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Chad Valley Foam Protector Tumbler Mats

About the Chad Valley Foam Protector Tumbler Mats

The Chad Valley Foam Protector Tumbler Mats are an arrangement of four foam mats, brightly coloured and interlocking to give a soft play area for both indoor and outdoor use.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN: 1587247
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5/5   'Perfect for tummy time for babies. Very soft and look great in the kids room'

3/5   'These mats are a good size and well padded, however I found that they wouldnt jigsaw together and link well and would come apart. If the jigsaw grooves were deeper a tighter lock would ensure that the mats were stay together. Other than this, the mats are great quality and would come in use both in the garden to pad out the grass for baby and also indoors. Lovely bright colours and a good non slip grip.'

5/5   'Very nice, soft and colourful but they might need to think about an anti-slippery system for them as well. Other than that..just perfect'

5/5   'Click & collect is so easy to do. Definitely recommend to friends. The product is good value & lightweight.'

5/5   'Great mats! Bought because our flooring is too hard for our little one crawling. The mats are soft enough to cushion, but not too soft that they become a hinderance! Definitely recommend, they're a great size'

4/5   'Great tumbler mats for safe baby play. Nice colours compared to a slightly more expensive alternative, although these mats are slightly thinner but perfectly adequate for our needs. The mats interlock and are easy to clean.'

5/5   'Bought two packs of these mats for the bottom of the kids slide. They are good, stay in place and make for a softer, cleaner landing. Nice bright colours look good with the slide too. They blow away if left out in wind.'

5/5   'Bought to put around a paddling pool in summer. Done the shop easily cleaned and stored'

5/5   'Good size, soft, colourful.'

5/5   'These foam protectors are perfect for my child. We can use them both inside and outdoors. They are a good size and allow plenty of space to play on.'

5/5   'Very good and easy to assemble.and very useful for the garden with kids.'

5/5   'Perfect for my baby.'

4/5   'Great mats bigger then thought when all put together. Great to put and use for my baby to lay on as we have hard floors. Easy to take a part and store when not in use. Great value for money.'

5/5   'Very nice and very big surface area for the money'

4/5   'Used the foam protectors concrete flags and they do the job. However, they don't stay connected together so I am forever making sure that they are joined up. 10mm thickness is OK but I will be getting thicker ones in the future.'

5/5   'All our floors downstairs are wood or tile so bought these mats to protect our 6 month old when he started crawling. They are perfect and slot together to cover the whole floor in our lounge. Great value for money'

5/5   'Good mats for the babys in the garden easy to put together and quick to pack away'

5/5   'Love these sturdy tumbler mats easy to put together nice colours . Perfect when my grandchild comes to cover my wooden floors .'

5/5   'I bought these for my son at 7 months old and we have hard floors so wanted something to cushion him and didnt want to pay a fortune for a lush rug. They could do with the bits that puzzle together to be a little deeper as sometimes they can come apart a bit, but thats only with rougher movements like a 6 year old messing about in the middle of the floor. They didnt smell and hold to the floor really really well without slippage. He also has sharp nails and these havent shown any wear.'

4/5   'Very easy to put together, they do part quite easy to have to careful at times and very careful if they get wet.'

5/5   'Good quality, good size and worth the money'

5/5   'Really useful for my daughter practicing gymnastics in the garden.'

5/5   'Great mats for outdoor and I door use.'

5/5   'I bought these for my son a few years ago when he was a baby to use in the house as we have laminate flooring. They were perfect for lying him on and allowing him to practice crawling. They the made their way outside to use under a paddling pool for summer and we've used them for this ever since. Just purchased a brand new set for indoors for my second baby and again they are marvellous. So cheap you don't worry about skills/marks etc, and easily wiped down and hoovered.'

5/5   'These Foam Mats are just great! For a really good price you get the same quality as if you would buy some other expensive ones.'

5/5   'Above average size and excellent value.'

5/5   'My both kids kept falling over air in the garden it really great help no more graze on there knees my both kids love it'

4/5   'Perfect as the floor is hard. Stops my little one bumping her head on the floor'

5/5   'Its great for my 8 month old play area. When he fall the impact is very less and he doesnt cry . I think it didnt hurt. Worth of buying if u have small babies'

5/5   'Bright and colourful surface for tiny tots'

5/5   'Good quality and as described, would recommend'

5/5   'Absolutely love this product, already told a few people to purchase them and to order from argos as the delivery was same day'

5/5   'I bought these mats for my daughter to play on, they are perfect for that. they were good value for money and I would definitely recommend'

4/5   'This was the 2nd one I bought, so I knew what I was getting. there was ongoing promotion so got pack of 2 .this is good for small children who are learning to crawl. It provides some cushioning. Just beware, as this is a very light material can break/bend easily and children will try to rip off the edges or put this in the mouth...'

5/5   'Mats are perfect for allowing my little one to lie on and crawl about on. We bought two packs and will use the other under his high chair as they wipe down easily.'

5/5   'These are simple but exactly as advertised.'

5/5   'I bought these foam squares to use as a play area for my six month old wriggly rolling baby when we visited my in-laws, as they have hard flooring. They are so handy to create a padded and easy to clean surface. I also use them at home too on top of carpet as I have a dog and am still a little worried about doggy germs as my baby learns to crawl, so I pop these down to give him a bigger space to practice his moves outside his playpen, and its simple to pick them up again when hes had enough.'

5/5   'A good product quality mats. We use the play mats when our 4 moth old granddaughter is over , very useful.'

5/5   'Perfect size. Lovely and soft'

5/5   'My daughter loves these great in lounge and garden'

5/5   'We bought these tumble mats for our 7 month old daughter to play on as we have hard floors throughout the downstairs of our house. These do the job well - she's toppled over a couple of times on them and no crying, no bumped head! There's only 4 mats in the pack but they were much larger than I was expecting so they work well. Would definitely buy again.'

5/5   'Foam Marts are nice and soft. My child loves play on it. It is easy to clean.'

5/5   'A lot bigger than i thought. Easy to wipe clean and brush'

5/5   'I bought these so my granddaughter had a soft landing under her outdoor play equipment as well as using her ride-on toys on a smooth surface as our lawn is bumpy. Being quite big they are less fiddly to join together than the smaller ones you can buy. They stayed joined despite a toddler running around on them all day. They are a bit more expensive than some smaller ones but are good quality and really easy to use. The only downside is my cat decided they made a very good scratching mat!'

5/5   'Bought two packs as they were on offer. These are lovely and big and not too firm, and cover a big area, just right for my 18 month old grandson. Its a pity they dont come in a bag for storage. I would definitely recommend these.'

5/5   'I put this mats under the pool after few weeks I take out them and nothing happen. The mats was exactly the same like before.'

5/5   'Really handy for children to play on in the garden and for picnics'

5/5   'Very big and lovely, when locked together it came very wide'

5/5   'Good quality foam blocks. Ideal for my 8 months old baby. Bought 3 packs to cover his room. Recommend it.'

5/5   'These have various uses, are sturdy and resilient.'

5/5   'Soft, colourful and easy to put together. You know your toddler would be protected if they fell over on these mats'

5/5   'These are fab! We have used them Under our paddling pool. Great price, good size! Does the job'

4/5   'Got 2 packs of these to make a soft play area for my 3 month old baby to put toys on and lay on instead of my hard floor. He's learning to roll so this keeps him safe. Only downside they come apart easily with movement'

5/5   'Absolutely brilliant'

5/5   'Bought two sets for use in garden. Grandson loves to be outside on these tiles. Ideal to use with paddling pool or to play with other toys outside. Parents also loved to be able to sit and play with son in the garden in comfort'

5/5   'Bought 2 as so easy to use being big and perfect for my little one to play outside on decking and in the kitchen on the laminate.'

5/5   'I bought these to go inside my daughters Wendy house. Perfect for little feet.'

3/5   'Needed them right away or woukx havd returned and shopped about..'

5/5   'Perfect to turn floor space into a dance space. Children are happy and it was easy to put together and cut to size. Great for dance and tumbles.'

5/5   'These mats are fab! My daughter is 7 months and is almost crawling so we wanted a comfortable floor space for her to play on. They are a decent thickness and the size is great! They slot together well and the colours are very appealing for young children. I plan to purchase more!'

5/5   'Excellent value , easy to wipe clean , easy to store , bright and cheerful , can use indoors as well as outside , have a variety of uses .'

5/5   'Bought these for my 19 month old daughter for around her slide and activity cubes , they are great easy to fit and easy to clean even when using outside.'

5/5   'My Grandson loves playing on the mats. His Mum loves them at messy feeding time! Really glad I bought them!'

4/5   'Love the colour and size of these foam mats but have only given four stars as they have a strong plastic smell which hasn't yet worn off and is as little outputting for me although the baby doesn't seem bothered!'

4/5   'Its brilliant my granddaughter loves it and it is so soft for her to play on.'

5/5   'Nice and thick to prevent holes in our paddling pool in the garden'

5/5   'My little one loves them! At first I did think there would be more than 4 pieces BUT in fact the pieces are a whole lot bigger than you would find in a toy stop or the entertainer and for a reasonable price too. Easy to hoover or sweep. My boy loves just sitting down and playing with his Lego on it, 10/10 would recommend! I am considering buying more.'

3/5   'Nice colour mats, matching with other Chad Valley products (as sand -water pit table) However with 2 weeks using some pieces was chopped itself. If you want something temporary for one season, that would be a solution, the price is not high, so its ok.'

5/5   'Very easy to keep clean and soft while baby starts moving around.'

5/5   'I actually purchased these to use underneath my hot tub.a lot cheaper than buying others and looks great in the garden'

5/5   'Perfect to protect little ones from paving scratches.'

5/5   'Does exactly what it says it does. Good quality product for the price'

5/5   'Excellent option my Grand daughter has learned new things playing on the mats rather than the carpet. Highly recommended. Easy to clean and put away.'

4/5   'They are good, put them under the pool. Bit pricey though.'

5/5   'These mats are fab. My 8 month old loves being on them so much he cries when I pick him up. They are really big compared to others and cover a good area of the floor I would say you definitely need two packs at least if for crawling around and playing. They are great for safety dont worry about my little one banging his head as they are soft on the wooden floor. Would be good if they came I. Different colour schemes but overall they are a great buy wouldnt be without them now'

4/5   'Purchased four packs of these and they are great for the patio...we currently have the paddling pool on them.'

4/5   'Flattens slightly when you lean on it with your elbow when on the floor with your grandchild'

5/5   'Great value for money easy to put together'

5/5   'My eight month old is crawling about now so its safe for him in case of any tumbles'

4/5   'Bought to put on patio as base for kids paddling pool. Does the job of providing a soft covering well'

5/5   'Bought 3 packs to go under the kids pool on our patio, provides them with some cushioning while playing. Great product.'

5/5   'Brilliant mats. Bought these to go under the paddlIng pool'

5/5   'Kids love playing in these when on the decking even brought an extra set for indoors as we have laminate floors and the children love laying and playing on them, fair size and nice and colourful'

3/5   'Much paler than in the picture. One session of toddlers crawling on it and there are marks all over that don't come fully out. Still good value, but just be aware.'

5/5   'Best value per sq foot, of any matting I could find for the purpose. High density 1cm thick protects child &/or floor very well.'

5/5   'Fits perfectly with the playhouse we got for our 18 month old!'

5/5   'Just as I expected it to be'

5/5   'Great price and good size'

4/5   'The mats are great. Ideal for my 8 month old to play on top of the tiled floor safely! Good price, as was on offer too.'

5/5   'Nice and big and great for little ones too play on insead off a wooden floor'

5/5   'Easy to clean, kids love, very useful to keep the toys on top and not everywhere.'

5/5   'Great quality mats, quick order process. Used both indoor and outdoor as a base for my twins playpen. Also very easy to clean and store.'

5/5   'This was a good idea for my boys to enjoy their playtime.'

5/5   'Fab product. Great value for money. Used for baby learning to walk. 3 and 6 year old doing cartwheels and 9 year old wrestling.'

5/5   '10/10 good quality and great value for the money'

5/5   'Nice soft surface for kids to play on. bright colours nice. tiles clip together easily.'

5/5   'Purchased two sets to lay under playhouse outside and so far they have been very useful.'

2/5   'Unfortunately, the product is different to the description and image, with less and larger connections on each tile, therefore not compatible with the previous tiles I had purchased.'

4/5   'Easy to lock together, bright and colourful. These do the job of making hard surfaces safer and were great value.'

5/5   'Bought them to place around a slide which is erected on concrete. Children seemed more confident knowing the mats were in place.'

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