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Chad Valley Flower Water Spray

About the Chad Valley Flower Water Spray

The Chad Valley Flower Water Spray lets kids appreciate water fun in garden. This vivid blossom shape water splash is simple to set up and easy to connect with a regular garden hose.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4975234
EAN/SKU: 4975234
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Chad Valley Flower Water Spray Reviews

5/5   'Got this for one of the hottest days of the summer, the kids absolutely loved this! Cooled us all down quickly whilst having fantastic fun, and the price is amazing! Just get one and see.'

5/5  Kjnew 'Great sprinkler for kids to play with in the garden. Does need a lot of pressure to work well.'

3/5  Moonbeam 'Had this item year's ago and was better this new one seems stiffer not as floppy to help it spin round faster.'

2/5  Rebex11 'It sprays the water outbur doesn’t go wild as it’s stated to. Tried different water pressures and such.'

2/5  Hmt 'Great idea for a toy however when we attached it to the hose and turned it on the flower flew off across the garden.'

1/5  Rosie 'Very cheap, did not work, hole in tube and flower head just hung.'

5/5  Suzy 'Bought this for the dog he loves it'

3/5  Lisa 'It was ok. but not sure if it was how I connected it to the hose, but it didn't spray around wildly like I thought it would. we ended up using the hose on its own. bit of a disappointment'

5/5  Woo 'Brilliant. Waters garden as well. Lots of fun'

5/5  Karry 'Bought this for my granddaughter she absolutely loved it .Got this half price so well pleased .Would recommend .'

5/5  Nana 'I bought this for my Border Collie dog and she just Loves it, great for cooling her down!! My Grandkids have great fun with it too and I got it half price definitely worth the money and would recommend.'

5/5  Jess 'The flower sprays all over the place so if you don't have much space and don't fancy water everywhere might not be the best one to go for'

4/5  Yvie 'My kids loved this item lots of fun'

5/5  Chloo 'Cheap price Easy set up Lots of fun'

1/5  Kelly 'I thought this would be a fun purchase for the children however it doesn’t work at all in the slightest.'

5/5  Oakley 'This is a great water sprayer for the kids. My grandson who is 20 month loved it. It entertained him for ages and when we turned it off he kept getting the water hose and was trying to attach it to the sprayer. Well worth the money.'

5/5  Twiggy 'This water spray flower gives the kids lots of fun running through the spray and if keeps then contented for sges'

3/5  Ashleigh 'It’s ok not the best hose leaks on the connector and the water pressure needs to be really high or it only waters the grass'

4/5  Annie 'Very good very powerful'

2/5  Teresa 'I know it’s only cheap but the grandchildren got very excited and it just kept coming apart inside. Disappointment all round.'

4/5  Kerry 'Looks grate works grate only thing is the hose has to be on strong so if u ent got power outside on ur water pressure then don’t get it'

5/5  Steph 'Bought this for my 2 year old as she loves playing with the hose pipe, easy to connect, and even easier for her to use! She loves sprinkling the water everywhere! Safe to say she loves it much more than the hose pipe!'

5/5  Aristea 'It's perfect for summer... I bought it as a gift and the 4 year old girl fell in love with it...!!! SO happy about that...!!!'

4/5  Grandma 'Kids love it. Can’t wait for more sun. Simple to set up and use.'

3/5  Dean 'Definitely need to be in a high pressure area as otherwise the water just comes out as a dribble'

2/5  Gem 'Very cheap plastic which broke the minute we tried to push it into the ground , I bought it for my granddaughter ,as my own children had one when they were little , but the quality was not the same ! Very disappointed'

3/5  Any 'Kids have lots of fun with this well worth the money'

5/5  Laura 'Bought as a gift for a 2 year old, perfect for his May birthday!'

4/5  SK 'I bought this for my autistic sister who has sensory differences and loves being surrounded by water everyday. She keeps spraying the hose pipe on herself so I bought this just to spray water on her like a big outdoor shower. It’s a bit flimsy but it’s cable tied on a corner of the gazebo as a support. I removed one star because the front has one hole just to spray water whereas the rest of the holes are just to represent the texture of a real flower. There was no leaks so that’s a good sign.'

1/5  JSW 'Terrible piece of equipment. Possibly a faulty return as the box was damaged. Plugged hose pipe in and at full whack the flower gently sprayed the ground directly below it with no movement, water also leaked out of the pipe it was attached to and soaked the ground. Ruined a good opportunity for my kids to enjoy the easter weekend weather with water fun. They had the opposite of fun.. misery. This toy brought them misery . Remove from catalogue and send stock left in the warehouse to landfill.'

5/5  Reviewer 'Very fun, great for children and adults!'

5/5  H31d1 'Great water toy for the children. My son loves it!! It’s very powerful. Squirts very high & the power of the water makes the flower spin. I was very surprised at how good it was.'

5/5  Dilly 'This is a great item, easy to use, great fun & good value for money. Just be aware when you turn your hose on do it slowly until you get it to spray as much as you want because it you just turn the hose on full you may soak everyone & everything in the near vicinity. Lol'

1/5  Vicki 'This item stopped working after the second use and doesn't spin water round anymore. Was good when it worked both my boys enjoyed it especially in the warm weather.'

4/5  Ants 'Do 2 for one deals good value for money'

5/5  HonestTruth 'Kids love this!!!! Has kept my eldest (5 yr old) amused for hours, it’s almost like a babysitter in the garden!!!'

5/5  Fozzie 'Happy memories of my own children playing with this flower water spray prompted me to buy for a friends children They are delighted with it'

4/5  Rads67 'Good fun for kids and put in a good place it waters plants at same time'

5/5  Kenno27 'We have great fun with this on sunny days. The kids love it! Would recommend.'

5/5  Ramsaytaz 'Good value for money. Great for hot day fun in the garden'

1/5  Daisyblu 'Very disappointing! leaked from everywhere except where the water was supposed to come out of! did not move at all, terrible quality - tried superglue and then ended up chucking it in the bin'

5/5  Tracey 'Great fun flower water sprinkler, and a great price too.'

3/5  Bongo 'This product works well for about a minute then it stops moving but just stays in one position. If you turn off the water and let it drain it will work again for a similar time. Disappointing'

1/5  ClRa 'Didn’t work at all and water leaked from all valves and around flower. Didn’t turn at all. I returned it.'

3/5  KJK24 'It works great as a sprinkler and the water is far reaching. My little boy loves it. However it doesn't move around as expected. I have fairly high water pressure from my garden tap so this surprised me.'

4/5  Sebby 'Would be better if the flexi pipe was a bit more rigid so it could be properly positioned, but all in all a fun toy for the price.'

5/5  Debbie 'Connects to hose pipe very easily, quick and simple to set up ,'

5/5  Johnny94 'Kids love running through streams'

5/5  EMac 'Great item,my daughter loved it. Perfect for summer and fun in the garden.'

5/5  Chickadee 'We had great fun with our floppy flower also good for cooling down. Water everywhere .'

5/5  Scotty 'Fantastic value ., children spent hours in the garden playing with the flower , they loved it , getting wet and soaking each other ...with the added bonus ..it watered the lawn .'

1/5  Dan 'Purchased 2 chad Valley Flower Sprays None of them worked. I repaired my old one its working fine Cost me money collecting and returning these items'

4/5  Fenman 'Great for all the family including pets(dogs lol) and waters the grass'

5/5  Prince 'Incredibly easy, fast and faultless service of brilliant products.'

5/5  Rach 'Colourful, good fun. Nieces love it so much I had to buy my daughters one too.'

4/5  Maria 'This is a fab little toy not just for young helps cool in heat. Can be hard to push in ground and you have to warm end of hose to fit on. Also great for watering garden. One downside if you have a moaning misery of a neighbour that complains of the tiniest plop of water over fence'

1/5  Jm 'I'm really sorry to say this item just didn't do what it was supposed to. Our water pressure is good and even when turned on full it didn't do anything more than a normal garden hose would do. Not very expensive but a waste of money all the same, just left with a useless piece of plastic.'

5/5  TraceyB 'My daughter and her friends love this and it waters the garden too. A bit of fun.'

4/5  Froglets 'Water flower is a winner with everyone ... good water pressure in hose helps. Plus same day delivery was Brilliant!!'

1/5  Cat 'Purchased two for the grandchildren. Neither worked. One of them had already been used & obviously returned for the same reason. Taking them both back.'

5/5  Jacksnanny1 'Grandchildren and parents enjoying playtime'

5/5  Netty 'Wow,this daisy really is amazing. Hours of fun had by the kids AND GROWN UP. highly recommended, may even buy another1'

5/5  TLCB1 'The water daisy is fabulous!! I bought this for my two children and they loved it-it's a great way to water the garden because it twists and turns in every direction possible. I did have the hose pipe tap on a bit too full so it did go berserk at one stage but then I found a good level for it to be on. I would recommend this product-it's great for the kids too cool down on warm sunny days whilst keeping them active and having fun, it's just a shame it doesn't come in different colours.'

4/5  Roxieleigh93 'It took a while to get going as we found it hard to connect to the hose pipe. Once we got it going it was fun for the kids and quite refreshing in the sun, also watered my flowers, bonus!!'

5/5  Kirsty 'The children had a great time, I ended up soaked (they thought it was hilarious). Would buy as a gift for friends.'

5/5  Kazbag 'Easy to set up good fun and safe for little kids x'

5/5  Lyndz 'I bought this as a birthday present when we're having the heat wave and they had a great time with it. Let's just hope we have sole more hot weather so they can enjoy again.'

4/5  Jooles 'My kids love this - it swirls around unpredictably and was entertaining to watch! Lots of screams and giggles!'

5/5  Hayley 'My children love this. They have so much fun. Attach it to the hose and away it goes. Spraying everywhere . It's good value for money too. Just need some sun so we can get it in the garden again.'

5/5  Zoe1009 'My children loved this , great value'

4/5  Gill 'Works great, kids love it. has a wide reach span so water reaches next doors garden too!!'

4/5  Vaneese 'My son loves it in hot weather.. great for cooling down.'

5/5  Tone 'Excellent flower spray you can control how fast you want it to spray kids love it especially when it's hot and want to cool down'

3/5  Minnie 'My daughter has really enjoyed playing with the Chad Valley Water Spray, especially in the recently warm weather. Fairly good water pressure is required, but very easy to get up and running.'

5/5  Viviane 'This flower sprinkle is realy fun ...once you open the tap flower head turns round and round. ...is crazy and fun'

5/5  Lisa 'Bought this because we are in the middle of doing the garden so can't accommodate a pool at the moment the kids love it and don't get bored within 10 miniutes fun fun fun !'

4/5  Amy 'This is a great garden accessory for the summer time, I saw it on you've been framed and had to get one. My dog and the kids love it'

2/5  Mas 'Cannot regulate pressure from tap so does not wiggle about...just pathetic squirting.'

5/5  Sheila 'Lovely product for the children and dogs in the garden'

3/5  Neelia 'Quite flimsy at connection for hose. First one got returned as it was already broken. Argos to return it and they exchanged it no problem. Second one worked fine. Great for cooling down both the kids and the dog. Be careful when removing it from the ground as the plastic connecter for hose could be easily snapped or cracked. All in all a good wee product!'

5/5  Bucko 'My grandchildren loved this the flower is so bendy the water was going everywhere which made Them squeal with delight'

1/5  Nadz 'Not happy with this at all the head just stays flopped over way way to powerful for children my son cried when i had this on wast worth the money to overpriced i think would not buy or recommend this to anyone and very flimsy.'

4/5  Sharon '4 yer old loves it. Not too strong a jet.'

5/5  Tc 'Fantastic value for money would recommend to anybody for quality and the price!'

1/5  Nickib27 'We bought this for the kids to play in the garden on a hot day we plugged it into the hose pipe and set it up turned it on and was very disappointed all it did was squirt to the floor which left us with 3 very upset children, would not recommend, we ended up buying a garden sprinkler and had all the kids in the street playing in the garden.'

4/5  Sj 'My kids love this for the summer and had lots of fun easy to use'

5/5  Alaina 'Cheap and good fun'

5/5  Jules 'It was more powerful than expected, the grandsons absolutely love it highly recommended for all ages even adults!!'

5/5  Koko_one 'Grand-daughter spends ages in the spray..............happy cooling toy!'

5/5  Terry 'Bought this to replace old one . Took a while to get it working properly - used pegs to weigh down petals then was great fun'

5/5  Brian 'I haven't heard my 3 year old grandson laugh so much playing with the spray (and soaking us!) A terrific bargain for the price. I think you will find more grandparents buying it within the next few weeks.'

2/5  Bry 'Wouldn't buy again broke in mind'

5/5  Mams 'Lots of fun for the children fantastic sprinkler'

4/5  Skippy 'This needs a large area to work as quite a lot of pressure required to make it work covering around 4-5 metres'

4/5  Mandi 'Kids love it hours of fun'

5/5  Long Legs 'My daughters has lots of fun withbher freinds excellent product would recomed this product without hesitation infact sm parents of my daughters freinds have already been and purchased this item'

5/5  Lisa 'Works really well. Has lively bright colours. Brought for my 5 year old abd for the most part she likes it but wont go too close'

5/5  Lucygggggg 'Great buy, good price well made kept my kids happy all week'

5/5  Shell 'So much fun for kids and adults'

2/5  Fronk 'Not very durable for a child's out door toy flower falls of stand if water pressure to high'

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