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chad valley double swing set

About the Chad Valley Double Swing Set

The Chad Valley Double Swing Set enables little ones to have lots of fresh air fun as the swiftly glide through the air. They can play beside their brothers, sisters or friends and challenge each other to see who can reach the greatest heights. Your mind can be put at ease too thanks to the durable steel frame and ground pegs for providing additional support for the sturdy play.

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Chad Valley Double Swing Set Reviews

5/5   'I brought this double swing for my grandchildren, and couldn’t of got it at a better time, with them being in lockdown they absolutely love it, very good buy'

5/5  Justyna 'Very nice double swings. My son love it. Fast delivery and everything is ok.'

5/5  Tony 'This is a strong and substantial swing for two children very easy to build by one person and fairly easy to secure on a grass surface. The children love it and the price was very reasonable.'

5/5  Alec 'Easy to put together we used postcrete to cement it in the ground grandchildren love it'

5/5  Parsa 'I am very pleased with my purchase it was my 6 years girl birthday present she is playing on it every now and then I feel it is worth the price.'

5/5  Mkycdf 'Grandchildren love it and it is really simple to assemble! A*'

5/5  Barbara 'My little girl loves it'

5/5  Ragtel 'Easy to assemble nicely built quite sturdy would recommend grandkids love it'

5/5  Trish 'It’s easy to put up and sturdy children love it'

4/5  TrebleSix 'Ideal for small children and dot imposing on the garden.'

5/5  Kayleigh 'Easy to put together'

5/5  Kym 'Went up easy and grandkids love it'

4/5  Twinmommy1 'Once we had used different stake pegs it was easy and the kids are loving it'

5/5  DerryLee 'Great swing set was easy to assemble good quality and kids love it.'

5/5  Gemma 'Brilliant set, it took me under an hour to put together and cement it in the ground'

4/5  Steve 'Bought for my 2 children as their old one was broken it’s very simple to assemble easy instructions and fun for the kids it does hold a little more weight than it states'

5/5  Simon 'Bought this for my two Grandchildren and they had a great time on it. Much better than just one swing where they are arguing whose turn it is all of the time. It kept them happy and occupied for hours.'

4/5  Issac99 'Good sturdy product'

5/5  Brooksy 'Great swing excellent price. Daughter as not been off it since i put it up. Easy to assemble would recommend. 1 thing that could probably work better would be if the legs had a plate on the bottom to concrete in rather than a peg. It works but think the plate would be easier'

3/5  Rachel 'Wouldn't recommend this for the garden as it didn't stay in the ground very well kept coming up and tipping!and not very strong the bar in the middle bended!!'

4/5  Moncho 'Do like the delivery time Don't like the price of some product'

4/5  Becca 'Great swing set Quick easy to put together, seats a good size. Kids love I’m happy'

4/5  Harj 'Very impressed for the price I paid. Other half had no problems assembling it.'

5/5  Magpie 'Bought for my two grandchildren - they love it'

5/5  Granny 'Ideal for our 5 year old granddaughter, she loves it'

5/5  Diana 'It was great the children's love it and fitted very well in the garden. But I never when any price just give you my opinions.'

5/5  Simmy 'My kids are very happy to have it'

5/5  Buyer 'Nice size and sturdy'

5/5  Ash 'Excellent price for this swing, been looking for a double one to fit our measurements and this is perfect! Doesn't take up much space like other doubles, easy to assemble and the kids love it!'

5/5  Linzi 'My 6yr old loves it but on the intructions it says to cement it in to the ground but if you are moving then it cant be moved unless dug out if cemented into ground but other than that its a great swing set'

4/5  Tom 'Great Birthday present.'

5/5  Nitiksha 'My daughters love it...but I have to make concrete hole to fix it for stable in garden, makes my garden looks ugly...'

5/5  Kimberley 'Ideas fast delivery idea price easy to assemble and my kids love it'

5/5  Ricci 'Brilliant for my youngest grand children and great grand children to swing together. Great value for money.'

4/5  Will55 'The grandchildren enjoy the play time on item not sure how long the rope will last good buy for the price asked'

4/5  Lilycat14 'Perfect when just one child swinging but when two are on at the same time it does sway a bit even when secured'

4/5  Redviv 'The perfect present for my twin grandkids , endless fun and not too expensive'

5/5  Marsie 'Good solid little swing... good value for money.'

5/5  Omie 'Excellent!!! Very happy Children!!!'

4/5  SirLavaine 'We had wanted a wooden swing, but the price put us off. I was concerned that this would be very flimsy, but have been pleasantly surprised. The metal tubing is of a thicker diameter than I anticipated, and once erected is surprising sturdy. It still creaks and twists a little when the little blighters are on it, but I observed the same on a far more expensive wooden swing. Make sure you attach the anchoring tent pegs properly!'

4/5  Gloucester 'Good set, though shorter than I expected.'

5/5  J5 'Great double swing. Very study and made two children very happy. :)'

5/5  Coppo 'Very sturdy (although abit creaky) double swing even with an 7yr old and 5yr old on it at the same time.'

4/5  Me 'Its ok it does what its suppose to do what more can i say its a swing'

5/5  Jojo 'My kids are over moon with ther swing set They love it good quality'

5/5  Tejwormy 'My two girls love it. Every night after school they play on it. While the weather has been nice, we bought it as an early birthday present. Well worth the money.'

3/5  Chas22 'Cheaper by far than any other supplier. BUT: 2 vital nuts and bolts missing from kit - obviously raided for another order. Store I bought it from out of stock. Eventually advised to repack and return to different store for exchange. In the end was easier to go out and buy nuts and bolts and build original swing. Now its built, it's OK, but be aware that instructions say create concrete foundations to hold the anchors!!! Without the concrete, the anchors just about barely hold the swing.'

5/5  Cparry 'Fab product. Sturdy and lots of fun had already. Would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Viv 'Had to drill one of holes out and make other 3 larger to take bolts supplied but other than that item is good'

5/5  Denise1974 'Fab product and fab service. I have the Argos app it’s so much easier you can browse on the go, my daughter got the swing set for her birthday she loves it and can share with her friends, which means a bit peace for me, win win'

5/5  Mohammed 'Daughter loves it !!'

5/5  Kerrie 'My granddaughter loves this swing set it was her favourite birthday present, having double swing is great no arguments. Really easy to put up'

5/5  RA 'I had doubts before buying it but I’m glad I did buy it. My children were very happy with it and now we have for more than two weeks and the happiness didn’t go down a bit. The swing is strong to hold my daughter & son swinging at the same time. I think it is perfect. Now my daughter doesn’t want to leave the house.'

5/5  Mimi 'My kids love it. Sturdy and easy to assemble.'

5/5  Parsons 'My kids love this item good buy for them to enjoy the outdoors'

5/5  Angela 'Easy to build nice and sturdy grandchildren love it'

5/5  Esh 'Great product perfect size and good quality'

5/5  Stacey 'Easy to uild, only took around 20 minutes. Kids love it :)'

5/5  Dawn 'The swing set was easy to construct and the kids couldn’t wait to try it. Very happy with this product.'

4/5  Riky 'BRILLIANT SWING! This is a fab swing, easy to install - actually 1 person can do it by themselves! Def value for money Yes, I recommend this product'

5/5  Ladyracer 'Well packaged and all the necessary fixings were supplied on a vacuum sealed card so it was easy to use the correct bolts and washers etc to assemble. Assembly instructions easy to follow. My grandchildren have already had lots of fun.'

1/5  Nev 'I bought this swing after reading the product description which says that it comes with ground anchors for “extra support”. What it fails to mention, is that these anchors need to be fixed by pouring a concrete block around each, whiout which the swing is totally useless as the anchors do not fix it to the ground at all without the concrete. I rent my house and can’t pour concrete in the garden so this was a waste of money and space that it now occupies in my garden without being used'

4/5  Lc 'When trying to assemble the swing the holes were too small for the strews to go through. However Argos did send out replacement parts the next working day. The swing is good value for money for what you pay for it.'

5/5  Trish 'Very good value an easy to put up.'

4/5  Andrea 'Good swing shame it was missing some parts so had to racebk to shop to exchange it'

5/5  MrsH 'A great swing set my kids love it !. Easily assembled I single handedly built this up in less than an hour its also best to peg into the ground more safer and kids swing further!.. They've never been off it since it was built also you can change 1 the swings to a baby swing seat aswel no problems like I had to do for my 18month old .. Definitely worth a buy'

5/5  Jeffinsheff 'This is a really good product..well constructed and is safe for the kids to use.. reminds me of my days as a kid ! :)'

1/5  Nicky 'This swing was for my granddaughters birthday , could not use it as wrong parts sent, so not able to assemble it, rang for replacements,,,again wrong parts sent, now waiting for a 3rd delivery, its a month since her birthday,, not happy'

3/5  Maryam 'As it's not as functional and quality is not as good with the price we paid could've been better because the Rope gives blister on the hand'

1/5  Sarah 'When we went to build the swing there were two legs missing and the nuts and bolts package was open, so had to return it. The instructions were not the best either And the swing wasn't great quality we got a much better one else where, with a see saw as well, for the same price.'


3/5  Tduk 'Easy assemble.. Kids love it'

5/5  Martin 'Not difficult to assemble and children love it'

5/5  Ubalda 'Happy with the it'

2/5  Shaar 'Fixed it on Garden with poles fixed with cement , still not very sturdy'

5/5  Hay 'Bought as a surprise for the kids.a good size and very sturdy.'

5/5  Becky 'Kids love it - very easy to assemble!! Very strong.'

5/5  Welshy 'Good quality.Good value. Great fun.'

5/5  Tracey 'Brilliant swings and very good quality'

4/5  Caroline 'Swing was bought for my granddaughter's birthday and both of my grandchildren love their swings'

5/5  El 'Very cheap for what you get'

5/5  Kems. 'Great kids garden swing, strong and durable that will last for a long time. My children want to be on it all day every day.'

5/5  A 'Very sturdy and hours of fun'

5/5  Cassie 'It's perfect not to big not to small and price is brilliant'

5/5  Ema17 'Great value for money and great quality, recommend.'

2/5  Angel2060 'SWING has Got very bad quality. When two toddlers on it mooving about. Places where is joint together bedding down. Not very stable. Oneof the piece had too small holes i had to makr them Bigger to put swing together. Overall swing cost too much for that quality.'

4/5  Monika 'Swing in general its ok. But seats are not great. They are very wobbly. My nearly 4 year old cant swing on it as shes folling down. We had friends with kids came around and their kids 5 and 7 year old and the older one ware ok on it but its disappointing that our daughter coudnt play on it unless we bought her another more secured seat.'

5/5  Emma 'For the price I paid I am happy with product, could be a bit heavier to help keep it in the ground but can't fault it'

4/5  Annie 'Well the swing set was easy to put together but staking it in to the ground wasn't easy even after following the instructions we have has to physically cement the legs in to the ground which means we can't move it. The pegs supplied have all bent and the swing was rocking back and forth and tipped over twice hence cementing the main legs in properly. Apart from that the set is very sturdy and durable.'

2/5  Don Dor 'I purchased this for my 3 year old son top bar has started to bend after 2 weeks.'

4/5  Pat 'The swings look great and where easy to assemble, this product has a good solid frame that feels safe enough for my kids to play on,they love it . I would recommend this product.'

3/5  Amc 'Good quality swung but you will need to concrete it in to keep it anchored - the pegs provided are not sufficient.'

4/5  Chez 'I bought this swing set as i didnt want the one with seasaw on which would of been much bigger and take up more of the garden where a 12ft trampoline already takes up the space!.. the swing set was so so easy to put up took me and my hubby 30mins!, swings are fab quality strong sturdy. my tall 7yr old will probably get a year out of it but my 1+5yr old will get plenty of use, id say the best age is from 2-6 depending how tall your kiddies are. would recommend this product !'

5/5  Hills 'My grandchildren loves playing on the swings'

5/5  Lyd 'I got this swing for my three yr old grandson its for Christmas so do not know his reaction to it yet but I'm pleased with the quality and with the delivery service from Argos ordered it at 11.30 am received it the same afternoon marvellous. I believe he will have hours of fun and enjoy his swing for many yrs'

5/5  Bekki 'Great swing, very sturdy and easy set up. Husband set it up within 20 minutes. Big seats so perfect for all ages. Our daughter is almost 3 and can get on and off this herself. Definitely recommend'

5/5  Tommy 'Was very easy to build an good an strong frame.'

5/5  Donna 'Not only was this double swing a great price but it's also great quality and a perfect size. Doesn't make a small garden look crowded. Kids love them too, there is no more arguing about who's turn it is.'

4/5  Tinateaspoon 'Purchased these as a temporary addition to the garden (eventually a park will built down the road) at first they made the most horrendous noise but after putting them in a more level location and cementing the posts in the noise isn't as bad.my 4 and 7 year old have had lots of fun on them and they don't take up a lot of space in the garden.'

4/5  Dee 'Bought this for my 2 girls (4 and 1 years old)...pretty simple to put together and chunky cylinder frame. Only drawback is that the ground anchors don't seem long enough for the swing set to feel secure so will have to buy longer ones to put into the ground...'

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