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Chad Valley Family Swim Centre Rectangular 950 Litre Pool

About the Chad Valley Family Swim Centre Rectangular 950 Litre Pool

This family Chad Valley Family Swim Centre Rectangular 950 Litre Pool has enough space for everybody to play and splash around when the weather suits you. Whether you want to chill out or have an enthusiastic splash about, this sturdy pool is a fun addition to your outside play set and is sure to foster many affectionate sunny fun-time recollections.

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5/5   'Myself, husband and little one loved this pool in the hot weather, easy set up, quick to fill. All the children loved it'

5/5   'We bought it as the old one bust, it was 7 years old so was happy to buy the same one again.'

5/5   'Great size for 4 young kids, easy to pump up and easy to fill. Also very easy to empty, and deflate....what else can you ask for?'

5/5   'Good quality paddling pool. My boys had hours of fun.'

5/5   'Really easy to set up and worth the money.'

4/5   'Great the kids love it'

5/5   'Great for the kids and the adults'

5/5   'Bought this for my granddaughters and they loved it. Inflated with an electric pump very easily but, takes quite a long time to fill. Once done they had a great time playing in it.'

5/5   'Great size for my 7yr old daughter , she loves it .'

5/5   'Lovely to lounge in and plenty of space and im 6ft5 and have plenty of room'

5/5   'I recommend to every one.'

5/5   'The swimming pool is a perfect size for my kids very easy to put up kids had loads of fun in the swimming pool would recommend as very cheap too'

5/5   'Doesn't feel flimsy like some pools. Really pleased with this product.'

5/5   'Does what it says easy to use and has lots of fun'

5/5   'Great swimming pool, good size, perfect for children to jump into'

5/5   'Was good value for money and easy to use and put away in all aspects really good product'

5/5   'I have not used this item yet as we haven't had the weather. I bought this pool ready for next summer to replace my old punctured one! My children are all teenagers but it's been good fun for them when set up in the garden on a hot day. I am sure my (big) kids will be just as pleased with this replacement.'

4/5   'Only used for a couple of days at the end of this summer - for that time it was excellent. 4 grandchildren aged 5-9 had a great time. Warning: it does not come with a pump and there is no adaptor to be able to use a foot pump. this should be made more clear to avoid disappointment'

4/5   'Nice and deep for little kids to actually have a swim in, obviously don't leave them unattended. great time had by all and the bung release in the bottom makes it easy to empty. you will need an electric pump or very good lung capacity to inflate this item'

5/5   'Very good value for money but electric pump recommended'

5/5   'Very easy to inflate as just two holes and it is a really good size for 3-4 kids. Not too big and cleaned very easily too. Very happy with it.'

5/5   'We were very pleased with this purchase, you can fill it shallow and its still sturdy. takes a while to empty Im sure you could attach a hose to the drain to make use of the water. Make sure it on a flat peace of grass or it starts to bow on the downhill size after a day. bigger than It looks, kids could sit on the sides.'

5/5   'Cheap and cheerful. Large and pretty deep. Kept 3 10 year olds entertained'

5/5   'This pool was perfect for the summer days and the kids enjoyed, splashing around. Really good quality and would definitely recommend, its not just for the kiddies as we loved it too!'

5/5   'Brilliant sized paddling pool got to replace a self raising one which always lost air and girls struggled to get in/out. def the best choice for us. Similar size/water volume but much more sturdier shape. Easy to inflate (used electric pump) and water filled pretty quick too. Both girls found it so much fun and easier to climb in and out; and had tonnes of fun playing in it over few warm days we had end of summer. Service and ordering quick and easy. Well packaged in box with carry handle.'

5/5   'Great paddling pool. Does what it says. Good depth to it.'

5/5   'The service was great . Easy journey for me. The product was great and my child used the pool all through the holidays . It entertained her for hours made my days easy'

5/5   'Reserved at 7am or bank holiday weekend and picked up at 8am great service and grandkids loved it on a very hot August Bank Holiday. Thank you Argos.'

5/5   'It's a great strong pool my kids loved it'

5/5   'Generous size,good quality, and easy to set up. We all loved it!'

4/5   'Its good and kids enjoy it .'

5/5   'Great sturdy pool, can easily fit 4 primary school children in. Inflated with the recommend pump,purchased separately. Great product and great value too!'

5/5   'Well worth the money'

3/5   'The pool and design is perfect, but I have a leaky valve and can't find the receipt so we haven't had much time to enjoy it.'

5/5   'Nutting really, better than going to lido with kids. With verruca everywhere. Thanks argos'

4/5   'Very good product and easy to set up'

5/5   'Quick and easy to order no waiting in long queues. Excellent'

5/5   'Kept my three grandchildren entertained all day on Bank Holiday Sunday. Worth every penny!'

1/5   'Very poor quality deflated with in 24hrs of purchasing it and filling. No pump with this so you will need to purchase this separate at a cost or almost the same as the pool!'

5/5   'For the price the pool is amazing, I purchased it as a replacement (same pool but the 6ft version) for a pool party and 8 children got in with plenty of room to mess about Well worth the money'

4/5   'Nice easy small pool .. when you don't have time to set up a big one'

5/5   'We have the Chad valley electric pump, this was up in 5 minutes. My hose is slow so took 2 hours to fill but when ready provided lots of holiday fun.'

5/5   'Kids love it. Good size. Took longer to fill than it says but didn't mind. Holds a good amount of water. My 4 children all loved playing together in it'

5/5   'Lovely big pool but still fit in our little garden. Great quality, didn't burst even when the girls put their slide in it and slid down, feet hitting the sides of the pool again and again! Took a while to pump up with the foot pump but i'm sure an electric pump would make short work of it. Very happy overall :-)'

5/5   'It would be nice if they made a cover for it , so you dont have to keep filling it'

4/5   'The pool was good on its first use, easy to inflate and set up however after taking it down and cleaning the pool doesnt stay inflated for long and this was the second pool. There are no punctures as it was checked.'

5/5   'Easy to pump up, even with a foot pump. It's bigger than I thought it would be and the kids love it.'

5/5   'Easy assembly good depth quick fill strong and steady'

5/5   'Amazing pool in beatifull sunny days. is bigger like on the pictures, i can recomended for all'

4/5   'Nice big pool but top ring went down within one day so will be taking it back for an exchange.'

5/5   'Good price easy to inflate and deflate, plenty room for 4 or 5 kiddies to splash around and have fun'

5/5   'Is looks solid, good capacity , inflation takes just few minutes.'

5/5   'Kids love it and they fill it and empty it on there own I just watch them as it's so easy.'

2/5   'Pumping up required an additional attachment and wouldnt go up by the usual pump we have always used for other items Puncture in top section within. 48 hours Very poor with a strong chemical smell when opened Already disposed of and not even paid for as bought in Argos card'

5/5   'Quick and easy to put up. Lovely pool.'

4/5   'The padding pool was definately value for money.. my boys love it and go in it whenever they can. It has even had 3 children. Think it could hold 4. I would recommend it.'

5/5   'A great item. Bought on a whim on probably the only summer day that we had this year! Need to blow up with an electric pump as its too big to blow up by mouth. Big enough for all three of my children'

5/5   'Great kids absolutely love it'

5/5   'I brought this for my 6 and 7 year old and they absolutely love it and spend ages in it I can't seem to get them out of it'

5/5   'We love it and we really enjoyed on the hot days'

4/5   'Big enough for a family of 6 large water capacity Looks great Feels great too but getting the water out is such a hard job'

5/5   'Bought for children on the hottest day,they loved it and it went flying out of my garden when it was very windy/'

5/5   'Excellent value, easy to reserve and collect'

5/5   'This paddling pool is a must for over the summer months, i have 2 grandsons aged 3 and 6 and they love this pool, i empty a bag of the little plastic balls that are used for ball pools in the water, the boys have had so much fun splashing around and throwing the balls at me to wet me, never seen them laugh so much, 100% recommended'

5/5   'Great paddling pool would recommend. Brought for my 6 year old Daughter plenty of room for her to play, she loves it.'

5/5   'Perfect size for a few children. Takes a while to fill but worth the wait. Children loved it.'

5/5   'Kids have had pool party's plenty of room for at least 6 children splashing about'

5/5   'Recently moved house and now have space for a bigger paddling pool. Was great for my 7 and 4 year old (4 yo doesnt like to get out of his depth and can be quite nervous). It was big enough for me to get in too. Loved it. Had it on the grass and there were a few sticks we found under it but the material was thick enough to withstand it.'

5/5   'Nice size for the kids to play in now they have got bigger'

5/5   'Good value and quality. Ideal for all the family'

5/5   'Amazing buy - plenty of room for children to play and for adults who want to get in with their babies. Durable and well made- such a good price for a quality product.'

5/5   'Great pool takes a bit of blowing up you need a hand pump or car pump but the kids love it'

4/5   'To call it a family swim centre maybe a little excessive!! It is good value for money paddling pool though for my 5 and 8 year olds.'

5/5   'Good pool and a perfect size for kids'

5/5   'Not having young children anymore, I purchased this product in the extreme hot weather we experienced recently. I found the product was very easy and quick to inflate and didnt require the assistance of a second person. Easy to empty, deflate an store when not in use'

5/5   'Great buy! Kids had loads of splashing fun. Me too :)'

5/5   'Decent pool for money. Easy to inflate with electric pump. Took ages to fill!'

5/5   'Great pool for the kids and me too. Easy to use and very easy to empty the water out.'

5/5   'Good pool. Fits 2 adults and 2 kids at same time. Fills quite fast.'

5/5   'Our paddling pool broke the day before the hottest day of the year! I used click and collect to ensure I didn't have a wasted journey somewhere they would be out of stock. We were able to enjoy our new bigger pool for the hot weather. Very pleased with the quality and ease of use.'

4/5   'Quick to pump up as I have an electric pump. Otherwise connection for manual pump might be a problem.'

4/5   'Great little kids pool, not too small or big and deep enough to have lots of fun but not too deep that they are potentially going to easily down in seconds :)'

5/5   'Great purchase for the hot weather. Easy to inflate and large enough for 4 adults. Great value for money.'

4/5   'Great paddling pool for the price, easy to put up but do need an electric pump unless you want to be therefor a while!!!'

5/5   'The pool was easy to put up with an air bed pump and took a lot of water.'

5/5   'Really nice pool and big .my son loved it'

5/5   'This swimming pools is perfect for small garden and is perfect if you have small children it is all what they need to be happy'

4/5   'Paddling pool excellent-loved by the grandchildren. Easy to pick up the product ordered on-line, and excellent price. One minor criticism, perhaps the valve where you have to inflate the paddling pool should come with alternative fittings-the pump we have at home is a couple of millimetres smaller than the hole, with the result that I had to fiddle to get it inflated without letting all the air out. Otherwise an excellent product.'

5/5   'Great pool bigger than expected, easy to set up, great for this hot weather!'

5/5   'Easy set up for hours of fun, took about an hour and half to fill with water but wotlrth the hours of fun the kids had in it. Pool was Much bigger than I thought'

5/5   'Easy to inflate great size for adults. Great way to keep cool'

5/5   'Great quality. Kids love it. It's a decent size too. You do need a pump of some sort though, can't blow it up manually. Excellent value'

5/5   'Easy to assemble and fill. Good quality . My boys love it.'

5/5   'Great for all the family'

5/5   'Worth every penny. Good value, easily inflated with electric pump'

5/5   'Excellent value for money ..strong..nice size ..doesn't take forever to fill..very easy to set up ..highly recommend..'

5/5   'Great pool for use by all the family together'

5/5   'Kids enjoy a lot very nice Peddling pool it Nice fan with family'

5/5   'Easy to set up Robust when in use'

4/5   'Needed a pool to replace one that popped and this was in stock locally at a good price. Easy to set up as I had a small pump. Once up the size is great for a small family and the sides are strong enough to hold all that water no problem.'

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