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chad valley hopper

About the Chad Valley Hopper

You'd have to be hoping mad to turn down this toy! A bad pun, true, but the Chad Valley Hopper really is great. With minimal inflation time (approximately five minutes) watch kids bounce and spring either on their own or with friends, seeing who can race to the end of the garden first! The hopper has a cool wacky face and an easy grip chunky handle for secure bouncing.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3678532
EAN/SKU: 3678532
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Chad Valley Hopper Reviews

5/5   'Bought for my eldest Daughters children who are 5 and 3. They absolutely love them and are hysterical trying to 'race' with them. We mainly use them indoors and they've been great. Tried them on the driveway yesterday and even though the children were dubious they may pop with them on, they were fine. The material is a bit thin and I suspect if they were to be used outdoors on numerous occasions they wouldn't last too long, but for the price I do they they are worth it.'

4/5  Ellebee 'Cheap and cheerful outdoor toy that kept my nephew busy and in fits of giggles for ages. An old-school toy that went down a treat!'

5/5  Oksana 'My daughter is still too small for this ball to jump on him, but she really likes playing with him.'

5/5  PHLEB51 'Great fun for all ages and sizes'

4/5  SHIRLNOW 'I dont know what this is like when its blown up as its a Christmas present for my grand daughter. its still in the box. I think it should be fine for her though. I'm sure she'll love playing on it.'

5/5  Db 'Excellent value hours of fun'

4/5  Chocky 'Bought this for my 3 yr old Grandson. Loves jumping so this is great.'

5/5  Ianm 'This hopper isn't just for you kids it's fun for all ages ,you can't get away from the pure wanting to get on it and make a total fool of yourself but everyone has the same idear, even my dog gets in on the act ,one thing with young children use on a soft floor as you do come off this and they could hurt themselves on concrete, be prepared for fun and making a fool of yourself ,'

5/5  Fran 'Kids enjoying it .easy to blow with bike pump.'

4/5  Saleh 'A bit small but good quality .. bargain for the price'

5/5  Debra 'My 4 yr old grand daughter is having so much fun with this excellent purchase would recommend.'

5/5  Tabby77 'Really good value for money.perfect toy for the outdoors.nice bright colours.good quality'

5/5  Kate 'My granddaughter loves this'

5/5  Unclemamjay 'Great fun easy to inflate and very strong my grandson loves it'

5/5  Buddie 'Grandson loves balls and I thought he'd enjoy this, which he does - as a bouncy balls with a handle. "Hopper" function? Well, that will come!'

4/5  Ajfvic 'Great little toy hours of fun'

4/5  Carol 'Not used yet. Present'

5/5  Di 'My grandchildren love this old school play thing they go outside and even race them just as me and my brothers did when we were kids great fun just watching them'

5/5  SCJ 'I remember these from childhood and really wanted one for my son. We bought one to see how it was and we've been so happy with it we bought two more so when friends or the nieces and nephews come but they can all play on one. They have hours of fun in the garden with these.'

5/5  Kakadu1978 'Cheap but great toy, the only thing I'd change is to be able to choose the colour as it was random, luckily my boys just loved it :)'

5/5  Rayyan 'I bought this in sale . Children love to play with it. I’m very happy with my purchase.'

1/5  Bertha 'Bought fir my grandson who loved it. Where the bouncer caught the wall it has marked it , where the bouncer was on the carpet it has marked it and where it has rested by his toy box has removed the paint. The marks won’t come out!!! The toy box was new and ruined . Be warned!!!'

5/5  Kelly 'Brilliant for kids in the holidays can be use indoor and outdoor for kids and adults these have been a massive bonus in our house'

5/5  Susan 'Children loved playing with it'

5/5  Coco 'Excellent great toy highly recommend'

5/5  Mummyfunny 'Another toy to keep kids entertained cant fault it'

5/5  Rose 'I bought it for my Grandson's Birthday which is next week.'

4/5  Jay 'Great little hopper. Bit hard to get plug in and out but other that that fine and easy to use.'

5/5  Steamg 'Great size my 4 year old and 7 year old hop on it fine. Love that it comes in 2 colours. great quality. I now have 2 happy hopping boys!'

5/5  Syon 'Durable entertainment for kids and adults'

5/5  Harendra 'No problem with the product but wish there would be more design choices available'

2/5  Fife 'Too big for a three year old. Feet don't touch the floor, handle very very Flimsy,no good dfor holding you steady. Easy to pump up.'

5/5  Karen1 'My 4 year old and 3 year old enjoy playing with these esp my 4 year old who can bounce on it with ease. Only used them inside so far.'

5/5  Joybells 'Grandson's had great fun bouncing around and has continued playing with it for the last few days great value for money and quality is great'

5/5  Tcb56 'My grandkids have had loads of fun on their hoppers'

5/5  Lorna 'Great value and good colour. Can't try it myself as it is designed for kids.'

5/5  Ems 'My son loves it will worth the money'

5/5  Patrycjarusin90 'My doughter is almost 4 and IT is Perfect for her,a lot of fun inside and outside, we love it'

4/5  ABU 'Good fun and price'

5/5  Nettripz 'Cost effective product, which gives hours of fun for kids. Worth every penny!'

5/5  Kate 'Great for little ones aged 3 to 5 years, some space hopper are too big for preschool aged children but this one is perfect. Good value - would recommend.'

4/5  Lisa74 'Bought for kids fun day. Adults had a shot too. Still going strong and hours of fun.'

5/5  Petra 'My little boy loves it. It is a good size and feels good quality. We just have to watch him all the time because he jumps like crazy on it.'

5/5  Rita 'Bought this for my energetic 2 year old and she loves bouncing away on it, good for indoors or outside, defor would recommend'

5/5  Lily 'My kids ( aged 5 to 9) love it!'

4/5  Ronn 'Does what it says on the tin, looks and feels durable. Doesnt come with any instruction so have to be careful not to over fill it. For the price represents good value for money.'

4/5  Nickynoo 'Bought as Easter presents for our 2 step grandkids as they already had lots of Easter eggs and chocolate. They are aged 3.5 and 5. Size wise just right. They had loads of fun bouncing around the lawn on a fine afternoon.'

4/5  Pingu 'Grandson has lots of fun with this toy good for bouncing and using as a football.'

3/5  Amber 'Really small for children about 4 years old doesn't inflate very well and doesn't come with anything to inflate it with'

5/5  Ali 'It was a gift for my nephew, he was very happy with it, and enjoying the fun. Product was quite sturdy, believe would last a long time'

5/5  Norch 'At Argos store team is very friendly and smiling.. I recommend it to all my friends..'

5/5  Cc 'Very good product also fun. My kids love it!!'

4/5  Tami 'My boy loves to jump around our house like Peter Rabbit. Changed it for the orange ball at Argos counter. Always found staff very helpful. Reasonable price.'

4/5  Bob The Goldfish 'Keeps my granddaughter happy. :-)'

5/5  Tracy 'My grandson loved it'

4/5  Lily 'Great stocking filler for the nephew he loves bouncing'

4/5  Bjr 'Good value, good quality and great fun!'

4/5  Nmd 'My 7 yr old loves it'

5/5  Ali 'My 6 year old son is enjoying his hopping ball and doesn't want to come off it. Really keeps him active. Very good product for the price.'

5/5  Hutch 'The little boy was over the moon with his present,he loves it.'

5/5  Kg 'Great product and lots of fun to be had.'

5/5  LK 'My daughter enjoys being in the hopper always and has attracted many of her firends'

5/5  Lizzie28 'Good space hopper, it is a good size for my 3 year olds and should last them a few years'

5/5  Snow 'Product great, bit of trouble on pick up as order was split. Sorted by lovely assistant.'

5/5  Toni 'Great birthday present!!'

5/5  JenV 'My 4 year old daughter loves this hopper, its fun and good exercise it pumped up easily and is durable and good price too'

5/5  ClairePilk 'Great size and quick and easy to inflate, great value for money.'

5/5  Hellen51 'I brought this for my grandson he loved it such good value for money would recomend this to all my family and friends'

4/5  Olu 'A very good item for getting children to expend energy, whether indoors or outside. The quality is pretty good, however it isn't absolutely pop proof so be careful where little ones go with it. Recommended for children 8 years old and under, as the hopper isn't that large.'

5/5  Keen 'Brought for my nephew and he loved it had lots of fun on it'

5/5  Mummy L 'My sons have had lots ov bouncing tumbling fun with these hoppers from having races 2 even using them 2 ave fun in the pool...kids and their imagination.'

4/5  Annie 'This is a great toy for outdoors . It is good to help learn balance. A good way to get plenty of excercise and use up energy. A good toy for many reasons. I would recommend this toy.'

4/5  Stacey782 'Good fun, durable both my 7 and 6 year old can play on it.'

5/5  MacDazzle 'This is a great product for kids, a good alternative to Chocolate Easter eggs if you want a reasonably priced gift...'

5/5  Chris 'This item is brilliant and the kids love it, though would have been better if it was sold with a pump.'

5/5  Lumpy1991 'I brought this for my 2 year old nephew for Christmas he loves it he bounces on it and giggles all the time when he is on it and he also uses it as a ball'

4/5  Mum2boys 'Good value for the price, bought it as a present for a 2 year old boy.'

3/5  Lydia 'Hours of fun an laughter as my granddaughter bouncing'

4/5  TJ 'Bought this for a work friend (secret santa) although it probably wouldn't hold a fully grown adult, it was still a laugh!'

5/5  Hoppity 'Small grandson highly delighted. Bicycle pump worked well to pump it up. simple plug to stop hopper going down worked very well. Very pleased good value'

5/5  H47ley 'Great fun. Daughter spends hours on this and has given her hours of entertainment. Easy to inflate as well which always helps.'

4/5  Jono 'Keeps the kids quiet'

5/5  Mark 'Great price and good fun for my 3 and 5 year olds...'

5/5  SamB 'Great prize for birthday party, very happy child.'

5/5  Caster 'My son loves it'

5/5  Lulla-Belle! 'I bought 3 of these as stocking fillers for my children, so they haven't used them yet but when checking them out they are made of good quality material. The best thing about them was the price, they were on offer half price plus they were also in the 3for2 deal so got 3 hoppers for the price of 1 #Bargain!!!'

4/5  Lowe09 'Good product for the price'

5/5  Jav28 'Iv bought this for my 2 yr old he cant use it on his own just learning to balance on it but my older children love it nd r jumping on it all the tym the material quality of the ball is very good'

5/5  Dance23 'My little boy absolutely adores this!'

5/5  Princess Fiona 'Love this product, so does my grandson who it was bought for. Hours of fun spent together. Reminds me of my childhood'

4/5  Ashley 'This product comes in two colours, blue & orange. It's easy to inflate to the size you want. Very good quality and an amazing price. My 2 year old daughter loves hers. Its also great indoors or out.'

4/5  Jaws123 'Bought this for my grandson for xmas'

4/5  Harriette 'Good, fun product for the kids. Cant go wrong with 3 for price of 2 offer either. My kids love them.'

5/5  Mr Inventor 'Bought two Hoppers for the family Sports Day - to follow the egg and spoon race! Excellent value, and bounce well. And they are easy to inflate - and deflate. By popular acclaim, will be used in next year's sports day too'

5/5  Dan 'Great value for money my 2 year old loves it'

4/5  Suz81 'Easy to inflate, instant fun.'

5/5  Fluff 'Provides lots of bouncy fun for children, but more for younger children rather than older.'

5/5  Cher 'Fab fun for a little 1 very strong and easy to blow up the kids love it very pleased'

5/5  TC 'Both my daughter and grand-daughter had lots of fun with this hopper.'

5/5  Kyla7 'The Chad valley hopper is excellent. My Niece loves it! She's constantly hopping around the garden & in the house. It's a reasonable size so doesn't take up to much space in the house. Can easily inflate and deflate and fold easy to pack in a bag when going away for the weekend or to a play date. Definitely worth your money including the smile you get from them bouncing around! 101% recommend it.'

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