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Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide

About the Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable within a couple of minutes, the Chad Valley Water slide includes a stunning underwater theme that your most cherished will love as they get on with the sprinkling and slide fun.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide Reviews

5/5   'Well worth the money'

5/5  Clareyren 'Fantastic value for money. The kids love it and it’s great that it can be packed away when they’ve finished playing. Perfect for hot summer days!'

5/5  Sue 'Can’t fault this product in anyway my daughter said it’s fantastic to put up and put down it’s safe and made of good quality'

4/5  Jm 'Very good pegs could of done to be metal not plastic otherwise excellent for the price my children love playing on it it also goes up within seconds'

5/5  Rowdy 'Oh my, our kids LOVE this!! It inflates within seconds and is so easy to use. Once inflated, this keeps our kids entertained literally ALL DAY. It's one of the best investments we have ever made. Simply brilliant and worth every single penny. Love it'

5/5  Alfmim1 'We bought this for our children aged 12 and 10. They played on it for hours - normally they get bored after 10 mins!!! They couldn’t wait to go on it the next day too. It’s easy to put together and inflation is automatic. It’s easy to dismantle and pack away in the handy bag that comes with it. The kids can’t wait for it to go up again! Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Liz 'It is well worth the money..comes with the blower, so goes up in minutes. It's quite sturdy as a 12 year old was playing on and it held..the water gun and sqaurt from top is great...Kids have had hours of fun on multiple occasions :0)'

5/5  Family 'This is great fun and our children and friends (3 - 8 years old) had a fantastic time. Very easy to take down at the end of play which means my lawn doesn't take too much of a battering. Only just bought it so not sure how it will last yet but looking good so far.'

5/5  GIT 'Good product kids really enjoyed it keep asking to go on again'

5/5  Artymekjd 'We got this after friends recommended and it's even better than anticipated! It's really big (check the dimensions of your garden) which means the it's really active for little kids. The design is great with the hose spraying water continuously top and bottom. Simple old fashioned fun as the kids climb up the steps and slide down into the pool at the bottom! The set up at the start took about 20 mins but once you do it once it'll be much quicker next time. Honestly amazing value and quality!'

5/5  Vic 'The item is really good quality. The slide itself seems robust and it made of a tough but light material. The blower is solid and barely feels warm even after continuous use for 3-4 hours. The only negative point is the water hose. During packing it had been kinked a number of times and even after three uses the kinks are still in the hose’s memory - it does seem to be getting better though. One improvement would be a pump to recirculate the water - I’m going to modify ours.'

5/5  LM 'Bought for our 4 yr olds birthday. Hours of fun had by both our 4 and 8 year old. Not the best when wet/attached to sprinkler, found it not to be as slidey as when dry. Great that it can be folded and stored away so not constant taking up room in the garden and can be taken out to grandparents house.'

4/5  Emma 'It’s a great fun slide for 3/4 years olds but could imagine them growing out of it quickly. But brilliant fun my one criticism would be the stitching hadn’t been sewn up properly so you could feel a lot of air coming out so wouldn’t last another summer'

5/5  Shabba 'Nothing bad to say about this item great value for money'

5/5  Matt 'Kids will love this, comes with good bag to store away will not get punctured like many other products out there on the market. Blows up in seconds as well!'

4/5  Dave 'Bought for my grandsons birthday, he loves it'

4/5  Jules123 'Good quality slide. Really easy to put up. Really impressd that it comes with a pump.'

5/5  Jen 'Having bought a similar product last year, we were much happier with this one as it feel far better quality and stronger. It has lots of useful design features and packs away neatly in a bag when not in use. Our two kids love it and have used it once this year already!'

5/5  GILLIAN 'Tremendous fun. Easy to assemble. Blows up within minutes . The kids absolutely love it . I think it is worth every penny. The climbing wall on one side . A tower platform at the top with shower which wets the slide . The slide is fast finishing in a small pool with a water cannon at the bottom . Fantastic value .'

3/5  Meme1 'It looks fun and is nice And coulorfull The water attachment spray is good But the air blower needs to be more powerful so it stays firm instead of looking deflated in places when In use'

5/5  Snedz 'The price i payed for this was worth it. The kids loved this. 7'

5/5  Gazza 'You can use it wet or dry but just be careful when using dry as it creates that much static you end up giving each other electric shocks'

5/5  PP 'A great slide for the kid's with an easy to use inflatable electric pump.'

5/5  Basilbean 'A little ponderous to assemble to start with but read the manual and you will be o.k.. Inflates very quickly and provides hours of fun.'

5/5  Kat 'Easy to set up and packs away easily into the bag. I've done it several times on my own without a problem. The kids absolutely love it and have had hours of fun on it already. Tip. Water seaps through seams a bit so best to deflate and empty the water out then quickly reinflate to push out left over water before packing away.'

5/5  Nick 'I highly recommend this. It only takes a minute to inflate so it’s up and down all day when my 5 year old fancies a go.'

2/5  Maddix 'It is a very good idea but being so bright and colourful it attracts bugs in the 1000,s. if you live near fields or in the country do not buy as it is unusable.'

5/5  Zuzana 'Very happy with this item. My 4 years old loves it, even my husband had a go..So much fun!'

5/5  Patzarina 'Bought for grandchildren ages 3-8. Got a hammering at one of their BD parties with 12 x 6yo boys. Took it all in it’s stride. Once in situ takes 2 mins to set up. They all love it! Great value for money in my opinion.'

5/5  Madel 'Excellent quality kids love it'

4/5  007Bond 'The instructions clearly say your NOT allowed to use an extension lead with this product. They also say it CANNOT be near a building or structure, I think it's like 2 or 4 meters away... So why on earth does it have around a 120cm wire on the PLUG!! Even if you have an external plug socket it would have to be in the ideal possible location to be useful, i.e not on a patio but the grass at the bottom of the garden.. So this makes no sense you have to use an extension lead.'

5/5  Mojo 'My 4year old loves this much better than a swimming pool'

5/5  Lisa 'Brilliant the kids had a great time. Inflates quickly and has a bag for storage'

5/5  Stegar 'Excellent product. Our kids (7 & 3) love it with or without the water running. Inflates in 30 seconds and easy enough to roll up to put away. The air pump has to be running continuously to keep the slide inflated and it is quite noisy. Not enough to detract from the fun but you do notice it when it's then turned off.'

5/5  Joanne 'This slide is fantastic for the price. Will keep the kids happy in the sun.'

5/5  Nat 'This inflatable slide is amazing! Easy to use and my children love love love it. I thought putting it away would be a nightmare but to my surprised it deflated quickly and folded and fitted in its bag perfectly. 10/10'

5/5  Sandra 'This is a brilliant garden water toy for the kids, they well loved it. Can't wait fir the weather to turn hot again will be out all the time.'

5/5  BigTone 'Brilliant slide. The kids love it. Really easy to set up and pack away too.'

5/5  Sss 'Bought this with vouchers my kids got for christmas, it was definitely worth it i would recommend it to everyone they were constantly on and off all day , best kid thing i think i have bought, oldest is 8 and she fits just fine on it! Perfect buy for the money!'

5/5  Stewart 'This is a great toy for the kids when we have a summer like this I feel like going on it myself kids love it and play on it all day'

5/5  Bee 'This is a great size I have small garden and its fits lovely my kids have enjoyed many days on this was worth every penny. I love the fact my 11 yr old can play on it too. The water squirted at the bottom is a great addition.'

5/5  DK5678 'Got this for my 4yr old. A hit from the outset. Very easy to setup and inflates in a couple of minutes. Only real issue is packing it away again. You get a bag but so far I can't fit the slide back inside. Will have plenty of practice though as it'll be out most weekends over the summer.'

5/5  Cv 'Great product. Delighted with my purchase and so is my 6 year old. Well made, hours of fun and fraction of the price to similar items. Been up daily with this lovely weather we’re having'

5/5  Karen 'Well worth the money'

5/5  Kamaki 'Very impressed with the quality of the material.. Not the cheap thin plastic you get on smaller inflatables..'

5/5  Mumof4 'Definetly worth the money! Kids absolutely loved it! My 9 year old was able to enjoy it too! Inflates very quickly. Very good quality and kids had hours of fun on it!'

5/5  Nobby 'This is fantastic fun for my 2 young daughters (6yrs & 2yrs) they spent pretty much the whole weekend playing on it the week I brought it home! Everything you need is included and it inflated in seconds apart from hooking up the water hoses which took around 10mins you’re good to go instantly. It’s very well made and comes with its own storage bag, though I haven’t yet tried to pack it in to the bag, I’ve a feeling it might be quite tricky. Overall I think it’s Very good value for money'

5/5  Ricardo 'The delivery was super fast (same day.) My kids (3 and 10) both love the slide and played on it non stop for the whole day. We can't wait to get it out again this weekend. 5stars all round.'

5/5  Rach 'Great water slide, takes a couple of minutes to inflate a little while longer to put the water tube in all the velcro straps but wasn't a problem. My 4 year old daughter and her friend had hours of fun on it, however my 6 year old was getting on the big side for it and my 10 year old was too big really for the bit at the bottom. If they had just made the end part bigger......'

4/5  Nannydeb 'Brought this water slide for my Grand children (4 year old and 2 year old), My 2 year old Grandson cant climb up the ladder part yet so we have to lift him on to the slide but its perfectly safe enough for him to slide down on his own. My 4 year old Granddaughter says 'its awesome'. Their Mother my 31 year old Daughter has even been on it. It inflates in about 2 mins and easily deflates and fit back in the box for storage. Really looking forward to Summer so we can use it with water.'

5/5  Ralph 'Great price, everything you need is included in the box. All you need is a extension lead or outdoor plug and a hose. It is a shame the water doesn't recycle itself and you have to have the hose running all the time. The splash pool could be a little bit longer but the kids loved it. They are 10years and 8 years. Overall, I felt the slide was worth it.'

4/5  Fun2018 'Hours of fun! Good size for older children too as long not to heavy'

5/5  Joe 'Just really value for money'

5/5  Billy 'This product is overpriced for the quality and design. I think it could be a bit more robust at that price so older children could participate as know my 10 year old would love to join and my husband but only takes weight 35kg. From the children's perspective this is the best thing ever hours of fun and worth buying for summer days.'

4/5  Cheryl 'The slide is fantastic! Easy to put up, inflates in minutes. The kids love playing on it and the water shower and spray is really good and makes the slide even more fun. Definitely value for money for the hours of fun you get out of it'

5/5  Sam 'The water slide was so much fun very easy to blow up and put in place very simple to connect the water to get the squirty gun up an runing.hours on fun also be carefull if u gunna squirt people haha'

5/5  Coza 'I bought this for my 4 year old granddaughter... she loved it hours of fun, when my friends saw it they tried to order one unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere it had sold out fast because of the hot weather....it was easy to assemble it went up in 2 minutes..... Found it was best to keep the slide wet best with soapy liquid..'

5/5  Cole 'This is brilliant! My only very little criticism is the water overflows out of the sides of the pool so you can't leave the hosepipe on for too long. This didn't stop son he has had hours of fun on this! 100% worth every penny'

5/5  Nanny 'Water slide was better quality that expected, went up quick and easy , I think kids will have hrs of fun when weather is nice .'

5/5  Mumsie 'Bought this for our 8 and 5 year old , they loved it had great fun . We turned hose off at times as the garden was soaked but that's because they played with it from morning until night . Worked well without hose on too . Have only used twice so can't comment on how well it's made but hopefully lasts a few summers . I know this will be this summers favourite toy .'

5/5  Andy 'The blower will cut out if left in direct sunlight we placed it under a parasol and it didn't cut out again kids really enjoyed it'

5/5  Kaz 'This slide provided hours of fun it is really good quality and the twins loved it and so did all the family. Purchased it through the click and collect service which was really straight forward. To be honest it was quick convenient and pain free experience highly recommend.'

5/5  Haylz 'My children age 9 and age 6, love it, them and their friends have had lots of fun! Easy to put up on my own.'

5/5  Kellie 'My 5 year old daughter and friend love this waterslide hour of enjoyment'

5/5  Isabella 'My little girl is 8 she had so much for on this. Only thing I would say is it's only good on a sunny day as it gets really wet, only way you can dry it is the sun!!! If it's rolled up wet it would go mouldy! But worth the money!!! Hours of fun'

4/5  Nic 'Won't come out of packaging till next week but my price is great for what it is and delivery lady was lovely.'

5/5  Deb 'I bought this for my grandson's. My daughter had a few minor problems inflating it but that was because of her garage extension not the product. The boys love it, they are 3 & 18months old Great fun & a great price'

4/5  Ringo 'It was a great buy couldn't get the grandkids of it . Well worth the money'

5/5  Hamsterman2 'Easy to set up robust product buy this and you wont be dissapointed !!'

5/5  BeauLou 'I am a 52 years nanna and I can get this up and down no bother. Packs away into its own bag. You will need a hose to attach to the water part. Best purchase I have made for the grandchildren. I just wish I was 132lbs or less so that I could have a go. Got this on my Argos card so I have six months to pay. Very happy with this. It has pegs to pin it down in the grass. 10/10'

5/5  Sara 'Was a birthday gift for my little girl all the kids love it well worth the money'

4/5  Speedy 'It does exactly what it says on the instructions...our Grandkids and all the adults at the Bar b que loved it'

5/5  Monkeychops 64 'My girls 7 & 4 love this slide. It says not to be used without water but really you can. It is really quick to put up (if not using the water - even then it's only another 10 mins or so) and really quick to pack away. I would thoroughly recommend this, especially at this bargain price :o)'

5/5  Meme 'Fantastic , kids love it and it's very well made . Worth every penny'

5/5  Rozzie 'I bought two of these slides for my nieces and nephews... they absolutely love them. Easy to inflate, robust and great fun.'

5/5  Jenkins 'I had the slide for my son 3yr old and My 5yr old daughter and they have hours of fun'

5/5  Mum Of 3 'We are now on our second one of these, the blower kept cutting out on the first one, would inflate for 10 minutes, cut out, go down for 5 minutes then start up again by which time all the water had drained out! Took it back to store, it was replaced by a new one. The new one does exactly the same and will be going back tomorrow, I even had an electrician out to test our sockets in case they were the problem...they aren't! Very disappointed, very upset 2 & 3 year olds'

5/5  Sweety 'I bought the water slide for my son's birthday'

1/5  Chalmers01 'The slide was bought for my sons 5th birthday he loves it. His older sister had great fun as well. This slide will get used a lot if the sun is shining'

4/5  Louise 'Bought this for my 3 year old little boy. Was really impressed with how quick it was to inflate, it took about 2 minutes. Really well made and my little boy had lots of fun playing on it. When it came to put it away again it took 1 person around 5 minutes (& that was to deflate and fold away into the bag). It's a refreshing change to get a product which lives up to the description.'

5/5  Triciapa 'Very easy to set up and down. Used every day during holiday.'

5/5  Cjwmumof4 'Although the seam split within an hour of putting it up, Argos swapped it for a new one for us straight away and couldn't have apologised more.'

5/5  George 'Air leak in pool used only twice'

4/5  ZAW35 'I think this slide is excellent. I have 3 energetic boys aged between 2 and 8 who use this. It's robust, very easy to set up and hours of fun. Great for summer holidays. Would recommend to anyone'

2/5  Oggie 'I spent a lot of time thinking about getting this due to the cost but I buy paddling pools that either puncture or don't get used This slide was great, we have had it out twice and my twins have spent hours on it, great for inviting their friends over and could even use it for birthday parties. Putting it up and down is quite straight forward the only pain is water does get inside so trying to drain it is awkward other than that I am happy with it'

5/5  Yummymummy 'My 5yr old realy enjoyed this (it's a shame my elder 2 could not use it) It provided many happy times + was quick + easy to set up Recommended'

4/5  Mrsracer 'This item is amazing it is good quality, easy to put up it only takes a few minutes and hours of fun for my children they love it. Value for money'

5/5  Lindylou 'This water slide is fantastic takes 2 minutes to inflate kids love it'

5/5  Jojo30 'Good quality and value, easy to assemble. Kids love it age 5 &9. A few fiddly things like the water squirter often shoots off to the side and landing pool get full of foot muck, but only to be expected the same as any outdoor water toy. All round this is a good purchase.'

5/5  Sonia 'I bought this a few weeks ago as the weather was so good and have time to take my kids to the beach. Set this up in the backyard and my kids had a ball playing in it. We have had it up a load of times since. Defiantly money well spent and 3 happy children.'

5/5  Shaz 'My kids gaff rest fun with this'

4/5  D3760 'My 7 yearold daughter loves this with or without the hose being on.'

5/5  Gareth 'Great product but sadly arrived damaged. It was ought for my grandchildren so my son will pursue a eplacement'

5/5  Peter J '"Wot a bargain " grandson loves his new slide ...so did his mom ,played all day .One happy little boy.'

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