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chad valley dragonfly mower

About the Chad Valley Dragonfly Mower

Perfect for outdoor fun your most cherished will love their garden adventure as they roleplay cutting the grass with the Chad Valley Dragonfly Mower. The easy push trigger means loads of bubbles magically appear which your little one will no doubt be transfixed by. The friction powered bubble mower needs no batteries so your most cherished can make an impressive stream of bubbles in moments just by pushing it along.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 6166577
EAN/SKU: 6166577
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Chad Valley Dragonfly Mower Reviews

2/5   'Bought for my grandson’s birthday. Found that the handle doesn’t fit securely as the plastic it’s made from is inflexible so it doesn’t click together and comes apart. Also if you get liquid in the motor it stops working until it dries out. I’ve also found the wheel for the bubbles often needs adjusting. Only blows bubbles if pushed forwards. Pulling it back stops it working and fills it with liquid. Not really great for an autistic three year old...'

5/5  Owl30 'I got this for my 2 years old birthday, and we use it inside on carpet and she's very good with it but it can be easy to knock over mostly because of me and my daughter's parking lol.'

1/5  Drea 'Looked like fun but when toddler pushed it the wheels didn't make ground contact and no bubbles ☹️.... Bubble fluid spills everywhere when tipped not worth the money'

5/5  Sam 'Needs batteries and don't Iver fill with bubbles'

5/5  Lou 'Suitable for one year she's loves playing with this in and out doors'

4/5  Olu 'This is a great gift for a child, relatively cheap but brings just as much of a thrill to any little lady!'

5/5  Medhatradwan 'My daughter loved it.'

1/5  Shelby 'Bought for my grand daughter who loved it. Bubble mixture spills out if not kept straight. Came to fill it up, and it stopped working. Gears are not turning! Would not recommend.'

5/5  Lindyloo 'My grandson loved it'

5/5  Olga 'Thank you very much ........'

4/5  Mickalmas 'Very cheap and entertaining'

5/5  Bella 'My grandaughter loved it!!! Sooo many bubbles, great fun & a sale bargain too.'

5/5  Kay 'Bought this for my 18m old granddaughter, I was very impressed with the product its a lovely colour and very sturdy.'

5/5  SamMS 'Great price, lovely colour, my toddler loves pushing it along, great to keep the little ones busy and having fun.'

4/5  MH 'Bought for my niece and she loved it. The only problem is it needs loading relatively quickly but all in all really fun product.'

5/5  Moo 'Fun bubble machine which my granddaughter could push along, lovely colour and great price for the product, so all round great item!'

5/5  Jr 'Kids have both had lots of fun playing with this in the garden (aged 2 and 5), would definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Chrissie 'Great quick delivery with click and collect.'

5/5  LoobyLoo 'Bought for my daughter’s first birthday and she absolutely loves pushing it along and watching the bubbles. My 4 year old loves it too! Hours of fun!'

4/5  Storka 'Really nice bubble maker. My baby loves it and can Play with it for hours. Nice design and making lots of bubbles. So very good fun for little price.'

5/5  Maria87 'My loss love it it's so much fun Easy to set up and even the dog loves it'

5/5  Stephanie 'Definitely recommend this product. Worth the money. Would definitely buy again.'

5/5  Kelly 'Great little toy my 2 year old loves it & can easily push it along himself . No batteries which is great and so far hours of fun has been had :)'

5/5  Christy 'Worth the money, great item, little one loves it. Great gift idea too'

5/5  Hollie 'Great quality! Perfect for my nieces birthday present!'

5/5  Danii 'I loved it wonderful toy'

5/5  Sharon 'Brought this for my grandchildren and they had such fun with it, it’s very easy to push and creates loads of bubbles with just one push, very sturdy and holds plenty of bubble fluid, fun and bright design, very appealing to the children.'

5/5  Tattyboo 'Bought this for my little girl who absolutely loves it! Lots of bubbles come out of the mouth when pushed along. The negatives: easily spills out if knocked over plus runs out of bubble mix quick. positives: absolutely love it (both mummy and daddy do too!)'

5/5  Rodeo79 'I got this as a birthday gift for niece she absolutely loved it got it in the sale so even better'

5/5  Cinderelish 'Easy to push, fill and make bubbles. Perfect for my toddler'

5/5  Gilly 'Brilliant toy produces lots of bubbles entertained the little one for ages'

5/5  Charlotte1205 'Got this for our in the garden for my 2 year old! What a hit! She can not stop laughing when the bubbles go everywhere.. especially over mummy!'

5/5  Andypandy 'My 2 year old granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Iwona 'My daughter love it. This is her favorite toy at this time.'

5/5  Cleggy 'My little one loves with got it out the sale so fab for the money'

5/5  Jaffa 'Best bubble machine i have brought my grandchildren love it'

5/5  Motherof3 'Get my daughter loves it and a great price'

5/5  DynamoD 'We couldn’t be happier with this piece of kit. Our daughter absolutely loves it. So simple to assemble and use and needs no batteries. We just need more bubble solution'

5/5  Tinie 'Excellent toy, my daughter loves it. It's cute and blows lots of bubbles out. My dog tries chasing them'

5/5  Shell 'Great bubble machine for hours of fun'

5/5  Sammymumof2 'Absolutely brilliant and great value for money. My 5 year old loves it.'

5/5  Peter 'It was very good product and very easy to play with'

5/5  Sara 'I brought this little bubble mower for my son and niece. They both absolutely love it! There obsessed with bubbles. Extremely easy to use. No mess either which is a bonus. great price and product. Perfect little gift.'

4/5  Rene 'So much fun for little ones it's the first toy she goes for at grandmas'

5/5  RosieJ 'Lovely gift for grand daughter's birthday, she hasn't been given it yet but I know she will love it'

5/5  Katie 'Great you hours of fun'

5/5  Dani 'Good to keep the kids entertained in the garden.'

5/5  Deep 'Kids absolutely love it. Great as a present too'

5/5  Laura 'My daughter absolutely loves this toy! I recently bought it after seeing people recommend it on Facebook, I love the fact it doesn't require batteries!'

5/5  Mg 'Works a lot better than I thought it would. Simply push along and bubbles come out. My daughter loves it. No batteries required.'

5/5  Chris 'Not so good on laminate floor but otherwise really good for price need more colours'

5/5  Mummytotwinplustwo 'My two year old twin received this for there birthday and loved it, really easy to use and assemble! Hours of fun highly recommend it.'

4/5  Dee 'Nice to pkay with an fun'

5/5  Maza 'Nice size for little ones easy to push . Easy to fill up . Very light .'

5/5  Mooloo 'My daughter loves this it’s so girly and cute'

5/5  MrsO 'Lovely toy for toddlers. Great ply value and lots of fun. Top tip. Buy extra bubble mix'

5/5  Victoria 'Amazing little bubble machine, perfect for indoor and garden use, my little girl loves it!'

5/5  Xenglishrosex 'The product itself is a great idea a little tough for the little one to push as you need to push it with force for the bubbles to flow out but she managed it :)'

4/5  Kirsty 'Brill item my daughter loves it'

4/5  Gemmie 'Bright colour gives out plenty of bubbles easy to use and assemble niece loves it'

5/5  Emma 'It was great for my granddaughter birthday glad I spotted it'

4/5  Chlolouise 'I bought this item as a gift for my 2 year old niece, and she loves it she’s had hours of fun! We’ve had to stock up on more bubbles for her as she enjoys it that much. Easy to use as it works with friction when you push it, can’t go wrong with it to be honest especially for the price.'

5/5  Nic 'My daughter loves this toy as it blows lots of bubbles without the hassle of batteries running out'

5/5  Ruth 'For the sale price i paid a brilliant buy, just to see my 18 month old grandaughter face light up when she was pushing it around and her trying to catch all the bubbles,, even her 4 year old bro loved it too,,'

5/5  Jessie 'I bought this for my 2 little humans aged 2 and 4. They both absolutely love it and have so much fun with the bubbles popping them.'

5/5  Asdfg 'Is great fun, my lil boy loves it!'

5/5  Maya 'Моето момиче обича много тази играчка'

5/5  Donna 'Haven't used yet but for the price I can't complain, it's put away for my daughter's birthday she will love it'

5/5  LynzCTID 'Don’t leave children unattended with it'

5/5  Nikc 'My boy really enjoyed the toy!'

5/5  Sam 'I already reference this item to bargain group on facebook, that item is really good quality and my little one enjoying it a lot. Basic kid don’t need to be 3 years old. My little start using this type of toys since 1st birthday and she really love it.'

5/5  Zoe 'Great toy for the price. Little ones have loads of fun.'

5/5  MAitland 'Bought this for my god daughter and she hasn’t stopped playing with it great toy very sturdy especially for a 2 year old'

5/5  Blondie 'Excellent service good quality'

4/5  28061 'Bought a couple for great value. Works well and isn’t too cheap \ robust enough to bounce off a few walls and continues to work well. My 20 month old twins love it.'

5/5  Jessie1302 'Grand kids love it keeps them busy'

2/5  Farwah 'I was after a durable bubbly fun product for my 1.5 year old. I found this product reasonably priced in sale. I purchased it only to discover that it was one time use only. The wheels got stuck within 5 minutes even before we put the solution in,after that the mower did not move! Now I’m left with a broken product and a frustrated child! Would not recommend it.'

5/5  Howse 'Great bubble machine, offering hours of fun for my little girl. Easy to use and clean.'

2/5  Mike 'Got this for my daughter, she loves bubbles and loved this until it broke after a day'

5/5  Pin 'Got this on sale my niece will enjoy this in the summer.'

5/5  Sam 'This was on offer when I purchased it. It’s an amazing little toy no batteries needed and bubbles last quite a while'

5/5  JarvisBlocker 'This is a fab pink bubble machine that you push along. My son loved the bubbles and the smiles from passers-by. We’ve had bubble machines before and the batteries soon go, so this one is great! Note: you will need to buy a big bottle of bubble mixture as the one provided is just enough to get you going.'

5/5  Scotlass 'Great price and certainly wouldn’t have paid full price for it. My daughter loved it and despite having minimal use on carpet the bubble wand stopped spinning like it’d come off the gearing, dismantled it to resolve however this was tricky and won’t go back together so can no longer be used. Once a happy toddler is now disappointed'

4/5  Nikki1985 'Good for the reduced price I paid but wouldn’t have wanted to pay more, children enjoyed it nice and colourful easy to use no batteries needed! Would buy again'

4/5  GrecianStu 'This was a bargain when purchased in a sale. Only downside is how quickly it uses up the soapy liquid.'

5/5  Penfold 'Good quality little girl loves it'

5/5  Mumof2 'Great present, my two year old niece loved it running around and lots of bubbles coming out. And was a great price'

5/5  Anna81 'Bought at a discounted price. Hours of fun for the summer'

5/5  Kay 'Purchased for my daughter who loves bubbles! Solution was included which i was really pleased about. Great product!'

5/5  Jennyj 'For the price I played was worth the money'

5/5  Sam 'My baby hd lot of fun mking bubbles, Its good price (got on sale).'

5/5  Rozii 'Bought this for my little boy for his birthday as he loves bubbles. Was easy and quick to assemble and came with a small bottle of bubbles. He takes in everywhere with him, it's easy to push and it makes loads of bubbles. Highly recommend this product :)'

5/5  Lady 'Great price loads of fun for my granddaughter'

5/5  Sharon 'Bought for a present for grandaughter, so she hasn't received it as of yet but she will love it'

5/5  Smith 'My daughter loves her drangonfly bubble machine ,'

5/5  RachWitch 'Bought for my 2 year old niece she absolutely loves it, lots of fun outdoors'

5/5  Moo 'I bought this for my daughter in the sale and she loves it she’s only 3 ( with extra beds ) and the fun she has had pushing it around is so worth the money happy daughter makes a happy mummy'

4/5  Anna 'I gave it as a gift, fun for kids to play.'

5/5  Ratchett 'My niece loves her pink dragonfly bubble toy which she pushes around everywhere'

5/5  Goggins 'An absolute bargain for my 20 month old grandson. As soon as he is up and dressed he wants to be in the garden with his dragonfly whatever the weather. He loves bubbles.'

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