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Chad Valley Kids' Active 2-in-1 Swing

About the Chad Valley Kids' Active 2-in-1 Swing

The Chad Valley 2-in-1 swing is an astonishing toy that little ones will enjoy for a long time play. It comes with a nursery situate for children of 12 months and over. Once your most cherished is mature enough, it can be effortlessly changed over to a typical swing seat and is designed to withstand a greatest weight of 45 kg - around 8 years of age.

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Chad Valley Kids' Active 2-in-1 Swing Reviews

4/5   'Quite good though rather awkward hammering supports into the ground'

5/5  Radu 'A well thought out and very good quality product ...'

4/5  Emygee 'Bought this for our little boy as he loves the swings at the park. Looks good quality and is a nice size for when he starts to get older as you can attach more legs to heighten the swing and then install the swing seat instead of the nursery swing seat. I think the bottom of the swing could be better like having rubber non slip bungs if it's being used indoors. I have laminate flooring and I can see if I use this indoors it will scratch the surface. However it's good for the price.'

5/5  Mr7 'My little son loves it. It was a very good investment to see him smile even more'

5/5  Junu 'My son and daughter both are having fun. This is really good swing. If baby is small or big no matter. It has choice to set for small child or big.'

4/5  Dzc 'Great fun for one year olds. However took two to build since it’s tricky lining up bolts with holes in the swings frame.'

5/5  Cass 'Easy to put up & my little girl who is 1 loves it.'

5/5  Chrissy 'My 1 year old loves her swing so much and the support and design seems so comfortable for her'

4/5  Jezza 'Reasonably priced and suitable for requirements'

5/5  Harveysue 'Bought this for our 1 year old granddaughter who never stops smiling in her swing?Excellent quality and easy to assemble.Would definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Murcotgirl 'Swing for granddaughter who is 12 months old and it will grow with her. She loves it. The swing was easy to put together.'

5/5  Ros 'It’s a very good strong swing and my little grandson loves it great 1st birthday present'

5/5  G14 'Very simple to build,nephew REALLY enjoys swing and anchor into ground VERY secure.'

5/5  Debbie 'Excellent value for the money'

5/5  Clare 'My little boy really enjoys playing with this, it looks good in garden and fits we’ll size wise .'

4/5  Dave 'Good strong swing but anchorages difficult to drive into ground and you need to remove rubber ends (it doesn't tell this) and ends get damaged doing this. Difficult to know how much to tighten bolts.'

5/5  Dante 'After much searching, I decided to get this one as later on it could be converted to a bigger swing for when he's older. At the moment it's for my 10 month old grandson. There's a harness to secure him (not that he needs it, but if you had a teeny baby then you might) and there's also a backrest to support him. He loves his gentle swinging in it, and if he's anything like my children were, he'll like more vigorous swinging later on. It's sturdy and was easy to secure into the ground.'

5/5  Lesleyb1 'Perfect wee first swing for our ten month old grandson. As he goes the sides can be extended and the seat changed. Ideal'

5/5  NannyMo 'Bought this swing for my twin grandchildren who have just turned one. Ideal for their age and the fact that it can be converted into a swing for older children makes it good value for money.'

5/5  ROSIE 'Brought this swing for my two grandsons they love it. Great swing easy to assemble and well built great value for money.'

5/5  Debs 'Granddaughter loves her new garden toys'

5/5  JannyB 'Great swing. Sturdy and easy to set up. Great price. Grandkids love it.'

5/5  Jemma 'Bought this for my daughter who is 1 and disabled so is yet to sit up, she absolutely loves it! The straps help with her sitting within the seat, she's very unsettled and this swing kept her entertained for half an hour! Fantastic and great quality for the price.'

5/5  Saj 'Easy to build,enjoying every minute,kids love it'

4/5  Moaningminnie 'Nice swing would have liked it to be bit sturdier'

5/5  Friar 'The product I bought is just what I was looking for and looks good in garden'

4/5  JoMama 'It’s a lot bigger than I thought and the anchoring system is very awkward and doesn’t seem to be all that great. The baby seat is fabric, the back but on our was folded in and we can’t figure out how to straighten it and the harness is strange and I’m not very comfortable with baby in it as it seems like it might choke him, which makes it a bit awkward for baby to sit in but he loves it regardless.'

5/5  Ian 'Grandson enjoys this swing so much even if it's raining - rain suit and wellies on Easy construction looks sturdy The two seats and heights mean it will be used for some time I have built it at full height with baby swing seat to save on back ache endlessly pushing.'

4/5  Poppag63 'Strong safe and good quality, kids love it.'

5/5  Terri 'This swing is perfect for our 19 month old, her feet are starting to touch the floor now which is fine as we can extend the poles. Cant wait for the summer to get lots of use out of it!'

5/5  Paige 'I think the it should be for younger than 12 months as i have had to build the whole swing for the baby seat as my babys feet dragged on the floor when i had it as the small swing.'

5/5  Julie 'This looks great in the garden and my nephew loves it, it is sturdy, safe everything I want it to be to ensure he is safe - thank you'

5/5  Grandparent 'Easy to put together, used as short legs first then full length as he got confident. Only quibble is the odd backrest that is part of the seat - couldn’t work out its actual use.'

5/5  Chantelle 'Perfect for my little one and will last him for many years. The structure is very sturdy, it was easy to put together and the baby seat is very good quality and my son looks vey comfy. Would recommend!'

5/5  CJ 'Very pleased with the purchase and good value for money. Instructions say half an hour to put together but it took myself and hubby over an hour and 30 mins!'

4/5  Liz 'Very happy with swing, my 9 month old grandson was very happy with it. Easy to put together, safe'

5/5  Ellen22 'This was bought for a one year old and 3 year old and both love it, easy assembled and is great for the price.'

5/5  Becca 'The swing is great, my only issue is that when tying in baba the headrest part fold in over the top of her. Doesn’t affect play.'

5/5  Rosie55 'Great swing as it has two seats one for babies and then toddler to older child Just wish that you could take the baby seat of to wash But our six month old loves it we have big smiles every time he is on it Would recommend it great price'

5/5  Jenny 'My only complaint is the swing is not the same as in the picture'

3/5  Lisa 'My daughter loves this swing every morning she is looking straight out to play on it'

5/5  Misst 'I built it on my own so found it a little difficult to build'

5/5  Jade 'Bought it when it was half price! Lil one is very happy !'

5/5  Steve 'Had a bit of trouble building as some of the holes for the legs didn't line up. Once sorted, however, my son loved playing on it'

5/5  123 'My toddler loves her swings'

3/5  Jac 'I bought this swing for my granddaughters 1st birthday. She absolutely loves it,lots of laughs and giggles. The fact it has 2 seats, one for now, the other when she's older, is a big plus. I'm sure we'll have years of fun !'

5/5  Irene 'Swing is fabulous it does from baby to youngster just swap the baby seat to the other one that comes with it excellent value'

5/5  Di 'Very pleased with purchase for my grandson. Will give years of fun.'

5/5  Dixie 'Have so much fun for years to come'

5/5  Sue 'Pleased with purchase, although only used twice so far for my grand daughter. Just wish the swing seat was attached with hooks so that you could take it off.'


5/5  Nigel 'A great way to entertain our Granddaughter when she stays with us'

5/5  Leccy 'Bought this for our 1.5 year old grandchild & he loves being in it. At the minute we are using it with the baby seat on but as he gets older he can use the older child's seat. I forsee many years of fun with this swing . I would 100% recommend this product to anyone with a baby/toddler..'

5/5  Abbeyx 'Bought this for my 1 year old and she loves it. Great quality for the price. Everything is included with this including baby seat and child seat for over 3, the other swings I looked at were separate and confusing. My partner built it himself in around 20 minutes with ease. The only down side I can see is that on the baby swing the holes where baby's legs go are quite narrow so can be tight with shoes on'

5/5  AlisonB 'Disappointed that the product is different from the product shown. The baby seat has thin blue rope straps and not protected thick straps like the one shown also does not clip on and off at the top as shown it is tied on by blue rope. The swing seat is fabric and does not come off easy so is going to get wet when it rains. Also had a split in the seat. Not impressed with the product at all.'

1/5  Sharyn 'Metal poles didn't align very well on first go so it took us quite a while and a lot of fiddling about to get the body of the swing up, but now it is up it seems durable and grand daughters love it'

3/5  Chickabeme 'Good swing for price. Only works low down for the infant/ toddler seat which is a shame as the strings are too short to have it lower down in the full height position. We have it full height as it’s easier to get toddler in and out of standing up but she’s a couple of meters in the air.'

4/5  Tulip 'Good value for money love that it's got the two different height and seats. Seems really sturdy although we've only had it a short while . We found it really easy to put together. We've actually used the toddler seat on the higher up setting. My daughter looks really comfy in the seat and cries to go back in once we take her out she loves it!! Only reason it hasn't got full stars from me is one of the seams on the seat has frayed it doesn't affect the use at all though so still happy.'


5/5  Hannahk23 'Purchased this swing because it’s 2-in-1 so when my toddler gets bigger we don’t have to either bin it or sell it and buy another we can just transform it into a bigger swing for him which is fab, he loves it we haven’t really got anything bad to say about it apart from when we built it we realised there was a rip in the baby seat but I rang Argos and they reserved the last swing at my local store for me so I just popped down that day and it was a really easy smooth swap for a replacement one.'

4/5  Dani 'This product it perfect my daughter loves it. The swing was easy to assemble and great quality for money. I highly recommend'

5/5  Holly 'Good size, safe, fun'

5/5  AJ 'Got this for my grandson who’s just over 8 months he loves it laughing and squealing with delight. Great it comes in two heights too'

5/5  Sam 'Brought for my daughter who is nearly 3 she absolutely loves the swing once on doesn’t want to get off. The height setting for the toddler seat isn’t very high as my little girl can touch the floor in it. My brother put the swing up it didn’t take him long but he said I wouldn’t be able to do it as there wasn’t much instruction. I’m glad we brought the swing when did'

5/5  Tam 'Would definitely recommend this swing great value for money very easily assembled'

4/5  Granny 'Not sure how long it will last but perfect for 1 year old. He loves it.'

5/5  MrsB 'Great swing for my 7 month old definitely worth the money. Very easy to assemble. Lots of fun has been had on it ever since! I like that she will still be able to play on it in in a few years with a change of the seat!'

5/5  Ashleigh 'My little girl loves her swing and at half price when I am on maturity pay it's a massive help'

4/5  Chris59 'It's safe and secure and will last for years my 1year old grandaugher loves it and that's the main thing'

5/5  MrsF271 'Can’t wait to put this up in the garden it looks a good swing and will last a few years.'

5/5  Jessie 'Looks lovely in the garden and a decent size for my two year old son. Easy to put together and very sturdy'

5/5  OTB1080 'Product seems secure and safe for my daughter. Like how you can change it to suit size'

4/5  Ladymuck 'Great for the money I paid for it and it grows with your child'

5/5  Katieeeer 'Bargain for all 3 my giels'

5/5  Stud 'Brilliant swing recommend to anyone'

5/5  Bexye 'My daughter lives this. We have put the little swing on the longer legs as her legs was hitting the floor. Quick and simple to put together.'

5/5  Cmf1 'Great quality for the price. Very happy with purchase.'

4/5  Heffalump 'Instructions easy to follow to put together very sturdy plenty of fun to be had'

4/5  Jollyju 'Lovely robust swing my grandsons love it'

5/5  Jodi 'Very good swing my daughter loves it'

5/5  Pete 'Grandson loves his swing, good design and feels safe. We had to return the first one as one of the legs had not been drilled out for the braces, as with Argos this was no problem and swapped it for us. Good customer service'

5/5  Lucyleo 'My little boy love hi swing in his own back garden her had lots of fun. I would definitely recommend this produce to everone with a baby that loves a swing. Great price well worth the money. Thanks Lucy'

5/5  Owls19 'Easy to put together . All posts labelled . Very happy just need sunshine'

5/5  Juju 'It's good to know you can buy a product which will grow with your cild'

5/5  Cdku 'Bought for our 2 year old little girl, we used the baby seat on the larger frame. Seems good so far'

5/5  Blonde74 'Keeled is old enough now to have a few larger toys in her garden. Her little swing is a godsend especially these last few lovely days. Knowing that we have two types of seat is also an amazing idea making the swing more of a versatile toy with longer use. Thank you Argosseventies'

5/5  Toby 'Easy to assemble and well made product for young ones'

5/5  Kes 'Can’t fault the baby/ toddler swing from Chad Valley! Right now as my granddaughter is only using the baby swing I can’t tell you what the higher child swing will be like. But both are really good quality. Excellent value as well, can’t fault it'

5/5  Cwp87 'Bought as a present for my son's birthday. Easy to assemble, he loves playing on it.'

5/5  GGxoxo 'Brought this as a present and both parent and child loved it. Love the fact it can change as a child grows. They have put it up already and it’s still freezing.'

5/5  LozzaP 'Absolutely love the swing as does my little boy, real good value for the price. Does have quite a large footprint but we have enough space for it, just make sure you read the dimensions if you have a small garden. Really impressed!'

5/5  Freckles 'Great swing my grandson loves it well worth the money'

5/5  Tidders 'Nice swing but seat!?'

3/5  Toni 'We bought this for our daughter as her first swing for her 1st birthday. She LOVES it, defiantly a worth while purchase and keeps her entertained for ages. I love the fact it will grow with her and we will get lots of wear out of it. Great product.'

5/5  Dino 'Not great to set up and put the parts int he ground but once up it’s great worried about rust in bad weather but does the job atm'

4/5  Kayleigh 'I think it’s great this swing comes with a baby seat and an additional seat for older children. Great value for money.'

5/5  Ali 'Its good product ,we using indoor right now ,,'

4/5  JellyJane 'My LG is 6 months old and loves her swing. I think the toddler swing is very secure and supportive for my baby. There is a head support as well as the strap to stop baby falling out. You can adjust the height as well as choose the swing type according to the child's age. I have it on the higher setting so I don't have to bend down to push.'

5/5  JR 'Easy to assemble and looks great'

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