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Chad Valley Inflatable Triceratops

About the Chad Valley Inflatable Triceratops

A real life pet dinosaur, even if feasible, would certainly not be plausible but this Chad Valley 3ft Inflatable Triceratops is an incredible substitute! It doesn't require house training so no need to be concerned about it ruining your rug.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4113814
EAN/SKU: 4113814
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Chad Valley Inflatable Triceratops Reviews

5/5   'Bought as a present for my cousin who is dinosaur-obsessed! He absolutely loved it!! Great find!'

3/5  Adventure 'Exactly what I wanted for my neice..... she loves dinosaurs!'

5/5  Kathleen 'The Dinosaur was a lot bigger than expected and my two children (9+2years old) love playing with it'

4/5  Teeny 'A bit bigger than I thought but we've had great fun with it anyway.'

5/5  Lee 'Nephew lives it. Great purchase'

5/5  Nanny 'My grandson got lots of fun after his stay in Manchester children's hospital really good toy'

4/5  Judith 'I bought it for my grandson for his birthday he has fun playing with it'

3/5  SALLY 'Bought as a gift, so cannot check for air leaks - some reviewers have reported these. Although large when inflated, is most suited for younger children. Comes in a box around 300 x 300 x 70mm so easy to wrap! Good value at sale price. Wouldn't have given it a second look at the full price.'

5/5  Rachel 'Bigger than I expected, a great dinosoar jyet make sure you have enough space for it!'

5/5  Dave 'Absolutely amazing, lil one loved it to bits :)'

4/5  Ck 'Great inflatable dinosaur bought for my nephew for his birthday. Got it at a discounted price too. Lots of fun had with his brother diving all over it. Took it round blown up and got a big WOW, off the boys. Lovely gift and plenty of fun had by all.'

1/5  Hannah0711 'I brought 2 of these for my twins and both popped within an hour of blowing them up. They were so upset because they absolutely loved them. Had to return unfortunately'

4/5  Sarah21 'My little boy couldn't believe his eyes.'

5/5  Kvix 'Both my 2 year old and my 5 year old love this giant dinosaur! It's bigger than I expected but a great fun toy for my Dino mad boys!'

5/5  Chris 'Really good toy, the children love it.'

3/5  Mqtv 'Item was much larger when inflated than I had originally thought. I also noticed 1 week after inflation it has started to deflate already. Very entertaining in general though to freak out visitors.'

5/5  Kjr83 'Bought this in the sale for my dinosaur mad 7 year old daughter. Used an electric pump to blow up, good quality and fun.'

5/5  Ronnie 'Wonderful creature. Sturdy. Looks good. Needs an electric inflater as he is BIG'

5/5  Nanny 'The triceratops is a brilliant design and it's much bigger then what it says also it's great for the family to play with the kids pretending that dinosaurs are in side the house and trying to hide from it. And I would recommend this product to anyone who would buy a dinosaur and even like dinosaur for their own children as I said it's a brilliant product to have at home.'

5/5  Mumy1 'So much fun. Got for my dinosaur crazy 2year old and he was over the moon. Its massive :) so make sure u have space. Id suggest a pump for inflating.'

5/5  C.birks1987 'One of my sons favourites bigger than I thought it was going to be great for dinosaur lovers like my son well worth the money paid which wasn't much'

5/5  Jackie 'Ordered a triceratops for my grandson he will love it, it was ready to pick up as notified so no complaints on any aspect of ordering'

5/5  Gemma 'For £6.99 this was a great bargain and my 3year old loves it. However I would not pay £29.99 for it when at original price as I would be to scared to let the kids play with it incase it burst .'

5/5  Sammydart 'Me grandson loves it he hugs and kisses it the only trouble he says to me is that his little sister won't let him play with it by himself lol'

1/5  Debbie 'Bought this as a treat for my little girl, got home and tried to blow it up but all the seems were burst, never took it back as I don't drive and not near an argos very often, WASTE OF MONEY'

5/5  Anna 'Much bigger than I expected my son loves this and takes it around with him so lucky its deflatable'

5/5  Helen 'Bought while this was on special offer as a gift for my grandchildren they loved it Easy to blow up'

3/5  C 'Great fun for an hour but then it burst, such a shame as my kids loved it!'

1/5  Wunchee 'There was a tear in the neck having blown up the rest of it - it was a waste of time, could've been impressive. Definitely not worth the full price - bought at £9.99'

5/5  Natz84 'Great product for a massive dinosaur lover'

5/5  Jeanette 'Every little person should have this dinosaur great value for money'

4/5  Twins 'We ended up with a T. rex instead of triceratops which was advertised on the box. My son wanted a T. rex anyway. It's massive, standing 5ft tall. Great fun and lightweight for him to carry.'

5/5  V 'Lovely item that provides lots of play'

5/5  K8 'Bought as a gift for my grandson aged 3 can't wait to see his reaction ...not blown up yet but had a good look and quality, details and play value are fantastic.'

2/5  Mcgoo 'Really big dinosaur and looks great but only lasted two hours before it punctured on the seam. Looks great just don't play with it!!!'

2/5  Grif 'Unfortunately this product had two major tears in the main body so it didn't inflate properly and kept going flat. My son is 4 and loved it so we repaired where we could and just fill with air once flat'

5/5  Lou 'My 3 yo loves this . Bargain as only £6.99 . Literally Puts dinosaur to bed (spare room) every night .'

4/5  Louloubell 'Thought it was good value for money my 2 yr nephew who is dinosaur mad loves it'

5/5  Caoinski 'Purchased this for my 7yr old son as a last minute birthday gift and he loved it! Quite big and sturdy when inflated very good quality and can see it having pride of place in his bedroom for some time to come'

5/5  Emma90 'I brought this for my 3 year old boy. He loves it and has lots of fun with it. It is bigger than I thought it would be but that is a good thing. It is well made and a very strong inflatable toy. Very happy.'

2/5  Hatty 'My 3 year old son loves this dinosaur. Unfortunately it has punctured less than a week after he received it for his birthday. It does come with a repair kit but the puncture is in an awkward position and can't be fixed. Such a shame.'

5/5  Katy 'Well worth the money my little boy is obsessed with dinosaurs & loves it!'

5/5  Chloe 'Great product bought as a gimic gift for a 5 year old Dinosaur lover and he loves it, it's absolutely huge but because it is deflatable it can be easily put away too.'

5/5  Mumsythree 'Gift for nephew and he loved it.'

5/5  Char 'Great product, my partner blew it up and it didn't take as long as i thought it was because of the size of it. My little boys face lit up when he saw in front of the tree on xmas morning! Admittedly I have now got to find somewhere to keep it, but my son loves it :)'

4/5  Fairy 'I bought this for my sons birthday as he is obsessed with dinosaurs, he absolutely loved it and keeps going to stroke it! It's very sturdy and didn't take long to blow up, it's also lasted 2 weeks and is still standing strong!'

4/5  Catharine 'Blows up in stages, which makes things easier - it's huge! Nice design, my 5 year old nephew loved it.'

4/5  Arf 'Should come with its own pump included'

5/5  SueC 'This was bought to entertain a group of children from 22 months to 4 year's. It was a great success. All loved it. It took a pounding from them and survived.'

5/5  Nicky 'My little boy loved this inflatable dinosaur'

4/5  Ifi71 'When opened the toy had a repair patch on it all ready and after minimum use it ripped from the seems that connect the horns to the body'

5/5  Bec 'Great product - inflates in 5 sections so easy to blow up.'

4/5  Granny 'My two and a half year old grandson asked Santa for a Triceratops that he could sit on and was as tall as him . This fitted the bill completely and Its a Good size for him to climb onto and sit on his back .'

5/5  Chablis 'Wow. This is big, my 4 year old nephew loved it. His face just lit up when he saw it. He has climbed on it, sat on it's back, wrestled with it, and it still stood tall. If your child or adult child loves dinosaurs this is the toy to get. It recommends using a bike pump but I blew it up with a huff and a puff, it took around 15 mins, Each of the legs blow up individually and so does the frill which leaves the rest of body including the head and horns that blow up together. Great toy.'

5/5  Lucky 'Huge, my grandson loves it, great fun!'

3/5  Lancsmum 'Unable to review this product as it never arrived, but I keep getting reminders and need to submit a review to continue. I did contact Argos Testers, but had no response.'

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