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Chad Valley Frog Baby Pool and Ball Pit

About the Chad Valley Frog Baby Pool and Ball Pit

Little Princes and Princesses will love the Chad Valley Frog Baby Pool and Ball Pit. Fill it with water or playballs or perhaps both. Intended for heaps of dynamic fun, the carriage plan additionally acts flawlessly to as perfect make believe fun as kids advance toward the fantasy ball. Can be utilized as a pool or a ball pit, brilliant shaded princess look and feel. Gives hours of supernatural fun and is perfect for lovely weather.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3044128
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Chad Valley Frog Baby Pool and Ball Pit Reviews

5/5   'Lovely little pool, great size for baby/toddler. Used so far as a ball pool. Had to use pump to blow up.'

1/5  Ljmac1987 'You get what you pay for. Very cheap never stayed inflated from date of purchase. No obvious holes anywhere just not very well sealed. It actually inflates in two separate parts but neither hold the air. Pay a bit more and get something that will last. Shame as my little one loved the theme and colour'

1/5  Rox 'Returned this item as slowly deflated, replaced with crab as no frogs in stock. Crab also didn't hold air! DONT BOTHER'

4/5  Ms Thrifty 'Bought this to take on holiday with us a few weeks ago. Lightweight and easy to inflate, my 2 kids really enjoyed it. Wish we had bought 2, as we left it for friends children to continue to play with, we could do with one at home.'

1/5  JB19 'Brought this for the garden and once blown up soon went down due to a hole, so disappointed and now I'm unable to get another.'

2/5  Lisa 'This the 2nd one of these I have purchased and it just doesn't stay up for long,no pictures or holes just doesn't stay upright at all for long which is a shame as it looks better than what it is child was disappointed.'

1/5  Natalie 'This was terrible, as we blew it up it had a whole in it so we couldn't even use it. Very disappointed'

5/5  Molly 'The frog at half price was really good value my little grandson ( only 8 months old ) loves it i have it as a ball pool in the house'

1/5  Mel 'The first time i blew it up . i realised there was a rip on the side thays why it didnt blow up properly. Both myself and my son were very disappointed. Not happy'

1/5  Zoe 'Puncture in join that cannot be fixed and no option to exchange'

5/5  G 'Quick and easy to blow up. Holds a surprising amount of water children love it. 2 toddlers sit and play in it comfortably fantastic!'

5/5  Julie 'Brought for my 6month old, she loved splashing water in it'

5/5  Charliee 'Amazing price, my baby loves it! Thank you for selling such an amazing item.'

4/5  MonkeyToes76 'Great little paddling pool. The shade deflated a bit but not enough to disappoint'

5/5  Dewdrop 'A lovely quality pool and fab to have a shade attached to it .'

5/5  Lisa A 'Great for young children as a ball pool or a small swimming pool shades the child well and great value for money'

5/5  C 'Got this as a ball pool for my daughter, she loves it. The to part is ideal as a sunshade on sunny days. Grandma has even been and bought one for her house.'

2/5  Caz 'I blew it up and within five minutes it had bust due to two massive rips on either side where the pool and frog attach. Would not recommend however the conopy is still inflated so use it for shade as my daughter sits under it in the garden. Glad I got it for half price.'

3/5  Natty 'Really good for its money. Great fun for kids'

5/5  Jacqui 'My granddaughter uses this to nap in and play in. Worth every penny. Just need the better weather to get the water in it.'

5/5  Dawn 'I bought this for my grandson. He has had so much fun playing in it in our living room. When the weather is better I'll be able to let him play in it out in the garden. I love the way it has a little canopy to keep the sun off him.'

2/5  Minted 'This was on offer but would not be worth full price it has a hole in it after first use very poor quality'

4/5  Jamieako 'We've used this item as a ball pool which is great, but is really only suitable for a small child as it's not very deep.'

3/5  L 'Good price even if it only lasts the summer.'

3/5  Skippykat 'This was easy to blow up (hubby did this) but it does go down after a couple of days. Serves the purpose that we wanted it for, baby can now sit in shade in the garden and be safe with his toys.'

4/5  Polly 'Just right for little ones'

5/5  Emily 'Great value and perfect for the garden o keep shade of my 6 month daughter haven't used it with balls or water on yet just somewhere she can play in and is safe if she well over! Going to get another one for when we go on holiday!'

5/5  Flabby 'I bought these items for my 2 grandchildren...they love it as a ball pool and looking forward for the summer to us as a paddling pool...'

4/5  Johnny 'It was faulty, the air it was coming out'

1/5  Kelly 'I used this as a ball pool. Easy to put up especially with an electric air pump. Just add air. Enough space for balls and baby. The disappointing point was its not very robust. Two children jumping in and out of it. Burst after three days of being up'

4/5  Sarahdh 'Bought this for my grandson and set it up in the front room - he loved it. Easy to blow up and deflate.'

5/5  Klara 'My little godson absolutly loves it!keeps him entertained for hours!'

5/5  Worladria 'Fantastic pool for a little one'

1/5  Susan 'Only used it once came back to it and some of the top bit to it had come away so had a big tear in it'

4/5  JP 'Used a good few times over summer. Just right for my 1 year old.'

1/5  Elly 'Very disappointed with this poir quality item. I bought it for my grandson's 2nd birthday but within 3 hours there was a tear in the seam & we weren't able to blow it up again.'

1/5  Sandra 'I was read other reviews,but I was think at least will last for 7 days at our holiday with our 11 months old baby.I was wrong!After first use air start to come out and after third day completely was unusable.'

4/5  Lisa & Rich 'Great bought in the sale worth it'

4/5  Harries1984 'Nice bright sturdy pool a little small but practical for a single toddler. Great shade'

4/5  Thurls 'The frog pit is great my son 18 months can easily get in and out and will happily play with in it for hours altho it is tiny i wouldnt reccomend 2 kids in at a time my nephew who is 2 days older than my son sat in it which meant my son got upset as was no room for him but it great'

4/5  Samj 'Great fun for kids, we use it as a ball pit!'

5/5  Granny 'Our grandson really enjoyed this item,although the dog wasn't so sure!'

5/5  Nana 'Ordered and picked up with no problems .good quality product.would reccomend this paddling pool as it is perfect for little ones as it has a shade over it .'

1/5  Laura 'Bought for my little boy's birthday. Really disappointed as it tore on first use. Went straight in the bin!'

5/5  Steph15 'Fab for inside or out for a little one. A bag of balls to help with paly time inside if the weather is rubbish and fab for outside when weather is great, love the shade part of this. Great price for basically double the fun.'

5/5  Me 'Perfect. Really cute'

4/5  Shah 'Good buy will recommend'

3/5  Lynz 'The pool is perfect size and has the sun shade which is good. The design looks good. When I blew it up though there was already a hole in the sun shade part meaning it easily deflated.'

4/5  Polly 'Excellent for keeping little one cool and shaded.'

5/5  Pamela 'Great value for money money'

4/5  Me 'Really like this product, so does my two and a half year old daughter. Enough space for her and holds enough water. And has a sun shade so she doesn't get burnt. Would recommend it.'

5/5  Sunshinesu 'This is excellent fun for my 1 year old granddaughter, the older girls also found it great fun.'

4/5  Trace 'Great little pool or ball pen for the garden to keep my little one shaded.'

5/5  Kristina24 'My kids love to splash there! Thank you so much!'

4/5  Hw236 'My nephew loves it and it's a great idea for shade. It could do with some more support so he could hold himself up. The valve on the top is poorly placed, it's hard to blow up fully manually since its awkward to get your head round as it gets pumped up. Overall good bug could do with a couple of minor tweeks.'

5/5  Wioletta 'My baby happy.It is good product for family'

1/5  Edwards Mum 'It was used indoors for two days and developed two punctures in the corners where the hood meets the Base. Can't repair as on corners. Already broken.'

5/5  Sophie 'Perfect size for babies and toddler, brilliant price as bought it in the sale. Sun shade works really well, and really easy to put up and clean.'

1/5  Mm. 'Won't stay up. Blew up and it collapsed within an hour. Isn't worth the money to take it back'

4/5  Gaynor 'Lovely small pool.lovely design.ideal for toddlers.would recommend'

5/5  Polly 'I bought this for my son as a paddling pool for the hot weather around his grandparents he loves it and is ideal for the hot weather because of the head of the frog acts like a sun shade I am as yet to use it for a ball pool Do not let the box fool you as this product is huge when inflated deflate was issue but well worth the price paid due to the reaction on sons face would recommend this to many and have done so enjoy the hours of fun the children/grandchildren can have with this product'

5/5  Peanut123 'Great little paddling pool/ball pit.. Easy to set up and put down , great fun for little ones in the summer.'

4/5  Granny 'This little pool ball pit is ideal for toddlers my grandson loves it'

1/5  Becky 'Having purchased for my sons 1st birthday. I opened then box and got it out. As I started to blow it up. I noticed it was not inflating. After an inspection, the material on the leg joint was ripped badly! I had a very sad 1year old on his birthday. When retired to store, the assistant ageeed in the poor quality Of this product. Would not recommend at all!'

5/5  Nanny 'My one year old grandson plays for hours in the frog. He has so much fun with the balls. The set up of it was very easy'

3/5  H 'I had to bin this product within days of purchase, as it popped like a balloon. I used it down the beach once and the air had escaped & a rip was visible. The material was obviously not thick enough to maintain its stability for a child's ball pit.'

4/5  HJA 'Very simple but effective paddling pool.'

5/5  Sarah 'My little boy enjoyed playing in this when we had the warm weather'

5/5  George 'Was bought as a birthday present & it is brilliant the perfect size and capacity. Would definitely recommend to others'

2/5  Christopher 'As above not a lot more to say'

5/5  Mh4tc 'I bought 2 of the 100 balls and a pump (although if you have a bike or car pump don't waste extra money). My 1 year old and his little friend sat in it together and played lovely. Just the right size for them. Not overpowering.'

1/5  Terri1234 'Terrible. The shade part pumped up fine and stayed inflated. Actual pool part took ages to inflate then was flat again in 5 minutes. The valve was faulty.'

5/5  Julz 99 'This is great for my 1 year old, keeps him shaded in the garden & enterained, we use as ball pit.'

5/5  Tish 'Excellent item for price. My grandson loves it, weather it's full of water or the play pit with balls. Canopy for protection from the sun , does what it needs to. I didn't expect anything more. Easy to assembly, easy to store away. Hrs of fun You could even take it in the boot of your car if your going to the seaside or if your going to the park. It would even fitvin a medium ruck sack and it's lite weight. Brightly coloured great design. "Fab"'

1/5  MissS100 'I bought this for my little boy because it had the shade on it and liked the idea of it blocking the sun out, however before we had even used it we noticed it has a rip in it. So we couldn't use it which was disappointing as we had bought it to use on the day as the weather was nice. I exchanged it for a different paddling pool as didn't trust it wouldn't happen again as after reading the reviews a few others have had the same problem.'

4/5  Rach2015 'My wee one loved this paddling pool, it also has the shade to prevent your baby being in the sun. Easily to set uo too. Would recommend'

1/5  Sal R 'On the first time out of the box whilst blowing it there was a large hole in the seam where the hood attaches to the base. Useless'

5/5  Wynn2016 'I bought this for my bubba and she loves it. Gives massive peace of mind as covers from the sun aswell. Good size for a little person :) it's not very deep. (Don't bother buying a pump you can blow it up very quickly just by yourself)'

4/5  Nichola 'Bought for baby and he loves splashing in it'

2/5  Wcb 'Bought two and both of them went down in the first day'

4/5  Nic 'We've been using this as a ball pit for our little girl. Great shelter for her especially when it is hot outside. Lots of room for her toys and kicking about.'

1/5  George 'When we opened the box and took the pool out the frogs head (the bit that supplies all the shade from the sun) was ripped and we couldn't use it.'

5/5  Granny C 'It is exactly as it looks like in the picture. Very easy to blow up, even for a granny. Dual use balls or water equals one very happy grandaughter. Thank you. Very fast collection in store.'

4/5  Gigi 'Not used it yet, waiting for a sunny day,,,,,,,,,, ha ha Bought for my 2 year old Grandson'

5/5  Angela24 'My baby loves this he's only used it as a ball pit so far but I like the shaded part to use as a paddling pool in the summer.'

1/5  Nat 'We exchanged this item, as there was a hole. 2nd one did the same, we have now returned it.'

5/5  Staceyglennon2 'Bought for my little nephew he loves it filled with plastic balls and he is developing so well because of this item good for money great quality very pleased'

5/5  Dianna2 'Bought for my grandson to use as ball pool he loves it worth every penny'

3/5  Wendyuk 'The pool had a hole in it and wouldn't blow up. Little disappointed as it was a birthday present'

5/5  Lulu 'Very happy with this product. Wanted something for our six week old to chill out in and this fitted the bill. Like the hood which provides some shade, also looks really cute! Will definitely grow with her.'

4/5  Sonic 'This product was easy to set up and my grandson loved it'

5/5  Jess123 'Great quality product, Easy set up, good design. Is sturdy and safe to use, would highly recommend.'

5/5  Nicky14 'Great product to cool down a very hot wee girl. Inflated about 3 weeks ago and still inflated and we have not had to top it up. Our wee girl loves it's eyes! Very pleased with the item!'

1/5  J2O 'This product had a hole in it from the start! The plaster didn't fix it either. Not worth taking back though. Disappointed.'

4/5  KW 'Fun for a our baby to splash about in. Fun design with useful shade.'

1/5  Demi6 'I bought this for my son last week, blew it up and put some water in as weather was hot. The hole bit of the frog was torn. It's just poor quality it'll easily rip'

1/5  Lregan25 'Easy to blow up but within one day of buying this at the side where the frogs head is ripped where it joins the pool so can no longer use it'

3/5  Andy C 'First we bought was damaged and wouldn't inflate. Exchanged for another and it's fine. Our son loves it.'

5/5  Evelyn 'Perfect for tiny tots my grandchildren love it'

2/5  Sammyjane121 'Brought this for my son and had to return it with in 3 weeks as it had developed a hole on the seam where the top and bottom bits join. Tried to fix it with kit they provide but patch would not hold due to position of hole. Argos were fantastic and replaced it but that one did the same thing a week later. Have given up and got a refund! Such a shame as my son loved it.'

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