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chad valley farm house

About the Chad Valley Farm House

Stimulate creativity with the easy fold away Chad Valley Farm House. This playhouse is ideal for kids to learn as a group, stimulating imagination and new fun roleplay scenarios with each and every play session.

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Chad Valley Farm House Reviews

5/5   'My Grandson was so happy and also it was send on time . Thank you'

5/5  Sanj 'Great value for money ,easy to assemble and good quality'

5/5  Toni 'Good size play house n was easy to set up. My little girl loves it'

5/5  Annie 'The teachers found it easy enough to assemble and the foundation unit are really enjoying it. Delivery men very polite at the main reception'

5/5  Shan59 'Looks really good, not built yet as Xmas presents for our grandson Very quick and efficient delivery'

5/5  BUCCANEER 'Its for our great granddaughters birthday on 24/12.hope she likees it!!'

3/5  Kelly 'Easy to assemble, my just under 2yr old loves it however the door has snapped off already, we have only had it a week. It is very flimsy and my daughter is not very strong to have done this herself so not very happy as it wasn’t the cheapest one. I will be getting back in touch with Argos over this'

5/5  Ella 'The product looks like a description, very good quality, my niece is very excited about the product'

5/5  Amanda 'My boys love this house, my dad managed to get it up fairly quickly and easily. Front door has come of a couple of times but other than that brilliant quality.'

5/5  Em33 'Really quick to assemble looks great daughter loves it’s a great little farm house with fence'

5/5  Leyt17 'Great same day delivery and great item. Really pleased'

1/5  Grank 'Can’t see this playhouse lasting very long. It’s very flimsy and my two year old grandsons barely touched the doors and windows when they became detached. Don’t bother to put them in now. I feel the fence will just break if they lean against it. Not worth the money'

5/5  Nayna24 'Easy to put together with easy to follow instructions'

5/5  Be 'Like others have said in past reviews, it’s a little flimsier than some others & the door does come off easy - however, I do think this is reflected in the price when you consider most other houses! Luckily ours lives behind a big fence & shed so have had no issues with wind affecting it at all, and it’s great for our little boy - who FYI is quite tall and he fits in his house well, so if that helps anyone then there’s that haha. Would defo recommend if you have a sheltered area for it!'

5/5  Belfast 'Granddaughter loves this house she's having such fun'

5/5  Kay 'Very good for price great customer service would highly recommend great fun for kids'

1/5  Unhappy 'Bought for my daughter's birthday built it the night before so she would wake up and be able to play with it. Next morning she was so excited when she seen it after playing with it not even 20 mins the door and side door is attached to cracked. After looking online found this to be a common problem so took it all apart and returned house. House is very thin plastic and cheaply made'

1/5  Clare 'Very very flimsy the door snapped after 1 week of use'

5/5  Sarah 'Great product for my daughter, she loves playing in her house! Easy to assemble!'

2/5  Kim 'Very poorly built items missing and looks a lot bigger in picture wouldn’t recommend'

3/5  Mumofone 'Looks great - really colourful and fun. Easy to put together - ideally requires at least two people. But flimsy doors and windows and not as solid as you'd like for a permanent garden feature. Can be collapsed, but not without significant effort.'

5/5  Alice 'Has no accessories so you have to buy them separate'

4/5  Tor 'My 2 year old son loves the house, he’s had hours of fun out of it so far. It doesn’t feel fantastically sturdy though'

4/5  Macca 'Farm house was good value for money,easy to assemble and Finley has had lots of fun already playing in it the short time we have had. We also bought a kitchen to go inside it from Argos which compliments the farm house well'

5/5  MrsB 'Purchased for my grandson for his 2nd birthday didn't realise how big it was will be brilliant for the summer.'

4/5  Dlp1980 'I have twin boys of 2 years and I’m sure when the weathe improves will have hours of fun. We have had an incident of the strong winds blowing it over though ! So maybe worth leaving something heavier over the fences to keep it down.'

3/5  Danielle 'Had a bad start once it arrived as there was a part missing out if the box, Argos arranged for it to be sent which was annoying as it was being built that day as a gift but luckily it was only a fence panel, also noticed abit of the side panel at the top had a crack in it but I'd already started building it, luckily the rod covers this, the window flaps don't clip in properly and the door swings off as it's only clipped on so if your little one has a door fetish like mine it's not great'

2/5  Shaz1986 'It looks fab but very flimsy, I wouldn't recommend a friend to buy it within 5 mins of being put together my son stood on the door bit to get through and it cracked would of took it back but couldn't be bothered to unscrew it all again do stuck it back together with glue don't buy this product'

3/5  Mpeel 'Was easy to put together, my 11’month old son loves it. However the doors and windows to go on that easy and are easy to pull off'

2/5  Becca 'My son loves playing in this house but the quality is poor. The house is cheap and flimsy. The 'door’ fell off the day we got it.'

1/5  Mamog 'Window fell out first time my grandchild played in it, luckily not hurt. Returned it to be told that others had been returned with similar complaints. Why are they still being sold?'

3/5  LG 'Easy to assemble and the grand children love it but structure flimsy and door comes off very easily'

1/5  Lea 'Awful quality had missing parts that was fine as rang the company and they sent the parts I needed however windows don’t stay attached neither does door such poor quality Spend a little more and get a better one don’t waste your time nor money on this playhouse'

5/5  Angela 'Great for the smaller children . Well built not sure on the slanted roof thou it needs to be higher. But overall good product easy to put up .'

4/5  Emma 'This is a lovely item for the children looks lovely,they have hrs of fun, The quality of thr product is very flimsy we had it a week and the door has snapped off the hinges its not very sturdy at all,'

3/5  DP 'My daughter loves this house but I was shocked how flimsy the material is as it looked really sturdy on the website'

5/5  LLOYDIE 'Should give years of fun and imagination'

5/5  Millie 'It is a nice colour full play house my granddaughter has a great time playing in it with her dolls.'

2/5  Granny 'My grandchildren loved this house, however on their first trip inside it, the door came of its hinges and my 2 year old granddaughter fell flat on her face. Every time it was opened/closed thereafter it came off its hinges. The windows had exactly the same problem. If it had been made with superior quality products, it would be an excellent buy, however, we returned it before a serious accident occurred.'

5/5  Punter 'Good price. Good quality. Easy to put together.'

4/5  Sparky 'Door hinges was broken but I had already spent over an hour assembling the house . couldn't be bothered to take apart again to return.'

3/5  Sam23 'Playhouse looks nice, was easy enough to build. The windows & doors come off so easily, my almost 2 year old just has to open the window or door & they come away in her hand. There isn’t a bottom to the house either, so the bottom will just be the ground you place it on.'

3/5  Lstar 'Not worth the money very flimsy and the door keeps popping off ... secured it with cable ties and Velcro. Other than this my 3 yr old loves it.'

3/5  Donna 'Was really easy putting together and didn’t take long putting together. Looks great but I’ve got to admit the quality isn’t the best. Plastic really thin and bendy. Doors and windows flimsy and come off. Although my daughter thinks it’s fun to carry the door around though!'

5/5  Happy 'Brilliant little playhouse, my granddaughter loves it. Have trouble getting her to leave it Found it a bit awkward to put roof on, needs two people.'

5/5  Tori 'I purchased the playhouse for my twin toddlers. They have had lots of fun inside and out, roll playing and expanding their imaginations. It’s easy to put together, bright and colourful, and big enough for 2. The only downside is the door is easily popped off'

3/5  Lulu 'We got this for our little ones 2nd birthday. It was delivered in a broken taped together box.. Not good My little one loves it buts its really poor quality. Within the 1st day the door had broken off . Its made with very thin plastic and if my little boy leans on the panels it will easily snap.'

5/5  Manj '4 year old can fit through the door and loves playing withit'

4/5  Glm83 'The farm house is great for the price. Only problem is the door keeps popping off and the little lad get frustrated with it ha ha. Good buy though defo recommend it.'

5/5  Kerrymoon 'Great little house for my granddaughter to play with! Fantastic.'

3/5  DW 'Overall my 2 year old son has a lot of fun in this playhouse with plenty of room for him to move around. Includes a window with shutters, front door and side openings into separate outdoor areas. All fixings seem stable except those on the front door, this came off completely in my Son's hands every time he went through, it was necessary to drill holes for additional cable ties to secure the door in place which was frustrating. Aside from this issue a very good buy.'

2/5  Lizzyshopper 'The house is made of plastic that is so thin and flimsy, not strong at all. The door falls off everytime our 18 month old opens it so we’ve had to drill holes into the hinges and secure the door with tie wraps! It’s still so flimsy and bendy though, I’m not sure how long it will last. I wish we had just paid a bit more to buy a better product. it might be ok for a gentle 3 year old but definitely not recommended for a bounding 18 month old!'

5/5  Tiredmum 'The plastic is a little flimsy but it's not too bad when put together, purchased this as I like the outdoor parts to it. My son loves it though, great purchase for the summer. Little on the expensive side for what it is though.'

1/5  AndyC 'Got it home and found it was damaged, plastic cracked on 2 pieces. Argos exchanged no probs. Got 2nd one home and built it (not bad to build but due to size, easier with 2 people). Last piece to put on is the door and shutters that just clip on. Awful design on this bit. Door wouldn't even hold its own weight and just fell off. Put it on with cable ties. Within 30 minutes of play with 3 kids door and both shutters broken off. Rest of house still standing... for now.'

4/5  Mel 'Took a while to put together instructions not very clear as I see in a previous review the door doesn't stay on just keeps coming off so took it off in the end & some of stickers have peeled off already'

5/5  Nana 'Brilliant play house. Lots of play to be had.'

4/5  NK 'Good playhouse. Took 2 attempts to get correct item delivered. One part / screw missing. Once built my little niece enjoyed it. Hopefully lots of fun times ahead.'

4/5  Kayeb2964 'The box is very big and heavy! Managed to get it in my large car. As we got the pieces out I was a bit disappointed as it felt a bit flimsy, however once all together it stands pretty strong. Door hinge snapped on day 1, but a quick repair with some superglue and it’s been fine since. The kids love it, running through to the different areas!'

5/5  MrsE 'Easy to put together. Great fun. Quite sturdy. No floor but we put it on the grass. The door is a bit flimsy but nothing serious. Be mindful though it's quite large in packaging. Won't fit in most cars with the cardboard. Had to take it out of the box on the car park and put it piece by piece in the car.'

5/5  Susan 'Very good only problem door keeps falling off'

5/5  Rob 'Bought this for my daughter's birthday. She absolutely loves it. Not difficult to put together. Fairly flimsy plastic, but value for money.'

2/5  Ann 'Very flimsy and is not double sided. Is it like a cardboard slot together house but instead made out of plastice which is bendy and very easily breakable. I now feel stuck with it and feel like i wasted a chunk of money for something id rather not have if id known it was going to be this cheaply made the picture is very decieving and i would only pay 65 for a house like this not the price it is.'

5/5  Chris 'Fantastic product at a very good price. Took me a couple of hours to assemble on my own (many parts), but is easy to assemble. The quality is excellent, and will definitely last a few years at least. Can't complain with anything, so very happy at our end.'

5/5  Suesue 'Both my nieces loved this it was for a joint birthday. Would recommend this .'

1/5  Di 'This item looks great in the picture until you get it out the the box for the money this was shocking and a very poor standard plastic not good at all Argos.... but Argos were very good no question asked and exchanged our house for another that our little girl it very happy with well done Argos and thank you... I think they have had this house back lots of times... maybe they should drop the price a lot or take it out the book completely..dont buy this house for the garden it's better for indoor'

4/5  Anthea 'Got this for my daughter for her birthday. She absolutely love love loves it. Happy girl, happy mum. ☺️'

4/5  Megan 'I purchased this for my little girls 2nd birthday. She loves it! It’s really cute and a lovely design. It was a lot bigger than we thought but that’s not a bad thing. Took my boyfriend a while to put together and when had finished and put the door on it was broken!! Emailed Argos but got no reply.'

5/5  Lally82 'Delivered on time. With the 'help' of my 6, 4 and 1yr olds it took around 90mins to build. No tools were needed and instructions were easy to follow. Once it was all put together I couldn't believe how big it was. My tall 6yr old can stand inside. I agree with other reviews that the plastic isn't that rigid but once its all together it's tough and the weight will stop it moving in the wind. My only complaint is that the door doesn't stay attached (to my 1yr olds annoyance)'

4/5  Mummy1 'Great house, my son loves it. Although, I thought it could have been abit better quality. It actually blew over in the wind a day after we put it up. So had to buy camping pegs to pin it down.'

4/5  Josephine 'I was exited to get this for my little boy and it’s very cheap plastic very poorly made , for the money I paid I thought it would of been better quality'

2/5  Lordon 'The product was for my 11 month old Grand daughter the smile on her face said it all, she is overjoyed with the Farm House which has already provided endless hours of fun, cannot recommend highly enough.'

5/5  Alison77 'Easy to build and kids love it'

4/5  Lee86 'Brought this for my sons birthday highly dissatisfied it’s so cheaply made and flimsy door doesn’t clip in properly so keeps falling off. It’s a lot of money to spend on something that’s not gonna last 5 minutes in a bit of wind'

1/5  Lynne 'Great service from Argos click and collect so convenient'

5/5  NandF 'This playhouse surprised us with its simple but secure construction and colourful appearance. Our nephew loves it and although it isn't really substantial enough for winter weather, it represents value for money when compared to more expensive wooden alternatives.'

4/5  Ned 'Very happy with my purchase , and great delivery service'

5/5  Claudia 'I honestly did not expect to be so big. and beautiful. my three and four year old girls adore her. thank you'

5/5  Mrs 'Good for the kids..a bit flimsy not really worth the money'

3/5  Stace 'This playhouse is a complete waste of money, yes it's brilliant to look at, yes it's a really good size, yes our son was delighted with it, that is until it snapped in the wind, one panel quite literally just split straight down to the middle on a windy day, nothing hit it, it just split, we wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes, But the plastic is very flimsy and it's only held together with plastic nuts and bolts. I wouldn't recommend'

2/5  Dee 'The playhouse is very colourful and lovely to look. Easy to set this up too. Bought this for my 18 month daughter who loves just to come in close the door and go out and close the door again.'

4/5  Win 'Bought for my grand-daughter who absolutely loves it especially as it has 3 different areas. It is a little flimsy and flexes fairly easily so needs to be placed on firm level surface. My son-in-law found it quick and easy to erect. Stickers must be attached to matching shapes or they do not adhere. Overall great design and good value'

4/5  Mason 'This house should have been amazing because of the design but it's made so poorly. The window shutters keep coming off and so does the door (which are the two things my son would have loved the most). The door doesn't stay shut because it's made out of such cheap plastic. Not worth the money - I now have a doorless house sitting in the garden as I am fed up of having to pop it back on every time my son opens it! Not worth the money!'

1/5  Em 'Lovely play house,loads of room inside for both my children and all there toys'

4/5  King01 'Product looked great when took out of box. when putting it together there are alot of plastic bolts to put in i ended up having to get my partner to help to speed up the process. Once built product looked great but is still abit flimsy and door tends to fall of easly. I brought in the sale but if i could go back i would spend more on it and get somthing with a better quality.'

4/5  Dani25 'This lovely outdoors Wendy house is idea for my little triplet cousins , they couldn't wait to get in and play ! Really quite simple to assemble and weather resistant. Wish I was 4yrs old to play and join in :)'

4/5  Hoody106 'Great iron and easy to use. Very light, so excellent for people who have joint or movement issues. Very easy to use, just one button on/off.'

4/5  JS 'Lovely looking and kids love it, but flimsy so not sure it's going to last that well'

4/5  Grandma 'Lovely house but very disappointed the problem with door & windows falling off hasn't been rectified since the reviews I read .I was really hoping it had when I made my purchase but the door was off almost immediately .It was a gift for my Grandson sadly it makes it look cheap but on the plus side he loves it .'

3/5  Moie 'Great purchase.'

5/5  Stace11 'Really thin & flimsy plastic. I bought this for my 11 month old daughter & she pulls the door & window bits off easily!'

1/5  Nads2015 'Good sturdy product. Which was easy to assemble. My daughter has had great fun playing in it so far. Good quality for money'

5/5  Chrissy 'Such a shame brought for my 18 month nephew first day door came off repeatedly keeps happening. Nephew everlasting bringing the door to us to put back on it is so annoying. The first time the door came off he tripped over it. Door fixing real bad design so flimsy and doesn't close given time I think it.is most likely the door hinge part will break and the door will be unable to be put back on again. Such a shame the farm house is colorful and is fun but with this design fault so disappointing'

2/5  Jillyj 'Although this playhouse looks fun the quality is extremely poor. The little door has a design fault in the way its 'supposed' to attach to the panel. It doesnt! The house itself is terribly flimsy. Its worth about £30 and no more. I had to exchange it for a little tikes one. Same price but smaller but the quality is so much better.'

1/5  C 'Both 18 month-old grandson and 3 year-old granddaughter pulled the door off on first day but other than that, a great toy for them. Would be good to add package size on Argos spec as I found I could not get it into the car. However, the Argos branch personnel were very helpful and sorted out alternative delivery for me.'

4/5  George 'I wasn't fully sure whether my 2yr old son would like it and play in the farm house, but his eyes lit up as soon as he saw it and went rushing in to explore. He now keeps his own garden things in his farmhouse, and likes to show people in it when they come to visit and likes to show them his vegetables that he is growing in the side gardens! I'm so pleased that I made the right decision. Very very happy!!'

5/5  Mlh25 'Easy to assemble and my 2 year old loves having her own house.'

5/5  Lena 'It was easy put up but could of done with pegs to hold it down in case of heavy winds. She loves it and the price was good that's all that matters.'

1/5  Melissa 'Easy to build kids love it but bit flimsy, i have wondered how long it will last'

4/5  Shell 'Bought this house for my little girl and she absolutely loves playing in it. Best thing i have bought her and she is so happy with it.'

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