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Chad Valley Multi-Functional Play Table

About the Chad Valley Multi-Functional Play Table

There's plenty to keep your most cherished amused with the Chad Valley Multi-Functional Play Table. Not just is this a water table, sand table and play work area but in addition a building segment to play with the building obstructs that are incorporated. The table likewise comes complete with numerous sand and water accessories so little ones can dive straight into the fun.

Brand: Chad Valley
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5/5   'Our son loves it, its perfect for him, he loves the fact that it has two sides so can play with sand and the other side do some building'

5/5   'Bought for my grandson as soon as the sun came out. Lovely toy and good fun! Didn't add sand as I think he's a bit to young (15mths) and will add later as he gets older. I'm impressed with the quality of the play table - it's very strong and looks like it will last.'

5/5   'Kept my grandson occupied for hours'

4/5   'Lots of colour my grandson was thrilled with the whole thing.'

5/5   'My 11/2 year old grandson loves playing with this centre. The building blocks are big enough for him to manoeuvre, build with, or more often knock over. We've not used water in the product yet but rather damp and sand. Some of it even stays in for the next use!'

5/5   'Got it for my granddaughter she loves it takes hours of fun out of it'

4/5   'Great table, i would highly recommend it. can be used for sand, water and mud and also has an insert to play with blocks.'

4/5   'Lots of play value. Can be used inside with blocks.when weather is not suitable for outdoor play.'

5/5   'My little boy LOVES this! He's literally played with this for hours. Sand, water, mud! Brilliant purchase! Indoor and outdoor, great buy :)'

3/5   'Lovely sand table my 3 year old son loves it ,but he was very disappointed as it doesn't give you the table top part !!! This is very annoying'

5/5   'This was for my grandsons birthday and he and his friends loved it'

5/5   'A lot of fun for litte ones play, saves space'

4/5   'A lovely present for the young ones.'

5/5   'This is a great price its double in Amazon and 75 on eBay excellent quality real sturdy'

4/5   'Fab idea for the kids to use when we have the weather .. the added advantage being the lid so the sand can be stored safely'

5/5   'My daughter loves it...good quality for good price...'

5/5   'Very clever product offering several options for play'

5/5   'My granddaughter has great fun with the sand and water. Also loves building the blocks.'

5/5   'Bought for my granddaughter who's 22 months old and she loved it! It includes lots of bricks, little spade and rake for sand and a little digger toy. Mine didn't come with the cover as indicated in video, which is misleading! But all in all a very good product.'

5/5   'My three and a half year old daughter absolutely loves playing with Chad Valley multi-functional play table. As it is divided into two compartments she can use water and sand at the same time. Everything that child needs to enjoy this item to the full is included and there is no need to buy anything extra. So I highly recommend it to everyone who has little people. My one loves it!'

5/5   'Grandchildren love it. The lid and building bricks are a good addition and keeping it covered is a bonus'

2/5   'The video shown for this item is misleading. The top to make it into a desk is not included, there is no bucket with it and on the video the castle and truck look large when in fact they are tiny. The place where you put the bricks looks like it is all over however there is only about 12 spaces on each side. My little one does like this but it's not very strong and if she pulls herself up holding the table it does topple over. Seen better ones for the same price.'

5/5   'My grandson has used the table inside and outdoors, with or without water and sand. It's an ideal height for him - he's eighteen months old. My husband has made an additional flat top to it so he can play with his cars on it and rest on it to draw or do his puzzles. Well worth the money.'

5/5   'My Grandson has road tested this and is highly delighted. There can be no better recommendation.'

5/5   'Bought for our two-year old grandson. He loved making sandcastles, playing with the lego type blocks that came with it! Wonderful value for money!'

4/5   'My son loves this was easy to put together and lots of fun toys with it. But a few pieces missing. But happy toddler happy mummy.'

5/5   'I am fully satisfied.'

5/5   'My son absolutely loves this hes out from 7.30am until nite loves the water and boats. Absolute best buy this summer.'

3/5   'When it's raining heavy the rain still gets in even with the lid on so it's best to keep under shelter as well. We only have sand in it and our 2 year old loves it but you do get what you pay for so there are sturdier ones out there but they are more expensive.'

4/5   'Easy to assemble, the lid is really useful, coming with small toys inside'

3/5   'My 15 month old enjoys playing with this. No writing top is included though as it indicates in the video.'

5/5   'My son 15 months and our friend child 3 loved it and it came with bricks so we didn't even get to the sand part over a long weekend.'

4/5   'It's fun and my wee one loves it got it for her birthday she is 3 keeps her entertained and outside in the good weather'

2/5   'Smaller than expected, 2 children who are 3 year olds tower over this product , so wont get a next year out of it.'

4/5   'Good price, very substantial. Customer service very good'

4/5   'Bought for my 18 mon the old son. He has a ball in this, lots of things to play with and great with lids on. Only thing is there not water tight, bit no matter a bit of water means better sandcastles. Be warned though doesn't come with a bucket, but beach toys are cheap so that's no problem!'

5/5   'Sturdy quality product. Got on offer. Won't pay full price for it though'

5/5   'I wanted something for garden play for my 18 month old granddaughter, but needed it to be packed away in between. This set it just right - it can take sand and water and it comes with an impressive array of sand/water toys. It wobbles slightly and the cover is probably not totally watertight, but it is great value compared with some of the others I looked at. And she loves it!'

2/5   'We were disappointed that, having driven home, some if the contents were missing. So we drove back to the store and were given another. This too, it turned out, had a piece missing but as we had already wasted over an hour returning the first box we gave up and kept it. Even if they are all there, the contents do not anyway match the picture on the front. Disappointing.'

5/5   'Bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Nice size, great that it has a lid on too so no unwanted visitors get into the sand. There is a lot of bricks too to play with on the days you don't want the mess of sand and water!'

5/5   'My 2 year old daughter loves this multifunctional table. Perfect height for her and all the extras that it comes with saves you having to go buy add ons. Really good price also.'

5/5   'A sturdy, colourful item, just what we wanted'

3/5   'Exactly as described. A good little play table. Quite sturdy. Good for the price. But it is very small.'

5/5   'Great outdoor toy, 2 year old son loves playing in both sides, keeps him busy for ages'

5/5   'I was pleasantly surprised with this. My son is 20 months and won't leave it alone. All the added extra bits make it even better value for money.'

5/5   'Bought for grandsons birthday and he loves to play with it'

2/5   'Very small!!'

4/5   'Its ok but small and bit cheap looking. Not enough room to build a sand castle in. If you can get it in a sale half price than it worth a buy but won't get it at full price if I'd known. My 4yr old got bored very quick with it'

4/5   'My child very happy with this play'

5/5   'My granddaughter loves this play table.'

5/5   'Bought for my granddaughter also my daughter law Has just been registered for childminding and this is perfect'

5/5   'This is a super gift for my granddaughter for her 3rd birthday. Much better for imagination and play than a television screen or ipad!'

5/5   'We filled both sides with water first and the kids loved it . Comes with toys and blocks which fit on the lid/cover'

5/5   'My daughter absolutely loves this table! I bought it as we have a small garden so the size wasn't overly big! I would defiantly recommend this to friends and family. Great value for money!'

3/5   'This is ok! Not great but does the job! It doesn't leak and comes with a good amount of blocks.'

3/5   'Very small and flimsy'

4/5   'Perfect for little explorers. Comes with everything but the sand. The building blocks kept my son entertained whilst my daughter transferred sand from 1 compartment to the other. Lots of fun accessories. They love it.'

4/5   'Bought this for my grandson, who is almost two. He loves the water play best but has also used the building brick base and the flat top for drawing. We haven't yet tried it for sand as once we have it will be difficult to clean it up and bring it indoors. I have only given it average for quality because the top doesn't lie very flat - it is a bit warped - and the little sailing boat broke on its second outing. The sail fastens on using three little studs, one of which broke off.'

4/5   'My toddler enjoys this with sand or water. We originally made the mistake of adding water in one side and sand in the other which ended up like a mud pie! There are too many blocks for the size of the top and obviously have to store them separately when using sand.'

5/5   'Excellent product with plenty of extras. Love the way it changes into a building brick table. Bought for Nephews birthday. He loves it!!'

5/5   'Grandson loved this hours of fun'

5/5   'Really impressed with what we got for the price (although it was on offer). Duplo-style pieces for a play board, two separate trays for sand and/or water, buckets, spade, rake, boat and truck. All packed away into itself too.'

5/5   'Excellent product. Keeps our 18month granddaughter amused for long periods. Sand and water, building bricks etc. Good value for money. August 2016'

4/5   'The sand table is lovely.... It comes with a lot of accessories but isn't as big as I thought it was going to be. Great price at half the normal price.... Would have been disppointed if paid full price'

4/5   'Bought this for my little girl she loves it, plays lovely with it. Would recommend this product'

4/5   'Purchased for my 3 year old granddaughter with play sand. Easily assembled & with included accessories she has had hours of fun. Lids great for when it's rainy outside & keeps sand clean & prevents rain waterlogging. Would recommend.'

3/5   'Just the right height for three and four year old'

5/5   'The multi-functional table is an excellent activity centre for young children. The building bricks can be used as an alternative to sand and water.'

5/5   'My nephew has had such pleasure from playing with this it is the perfect height for him,'

5/5   'My grandson loved this sandpit with the building bricks. Room for water too and a little boat to go with it.'

5/5   'I bought this for my 2 year old & she loves it! I would say it's the perfect size for her age- it says suitable from age 3 but I would ignore that. A great design as it can be used for sand and/or water & adding the green covers it becomes a building table & the lid makes it a fab little scribbling table. Would recommend this product as it has provided hours of fun already!'

4/5   'The sandpit is ideal for younger kids, the choice to use it for water or building keeps them entertained.'

5/5   'Our grandson is 21 months old and he loves it :), comes with so many extras such as bucket, spades, rakes etc. Packs away neatly with double lids. Makes a great sand or water table, would totally recommend this :)'

4/5   'The drain feature is a good idea, I like having the lego type bricks. Good quality plastic. colourful and truly multi -functional. To improve it needs clips to hold the cover on. The product cannot be left out without a weight on top because the wind would blow off the top. I have used bungee clips but they get wet, anything heavy would be dangerous with little children around.'

4/5   'Our toddler loves this table. Simple to set up & comes with lots of fun attachments. We bought a bag of sand from Argos and just put a bit in at a time. It helps to wet the sand when trying to make castles etc.'

5/5   'Like the look of this table. Nice height for my Grandaughter. Will be perfect for garden play.'

5/5   'My granddaughter loves it sha is two.'

5/5   'Grandson loves this he can play with water creating bubbles now and at with sand in better weather outside'

5/5   'Perfect play item for the garden or even indoors. Very fast delivery made it a lovely birthday present'

4/5   'Bought for a 4 year old and he loves it'

5/5   'Excellent play centre for my small grandson. Bright colours lots of extras and worth every penny.'

5/5   'Hours of fun at a bargain price'

5/5   'Fun for any day'

4/5   'Yes, this sand table is a bit 'plastic' and isn't the best quality but I think it's pretty good value compared to other similar tables I looked at. The most important thing is that my 14 month old likes it. It's a really good size for her, holds just enough sand and water and has plenty of accessories to keep her entertained. Overall I'm pleased with this purchase but one downside is the orange cover does not act as a waterproof cover at all so the sand inside gets waterlogged when it rains.'

3/5   'The table is a good height for toddlers & gives them an opportunity to be creative & use their imagination. Was very disappointed that it doesn't come with sand however!'

5/5   'We purchased this for our 14mth old grandson as he is walking and does everything standing up , he loves blocks and mucky play with the sand , we are lucky he hasnt learnt to throw the sand , yet, good prive value for money , and can see it lasting .'

4/5   'Really pleased with this buy...my Grandson is having lots of fun with it. I thought it was good value for the money and will last for quite a long time.'

5/5   'My little girl loves it and she spends hours with it and its good because when you do not want them to play with the sand and water any more you can put the brick tops on the water and sand and they can still use the table to play with the bricks'

5/5   'Lots of accessories with this play table, and good value. It can be played with in Summer and winter. Bought for my grandchildren.'

4/5   'Brought for my 2 year old daughter and I thought It was really good for the money spent. She loves playing with it and it was easy to set up. I would definitely recommend this product.'

4/5   'My 2yr old loves it. The extra bits that come with it are good, spades and buckets etc but the building blocks are great as he can play with them indoors as well as in the sand pit. The table is quite sturdy as he has already tested this out by standing in it!. My only grip would be the lid is very flimsy and would be better if the lid lip went on the outside rim of the table instead of the inside as when it rains it just fills up with water. All in all a good 1st sand/water table for the price.'

5/5   'I bought this sand pit for my boys who are 4 and 1,,,,,they both love it and have lots of fun,to building blocks,,,,,playing with the sand and water, I'm very pleased and have recommended it to others,'

5/5   'Very happy with this product. Our daughter was and still is delighted with it. Excellent work argos'

3/5   'This is not as sturdy as I expected. The legs come off too easily and doesn't take much effort to make it fall over. On the plus side, the extras, especially the building blocks, are a good idea.'

5/5   'It was perfect. Amazing how much you actually get with it. Kept him amused for ages. He loved the water but once he'd got wet through and we didn't want him to get wet again we simply put the bricks over that bit and he played so beautifully in the sand with all the fantastic toys that came with it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The height was just perfect, he's not quite walking but was able to stand and play as it was very durable and no chance of him knocking it over or anything.'

5/5   'Bought for 18 month old granddaughter .she loves it lots to play with and easy to clean . Nana'

1/5   'This item was so light and flimsy my 2 year old son could tip it up and empty the water out.'

2/5   'I was looking for a product for my 4 year old and my two year old to play with. This certainly wasn't that. It's far to small even for my two year old. She can just get her hands in one side not leaving much room to play. I wouldn't of ever of bought this for that kind of money if I had known just how small it was'

4/5   'Bought for my son as he loves sand and water. Great fun has been had with this so far! And also the duplo bit is great too for when they've had enough of getting messy!'

5/5   'This was bought for a two year old with a fairly small garden! It looks great, fits beautifully and has everything needed for hours and hours of fun. Very pleased.'

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