5  Justyna 'Baby swing is very high quality and everything is ok. Fast delivery.'

5/5  Littlet 'An easy to set up swing. We put it on an existing frame and it works a treat. 1 year old grandson loves it. Love the idea of taking pieces off as the child grows into the next stage.'

5/5  Farwah 'This is a sturdy swing seat. My 2 and 4 year old both wanted a swing and this was just the perfect solution as it suits both their needs. It comes with an easy to follow manual and the best part is that the string is extendible. The swing itself is not wobbly and is very bright and colorful. Truly eye-catching for little ones. I would definitely recommend this!'

5/5  Angie 'The grandchildren love it. It's strong and secure... And loads of fun'

5/5  KKitt 'Bought this to go with the Chad Valley Single Swing as the standard seat wasn't age appropriate. This is a fantastic upgrade - I'd followed my mum's lead as she'd bought the same bits as a set for the boys when they visit. The seat is robust and strong, VERY easy to assemble. Only downside is getting the ropes properly adjusted. We both needed to strip back some of the yellow plastic sleeves to make the seat sit high enough off the ground. Easily modified with a craft knife. Well worth it!'

4/5  TrebleSix 'As advertised. Easy to assemble.'

5/5  MJW 'Excellent seat . I brought 2 for my grandson of 9 months one for my house nans and one for my daughters house. It keeps him safe and he loves the seat. The only minor point I would like to say to manufacturers is the green back attracts the flies. could you go for a different colour. If you buy this seat you won’t be disappointed.'

3/5  Hol 'Swing seat itself is good and sturdy. My two year old fits inside it with no trouble. I like the idea as the child gets older you adapt seat to remove bar and back. My only down point is the length of the swing was way too long. I bought the pink swing frame for this as advises in questions and answers page and it was too long. I have had to cut the rubber handled section to try to get it off the ground further.'

5/5  Shannon 'Price was perfect 100% worth the money swing is perfect nice and safe for my little boy'

5/5  Sam 'I bought this for when my niece and nephew comes over ( 2&3 years), they love the swing ,now as my nephew says “ I can go as high as James now “ . It’s nice and easy to clip on and off , so I can swap between this seat and the normal seat .'

5/5  Meg61nm 'After reading so many positive reviews, we decided to buy this swing for our granddaughter who loves it. We also like the fact that it will grow with the child.'

5/5  Tim 'Great toddler seat, my daughter loves it. There is a seatbelt within the seat and as I've seen on the picture the front and back support can be removed. The only cons is that when it's rains the water will sit in the seat, although it looks like it would run through the seat. It doesn't.'

4/5  Bjt 'The swing is made well the only problem is I didn’t realise it was just the seat and not a frame as well but I think this product is great for the price'

5/5  Vicki21 'I think it’s great that this swing grows with them. We had been gifted a swing that was too thin And lightweight to sit on safely. When I saw this swing I knew it would be a brilliant solution. We took the old swing off and used the frame for the new one. The rope is extremely long so we ended up cutting some of the rubber from around the rope so we could shorten the rope even more. But my 3 yr old loves it. The seat is really deep and comes with a waist belt'

5/5  Peter 'The product is very nice and looks brilliant.'

5/5  AandA 'My wee one is autistic and even though he can sit on a normal swing seat he likes to play a tablet at the same time. LOL! I don’t use the front guard but the back and side supports gives me peace of mind that he’s not going to fall off! This is the second one I have purchased and would totally recommend.'

5/5  Amcam 'I bought this with the Chad Valley frame and they work brilliantly together for my baby grandson. The seat is adaptable and sections can be removed as a child grows. I’m not a particular fan of brightly coloured plastic but it’s good quality and seems very safe and durable. And he loves it of course! Great value for toddlers and small children.'

5/5  Ash 'Very quick and easy to assemble'

5/5  Tilly 'Great for my Grandson and can be adapted as he grows'

4/5  DrG 'This children's swing is well built. It is also adaptable - removable front an back supports/rests means it can be used for many years and adapt and grow with the child. Might have been easier to adjust the ropes, but no real complaints. More importantly the grandchildren love it.'

5/5  Whitey 'Great swing and is good the way it is versatile to age/size. I had to remove yellow tubing around rope in order to get swing to required height.'

4/5  Missi 'Better having the baby swing on the higher poles Far to small on lower poles'

5/5  Nikki1986 'My son loves it never wants to get out great value for money . Money well spent'

5/5  Ginger 'Bright.and gender neutral colours,practical and versatile swing seat !'

5/5  Buff 'A great value swing well made and ideal for the very young kids.'

5/5  Jules1 'Colourful and very strongly put together my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Amber 'Perfect! Would recommend it to anyone!'

5/5  Ah 'Good simple design and easily assembled. Very robust too despite being all hard plastic. Great value for money'

5/5  Halfpintlager 'This was bought to put on swing set frame , was bit to long but could be adjusted , 1 year old Grandaughter loves it'

5/5  Coley 'Lovely piece of equipment my grandson loves sitting in it. Good purchase.'

4/5  Val38 'Used this to add to a second hand swing set we purchased. Ordered and picked up with 30 minutes and fitted in 10 minutes. Had to cut plastic tube off to thread rope through to make it higher as it was to close to ground for 2 year olds legs. But all in all happy with it especially the price compared to others.'

5/5  Ann 'Excellent , extremely good value'

5/5  PK 'The swing is good value for money & easy to assemble. Lovely & colourful. Will buy another soon'

5/5  Sez 'We bought this to hang from a big tree in our garden and our granddaughter loves it. She is 18 months old and it is perfect for her now with all the bits assembled. It can be changed as she gets older so it will grow with her and provide years of fun!'

5/5  Sandie 'A lovely solid seat in vibrant colours. Ideal for my granddaughter who is nearly 2'

5/5  Tweeniesnan 'Lovley well made swing . Please note its just the swing no frame .. My grand kids love this as its a lovley colourful sturdy swing they had loads of fun at easter with nannies new addition to the garden .'

5/5  Oli4 'Well made swing which converts from a baby swing to an older child’s which makes it better value for your money'

5/5  Chas 'Very good. strong plastic. easily adjusted for different size kids. now used for 1 yr old and he loves it.'

5/5  Muttsmum 'I'm delighted with this swing, which we've attached to our own wooden frame. Superb quality and ivery easy to adjust to fit different children. It's substantial and should give several years of pleasure.'

5/5  Mark 'Added this to my grandsons chad valley awing and slide frame and it’s perfect for him'

5/5  Daddy 'This swing seat was for my 9 months old baby girl. Being adjustable as the baby grows was the attractive point. It feels sufficiently safe for the baby. The plastic it is made of is OK, colours are not my favourite but not the most important thing. I am not entirely satisfied with the plastic rope and attachments, they do not look sturdy enough and I wonder how long they are going to last. However they have been alright so far. Overall, it is a good value product doing what it says on the tin.'

5/5  Magpie 'Bought to go on the double swing for my 1 year old grandchild but my 4 year old also likes to get in it - plenty of fun for both'

5/5  Cadog 'Good value for money and sturdy. Easy to clean down'

4/5  George 'Great value for money, ages and abilities'

5/5  Christine 'I bought this for my goddaughters 2nd birthday it’s fantastic that it grows with her, as you just remove parts of the swing. My goddaughter loves it she’s having lots of fun with it. Would definitely recommend this product'

5/5  Bazz 'Item returned as it has no frame,this was bought by a 81 year old great grand parent unfortunately she did not read the description only went by the picture in catalog.'

1/5  Awalto2 'Brought for our grandson as a replacement for the seat already in frame. It’s fabulous as at 10months he can sit in it safely and enjoy the motion of the swing as as he grows it can be altered to suit. Made of good quality materials and love the fact the the bottom of rope which he will hold onto when bigger have a protective sleeve. Wood highly recommend.'

5/5  Buyer 'Strings too long on full adjustment had to knot string'

4/5  Jonny 'Great piece of kit, I use it without the front bar, my kid can get on his swing himself and I know he isnt going to fall off the back.'

5/5  Pamie 'This is a great swing it grows with her and adjusts the back of the seat which means you dnt need to get another seat for each stage. Iys also easy yo get her in and out of.'

5/5  Whitby 'Superb swing bought for my Grandson's first birthday, easy to fix to the new swing and interchangeable.'

5/5  Alex 'Wonderful swing, comfy and sturdy for our 10 month old. Easily converts into a seat for the older children.'

5/5  Chubbo15 'It looks good quality and my granddaughter has enjoyed it. It should last her for a number of years .'

5/5  Shelly 'We bought this to go along with the multi swing set for my younger nieces and nephews! Strong and great value for money'

5/5  Winn 'I bought it for my grandson, and he loves it'

5/5  Jill 'This swing seat is strong, durable, and so easy to assemble, the that my 5 year old granddaughter put it together whilst I built a frame for it to go on. Only downside is that the ropes are too long, even when fully shortened.'

4/5  Pete 'Great swing our year old great grandson loves it thanks'

5/5  Will55 'Very good for my young grandson the only fault the seat grooves fil up with water'

5/5  Pamela60 'A smashing wee swing seat that will grow with my youngest grandchildren........nice & sturdy which made my grandkids feel safe & secure .'

5/5  Fuzle 'Fits any frame and is safe.'

5/5  Gloucester 'Exactly what I needed and expected for the Grandchildren. Should last them a few years. Did need to shorten the ropes though as they were on the ground at the out-of-the-box lengths.'

5/5  Jules 'Love this swing seat so easy to put together with the help from the easy to follow instructions .'

5/5  SteveB 'I brought this in a bit of a rush as my 10 month old Grandson was paying us a surprise visit. It was his first experience in a swing and he loves it. It is very strong and supports him very well. And it will give him pleasure for many years as I can adjust it as he grows. A great buy and very good value for money .'

5/5  Poppa 'Was very easy to assemble and attach to our existing garden swing frame and supports our grandchild well.'

5/5  Annie 'Good quality durable plastic easy to fit and is suitable for all my Grandchildren from 1 to 6 years. Has a safety harness and a bit in the front for the 1 year old and for the older ones the bit at the front comes off so they can use it as a proper swing. It is the 3rd one we have brought as we now have 7 Grandchildren and all the girls want to go on at the same time so we have had to buy a bigger frame to hold 3 swings!'

5/5  Lozz 'Love the quality of the swing seat very colourful, sturdy, and is very safe for our 1 year old to sit in. Good buy'

5/5  Nefertiti 'Bought the swing for my Granddaughter who is nine months old. Was easy to assemble and fit. She loves it and it will grow with her.'

5/5  Gemxo 'It’s amazing as it suits all ages and can be adapted quite easily! Very easy to put together and use! All the children love it, it’s great easily for a nursery as it suits to all ages'

5/5  Nanna 'Just perfect for little ones to enjoy themselves'

5/5  A007 'Absolutely brilliant little one loves it'

5/5  Zoe 'I bought this for my 2 daughters aged 9 months and 20 months, they love it. Very sturdy and has hours of fun for them.'

5/5  Tejwormy 'We bought this seat as a n add on to a swing set. However thge plastic wrapping on the ropes had to be cut in half to raise the seat so her feet didn't scrape the floor. Other than that, it's perfect for her growing up.'

5/5  Ski 'Got this for my 10 month old, she loves it. Added this to an existing swing frame so the length of rope was perfect.'

4/5  Jessie 'Delivery should let flat owner where the product has been left. A note in the post box helps'

5/5  Alps 'Definitely for minors not for ages 8 plus. The structure is weak and a lot of movement even when concreted as instructed but it's ok upto 30kg in total'

5/5  Dawny26 'Safe little swing seat baby loves it nice colour and safe would recommend.'

3/5  Hippychick 'Great value,great swing, very sturdy and little one feels very safe in it. Only downer is the ropes are so long. We had to cut the plastic bits to be able to higher the swing so little owns feet didn't hit or drag along the floor.'

5/5  Tommy 'Replaced a standard swing seat for our one year old, great'

5/5  Dexter 'My little girl loves this swing has hours ov fun in it in the garden.'

5/5  Kat 'We bought this swing for our 4 yr old as she never felt safe on a normal seat. This seat is perfect for her. There is a lap belt so that you do not need the insert, so she just climbs into the seat, clips herself in, sits with her back against the back rest and she’s good to go. The ropes were quite long but they’re easily adjusted. Hoping this seat lasts her til she doesn’t want to play on swings anymore.'

5/5  Sharon 'Has my grandaughter is only 10 months this was a must it's nice and sturdy she's nice and safe in it reall bright and colourful only downside is that the ropes are extra long so had to wrap them around the swing top'

5/5  RandomJohn 'Very happy with this swing, hung it from our gazebo easily. Our 17 month old loves it. Comes with ropes attached, just had to slot in the back rest and front guard, easy!'

5/5  Dbabe 'Works well for the job'

5/5  CD 'Great quality swing not 5 stars because of the length of the ropes leaves swing to close to the ground so needs ropes untied and adjusted underneath. But still recommend as a sturdy swing which should last for years.'

5/5  Pops 'Well made seat, good design pity about the rope length adjustment, poor design could have been better.'

4/5  Timberman 'We purchased the swing for our granddaughter (2). We were very surprised at the strength of the tubes. Went together very well and was in use within minutes. We did buy a baby chair with it until she is a little older. Again good quality. Service from Argos was excellent.'

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