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Chad Valley Flying Disc 2 PackChad Valley Flying Disc 2 Pack Images

About the Chad Valley Flying Disc 2 Pack

Whether you're going on a camping trip, a day at the park or just some fun family time the Chad Valley Flying Disc 2 is sure to keep kids amused and laughing. A step up on just throwing and catching a ball, these flying discs are a great way to test agility and improve hand-eye coordination...just keep a look out for any pets trying to join in, dogs love trying to catch them! Size H27, W28, D6cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Flying Disc 2 Pack Reviews

4/5   'Portable great fun for my 3 sons'

4/5  Antwil 'I found it great fun but not so much for my 5 year old. Difficult for him to pull the cord. He’ll love it in a couple of years I’m sure!'

5/5  Mel75 'Bought for neighbours boys so they could play together. They seemed happy with them'

5/5  Msbe 'Great toy our children got from Father Christmas. Best used outside in garden or at the park.'

5/5  Suey 'Bought for both my grandchildren and was one of their favourite Xmas presents. Good price, just wish you could get more discs.'

4/5  Ali 'Bought it for my 5 & 7 year old kids, but by 11 year old also enjoys it alot. One should be careful with pulling the string (not too harsh on it) as it may snap. Don't know if it something to do with the build quality or naughty kids. Rest is all good. Would recommend to anyone with kids.'

4/5  Tahnee 'A good toy, a little large but good for outdoors'

5/5  Fliss 'Luckily they didn't do any damage when played with inside - although I wouldn't use them around very fragile things obviously!'

5/5  JD 'Bought these as a birthday gift for a 6 year old, after buying them originally for my 4 & 5 year olds. My kids absolutely love them, they are always a hit in the park. Highly recommend'

4/5  Kaniesh 'As described. Good to buy in offer and not in full price.'

5/5  CC 'The kids aged 4 and up all loved playing with these, to the point that they were fighting over it, so I will be buying more. It’s quite a safe toy to leave the kids with, as long as you have plenty of space. The adults loved it, too, and it’s a great alternative to other outdoor toys that younger kids can’t manage yet (such as frisbees, water pistols, etc.).'

5/5  Jo 'This was bought as a gift so can’t comment on what it was like but it looked good And lots of fun'

5/5  Becky 'Hours of fun wih these with my kids they love them'

5/5  BigPaulo 'These were bought for a group of teenage girls on a picnic and they were great fun. The launchers and discs are pretty robust with a cord to launch and they go pretty high so do need to be used in an open space. Highly recommended.'

5/5  Ratha 'Nice product, brings old memories'

4/5  Amy 'My kids love to play with then'

5/5  Beanhead 'What a laugh, loads of fun for all ages, even adults. Perfect in a field or beach. I thought we had a huge garden, but they did both end up in our neighbours. Definitely recommend.'

4/5  Grandmashopper1 'Bought for my 2 grandchildren aged 10 and 5. We had great fun with them. They go quite high and long way so you need to make sure you have plenty of room'

5/5  Mumofboys 'For the price I was expecting something to last for the day but they were sturdy and robust. They flew really well and kept the boys entertained!'

4/5  JB 'Good value 2pack. Make sure you have a big space so you don’t lose them!'

5/5  HA 'Great product for outdoor play'

5/5  Ali 'Hours of fun for not only my grandson but for my 26 year old son. I recommend them for all ages boys or girls.'

4/5  Tash 'The flying discs go so high and far they are so much fun keep my son busy for hours Best Buy'

5/5  Tra 'Purchased as a small party present. Well made, and worth the money. Easy to use, bright colours, and my son loves them'

5/5  Vikki 'Brought these and never expected how great and just how much fun myself and my kids would have with them. Great fun inside and outside .. they go really high and entertains the whole family. Always take them to the park as they go really high and great to try and catch. At home they spin around on the ceiling and as it comes with two in the pack so it’s a competition to which one stays up the longest. Simple yet so much fun :) great product at a great price x'

5/5  Sam 'Such good value for money. Endless entertainment for the children. We take them everywhere with us, the park, camping and picnics. Would really recommend this, my children are 7 and 8 and enjoy these no end.'

5/5  KEL 'Good toy for kids to play outside'

5/5  Joann3 'This is fun! Gave my grandson hours of fun and entertainment.'

3/5  Cad 'Easy to lose. Fun. Flies far.'

4/5  Bargainhunter 'Bought as part of the 2 for 15 pounds deal. Id say its OK value for money. The discs are pretty big compared to what i had when i was young. Bought for gifts at a garden party and the kids (3-9 years) all loved them. Good to teach the little ones about holding with one hand and pulling with the other but you need to watch they don't aim at each other. Resilient plastics and fly high but not too high. Even though the price is a little on the high side id still buy them again due to the fun factor'

5/5  Em 'My boys love this gift, bought for my 3 and 2 year old, the 2 year old needs some help with it but will grasp it soon enough. Feels very good quality and shouldn’t break easily. The biggest risk is losing the discs as they do go quite high so you need to be in quite a large space. Bought another few for gifts and would give them to kids of any age, me and my Mum really enjoyed using them and letting the kids chase them Great outdoor fun!'

5/5  Nan 'This was a present for my grandsons and has been a great buy, they get bored quickly with new toys and are still playing with it after 2 weeks, very happy nanny'

5/5  Dani 'Perfect price Perfect service Can’t complain whatsoever'

5/5  Linsey 'Really good toy, brought for camping trip to entertain 3 year old whilst we were setting up. Ideal as although he couldn't pull the string super fast that meant they also did not go flying off everywhere. The adults loved them too!'

5/5  John6 'Certainly can occupy kids and adults'

5/5  Angiem 'Bought for 3 year grandson. They are bigger them expected and so much fun!'

5/5  Annie 'My 3 year old loves these. So glad I brought them.'

5/5  Jcw1989 'Brought as a present - my daughter and her friend loved it - great toy'

3/5  Chelsea 'They are great toys and good for the family My only regret was playing with them near a roof my advise is play with them in a open area with no roofs or houses near lol'

5/5  Chars 'These are really fun for kids. I have a 5 year old and a one year old. They both love them. My one year old cant do it of course but loves watching his big brother make the discs fly. They go really high up so make sure you are in a park or a gelid as they will get lost in a garden'

4/5  Jlawson 'My son loves playing with this'

5/5  Jannat 'My kids love these flying disc,hour n hour of fun.'

5/5  Trouble1106 'Brought for my son but adults can have fun with it. My son is abit little for it as he struggles to pull the cord. He is 3 but he loves watching me fly it. Great value great toy.'

5/5  Katrina 'My son love it! He spend more that an hour playing with it so I had to join in too! The flying disc will fly much better if you lift your hand up ( head high) and pull string quickly. On the day we tried it was windy- flying disc were flying very high! Great t buy.'

4/5  Darren 'Great fun, with the little kids & big kids having just as much fun.'

5/5  Razo 'Bought these for my children aged 6 and 10. They absolutely love them. Took them with us on a family day out and everyone enjoyed playing with them from teenage cousins to grandparents. The discs and launchers are quite robust and are simple to use. They do go quite high and are unpredictable in where they go so must be used in big open spaces. If used in a garden they are likely to end up on the street or in a neighbours garden!'

5/5  Jm 'Great fun the kids (ages 7, 9 and 51) loved them'

5/5  Janie 'My grandsons aged 6 and 8 loved them'

5/5  Sparkle90 'Really good fun for a 4 and 6 year old. 1 year old liked chasing after to collect them too'

5/5  Kendo 'Large flying propeller Easy for children to use.'

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