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chad valley double slide

About the Chad Valley Double Slide

The Chad Valley Double Slide gives little ones the opportunity to challenge friends to the finish. Dash along the coloured slide and end up splish splashing in the wet drench pool. Let the fun times roll!

What's being said:

Highly impressive quality, the Chad Valley Double Slide is perfect for those times of sunny weather. A big bonus is how compact it can become which makes it so easy to store (unlike other slides I have previously purchased where this has caused some issue).

Definately give this as go. My almost teenage sons absolutely loved and actually put washing up liquid on it to make if even slippier, great fun! The end pool is brill as it safely stops the sliding at the end. Love warm weather as it will keep them active for quite a while when it's sunny (actually even when it's not!).

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Chad Valley Double Slide Reviews

4/5   'Great fun for the kids in the garden. Seems like a good product although they've only been able to use it once as I got it late in the season!'

5/5  Reviewer 'Great product at good price !! quality great as has already had alot of use and not even slightest slit hole tear etc. Durable, great design I would buy again. Best of all kids love it !! So does my partner !!!'

4/5  Shnipps 'Great fun, nice and long, kids loved it'

3/5  Tracey 'After using this your garden will be a mud bath'

3/5  Dj3mam 'Ok kids loved it but don’t know long it will last if we get two or three uses out of it would be ok'

3/5  Krobert 'Easy to set up and gave the kids lots of fun - sliding and water jets - on the few really hot days we have. After 3 days, holes appeared though, so not very resilient, but you'll only use it a few days per year anyway...'

5/5  JJ 'Great value for money. It’s longer than it looks. Connect easily and by far the best out there. Love it.'

5/5  Ray 'Slide is fine but unsure as to how long will it last'

5/5  Sue 'This was a good sturdy robust product for my 11 year old daughter and I would defo recommend it to others x'

5/5  OAP 'Brilliant, great product, couldn’t, get the grandchildren off it. So simple but so much fun.'

1/5  Gutted 'Opened package set up but did not notice small split in middle until children began to slide. This just got longer. It was well packed so it must have been missed in quality checking. Really disappointed'

5/5  Jojo 'Easy set up and great fun. Better then a paddling pool. Suitable for all ages.'

3/5  Sally 'Kids had a fab time but water pressure not good so fountain along side quite disappointed unless someone was stood on it.'

4/5  Magic123 'This is something which will get plenty of use'

5/5  Doris 'Great water slide ,'

3/5  Djvet 'This is a great product for a sunny day and provided lots of fun for the kids. The down side was the quality of the attachment for the hose which didn’t really connect and needed to be held in position much of the time to allow water flow.'

5/5  Lisa77 'My kids loved it the splash pool and jets at the end was fab. Definitely value for.money. cant wait to use it again. Highly recomend buying this.'

5/5  Chickens 'Great wet slide Kids Loved it One of the pegs broke but managed to use what was left of it to hold the slide down Kids used it all day'

5/5  Damozp 'This product was actually cheaper here than anywhere else and was a real hit with the kids when we used it. Make sure it’s dry before you store it for winter. Would recommend!'

5/5  Roo67 'Bought for 9 year old twins - the two lanes is fab as no waiting to take a turn and they had lots of races. 4 hours of play on the first day and they probably would have been out there longer if it hadn’t got dark.'

5/5  Misty 'Great fun for children - needs a flat lawn'

5/5  Chris 'Hours worth of fun for a very small price. My son loves it.'

5/5  Chelsky 'Bought for the grandkids as was in the sale and have no regrets as they have had so much fun with it.And their parents too as it is a double slide very spacious and kids plus adults can use.'

5/5  NoraP 'We absolutely love this. It came perfect on that day when the summer was finally here. Our garden is on a slope so up to now we couldn't do much in it. But now kids have so much fun in there. And yes I tried it and yes it is great fun. Best way to cool down and best toy I've purchased.'

1/5  Sammyboo 'As I said they loved it while it lasted for about 20mins. Ripped in half down the middle and didn’t notice for a little while by that point the kids were muddy and the grass was ruined underneath Should’ve taken it back but it was too wet and dirty so wrote it off!!'

4/5  Shadi 'My children had great fun with this easy to use slip and slide. However, you need a garden hose to fill it up which is something to note before purchasing. Great fun and at a great price.'

5/5  Honey12 'Great outdoor summer fun for the kids'

5/5  MumOfTwo 'A brilliant addition to Garden summer fun for the kids. My kids spend hours on this slip n slide. Great fun! Highly recommended. The sprinkling action isn't really up to much, but we just keep the hose of light trickle and it does the job. Best money I've spent so far this summer.'

4/5  John 'Bought for grandchildren , good quality product, only criticism needs to be set on a slope to get full advantage , or in our remedy set up in line with the end of a slide and grandkids had endless enjoyment.'

1/5  JWarren 'So my kids were really excited when I brought this home on a sunny day for them, we eventually got it hooked up to the outside tap (after having bro go out and buy the correct connector for the hose pipe), unfortunately the holes along the slide are so small that only tiny amounts of water actually come out - there is absolutely not enough water sprayed anywhere near the slide to make it slippery. All it did was water the grass.'

4/5  Lol 'You don’t really need the hose pipe on as long as it’s wet,kids have hours of fun on it'

5/5  Fran 'Been recommending this to everyone, my 5 year old has been having so much fun with it as have her friends when they’ve come over. So glad I purchased it, one very happy customer!'

5/5  Cloud 'Great price, easy to set up. My kids love that they can race each other! Highly recommended.'

5/5  Julia 'This is brilliant. Hours of fun for the kids, and hours of peace for the adults xx'

5/5  Ella 'Easy set up and off they go'

4/5  Emily32 'This slide was good quality. The only problem with it is that the water didn't spray out from the sides or the top so we had to put buckets of water on it. My son had lots of fun on it.'

4/5  1889seangall 'Great fun everybody loved it'

4/5  Ash 'The slide works well enough. It takes a little while for the pipes to fill up, and then the spray is reasonable. If you have low water pressure it might be quite useless. The pool at the end is a bit small. Other than that it works well, but doesn't seem that it will last very long. We bought it on a half price sale, and I certainly wouldn't pay full price for it. If you have bigger kids, it might be better to find a stronger one with a bigger pool. Great for smaller kids.'

5/5  Mary 'Ideal for the current hot weather, greatly enjoyed by 11 and 7 year old'

5/5  Dee 'Bought this for my 12 and 14 year old for garden and they have had so much fun on it so far. They make it extra slippy by adding soap to it. So easy to set up and take down. Easy to store away. Also it doesn’t flood the garden but helps to water grass in summer too. Bought when it was half price, so paid a good price.'

5/5  22068 'My grandsons aged 7 and 5 love this water slide, they had lots of fun playing with friends, and it kept them happy all afternoon. Perhaps could have been longer.'

5/5  User545 'The kids absoloutly love this so much fun for all the family'

4/5  Granny70 'Grandchildren love it, hours of happy fun in the garden.'

4/5  Foxy 'Good fun for the kids'

5/5  Shazaroo 'Adults and kids alike used this water slide in the garden. Standing on the edge they realised they could make the sprinkler higher.'

5/5  Tina 'My kids had hours of fun playing on this water slide.the price was amazing to.best buy ever.'

5/5  Rout 'This is amazing for kids & adults so much fun u just need a hose pipe and washing up liquid. Wood recommend it for all ages'

5/5  Kfrost 'This item was great but the kids loved it. However, it did split down the middle but still worked well'

4/5  Beckyd02 'My 7 year old loved this and I got it half price ! Great for hot summer days and even if you can’t attach water to it i use a sprinkler for same effect if not better! worth it for less than a tenner'

1/5  Longpod 'By far the worse thing I’ve ever brought The water doesn’t come through the holes at all so we discourage hose and sprayed it on every few mins'

5/5  Westy 'This slide is great fun, my son and his friends had a great time. Works best using a lilo as it can be quite hard bellyflopping onto the lawn.'

4/5  Sam 'Great fun to keep the kids cool!'

1/5  Bob 'Looks like poor quality compared to a another brand we had. Thinner, shorter, narrower, no sides to keep water on the shoot.'

4/5  Bdtimney 'Good fun but not very slippery, use washing up liquid to make it more slippery. Would imagine it uses it lot of water.'

3/5  Bege13 'The sprinklers for the slip and slide are not powerful enough, we found it easier to use the hose.... Kids love it and had a lot of fun with the item.... Good value when on offer'

5/5  Becprice 'The slide is so easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to put away!! The children (and manchild!) have spent hours outside with it, it’s the most amazing summer bargain I’ve had this year!! Highly recommended!!'

5/5  Dossy18 'Got this in the sale for my children! They absolutely love it!'

5/5  Bettina 'Brought this in the sale. Good value for money. Sprinkler feature is a little naff, needed to turn the hose off at times as the water doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t spray too high but for the money the kids had a blast'

5/5  Ally 'Great product for the summer. Definately keeps the children entertained. Robust too! The slide seems better if on a slope, which we have. Did use some fairy liquid too, my littlies like to slip and slide. They had lots of fun. Easy to put away and then get out again.'

5/5  Vonne 'Lobe the simplest activity child lives playing on it laughs and giggles all the Tim she on it hours of fun'

5/5  Zoe 'So easy to use and the kids loved it. Highly recommended.'

4/5  Lizzie197 'So the price was great can't go wrong. My two a ten and thirteen had a lot of fun on it. You plug the hose on the beginning of the slide (you will need the correct hose attachment) and need the two plugs that secure it to the ground. two provided were OK but snapped after one use side sprinklers not great but does the job. be warned children constantly diving down, your grass underneath will get wrecked. not big enough for adults/ teenagers over five foot but for younger kids get it.'

5/5  Max 'Perfect for kids party or fun day! Good quality and easy to clean after party. 5 star from me...'

5/5  Major7 'I took the kids into the shop to buy this on a hot day and they couldn't wait to get it home. Easy to set up and use. We put a normal slide next to it so that they had momentum going onto the aqua slide but you could use it as it is, too. Lots of fun to be had here. Would recommend.'

4/5  Clare 'Great product for the kids. Easy to set up and do not end up wasting too much water as you would if it was a pool. More fun than a pool'

5/5  Sonia 'Good quality value for mooney'

5/5  Emma 'A great product!! Kids loved it !'

1/5  Slooky 'We have had one of these many years ago and it was much better. Unfortunately the water only sprays on one side of the slide and the water does not reach the other side so remained completely dry. Also even the wet side just did not get slippy.'

5/5  LadyCatLin 'Really good slide for the considering there isn’t much out there for a similar price. It was quick to set up and fun for the kids and adults'

5/5  Dickydoodah 'Easy to use and loads of fun, kids love it'

5/5  Huts 'My children loved it age 9 & 10 . Easy to use straight away. Left to dry and folds up really easy to store away.'

5/5  KUK 'Bought this for my 2 children. It was quick and easy to set up and given the price it was far better than I was expecting. It kept the kids happy all afternoon!'

2/5  Frankie 'I bought this for 2 boys, age 5 and 7 to use as it is double width, however it was not as wide as it looks in the photo for 2 children to use at the same time, but individually it's great fun, when you can get enough water on it. With the water pressure at the highest it can go I still had to stand on the section the water runs through to give it enough pressure to get the water to reach the full width of the slide.'

5/5  Ben 'Great product, was wary it may break after first use but it’s very good!'

5/5  Josie 'Brilliant value for money'

4/5  Jeanette 'Good for the money (50% off) but glad I didn't buy full price. The side water sprays don't really get the slide wet enough, but kids just chucked water on it and then had great fun with it. Lawn does get a good soaking.'

5/5  Jen 'Great fun kids love this'

5/5  Lowri 'Got this for the garden when we had heatwave! My children had hours of fun on it and the adults as well'

5/5  Gemma 'Great value for money!!'

5/5  Clarer 'The kids played on it for hours brilliant'

5/5  Flix 'Much more fun with fairy liquid'

5/5  MrG 'Good quality, Kids had hours of fun.'

3/5  Dreed1411 'Kids loved it was brilliant fun bt ripped after using second time'

1/5  Anna 'The connection on the slide was awful, the water dribbles out, kids all excited to use it but was absolute rubbish! Brought it half prices and I would have be fuming if paid I full price. Would not recommend!!'

5/5  Stacey87 'My kids loved this they’ve had lots of fun on this well worth the money'

2/5  MrsG 'Kids had great fun on this but it tore on first day I have replaced this so hopefully it was a one off Simple but fun !!'

4/5  Lucy 'Great fun for the kids! My girls had hours of fun.'

2/5  Mumma3 'The idea is good but it didnt work for us. you need a lot of pressure from your hose in order for it to spray out like it says on the box. However, when we attached the hose to it it just trickled out of the holes and kids were disappointed with it. But they did have fun trying to slide across it once it got wet enough. Over all I would not recommend'

1/5  Kingkelly 'Hose connection leaks, and it doesn’t spray the water as described. We even have high pressure water and it was still rubbish. Ended up putting the hose at the end of the plastic. Don’t bother buying this. Kids were disappointed.'

5/5  Nix 'Lots of fun for kids to keep cool in. Hot weather'

5/5  Nath 'Added to the bottom of the kids slide they love it, flying along. Needs a decent water pressure to get the best from the sprinklers that keep the slide wet. A good length even I had a go. Well worth the money.'

2/5  Mike 'Ok for 1 day the water didn’t spray properly on the the plastic, and also split in the middle, kids enjoyed it but would not buy this one again'

3/5  Kirsty 'Kids really enjoyed it. Worth the money. Was longer than I thought it was going to be so would need loads of space.'

5/5  Deano 'I purchased this in the sale for a family bbq, kids and adults loved it.'

3/5  Ruth 'My kids had fun on this, but it wasn’t slippery enough. We added washing up liquid and it was great fun. It would be better if the water could be collected at the bottom in some way. We ended up adding a paddling pool. To at least collect some of the water. That way we could use it to water the plants later.'

2/5  Satch 'This could be a great product if it came with a hose connector. Tried it with a hose lock connector but the water just Spurts out where it connects It still works but wastes so much water the garden ends up turning into a lake ! .'

4/5  Laura 'Brought for our 4 year old son who has had lots of fun with it! The water jets don't really work as shown in photos but that doesn't affect the use. We placed it on a slight slope and he came flying down! Looking forward to getting more use of it in the school holidays!'

3/5  Nanny 'A bit of a let down if I'm honest. Not enough water coming through the holes to make it wet enough,probably would be better if you have good water pressure.'

5/5  Mumzie21 'Was a good purchase hours of fun and at half price made it all the better'

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