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Chad Valley Crab Baby Pool and Ball Pit

About the Chad Valley Crab Baby Pool and Ball Pit

The versatile Chad Valley Crab Baby Pool and Ball Pit can be used as both a paddling pool or a ball pit. This bright character can be loaded with water for outside play during those lovely warm months and the inflatable overhang (canopy) gives some shade. In the event that you choose to fill it with play balls then these are incredible for both indoor and open air play. With a quick fill time of approximately 6 minutes the fun will be had in not time!

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5/5   'Great little multi purpose pool. Good size, not too big and not too small. Cannot fault the product its eyecatching and fun, whether its filled with balls, toys or water it wont disappoint. The ONLY point I will fault it on is the fact the shade part doesnt stay down so there is a gap but its not a major issue. I would not recommend buying if you have a little monster that likes to bite!! Ours lasted all of 4 hours before the little horror gave it a slow puncture. Overall recommended'

5/5   'Im very satisfied with this pool, easy to set it up , looks great and little one loves it :) would definitely recommend'

5/5   'Great value for money. My lg loves it. Only one small issue, the roof won't inflate properly with a pump so had to blow into it. However for that price we are not bothered. Great product.'

4/5   'Brilliant buy for my 11month old on a hot day. The shade is a fab idea!'

5/5   'Purchased for my 6 month old. He loves it! Shades him from the sun and keeps him nice and cool. Perfect size and easy set up!'

5/5   'We first used the pool outside and it was perfect for my 11 month old. Sun shade very helpful. It's now indoors with balls in it. She can crawl in and out by herself. She loves it! Great purchase!'

5/5   'Very easy to inflate and set up... Putting away after use is just as easy and my little girl loves the crab's eyes.. Wish the top could pin back to expose the sun light fully...'

5/5   'Great for the price. My little boy loves this paddling pool. Would definitely recommend'

5/5   'Bought for my 5mth baby to splash around in when it was really hot weather. He could extend out in it with ease.'

5/5   'I would buy this product again 100%. I love the fact that it has a little hood part to help keep children out of the sun. It was easy to blow up but would recommend using a pump. I used an electric one and it blew up in no time.'

5/5   'Would buy again. Absolute bau5'

3/5   'Works fine son loved it'

5/5   'Bought for our precious Great Grandson 8 months old great fun with water or balls etc. Under supervision.'

5/5   'Does the job. Kept young un cool and shaded during our amazing 5 day summer'

5/5   'Great as a pool, you need alot of balls for it to be a ball pit. I used 300 and still need another 200'

5/5   'Defo recommend for a little one shade came in handy'

5/5   'Nice little pool ,easy to close up yourself, couldn't get foot pump to work in valve but easy to blow up by mouth. Ideal for one toddler'

5/5   'Great price, great quality'

5/5   'Brilliant product. Perfect for allowing baby to paddle whilst the shade keeps them out of direct sunlight. My daughter also liked playing with the googley eyes! We managed to pick this up during a heatwave and it was perfect for keeping everyone cool.'

5/5   'Good sturdy product 1 year daughter has a lot of fun using it. I like the design'

5/5   'Easy to assemble and done the job!'

5/5   'I brought the crab pool for my 1yr old daughter. We haven't used it as a pool yet but it's such a great ball pool. My daughter is a little scared of the sun shade part but she of course doesn't understand why it's there. It is wonderful and is currently brightening up our living room beautifully.'

4/5   'Ideal for young children keeps the sun off of them and easily stores away'

5/5   'Perfect for my child given the recent heatwave, its not huge but big enough and deep enough. It fits on a balcony for those wandering. Great price and definitely worth the money'

5/5   'Quick and easy to assemble and fill, very good for the price. Good size too.'

4/5   'Just what I needed for my daughter for when its warm. Cheapest I could find and still good quality. I also bought some plastic balls too so we still get use out of it on those not so warm days. The shaded section could be bigger and connected to the pool for added protection from the sun.'

5/5   'Perfect size for my little ones, love the fact it has the top part that provides shade while they play!'

5/5   'I bought this pool when it was really hot for my 6 week old daughter to cool down in and she loved it. It was very easy and quick to assemble with an electric pump and just as easy to deflate. Definitely recommend'

5/5   'This is a lovely paddling pool for our baby. I like the design and the shade to help protect him from the sun. Quick and easy to inflate and fill, really good value from Argos.'

5/5   'Excellent for my baby as a pool and ball pit also for fun'

5/5   'Lovely paddling pool. The shade creating "roof" is really very handy if the San is too strong for my little boys sensitive skins. Good product.'

5/5   'Perfect little pool, bought for my son to keep the sun off him and it did its job, my son loved it!! Can use as a pool or ball pit!'

5/5   'Daughter plays in it for hours as a ball pool and then when its hot outside spends hours splashing in it as a paddling pool and absolutely loves it. The crab design is really cute and colourful, overall chuffed to bits'

5/5   'Love that it has shade to keep my baby out of the sun! Nice little size Fun themed!'

5/5   'My grandson loves this pool, we even put it up indoors with a small amount of water. The only downside is the sunshade isnt fixed at the back so I end up sitting there holding it back so my grandson doesnt get the son on him'

5/5   'Brilliant pool son loves the eyes and design not so great for taller kids as they cant stand up in it but for babys and toddlers great. Needed a pump to fill but took about 10 mins doesnt take to long to fill with water either would deffo recommend for the price'

5/5   'Excellent for little ones and the top is perfect to keep them shaded'

4/5   'Good size, easy to set up, didn't like that the bottom part of the pool is not inflatable. Would be much more comfy for baby to seat.'

5/5   'Excellent small pool for kids'

5/5   'Lovely pool for a young one. Easy to blow up and with a top to protect from the sun. Great fun.'

1/5   'The pool looks nice, and kids like it. But we use it once and then where is the eyes of the frog broke.'

5/5   'Great product that is easy to assemble but probably requires an electric pump. Canopy is great for protecting little one from the sun but does make it harder for you to get involved in playing although it doesn't stop you. It's a good size and has a fun design.'

1/5   'Dont waste your money mine popped after first use'

5/5   'Good size, good shade, perfect height for babies, easy to inflate. Only thing that could make it perfect is if the sun shade could be attached somehow to the back; it only protects when the sun is mostly overhead, and it's not easy to move the pool around with water in it.'

5/5   'Brilliant my son loves it so easy to put up and put away'

5/5   'A great pool for really little ones. My granddaughter loves it. Well made and the top of the crab creates a good sun shade.'

4/5   'Had a good look around before purchasing this. The capacity is bigger than other shaded toddler pools and the shade is larger. Quality is good compared to others a few pounds cheaper, it's worth paying the extra. The shade sits above the pool, it doesn't flop down like it shows in the picture.'

5/5   'A nice quality pool with integral sunshine defence at an affordable price. Easy to inflate, and a cheerful seaside crab design. I bought ball-pit balls separately, giving my lovely granddaughter choice to cool off paddling in water (with adult supervision of course!) or to use the item as a ball pit. Great value.'

5/5   'Baby has used as a paddling pool and enjoyed it. Also filled with 200 balls and it contains them reasonably well, baby enjoys it and also likes to play with the eyes. Good to have the canopy as shields from the sun quite well. Used 4-5 times and seems to be well made.'

5/5   'Easy to set up and my little girl loves it!!'

5/5   'Was perfect for my grandson he absolutely loved it, bright colours made it more fun and it has a sun shade'

1/5   'Unfortunately we have been unable to use this item as although the shade blew up the pool itself wouldnt. We had electric pump but no air would go i to the base. Suppose we should return item really, but bought it for a very warm day for the granddaughters and it didnt work!'

5/5   'Met our expectations. Decent crab.'

5/5   'This is a great little buy. My little boy of 3 months loves it, theres plenty of room for him to lie down and splash and the shaded part is brilliant for keeping him safe on sunny days in the garden. The first time I blew this up, I had no pump so I did it manually, it didnt take too long. Fab! Love it!'

5/5   'Great for this hot weather ( when it is!) i love that it has a shade top to protect little one from the sun.great size and easy to assemble.'

5/5   'Great buy highly recommend'

5/5   'My baby actually loves this pool, he has fun in the sun whilst being well protected from the suns rays and easy to pump up'

5/5   'Great value for money and perfect for my 1 year old twins when the weather is too hot. The roof is great for keeping them in the shade. Great price for what it is, could do with being a little bit bigger (but I have got twins so always need something bigger than for a single baby)'

3/5   'While this is an attractive pool/ball pit, our 14 month old grand-daughter could not stand up in it because of the position of the shade, so it was returned for a refund.'

5/5   'My 8 month old son loves this! Its very versatile can be used as a ball pit or a splash pool! Great value for money & great quality too!'

5/5   'Perfect size and quick to inflate. Has a multiple use, such as a ball pit indoors and outdoors and a paddling pool for little ones in the summer. Highly recommend.'

5/5   'Fab Grandson loves it ...'

4/5   'Lovely little pool. Stayed up for a long time.'

5/5   'Bought this for my 8month old baby as a ball pit and cant wait to use it as a pool for the summer, has an inflatable shade to protect your little one too. Decent size even for indoor use!'

5/5   'Great for grandson with cover'

4/5   'Good quality for the price it's very good to use as a sun shade for my 4 month old so he can enjoy being outside but still be protected from the sun. Add some cushions in the bottom and he's quite happy to lay in there'

5/5   'Great price and my 8 month old grandson loves it.'

5/5   'Great value and very cute.'

5/5   'Great design to have the sun shade included - lots of fun for the little ones and easy to set up'

5/5   'Bought this for my granddaughter, she loves it. Every time she is round we have to set this up for her. We have put balls in it for now, as not warm enough to put water in.'

4/5   'Easy to assemble good sun shade to protect from sun rays'

5/5   'Very pleased with the paddling pool my daughter loves it'

5/5   'We brought this for our daughter, we are currently using it as a shaded area for her to play, its really strong and really nice design. perfect for what we wanted it for and very good value for money.'

5/5   'Great pool my little one loves it and stares at the claws perfect to keep him shades and cool'

5/5   'My little boy loves it! Good price'

5/5   'Great little pool/ball pit for my little boy. My first one had a puncture but was swiftly replaced. My son loves it and its great as I have no where shady in my garden. Also fab to take to the beach for little ones'

5/5   'Good size, good quality, only gripe is the shelter bit could be a bit of a better shape'

4/5   'Good for the price but not sure how long itll last'

5/5   'Great to fill with balls for indoor use on cold days and a great little paddling pool. The shade is the reason I chose this over any other'

5/5   'The pool stays perfectly inflated, my little boy is 9 months and has more than enough room to for him to paddle around. We have also been using this indoors as a ball pit.'

4/5   'The little one loved it, its beautiful bright colours, not too deep and protected him from the sun perfect! :)'

5/5   'This splash pool is great, especially that it comes with the shade over the top as its just what you want for your child. Can be used inside as a ball out or outside as a paddling pool. Would definitely recommend!'

3/5   'I love the idea of this paddling pool however for some reason even when using a foot pump I am not able to get the sunshade to fully inflate into the crescent shape, it has kinks on the rubber which won't let it inflate properly causing it's not too stand-up properly.'

5/5   'I bought this as my 16 month old grandson doesn't like the hot weather and he loves to sit in the water while he is in the garden. It gas sun shade to which is brilliant. I would highly recommend this and it is real value for money.'

5/5   'Great fun pool and keeps sun off baby'

5/5   'Baby really enjoys the crab, weve filled it with balls, havent tried it with water yet'

5/5   'Perfect for little ones. My daughter absolutely loves it whether its a pool or ball pool. Keeps her occupied for a good length of time. Also my daughters cousins also enjoyed it and was playing in there with her. It has a great over head shelter to protect little ones from the sun which is also handy because you dont have to put a sun umbrella up.'

5/5   'Product was great! Very sturdy and works wonderfully! The visor works well to stop sunlight and shades your child well! Perfect size for a small child to paddle in!'

5/5   'This pool is great for a 1 year old, enough room to move around and definitely will last for a couple of years as they grow. Used it as a ball pit so far due to the weather. Has a "roof" that blocks out the sun, but inflates separately to the main pool so it can actually be deflated and tucked out of the way if using inside as a ball pit. Seems sturdy enough to not get punctures easily. Comes with a patch for any potential punctures though which is handy. Overall pretty happy with it.'

5/5   'Only used as a ballpit so far but my little girl loves it, and the eyes have withstood her chewing them! It was easy to inflate and has stayed inflated for 2 weeks now.'

4/5   'My 9 month old daughter loves using this as a ball pit, it's great fun! She's especially likes the 3D eyes and claws. We are yet to use as a paddling pool due to the weather so can't comment on it as one. One slight problem is the shade is quite low down and wobbly which prevents her from standing up, apart from that great fun and cheap.'

2/5   'Sorry but the shell part doesnt stay up And unfortunately it kepted going down'

3/5   'Great design and the cover part is brilliant for keeping the sun off your baby. We only used it 3 times and then the canopy kept deflating so I was having to blow it up whilst my little ine was in it. We certainly didnt do anything to puncture it so can only presume it had a hole or had come away at the seam. Went to replace it and they no longer had it or had any of a similar value or suitable age range required.'

5/5   'My 15month old loved it so much got it for my mums balcony as I dont have the room at my flat'

5/5   'Very good for indoor and outdoor.'

5/5   'Brilliant for my newborn baby boy. Especially with the hot weather . Great design with the shade for your baby to. Protects well'

4/5   'This little crab pool is awesome we ordered it the night before and collected it from a local Sainsburys (we were away in Hunstanton) We used it on the beach and just put in a large stone to keep it in place filled with sea water as baby too small for the sea. He splashed around in it and had lots of fun, we then emptied it and used it for sand play and small smooth stones back at the caravan. Only one down side hence the 4 stars, the shade seems to go down quickly.'

5/5   'Perfect for hot sunny days for my 1 year old to cool off. The 'good' is great protection against the sun so I don't have to worry about my baby in the hot sun. Great quality'

5/5   'I wanted a basic pool for my puppy to keep cool through the hot weather we are having. It can take my puppy jumping into the pool one side and out the other; playing splash whilst soaking my feet. I have left it out over night and the pool is fine. I am very happy with my purchase and so is my puppy, I am sure any toddler would be just as happy and as it has a shade over the top to give a child cover from the'

5/5   'You cant go wrong with this. You dont need an air pump for it (I didnt), its a decent width, it has shade, easy for my toddler to climb in and out of, the colours are bright - the design unisex and its only a tenner! Definitely would recommend.'

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