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Chad Valley Double Bubble Truck Playset

About the Chad Valley Double Bubble Truck Playset

This astonishing Chad Valley Double Bubble Truck Playset departs a flood of groovy bubbles wherever it goes! Simply fill the compartment with solution, turn on the truck and look in amazement as a flurry of beautiful bubbles pour from the sides of the truck.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4603984
EAN/SKU: 4603984
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Chad Valley Double Bubble Truck Playset Reviews

1/5   'Waste of money and effort driving the distance for it. This was a first Easter present for my Grandson, as he giggles at any bubbles. Didn’t blow any bubbles out at all. Returned for money back, very very disappointed.'

5/5  Laura 'Amazing quality and great price well worth it'

5/5  Kellvi 'This is a fab toy. Bright lights and great sounds'

5/5  Lynn 'It’s big and safe for a child......'

1/5  Laura 'Bought for sons bday and he was so excited when he opened it but when put batteries into it and the bubble solution( which only fills tank half way) it didn't work no bubbles at all and very noisy that my son covered his ears. Took back to get money back.'

1/5  Mikey 'After turning on for 1st time it produced no bubbles and leaked everywhere. Also after reading instructions it says solution may stain clothes or carpets?? Returned for refund'

2/5  Han 'After returning the bubble car and getting thos truck instead i thought maybe i would have better luck but no this only blew bubbles if i placed it facing up and didn't always blow them out. Lost the receipt so couldn't exchange and paid by cash so couldn't even get a bank statement'

3/5  TheFemaleDean 'Bubble truck was bought for my boys first birthday, the mix you get with it only half filled the truck. I find it leaked all over the place from underneath so you need a towel under it. It was great fun for the kids though which is good. It should come with more bubble mix and maybe try to stop the underneath leak as I've read many reviews have said the same thing.'

2/5  JD 'A bit disappointed if I'm honest. Too expensive for a toy that only blows bubbles and very few at that. Really noisy too! I was hoping it would move along and blow bubbles on its own but you have to push it and that then leaks the bubble solution. Not a great toy I don't recommend anyone buying one.'

2/5  Reema 'Leaks so much every time it’s turned on. Would have been better if the truck moved whilst bubbles came out but the truck just stays in one place and doesn’t move. I have to always keep a towel underneath the truck because the liquid leaks so much.'

5/5  Kkk 'Great toy! Perfect item'

1/5  Mrsmac 'The truck looked brilliant upon opening.. and then the bubble liquid leaked out of everywhere imaginable and no bubbles were blowing whatsoever! Even with brand new batteries! Absolute rubbish!'

4/5  Jemma 'If you child loves bubbles then they will love this'

5/5  Nanahilda 'Bought this for my grandson loves paying outdoors with it'

5/5  Loupy 'After taking the first one back because it leaked and didn't blow any bubbles the next one worked my grandsons love it needs a bigger pot of bubbles as the pot dosent even half fill the tank apart from that kids love it'

1/5  Louise 'Didn't work'

5/5  Teddyb 'Very impressed with is lovely very sturdy, well mad toy. The photo doesn't do it justice.'

5/5  Bazntracey 'Nothing bad to say my son loves the bubbles blowing out from the little truck.'

1/5  Kerry 'Bought 2 and neither was working One had one side working The other didn't work at all Sent it back'

5/5  Kat88 '1st one I got didn't work so took it back and got another and works great my son loves it'

2/5  Foxyjo 'This wasn't the bubble toy my daughter wanted I just got it cos the mower was out of stock it just doesn't seem to work both at same time so there not lots of bubbles'

1/5  Carina 'Absolutely great idea my two year old son loved it but didn't work so exchange it and the second one didn't work he's son got really upset both times so had my money back and got him something else so he wouldn't be upset again absolutely gutted'

1/5  Caz 'I got this for my grandson but didn't work so I got another one and that was the same that didn't work too so I got my money back'

2/5  Louise 'Bubble truco doesn't work sent two back in the week. Bought for my daughter's birthday as she loves bubbles. It mad a noise as if it was going to do something but didn't do anything all the screw we rusty to. She was dissapionted as it didn't work and I've had to send two back .'

1/5  Zanita 'Only one side blew bubbles (and very few at that) so I took it back and had a replacement of the same toy but when I got home the second one was worse, didn't blow bubbles at all and just leaked everywhere, complete waste of money!'

1/5  Thoro 'My 2 year old son was so excited when he saw this in argos only when we got it home the one side tube was broke and the bubbles weren't coming out so my husband took it apart and discovered the inside tube where the bubbles lead from the car to out of the spout had a clean cut in it. The car i received was a poorly made one and my 2 year old was devastated'

5/5  Local52 'Nice little toy, even when you run out of bubble mix'

4/5  Bradiboo 'A decent sized truck. Blows great bubbles. Slightly loud and bubble solution tips out when the truck is tipped over or held at an angle. If left on a flat surface it's fine'

1/5  Shaz 'Dont buy! The first 1 i got wasnt blowing any bubbles but was making noise i used the strong powered batteries Went n got a replacement but i told them to check it.. this time wen he poured the bubble mixture in and it was just leaking from bottom! Got money back! Dont waste your time.'

3/5  Mary Doll 'Blows out lots of bubbles'

1/5  Amum 'Have now bought two. On both motor worked but neither made any bubbles or moved forward. The second one just spilled the liquid everywhere. Will be returning and not asking for a third!'

5/5  Daniel 'It blows bubbles and the kids love it'

1/5  Zara 'I bought its twice but both time the trucks Wheel not working I gave back'

1/5  L7787 'Same as other reviews say. Doesn't blow bubbles. Managed to get it working once by rubbing the solution round the blow holes. Worked and then didn't. Leaks constantly and if the child turns it sideways/upside down etc (who doesn't with a car) the solution pours out, not sure why they bothered with a lid. Now we sometimes get a few half big bubbles that get stuck on the blow holes and that's the best we get. Not worth taking it back, just cheap tat. Should have read the reviews.'

5/5  Kay 'Brought as a gift, bargain price!'

4/5  Matt 'Good fun for the kids however on more than one occasion the bubbles have stopped working'

1/5  From: @dragon 'Makes a racket.soaks the floor so you need a mat to put it on and uses the whole bottle of bubbles in 10 minutes'

1/5  From: Labrador0702 'Going to be returning this today as it is faulty. Batteries put in and bubble solution filled up and no bubbles came or just a noise of a motor struggling to work. Incredibly disappointed'

5/5  From: Terry '9 month has hours of fun with this. Bubbles get messy but eorth the fun'

5/5  From: Roe 'My kids love it they are always in the garden with it'

4/5  From: Ashma91 'This is good for the money but not brilliant does blow bubbles sometimes but not all of the time and also over bubbles and makes a mess'

4/5  From: Bat_tor 'The first one didn't seem to work at all, the wire was broke. So I took it back where I was happily given a replacement. I had absolutely no luck again, no bubbles. However, my mum moved it sharply back and forth for about 30 seconds and then, there was loads of bubbles!!! So my advice to everybody on here is to make sure you put the truck down and move it back an forth with sharp movements everytime you use it. This gets it to work. Overall happy with the product, my brother loves it!'

5/5  From: Lea-anne1981 'Bought this as a gift for a 2year old as they are having a new baby, what a lovely toy, bigger then i thought it would be amazing value for the price he has had hours of fun! Who doesn't like bubbles hey will definitely be buying another one for my cousins little boys birthday! very impressed'

1/5  From: Karen 'Absolutely rubbish. Brought for my sons 2nd birthday as he loves bubbles,didn't work at all, bubbles didn't come out apart from leaking out of the bottom of the truck.very upset.'

1/5  From: Linda 'Absolute rubbish. First one didn't work at all. Second one, one side blew bubbles and then stopped so I now have to return this one. I know it was reduced but you at least expect it to work.'

4/5  From: Jessica 'This product was of good quality it's very amusing for young kids who like bubbles and cars. I would recommend it to mums who wants a toy that satisfies and keeps children busy and having fun. Great buy!'

4/5  From: Lmp 'My 2 year old loved this. Loads of bubbles come out so he really enjoyed playing with it. It was easy for him to switch the bubbles off and on. I was a little disappointed as one side did not work as well as the other. However it was a bargain and kept him entertained.'

1/5  From: Oliversmummy 'No matter what batteries or liquid we put in.... It doesn't blow bubbles. Also all the screws are rusty like it had already been used. Also it says "watch the truck go by blowing bubbles" giving the impression it actually moves... It doesn't. Waste of money. Wish I'd read the reviews first. One disappointed little boy :('

1/5  From: Chris 'Dont waste you money didnt work at all'

2/5  From: Crazy Blue 'Not very good, have exchanged it once already and still it does not work. Would never recommend it to anyone at all.'

1/5  From: Khushboo 'Bought for my 2 year old daughter.. bubbles were not coming out from other side.. so decided to return'

5/5  From: Shezza 'We bought this for my son's friends 4th birthday. Been told he loves it and it's getting lots of use!!.....'

1/5  From: Georgia 'Doesnt blow bubbles like it's suppose to or move at all. :( very disappointed with the item.'

1/5  From: Emmy-lou 'Isn't that great it doesn't blow bubbles waste of time and batteries'

5/5  From: Zoec 'This was a gift for a friends son. I have seen pics of him playing with it. Great value for money.'

1/5  From: Mrs Brown 'This is rubbish don't waste your money'

1/5  From: Parm 'Return twice both faulty'

1/5  From: Thebes 'I was very disappointed by this product, which when unboxed did not work at all. My children are very sad!'

1/5  From: Kelly 'I bought this for my son as it was reduced. Despite trying several batteries and filling with the bubble liquid provided, neither the bubbles nor the truck movement worked so we took it back for a refund. Several of my friends have tried up to three different trucks and they don't work.'

1/5  From: Neilly 'Truck looks good but.. when you put the liquid in for the bubbles it just pours out the bottom of the truck.'

4/5  From: Andrea 'Great item bought it for my nephews birthdays and has had hours of fun with it. I reccomend this item'

4/5  From: Tom73 'I bought this for my son who loves bubbles. It's easy to use and keeps him entertained for ages. The tank which holds the liquid does need to be full so be prepared to buy more to refill it. It's better to use outside as it does make a bit of mess but whatever keeps him happy and playing outside can only be a positive.'

5/5  From: A 'Purchased as a present for a 2 year old. He loved it.'

4/5  From: Sam 'Brought for nephews 2nd birthday, both nephew and my 3 year old son had lots of fun playing with the bubbles and the truck, however we did find that the bubble mix which came with the truck ran out fairly quickly which was then a disappointment for the kids as at the time we had not got anymore bubble mix.'

3/5  From: Marie 'Brought for my sons 3rd birthday as he loves bubbles. Was a little surprised on collecting to how much smaller it is than it looks online. Not yet opened as still wrapped up but for the price ( we did the two toys for £15 deal) u cant really grumble. I just hope the bubbles come out well when used'

5/5  From: Ss85 'Great toy with hours of fun.'

1/5  From: Caza 'Purchased this item for my grandsons birthday he was so disapointed that even though we put new batteries in it the bubbles didnt work at all...would not recomend this item very poor quality'

1/5  From: Kat2016 'Waste of money. after exchanging the 1st toy 2nd also not work properly. 1st would not blow bubbles and wheels stuck. replacement one bubble fluid dripped out 1 side all over carpet. so my grandson now plays with it as a truck...do not buy...useless. would have been a fun toy if worked...poorly made I think'

5/5  From: Jojo1985 'Got this for my nephew for his 1st birthday! He absolutely loved it!! It was so lovely to see his face light up! Chuffed to bits with it and glad I chose this one for him!!!!'

4/5  From: Gill 'My godson loved it'

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