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Chad Valley Jungle Activity Pool

About the Chad Valley Jungle Activity Pool

Complete with rings and balls, the Chad Valley Jungle Activity Pool lets your little ones have their own particular wilderness experience in their own back yard. The lion squirts water when joined to a hose for additional splish splash fun!

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Jungle Activity Pool Reviews

5/5   'This product is a brilliant pool for lots of different ages its shallow for young ones and has still got games and the tiger sprayer and the older kids love it too ..my kids played the whole day in it and my 1 year old loved it..i would highly recommend this product.only thing i would say ifthe tiger had little bits of rope at each side it would be brilliant but other tjan that its the perfect pool and a great price'

2/5  Sarah 'This paddling pool is a good size & depth for my young children they love the water sprayer but the palm trees droop & fall into the middle of the pool so that’s a pain iv had to tie something onto it to hold it out the way!'

5/5  Familyof6 'Suitable for all 4 of my kids aged 18months to 8yrs old. Easy for the little ones to climb in and out of and not too deep but deep enough to have a splash. The inflatable arch bit does flap into the pool abit but not a problem. Kids loved the part where the water sprays out'

3/5  Sarah 'The pool itself is a good depth for crawlers and toddlers. They lived the tiger and extra inflatable rings. My only disappointment is that the palm trees do not stay where they are meant to and keep falling into the pool. In the end we have pulled them back and tucked them under the pool out of the way.'

5/5  Sam 'Easy to put up, my child is very happy with her pool'

5/5  MattyG 'My 7, 5 and 3 year old love it, never had any issues :)'

5/5  Ltrose 'Kids loved this pool. Only negative was that the palm trees don’t stay very upright and the tiger also kept falling into the pool'

1/5  Sketch 'Really poor quality. Had to take both the 1st and the replacement back due to poor quality. Both on the 2nd inflation would not hold. Don't waste your money.'

5/5  Christy27 'So bright and colourful Kids love playing in it'

5/5  Skaur 'Little'n loved playing in this she was in it for hours. Would defo recommend this product.'

4/5  FrankieH 'The kids (2-5year olds) loved loved loved this - however after first use I found it a nightmare to store and had to deflate all the time. Then after about the third use it ripped along a seam (it got caught in a wall whilst packing away). So although I would recommend for fun - for longevity and value for money possibly not.'

5/5  Charl 'This item was great value for money. Perfect size and perfect for a sunny day. I was initially worried it would take me forever to pump it up but it didn’t take me long with use of a foot pump.'

5/5  John 'Bought this on impulse at the checkout (as it was on display near to the till) and didn't appreciate how large it was until I unpacked it! Kids are very happy - it's bright and colourful, has some interesting detachable parts and feels heavy duty / good quality. Because of its size, it takes a while to inflate and then to fill with water, so allow half an hour to set up before calling the kids over!'

5/5  Spricey 'Bought for our 1year old but the big kids love it too. Quick fill which mean warms up nicely too'

5/5  Wilko 'Brilliant product for what I was after, good size and lots of activities to keep little ones busy'

1/5  Kirsty 'After blowing it all up I realised it was already burst in 3 places cheap quality absolute rubbish'

1/5  Rudyroo 'Used this once - on grass only. When I next came to use it there was so many holes and tears in it - the material is so thin that it obviously can't handle 2 kids playing in it on grass and then being packed away. Having to return - so frustrating. Also it says on the box it takes 10 minutes to inflate - make that an hour!!!! Spend a little more and get something actually fit for purpose.'

4/5  Lizard 'Good product for price and easy set up'

5/5  Mark 'This is a great pool, large but not too deep and I'd recommend to anyone with toddlers..and adults I can lay full length! But I would suggest buying a decent pump with it too.'

5/5  Stephiex 'Fantastic pool for the little ones. My children especially loved the inflatable rings and turtle. On a hot day the pool is lovely and warm within an hour.'

5/5  Ania 'My daughter loves'

4/5  Noddy 'Took ages even with electric pump. The palm tree doesn't stay upright when pumped up. Kids loved the giraffe spray.'

5/5  Brown68 'My two boys love the swimming pool and an extra touch with the water splashing out like a sprinkler! Worth every penny'

5/5  Sul 'Really big'

5/5  Dee 'The children are ages 2 and 6 and have had hours of fun'

4/5  Lorna 'This pool was easy to set up, both my 2 and 7 year old enjoyed it. The added games and inflatable turtle went down well. The only downside to this pool is that it's hard to keep the giraffe upright even when it's tied with the strings although this didn't seem to bother my children too much.'

1/5  Lady 'I will be returning this product as it deflates very quickly therefore the top parts flop down'

5/5  Lottie 'This pool was a great success and hopefully will be for years to come.'

4/5  Sue 'Great paddling pool only Downside was one side of arch kept falling down even though had maximum air inserted'

5/5  Rooboray 'This pool was perfect for my two boys aged 1 and 7. It's sometimes difficult to get something they both enjoy due to the age difference but this just ticked every box. My youngest could wander around and sit and splash in the shallow pool whilst my eldest loved the sprinkler (which was freezing as direct from the hose- probably the only downfall) and the hoop game. Around family fun.'

5/5  Amy85 'We bought this pool on a boiling hot day for our son, he loved it. Was really easy to put up and doesn't take long to fill. At the end of the day the while the while family pulled a chair up around it to dip or feet! The only issue we have had is with the palm tree over the top...it doesn't stay up very well :-('

5/5  Holly 'After searching reviews for the best value paddling pool, this one was by far my best purchase this summer! It's fabulous and everyone commented on how great it looks. Great quality and lots of fun. Would highly reccomend this one if you're as stuck as i was trying to choose.'

1/5  Liz 'Unless ours is faulty it does not hold site and requires reinflation every day!!!!! If you have an alternative than take it!'

5/5  Jessgambz 'Very big and fun filled pool with lots to do for children all ages!'

5/5  JennyBenny 'Bought this for my 2 year old and he just loves it. Spent all day in it .'

4/5  Sarah 'Don't buy pools with inflatables Do buy shallow medium sized pool like this one'

4/5  CT 'My little girl loved the pool ! Hours of play in the sunshine . Well worth the money & a big floor space too ! We recommend!'

1/5  Mel 'The pool itself is a really good shallow depth for young toddlers to splash about in. However, the inflatable shower attachment and the additional palm trees either deflated within a couple of minutes or were just too heavy to stay upright. I took the shower attachment off, as it just kept falling forward into the water but the palm trees were fixed, and so they just got in the way in the pool.'

5/5  Mikerobinson9 'This is a great and safe product . It made my daughters laugh and smile for hours . And still keep it inflated for days on end . Activities and fun . Good 1 Argos for selling this product !!'

5/5  Little Legs 'Purchased this for my little girls 1st birthday she loved playing in it with her friends x'

5/5  Jen 'Bigger pool than I expected, children played and were entertained for hours! Straightforward to put up, would definitely recommend, great bargain for the money.'

5/5  Afti 'Kid's had so much fun especially the tiger as the sprayer also nice to have a shady part for the babies'

4/5  Debz 'Its a really good size and my son love's playing with all the toys that came with it :-)'

4/5  Tash 'My son absolutely loves this paddling pool would recommend Only downfall is the palm tree shade doesn't stand up it just flops over also unless you have an electric pump it takes time to pump up'

5/5  Squeeze 'This item is the best thing I have bought recently, my grandchildren love it, not to mention my husband!'

5/5  Twiglet '3 year old toddler loves this pool. Very quick to inflate and fill with just enough water to paddle and splash. Hours of fun with the hoops and balls.'

5/5  Viki 'The kids love it! Great pool but it took a while to set up with all the parts that were included.'

5/5  Milly 13 'Good paddling pool and its bigger than wat i expected shame my son broke it the first time i put it up only down side is the it could do with is stronger base as it ripped quiet easily'

3/5  Jools201516ķ 'Took a long time to inflate and we had a pump. Kid's played and had fun that was the objective. Great for under 5. with 2 6 an 7 years was a tight fit.'

4/5  Cheekylittle 'Brought this for my 9 month old to have a little splash in with it being shallow with supportive sides. Actually played in it with no water as perfect to crawl about in as quiet big & the balls & rings are a great extra toy to keep him entertained.'

4/5  BettyB 'This pool took a while to inflate (we used a electric pump and it seemed to take ages) Once inflated it looks amazing and the kids love it. You can connect your hose pipe to the pool and water then sprays out from the lion arch which great fun. the pool isn't very deep which I like. The only down side is that the palm trees fall over to one side. But it doesn't cause an issue.'

3/5  Steve 'The palm tree section keeps falling voer despite being fully inflated. Overall it's more of a pain that anything. Otherwise the pool is fine.'

3/5  Annie58 'Bought this for my grandchildren, is nice when blown up apart from the giraff will not stay up no matter how much air is put in. There is only one side to secure it, by both of the feet with cords, supplied. But on a blowy warm day the animal moves and falls into pool. Shame because otherwise a nice treat for my grandchildren when they visit. I would not buy this at full price and not sure I would recommend either. The flower is a bit unpredictable to.'

3/5  Pingiepenguin 'Bought this pool to replace a pool we had from Chad valley with a sprinkler which popped after 2 years use. This seemed good value, but we couldn't get the palm trees to stay up and provide shade, the hose connector leaked terribly wasting water and the 'tiger' was anchored in such a way that the slightest breeze it flipped onto the kids in the pool! We are not best pleased with it, quite disappointing especially as the previous design was such fun.'

5/5  Rach 'Really good pool my son loves it'

5/5  Emma 'This pool is exactly as described. My 2 year old daughter and 6 year old friend both love it. Would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Beachy84 'Great shallow pool for splashing in, kids loved the accessories. Only flaw is that the blow up arch needs further anchoring as it doesn't hold itself up very well.'

5/5  Penboo 'I got this for my little boy for his birthday and he loved it. Suitable for my 11 month old too. Only bad point is the palm tree droops after a little while but I just tied it bad with a bit of string.'

4/5  Miri 'Bought this for my daughter, easy to set up although there is quite a lot to inflate. Good quality, although the palm tree is slightly too heavy to stay standing so it does lean although this doesn't cause any issues. It's very large so there is lots of room for kids to splash and play. Overall it's a really good paddling pool and I would reccomend it to anyone with young children.'

4/5  Kat W 'Wanted a shallow pool with enough room for 3 children to play in and does the job. The attachment which can spray water doesn't fit well on the side of the pool and kept coming off, but it wasn't why I bought the pool so didn't affect play. Great purchase for younger children.'

5/5  Lissa 'This was a top buy for the summer all the kids love it. Do invest in some form of pump though took ages to blow up'

5/5  Dancer 'A great paddling pool for younger children. Both my children enjoy playing in it and love the hoops and balls. I also love the fact you can fit your hose pipe in the tiger's mouth and it sprays water on them. It's big enough for a few children to play in at one time. Well worth the money.'

4/5  Micky Moo 'So easy and simple to set up .my children I have 4 under 9 .are having so much fun with it they think the water feature is great'

5/5  Mum Of 3 'From 2-9 years all of my children loved this, perfect for hot days with out costing a fortune to fill. Would most definitely reccomend'

4/5  Tammy 'This is bigger then i thought great for my nearly 3 yr old son very happy with this'

4/5  Daveandpam09 'It has so many great features to keep the kids happy. It is a great size pool and not so hard to assemble if you have a pump to blow up all the pieces that it contains. The only down fall was the palm tree flops after a little while as it is a bit heavy for the trunks to support the leaf part. I would still recommend this pool to anyone with young kids my 6 year old and 3 year old both love it.'

5/5  Bud 'Goes up simple enough with pump Just enough water to cool off in for little ones my 10month old loves it with supervision of course'

5/5  Jod 'Great pool my.little boy loved it and I even enjoyed it myself :)'

4/5  Suzie 'Excellent for children my two loved it.'

4/5  Nicky 'My 2 girls love this. We wanted a larger but shallower pool for them to run about & splash in. It ticks all the boxes. Not as easy to set up because there's more bits to blow up separately but worth it'

5/5  Loobyloo 'Large paddling pool brilliant for toddlers would recommend not using a foot pump to blow it up takes a long long long time but was worth the effort'

5/5  Sal 'My little neice loved her 1st Birthday present that much she was kissing it.. Looks amazing in the garden, lots of room, great design, brilliant quality'

5/5  Hels_Pink 'The setting up of the paddling pool took a little time (mainly as we didn't have the necessary adapters for the pump) but once up our kids (2 boys age 1, 4) absolutely loved it! We filled it up just a little bit so it is more of a splash pool but with plenty of fun features for both the boys to have fun with. Hopefully we'll be able to use it all summer long.'

4/5  Heva85 'It's a bit difficult to blow up so defiantly invest in a decent pump. I love that it comes with inflatable toys & has a little blow up seat built in, my little boy absolutely loves it. Unfortunately the palm trees didn't stand up properly but I think that's due to not having a decent pump :D Lovely vibrant colours & it looks great in the garden.'

5/5  Mummy23 'Exactly as it says excellent product my children 3 &2 love it plenty of room as well thrilled with this pool and highly recommend'

4/5  Mattb19862014 'Great product and it gave many hours of fun however the blow up canopy and the water sprayer part wouldn't stay upright.'

3/5  Gemm 'Decent sized pool only problem was the tree and giraffe wouldn't stay up so I had to keep adjusting it'

5/5  Sarah 'Bought this for my very active 8 month old , was easy to set up and great fun the whole family sitting in it. Great fun with the rings.'

1/5  Bonz857 'Bought for my sons 3rd birthday but unfortunately as we blew it up it just kept going down. I am still to contact Argos and see if I can get a refund?'

5/5  Kate 'I bought this for my 2 and 5 year old. They just want to splash in the garden so I thought this would be perfect . It takes a while to inflate with an electric pump but not too long. I put the pump on and left it. There's lots it things to it so it's a bargain at the price. The tiger that squirts water is excellent. So pleased with it.'

5/5  Tara 'Finding a pool that's safe for a 17month old, and entertaining for a 3 yr old was not as tough as I thought it would be after coming across this item. Reasonably priced, the kids love it! Would recommend.'

5/5  Sami 'This pool is fantastic! It's lovely and big, nice and colourful and fun! The kids love the hoop game on it and the little seat and sprinkler! Iy also has the added benefit of the palm trees creating a nice shade. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to others!'

5/5  Rach 'Hours of fun'

5/5  Janet44 'Worth the money i paid.i wasnt expecting the toys with it.ie the balls,the rings and the turtle.kids love it.'

4/5  James 'When I took it out the box there was a few different separate items. There was around 13 items to pump upHowever when all was pumped up it looked pritty impressive. The parm tree top did not hang correctly and was on a slant upside down and would not move the correct way. I also would have expected a hose pipe connecter to come with it as the pipe would not stay in on it own so I had to go buy one myself. The water spay was brilliant and my nephew loved it brilliant fun. 4 stars'

4/5  Gogs 'I bought this for my 4 year old son. He spent hours in and out of the pool. Enjoyed throwing the rings and the lion that spurts water. You don't need to have the hose on all the time for the lion part. It took a while to inflate as there are so many parts to it, even with an electric pump ( however might be the pump at fault here). I guess you don't need to inflate the lion or the palm trees etc if you just want the pool part. I would recommend this fun pool.'

5/5  Leanne126 'My daughter loves this but the palm trees don't stay up very well'

5/5  Stacie 'Great low sides and loads of room'

5/5  ???? 'Ideal for the little ones,hours of fun and spacey..'

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