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chad valley mega bubble machine

About the Chad Valley Mega Bubble Machine

Great for outside play in particular, your little one can instantly make an impressive stream of bubbles with the Chad Valley Mega Bubble Machine. Add the formula to your base then switch it on. The fan forces the air through the turning bubble wands to create stunning eye catching bubbles.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Mega Bubble Machine Reviews

5/5   'Really easy to use and great volume of bubbles. Shame no solution included but this was easily sourced. The machine looks really good and my 1 year old loves it too.'

5/5  HELEN 'Excellent bubble machine. Made great present. Kids loved it.'

5/5  Rose 'My granddaughter had many hours of fun, running after the bubbles. Every time she comes to my house the first thing she asks for is bubbles.'

5/5  Juditr 'Great fun fun the children.'

5/5  Dv 'The best bubble machine I've ever bought. Miles better than anything gazillion does. Use the Chad Valley bubble mix as well. Not watered down like the others. Excellent value for money.'

5/5  Jac 'Hi Our grandson just loves the bubble machine. The bubbles come flooding out and it's a fight between the dog or our grandson who pops the bubbles first. The bubble machine is very easy to work foes require a lot of batteries but the smile on our grandsons face is priceless.'

5/5  Becci1010 'We bought this because a friend had it and we’ve since bought it as a gift for someone else. Produces loads of bubbles and provides hours of fun for the children. Easy to use and can be operated by kids.'

5/5  JSF 'This is a great bubble machine, many people asked were we got it . Well done Argos'

3/5  DW 'Ithe bubbles were not as good as they were advertised'

4/5  LewesMum 'It's easy to use and works well. As others have said, it eats power (not surprisingly I guess) so batteries are expensive.'

5/5  SandraD 'Great fun for the summer in the garden.'

5/5  Vicky 'Great product, I felt like the batteries should be included. Adding the water at the front is easy but my little nephew kept touching the liquid and trying to lick his finger.'

5/5  JoJa 'It’s kept the little one entertained for hours chasing bubbles.'

4/5  Sairah 'The bubble machine was great, easy to use. Didn't realise I'd need to unscrew the lid to put batteries in, also it takes large 6 batteries which A lot considering the machine isn't that big itself. Bubbles come out nicely so nice for a small party.'

3/5  Sare 'The bubbles in this are large and plentiful, however for the price I would expect it come with bubble solution even if just a small starter bottle,doesn't tell you anywhere that bubbles not included.'

5/5  Hannahlou 'My Nieces loved this bubble machine so much, they have had others but none of them compare to this, its brilliant fun. Thank you'

5/5  Handcuff 'Great device for keeping the kids and dogs entertained while you sit back and rest!'

5/5  Johnboy 'My Grandson loved it from the moment it worked and continues to use it daily'

5/5  Shanezza 'It didn't come with bubles apart from that it is a good present'

4/5  Annaq 'It needs 6 D batteries - which cost a lot. However it is much better than one (similar price) I bought off amazon - the amazon one button broke after about 4 times turning it on and off and the bubble mixture leaked out when you picked it up. This one has a positive and robust switch and the mixture doesn't come out when you pick it up.'

5/5  Kelz 'Son and daughter love this! So much better than wasting money on ones from other shops!'

5/5  Baz 'Good quality. I was impressed by the enormous amount of bubbles it produces! My nephew loved it.'

3/5  Teacup 'Creates an almost overwhelming amount of bubbles, definitely for outside use only! Requires a lot of batteries.'

4/5  Leanne 'My daughter loves this had a few different ones and this is by far the best'

5/5  Actor 'Really great machine. Used for workshops and shows with young children. They absolutely love it. I used it indoors and it fills the room with bubbles! DOES NEED BATTERIES (which I hadn't noticed before buying)'

5/5  JoeyJoJo 'Awesome. Nice and sturdy, loads of bubbles. What more could you want.'

5/5  Sri 'Good product, made a lot of bubbles for the kids to enjoy'

5/5  Pawelradio 'Very fun for children'

5/5  Milo 'Very good product. Does exactly as it says and such a fun way to keep kids entertained. I bought it for my nieces birthday and it was basically a prop for her party and everyone loved it. Crowd pleaser'

5/5  Aggie 'So far this is the best bubble machine I bough, my boys love it'

5/5  Anglerman 'Mega bubbles, Mega fun, the Grand kids loved it, thank you.'

3/5  Carla 'Gazillion bubbles doesnt really live up to its name as i expected a lot more bubbles. I have used the gazillion bubbles mixture too!! The fan will shoot the bubbles straight up in to the sky so theres not much chance for a toddler to catch them and she lost interest very quickly. Also when undoing he screws to put in some batteries the screw grips fell out into the machine now rattles the screws dont properly tighten and its very expensive to put in x6 d batteries (£15)'

5/5  Jo 'Just buy the cheaper bubbles, great fun. Purchased for Grandsons birthday party, kids and adults loved it!'

3/5  Lindy 'An ok bubble machine, do feel it is over priced.'

3/5  Angela 'Great product really sturdy and a lot larger than I was imagining. Only down side is the 6 D size battery’s it needs. That’s not cheap, but other than that it’s great and kids loved it.'

5/5  Frank67 'Great you for kids and loads of fun at grandson birthday party'

3/5  Nana 'As this was a birthday present,my grand son was dissapointed and couldn't use due to no mixture to make the bubbles so couldn't use it till I had purchased some. More expensive.'

5/5  Kate 'My neice absolutely loves bubbles, so I bought her this machine for her birthday. It's great! I bought the big bottle of bubble liquid from Argos too and they both work well together. Made me realise I had made a great purchase when i saw her reaction. Great machine for the kids to play with in the garden!'

5/5  Jipbhoy 'Simple to operate and my god daughter loves A bargain'

5/5  Daisy 'I run baby classes and have gone through lots of bubble machines over the years. This is def the best.'

5/5  Thomas0735 'Bought this for Christmas for my dog who loves bubbles and she LOVED this. There was so many bubbles she didn't know which one to go for and she was joined by my kids who were having just as much fun as she was. I'd use it outside so you have plenty of room for the bubbles and also put it somewhere high as my dog kept trying to drink the solution and catch the bubbles before they even had chance to leave the machine! Great fun for kids and dogs alike!'

5/5  Stacey32 'Great toy for kids but doesnt come with bubble solution so make sure you buy that too.'

5/5  Vicky 'Was hiven as a ptesent.good value for money'

5/5  Grandad 'Bought this for our grand daughters and the pleasure we got from seeing their happy faces was worth every penny.'


5/5  Lynnie 'Makes lots of bubbles, I was delighted with how well it worked, my Grandson loves it.'

4/5  Jacko 'Was the most competitive price, and reasonable price. Was easy to set up which was good with the kids screaming at me they wanted to play with it in the garden haha'

5/5  Kathy 'Excellent bubble machine, robust and the children love it'

5/5  Shaz 'Bought this for my pups & they love it! So many bubbles they don't know what one to try & get first :))'

5/5  Milly 'This bubble machine churns out a heap of bubbles ,the granchildren loved it ,the liquid reservoir could be a little bigger to take not bubble solution but all in all a good buy'

3/5  Baba 'Only down side is it takes 6 D batteries that cost the same price as the item'

3/5  Nettripz 'Great item for kids party. Biggest let down though, is the fact that it doesn't comes with any intstructions or any mention of how many batteries are required. Which is 6 xDv batteries (not cheap). Doesn't come with any bubble solution (hard to come by 1 litre plus solution). By the time you've brought additional batteries and solution, you may as well shell out on a machine, that comes with all the extras you will need to operate the product, because you end up paying the same amount.'

5/5  Ram 'Brilliant machine worth paying the extra for the large one, have got through 2 smaller ones in 2 weeks as using for ASD child. It's fast, numerous bubbles so many it's great & big bubbles. Batteries last ages which is good as other machines we were changing twice daily! Plus doesn't need topping up that much for the size of the machine. Very sturdy & well made.'

5/5  Bushy 'Bought this for my grandsons to use in there garden and they absolutely love it. Value for money and money well spent.'

5/5  Aggie 'Very good product, great value for money, my son and his friends absolutely love it!'

4/5  Ro 'This bubble machine is so easy to use, you just add batteries some bubble mixture and flip the switch! Also, very easy to clean up! There is no mess at all. Just wipe the tray and you're done!'

2/5  LondonPal 'Bubble size was good. Hence 2 stars. The bubbles mix feeds from front and if kids accidentally touch the machine then there's a real risk that it can spill on the child itself. As solution can directly be accessed from font. Need to watch out for curious children who want to 'taste' the bubble liquid. Takes 6 big size batteries. I ignored that review before buying this as a gift but later realised how expensive the batteries really are.'

1/5  Kimmy 'Looks really big so I thought it would work better than some of the cheap ones. It takes 6 d batteries that arnt cheap, it didn't blow hard enough to make the bubbles. This was a complete let down for my grandsons 1st birthday party,.'

5/5  Scarlett 'My daughter absolutely loves her bubble machine. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It Offers plenty of fun and is really handy as it can be carried easily using the handle shown on the top. Also Really easy to use! Great for hours of fun in the garden. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  Carola 'It was easy to order. A shame that batteries and bubble mixture wasnt included though'

4/5  AL 'Great machine that produced lots and lots of bubbles! however takes 6 D-size batteries and also bubble solution requires topping up quite regularly....but you do get lots of bubbles! kids love it!'

5/5  Ck81 'Absolutely brilliant bubble machine. Wasn't too sure about buy this one because it was chad valley and the price of it compared to other brands, but I'm so glad I bought this one. It's big like it shows in the picture so the bubbles actually go far and lots come out. Obviously it's a wee bit loud because of it's size but it's not annoying. Really happy with it and would recommend it but not if your looking for a small one.'

5/5  Sclc74 'Great machine produces loads of bubbles. Easy to top up and empty solution. Sturdy machine which is safe to use Brilliant for parties'

5/5  Vid 'It is fab makes. Loads bubbles . But use lots if buble liqued .you can get large bottle bubble liqued from pound shop so works out cheep . Worth gettin kids love it'

5/5  Nanof1 'Consistently makes large amount of bubbles, powerful machine with carry handle, and a very good bubble machine for a party. Kids had loads of fun! .It requires 6 D batteries & bubble fluid which are not included. I would defiantly recommend this machine'

3/5  Clarkz 'Machine bigger than expected, uses 4 large batteries which can be expensive and lot of solution. But daughter loves, creates lots of bubbles and much easier than blowing that many bubbles!'

4/5  WinterSun 'It is great bubble machine. Quite powerful and makes lots of big and small bubbles. Handle on the top makes it easy to carry around and prevents spills by accidentally tipping the machine. My only wish would be a bubble machine which doesn't spill bubble liquid! Not this one I'm afraid. Also it needs 6 D batteries which are not included. That is a drawback too. Kids loved it though. That is main thing!'

5/5  Queenie 'Bought two for school playground. Children love it even in the quiet area.'

5/5  H 'I brought this bubble machine for my daughter and it's safe to say she loves it as much as I do. It creates so many bubbles and lasts hours. Lots of fun to be had. Whenever people visit they all comment on how good the bubble machine is.'

5/5  Denfra 'If your child loves bubbles or you need a bubble machine for a party. This is the one. This is great fun! My daughter loves it. It consistently makes loads of big bubbles. Would def recommend. Just to advise you need to buy the bubble solution separately and also batteries. Batteries are 6 x D size.'

5/5  Coolbaby5 'This will be our fourth different bubble machine and it is by far the best. Easy and mess-free to fill. Bubble solution (not included) lasts a long time considering how many bubbles it produces. My only complaint would be that it takes 6 x 'D' batteries (again, not included!) Great fun though and easily moved around the garden with the carry handle on the top. Would definitely recommend.'

3/5  Emzzz 'Once we got this Machine going (it did not come with bubble mixture so made our own) it was good fun and lasted a while but it has no instructions and takes 6 D batteries that aren't included! I don't think it's good value and although the kids had fun with it, I won't be recommending this to my friends!'

5/5  Mr M 'If you want maximum bubble fun then this is for you. The machine is much larger than other bubble machines living up to its 'Mega' name. The orange hopper on the front is simply filled with bubble mixture and away you go, it is easy to rise out to keep the machine clean. Note you will need 6 size D batteries.'

5/5  Delly 'I bought a bubble solution to go with this and the amount of bubbles is absolutely lovely. My LGs love this machine. Produced soon many bubbles.. so much fun.'

5/5  Jayne36 'Really good fun and produces loads of bubbles. My garden was full of bubbles in seconds only down sides are it needs 6 X 'D' batteries and it uses a lot of bubble mixture but that's not surprising when you see the amount of bubbles that come out. Good fun and the kids loved it.'

5/5  Hus 'This machine is amazing, it lets out so many bubbles it feels like a dream! The kids love it and so do I, it's the perfect summer toy! It didn't come with 6x D (large) batteries but the wait was worth it, as soon as it was turned on, our entire garden was filled with beautiful bubbles! The bubbles are dryer and don't "splash" when popped like normal wet manual bubbles and perfect for all ages. The solution lasts a while and batteries are running strong even after a whole weekend of bubble mania!'

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