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chad valley dash and splash inflatable water slide

About the Chad Valley Dash and Splash Inflatable Water Slide

The Chad Valley Dash and Splash Inflatable Water Slide, complete with two (2) floats, is a great garden summer time game and one keeps the temperature of little ones down as they splash about in the sun. Who'll be the crowned the best swimmer as they make it to the chequered flag first winning the dash? Let the fun times roll!

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Chad Valley Dash and Splash Inflatable Water Slide Reviews

5/5   'This is a brilliant and fun toy for the garden on a lovely hot day'

4/5  Jules 'Lots of fun, however a product for one session only depending upon the enthusiasm of your children. The finishing line doesn't withstand a great deal of wear and tear.'

5/5  Susan.x 'Easy to set up.... easy to attach the hose..... and hours of fun.x'

5/5  Jen 'Bought this in school holidays for my 4 and 8 year old kids. Lots of sunny day fun had by both. Easy to put up and use, just need to let it dry and store away easily.'

5/5  Kazza 'Bought for my daughters 9th birthday party. Went down a treat with all the kids'

5/5  Nana 'Absolutely brilliant for my grandkids ages 2 and 5. Light in weight, easy to blow up, and very good water flow, have bought others for way more money but this is the best.'

4/5  Seaside Girl 'The Dash and Splash Inflatable Slide was thoroughly enjoyed by my two young grand daughters aged 3 & 7 however it could be more robust. The inflated parts take a lot of pressure especially where the slide is secured to the ground & the centre part The "surf boards" no longer hold the air and I have had to purchase replacements for the girls. I don't think the slide & boards will last long when used by older children however for an afternoon of fun I can't fault the item.'

5/5  Nanny 'The children had a great time. Just goes to show £14.99 can give them hours of fun in the garden'

5/5  Jemma 'Bought for my son and nephew, both 3, took them a while to get what to do but looked like lots of fun! Was tempted to get on myself but didn't want to get my hair wet....'

1/5  MarkP 'This would be perfectly good slide to except it is impossible to connect a hose to it with a open flap (like a balloon) and a piece of cord. All other parts to this were in good order. My previous model had a proper hose lok type connector which I'd expect.'

5/5  Rybecryan 'Best £15 ever spent, hours of fun with the kids (and adults)'

4/5  Happy 'It was a good price, was larger than thought but that was good. Need a good pressure from hose to work well.'

4/5  Razzel 'This water slide provided hours of fun for my children aged 10 and 12 but didn't last long as the inflatables you get to slide down on lasted 1 hour and poped , but kids still were having fun without them but then the seams started to come away from the middle where water sprays from causing it not to spray anymore so I would say great for younger kids max 8 years old no good for older kids .'

4/5  Mrs Jolly 'This was a birthday present for 1 of our little boy's. Luckily the weather has been excellent and it's had plenty of use! We have a 10,9 and 6 year old boy's and they all loved it and had hours of fun on it! (even dad had a go!) The base has torn where the kids have been launching themselves from but this has not stopped the product from working. Fantastic garden fun for kids.'

4/5  Johnham 'Kids loved it. For the price the quality is good.'

5/5  Maggie 'The slide was a great success. I wouldn't recommend it for children over 6 years as I think with older children it might rip. But it gave a group of 5 year olds great fun.'

4/5  Hanna 'Great price easy to set up and good for adults to play on with there children .'

4/5  Mickey 'Great idea, the only downfall is the jets in the middle don't spray very high, kids still had fun with it though'

2/5  Doll 'Could not get water jets higher than 4 inches and one side of slide kept rolling inwards. Two young grandchildren made the best of it but I was disappointed.'

4/5  Faz 'Does what it says bit the sprinkler in the middle does not spray alot of water. Overall kids loved it.'

3/5  Mum Of 4 'As a parent I would say this item was cheaply made, ripped/popped easily and connection for the hose was not universal (only fits hose with no fittings). We improvised and put a parasol over with water sprinkler so they could still play. They had hours of fun with there friends. One thing I did really like about this item was that the peg holes were covered so kids couldn't hurt themselves, these did rip easy but as I said cheap and cheerful.'

4/5  Neet 'Great fun for all family , quality of blow up floats is ok but be prepared that lots of usage will cause them to deflate / puncture so unless you have back up floats or kids don't mind sliding down on their bare skin, the fun could be short lived. Saying this, my kids have really enjoyed it with & without the floats in the recent hot weather. If you want your grass to stay healthy, be prepared to move it in different areas of the garden.'

5/5  Georgie 'We purchased this product to use for those rare, sunny days in England, and I have to say- I would recommend it to anyone! The kids love it, they have so much fun and go on it all the time. Perfect thing to keep the kids occupied. Just plug into your hose and go! Overall, great product!'

4/5  Cneedham74 'Great value and kept the kids happy for a good few hours. Seemed likely to rip easily when set up (not a reflection of the quality but simply Due to the type of product and the wear it's going to get) but survived 3 boisterous boys for the whole afternoon so well done Chad Valley.'

5/5  Bod 'Brilliant fun for children and adults alike .'

5/5  Nana 'My two grand children aged 3 and 5 had a great time on this slide. We are fortunate to have a slope on the garden so it worked really well. Wasn't quite so good on the flat. Very good value though.'

5/5  Kat 'We used to use an old plastic sheet so this is much better and gives hours of fun.'

5/5  Bubbles 'I brought this for my niece and nephew over the summer holiday. They loved it. Really good fun.'

5/5  Mez 'The water slide was so much fun for 3 years up to 10 years a whole afternoon of pleasure was had with 4 children'

4/5  Mary Jane 'The spikes to keep the slide in place aren't particularly strong and one broke on first use. You also need a fairly strong water pressure to get a decent spray. That being said, the ride on inflatables are very robust and only a small amount of water was needed for hours of fun and loud squealing and giggles from my 7 and 9 year old!'

4/5  Milky1 'My grandchildren age 5 11 &16 loved this water slide, The added fun was the little pools at the end. Quite strong, the whole family eventually ended up using quite a few times and It's still in one piece.'

4/5  Misty 'Dash n Splash will keep the children slipping and sliding for hours! Great design with the inflatable boats, works just as well without them. The children thought it was a whole load of fun, really slippy with the water spraying along the mat and they didn't tire of it for a moment. Probably suited more to smaller children than our boistrous 10 and 13 year old boys, by the end of the night, the pegs had snapped (but we replaced them with tent pegs that done the job). Well worth buying!'

4/5  LadyA 'This got more interest than the bouncy castle we had up as well. Just plug in the hose and go. This was so much fun for both adults and kids (4 years and up). The only negative is that one of the inflatable race-boats does not hold its air and deflates slowly. The actual sliding path is not inflatable so if you decide to slide without the inflatable you will feel all the bumps under neath. :-)'

3/5  JAC 'The material tears easily however my son and his friends still had lots of fun. Not easy to blow up either.'

4/5  Paul 'Easy to set up to have hours of fun'

4/5  Sheena 'This slide was great fun so easy to set up . The children played on it for hours in the hot weather. Easy to store away . Would recommend this item .'

5/5  Nana 'We had alot of fun on this my grandson even let me have a go with a little help of course'

3/5  Bundle 'Ok so we got it in the sale so this helped. Hours of fun by my daughter and still is but one of the rafts has burst after two days of use. They have solved the tearing problem by only having four pegs instead of six which seems to work but think the plastic rafts need to be thicker.'

4/5  Toby 'This is summer fun'

3/5  Dawniris 'Great while it lasted. Would suggest 8 is the upper age as the older ones are too heavy and to rough'

5/5  Jacqui50 'Cheap clean fun. Our grandchildren loved it.'

4/5  Sal64 'Had a bbqboth kids and adults enjoyed it'

5/5  Bluwhippet 'The kids (and grown ups) loved this. It was really good fun on a warm day. Needs washing up liquid to make it more slippy.'

5/5  Pixie 'Only problem we had was the adults couldn't play on it'

5/5  Mitch 'Great item, I brought 2 so we can have a 4 lane race'

4/5  Karen 'This went down a treat on a hot day birthday pressie. The packaging was very young looking as I bought it for an older child. But once it was up and running there were no complaints! The kids all skidded along it it nicely. Would recommend.'

4/5  Lmp 'Great slide my kids have had lots of fun. downside is the hose comes out a lot and the mats had a puncture after just one use.'

5/5  Iwek53 'I'm very happy'

1/5  Issy 'The kids loved it but after an hour one of the body board ripped on the crease ! Used puncher repair kit but it got worse . The next day the same thing happened to second body board !! 2 unhappy children.'

2/5  Londoners 'Bought this at full price a few weeks ago. Reading mixed reviews I thought I would buy it for my youngest son for during the summer. The first days of use he had so much fun but sadly within 3 days the top inflatable 'finish line' had already torn away from the runway at one side. It really is just a matter of time before the othet side rips .'

1/5  Jeff 'Bought for our 4 grandchildren 7 to 13 years Inflatable sleds both had punctures, slide material so thin it tore after a few goes. Spend a bit more and get a more robust slide.'

5/5  Louise 'I bought this at the beginning of the summer holidays for my boys (5&2) although we havnt had the best of days to use it, on the odd few days it has been warm we brought this out along side their paddling pool and spent morning to evening out in the garden the kids had so much fun. It comes with 2 inflatable boards so there was no fighting over who went first. Hours of fun for the kids even myself (mum)'

4/5  Peee 'Kids enjoy it!'

4/5  Planner 'Kids had a great afternoon/evening - kept 4 of them entertained for hours! however, after a few hours both inflatables stitching had come undone and children are only 3 and 6 so hadn't been overly rough with them.'

4/5  Fun Mum 'My children have had hours of fun and at the end of the day it's much easier to pack away than a paddling pool. Happy kids and happy parents.'

5/5  Dee 'Fantastic purchase for this summer .My kids loved it. Defenetly recommend this product .'

1/5  Sands 'My three grandchildren had great fun on this slide for one afternoon after which the plastic had ripped on both sides. Very poor design. The previous water slide I bought for less money lasted for three summers and umpteen outings. Cannot recommend this item.'

5/5  Pops 'My two grand daughters aged 5 and 8 played on the slide for over 2 hours on the first day they had it on the lawn. Very simple to erect and in my opinion extremely good value for money. I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Dash and splash water slide to any parent or grandparent with children up to the age of ten or twelve!'

4/5  Freddie F 'A great fun buy worth every penny in fun and laughter. Easy to put out attach to hose pipe then ready to play. We experienced a puncture in one of the sliders.( No repair kit supplied but easy to purchase in local hardware store. ) Worth buying if only used once!! Just waiting for the sun to come out again ripped little on the slide but still usable. Would i but another one yes!!'

4/5  Slh 'Good quality - great fun had by all.'

3/5  DWhizz 'My kids had lots of fun using this water slide but unfortunately the floats provided split with 15 minutes. I repaired them with bike puncture repair pads but they split again in another place 5 minutes later.'

5/5  Beatie 'Omg this is excellent.hilarious especially when I had a go.'

4/5  Sunny Shields 'Excellent value for money, kids had loads of fun, the floaters were a little fragile and one of them burst easily after a couple of slides and my children are both light and small.'

5/5  Pat 'This is much bigger than it looks in the pic which is unusual, normally the other way. Grandkids haven't used it yet as they're still waiting for some sun (we live in Scotland). I think they'll have a lot of fun with it as it seems well made.'

3/5  Oiroiroir 'Kids loved this, it is so much fun BUT it ripped within half a day and the floats both punctured. Not good value for money. Shame'

1/5  Nanny 'Bought for a 4 year old. the water did not raise up in sprinkles even on a high pressure hose. fourth time down and she hit the centre, it ripped the cushioning from the flooring. few more times she went off at an angle and the side peg ripped out that corner as well. showed Argos the pictures of her and the problems. It was no trouble a refund was accepted all were happy except the 4 year old. The four year old is a petite girl.'

4/5  Teaset 'Kids love this and have spent hours on it..more fun and less hassle than a pool.'

4/5  Louise 'My three boys had loads of fun on this slide and were thoroughly enjoying playing on it until it ripped at the Flag end after a couple of hours of use would not recommend as this item is a total waste of money.'

5/5  Chrissyboii 'Hours of fun, well worth it'

4/5  Mother Of Dragons 'Bought this to entertain the kids during the hot spell, and they love it! They have spent loads of time sliding down the garden on it. It's been well used and there's still lots of life left in it. Simple to set up. Make sure there are no bricks or stones underneath, best used on grass. I bought this at discounted price so very good value for money.'

1/5  Fmm 'This only lasted one week! It ripped by the pegs, not durable at all'

3/5  Happyfeet 'My eight and twelve yr old children used this for two days before the end broke off completely. Would recommend only for small children, up to 7/8 yrs old.'

5/5  Daf 'Excellent slide, kids played on it for hours, I even tried it myself, add a little fairy liquid or some other kind of lubricant and its perfect. Definitely worth the price.'

4/5  Stacey5030 'Kids loved this water slide, kept them quiet and cool'

4/5  Funky Mummy 'The slide itself is fantastic but the sliders that come with it went flat after a couple of uses. I tried to patch them up but the seams had come undone.'

4/5  Shell 'My kids love this hours of fun for all ages'

5/5  Mum 'My boys (aged 10 and 8) had originally thought this would be too young for them, due to the age of the photographed children on the box, yet they played with the slide for hours. They had loads of fun and played with it for a few days until one of the surf boards got punctured. I think this product is well worth it's money.'

4/5  EBEE 'Reasonably priced and good value. Kids played on it pretty much all day and had a great time. Only criticism is that we had to lift the bit where the hose fits in off the ground to ensure the water went right through to the end. I guess our water pressure isn't good enough.'

5/5  Issabella 'I brought this to keep the grandchildren entertained whilst we were enjoying the B B Q. They absolutely loved it. Simple to assemble attach a hose pipe. Would recommend it. well worth the price'

5/5  Jenna 'Excellent fun especially with the boat boards'

3/5  Dave 'It's a cheap product that isn't designed to last for ages but was enjoyed immensely by 11,9,and 6 year old grandchildren . It was easy to set up .... I suggest a slight slope and a squirt of washing up liquid lead to faster gliding ....you do end up with a soggy and slightly frothy lawn ... But it's only temporary and certainly worth it for the laughter and glee of the gliders .'

4/5  Skuda 'Bought this after being recomend by a friend and my kids love it thanks would recommend this'

5/5  Vernon 'Greater value kept the grandkids amused for hour's and the grass apreciated the watering. Easy and quick to set up'

4/5  Cpa 'The slide provides hours of fun for the kids, much more fun than a paddling pool would have however it did rip slightly at the bottom but it was still very usable. Also its worth noting that as the hose stays in the slide tour garden will end up drowned afterwards but this didn't bother me too much and the grass recovered quite quickly. My garden is slanted and it worked well but im not sure how well it would work on flat grass.'

5/5  Linz 'Bought this for a sunny afternoon. Kept 6 little boys very happy. One float popped but it had had lots of use! Brilliant for a hot day, I'd recommend this product'

4/5  Caz 'Great summer garden fun. Slightly flimsy where kids bash into the end but easy to remedy or repair.'

2/5  Claud21 'The water does not sprinkle out like the picture, dribble out is more accurate and one of the inflatables punctured within 10 minutes. Only used once and will be returning it to Argos'

5/5  Em 'Excellent product as 2 children get to play at the same time'

5/5  SidewinderUK 'Fantastic piece of kit, Value for Money, Easy Peasy setup, Kids had great fun and kept cool in the recent heatwave. 9/10'

4/5  Carmel 'Kids had hours of fun on this. love it good value.'

1/5  Pip 'Didn't last a day. Waste of money.'

2/5  Flipflop 'Cheap and poorly manufactured. Returned item after first use. The sprinkler section wasn't sealed properly so there was no pressure therefore no sprinkler. Disappointed kids. You get what you pay for'

4/5  Jmgint 'Attach a hose and let the fun begin. Keep pegs in place in the corners.'

4/5  Lea 'I bought this for my 3 boys. I wasn't expecting much quality for the price but they have had hours of fun in the sun playing with it. The plastic pins to hold it down snapped easily but i had more to replace them with. The water didn't spurt out of the middle like in the picture but we put it under a sprinkler and that did the job nicely! Oh and one of the floats has already got a puncture but my boys are happy sliding along without a float! Not built to last but heaps of fun!!!'

4/5  Richard 'My kids loved this (4,7,9). It is even big enough for big kids to have a go. It is good quality for the price. The only thing I can say is that I had to tape the hose in it otherwise it doesn't stay in. Not a big deal and you can't expect too much for the price.'

5/5  Carol 'Grandkids loved this, kept them amused for hours!!'

1/5  JD 'This was a great buy unfortunately it only lasted one day!!! The mat came apart and the two boards punctured!!! If this could be made to last a bit longer it would be a great buy!!! Not sturdy enough for use!!!'

5/5  Debbie 42 'My son lives this has had hours of fun.easy to set up easy to put away again .'

5/5  Paul 'Great item'

5/5  Bec 'I bought this from New Zealand and had sent direct to our little birthday friend. Service was great. Instant delivery and one little bot seemed very happy once the weather warmed up enough for him to use it.'

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