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chad valley combo 3-in-1 playtent

About the Chad Valley Combo 3-in-1 Playtent

The Chad Valley Combo 3-in-1 Playtent is a stunning combination pop up play set which comes complete with two (2) fun shaped tents and a connecting wriggle through concertina tunnel. Either combined together or split into separate play items, these versatile tents are sure to provide hours of long time imaginative play for your most cherished, either in doors or outside. Plus, when the fun moves on to another Chad Valley to, these tents are super quick and store away, just as they were quick and easy to get ready with their pop-up and play styles.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Combo 3-in-1 Playtent Reviews

3/5   'Bought this for 3 year old and 18 month old, flimsy and really difficult to put down ! All bent after putting it away then had to bend it back into shape to put it up again. However the children love it !!!'

4/5  AV '14 month old loves the tunnel and tent (as does our cat). Fabric seems a bit thin but survived a children’s party of 14 month olds and 4 year olds over Christmas !'

5/5  Khin 'Does what it says on the tin. Easy to fold away and folds away small'

4/5  Kaycee1 'My baby is 1 and loved this as it allows her to use her imagination but it’s very flimsy for the price I paid. It is good fun for her but overpriced is all.'

5/5  Ann03 'A great buy for my little ones, hours of fun and easy to store away again with clear instructions too.!'

5/5  Xxxx 'The little ones loved it'

5/5  MaidMarion1 'Easy to assemble and provided lots of fun and hiding places for my granddaughters'

3/5  Vik 'Good for the kids but far too expensive for the quality of it.'

3/5  Jc 'For the price I was expecting something made from a tent type material. However when I got it home it’s made from fabric/paper type material. Definitely wouldn’t stand up to kids going through it all the time! I returned this product in the end.'

4/5  Anna 'Ok for the price. Bought for my nephew. Could do with being a little more robust for small kids'

5/5  Ian 'Easy to assemble and great fun for young kids'

5/5  Angel 'She love going in and out and wants us to chase her but its too small for us and she loves the fact we can't .'

3/5  Loulou 'Kids love it but not very stable or sturdy'

5/5  Mirza 'It’s very good for kids to play for hours as it has 3 parts , my little one loves playing alone so I think it was my best choice so he can keep himself busy with 1 part and rest tent for others,, relieved for at least an hours'

3/5  Venom 'Good fun. Not bad price also.'

5/5  Swj 'Bought as a gift for my newphew who loves it!'

4/5  Udge 'Easy to put up, directions to fold away, not very easy to follow.'

1/5  TT 'Worse product I've ever brought'

5/5  Len 'The children loved it lots of fun and kept them amused all day.'

5/5  Rob 'Got it for my niece’s birthday. She loves it. Wouldn’t come out of it'

3/5  KP 'The price is good value but it isn’t very sturdy so only stood up for the day.'

3/5  GG 'Had great fun in the garden with 19 month old granddaughter, she loved it. The material quite flimsy and one of the ties broke first day. Probably may last longer if shoes were removed when playing in it. Material dried quickly after getting damp on the grass, we intend to use it in both house and garden'

3/5  LilyLou 'I bought this for my Grandson. There are two brightly coloured tents and a tunnel. He loved it but I found it very flimsy and the lightest breeze blew it down the garden. Although he is only 18 months old I found he could not stand upright in the upright tent. I purchsed coloured balls separately and used it as a ball pit.Lots of options for pretend play.'

3/5  Amy 'Cheap and flimsy material broke with days not worth the money at all'

5/5  Lou 'Great fun was had by the birthday boy with his tent and tunnel. His friends enjoyed themselves too.'

5/5  Tracy 'Good value easy set up and easy store'

2/5  Anne 'Bought this for my granddaughters, but when I unpackaged it the fabric was very thin, so I thought it would tear easily, and returned it. It did look as though it would be fun, but not robust enough.'

4/5  Ali 'We bought think for our one year old grandson and it looks like it’s going to be great fun although we don’t know how long the material will last.'

5/5  Ed 'Perfect. Our grandchildren are having a great time playing in it.'

5/5  Emma 'Fun tent, comes in three parts so easy to pick part to play with or tie together. Folds down easily so good to store and is lots of fun for both me and my child'

5/5  Noah 'Fab product for the price. only thing is it does mis shape very easily'

4/5  Milly 'Lovely bright colours, good size. Not tried outside yet but big hit for indoor play. Compared to similar products this is good valu'

3/5  Vic 'Vwry goid for the children'

5/5  Kay 'My son is having hours of fun great size indoor or oudoor'

1/5  Leonardo62 'Won't know until 25th'

5/5  Mike 'This play equipment was easy to set up and recombine to suit whatever you want. Putting it away took a little bit of working out twisting the various tents to fit in the pack again, but I doubt it will be put away again because it is giving so much fun to "all" the family.'

4/5  Miri 'Difficult to store. Just a bit flimsy. Otherwise great addition to soft play area'

5/5  John 'Make the colour brighter'

1/5  Stevieb 'Waste of money.....didnt last the day with my 3yr grandson.'

4/5  Jan 'Bought for my grandson .really pleased with the play tent, although the price was rather a lot for the item ,the fact that he loves playing in it compensates. Would recommend this item for child play.'

5/5  BigFam 'Lovely buy, the kids love it ages 2-11 yes 11 love the fact that you can add on more to it. The only thing is the little tiyes to connect them being easy to pop off velcro would have been a better choice or paired with them to prevent tension. Other than that bright & fun. A very good buy.'

5/5  Nickname 'This is a well-designed play tent and one of its virtues is that its construction is very flexible. This meant my wife and I could pack it up into cabin luggage when taking it as a birthday present for our grandson. He loves it'

4/5  Karlos 'Idea play for kids to have fun in the sun. Lovely seeing the kids play together going into the tunnel and sitting in one of the tents on each end. Material it's made from a bit thin and could be easy to rip.'

5/5  Gaz 'Don't leave it out in wind unless pegged down or it will blow away'

5/5  Jo 'Tent is really good and fun for todlers'

3/5  Sarah 'Great fun easy assembly kids love it'

4/5  Wanderer 'Kids love it but expendive for what it is!!! looks like it wii rip and stain very easily.'

4/5  Becca 'I bought this for my son and he loves it. However it is quite flimsy and bends out of shape very easily while he is playing, which causes it not to sit right.'

3/5  Marzipan 'It's ok, not very good quality but ok for a bit of fun for the summer. Don't think it will last very long though.'

4/5  Jem 'Only bad thing about this product is the design of the attachments Very poor and easily come apart but can be tightened easily to reassemble just slightly annoying you need to do this many times throughout play. Otherwise a great fun tent for small children to use. Wouldn't recommend over 3 years as the tunnel is not very big and this can cause the attachments to losen when bigger children use.'

3/5  Si 'Bought for my two year old grandson, it kept him interested along with his four year old brother for a short time but not as long as I had hoped!'

5/5  Areti 'Both my children love it!'

4/5  Smile 'My LG love this toy. We use it inside and out. Stays together well'

4/5  Becky 'We brought this for our 10 month old, as she enjoyed using our legs as a tunnel. She loves the tent aspect and will sit and play for hours. It is big enough for us to (attempt) to climb in and play with her.'

4/5  Ernie 'It's good fun for the kids...and for its price it's okay...it's just not strong enough to take any rough play from the kids...mine now has some parts torn and one of the pins broken which I have mended ....my little still loves it and plays in it every day'

3/5  Angel 'This is a great product for fun for the kids and in particular my 19 month old who it was for. Mine only lasted 2 days and teared so had to throw it out. Was a good sense of play for hours though. It’s also very big so took up a lot of space in my living room.'

4/5  Lyndyloo 'Bought these for our granddaughters for Christmas and they both loved crawling in and out of the house.'

3/5  LynnA 'Bought for grandchildren they love it , and had hours of fun with make believe play. Value for price paid.,but is quite flimsy. Downside is it slips across the floor so needs carpet! Also take care when opening as it springs open very quickly! All in all serves purpose bought for, but not sure how long it will last!'

5/5  Barb 'I bought this for my niece's 3 young children to keep them entertained in the wet weather. She says the three of them were really enjoying making little houses inside it and it's keeping them all entertained for hours. A great purchase'

4/5  Jonesy 'Good buy kids love it minimum assembly'

2/5  Silky 'One time broke immediately. Very flimsy and like paper. Poor value'

4/5  Grandad 'Adaptable for indoor/out as it can be used as a single piece or multiple.'

1/5  Bazzerbooth 'I have seen similar products on the market more than half the price that I paid ,if you put it up in the garden there are no tether points to anchor it down. All in all very disappointed.'

4/5  Meg 'Bit on the small side for my son (he is very tall) but overall good product fun for play and worth the money'

5/5  Tesser 'This is a brilliant and versatile swing seat that will give years of fun to my grandson. Very easy to set up.'

5/5  Mumsy 'This is a xmas present but looks great good value for money my boy will have hours of fun with this'

5/5  Chels 'Great fun for my children. Well with the money'

4/5  LadyH 'My little girl who is 2 loves it and has been particularly useful on wet days to make indoor play more fun. Really easy to pack away and store in the carrier.'

3/5  Tres 'Although the kids love it, I think it is very poor material, don't think it will last long as that material tears easily! Poor quality for the price'

5/5  Emma2800 'Easy to put up can be used indoor or outdoor kids love it'

4/5  Apsley 'A good toy for imaginative play that can be used separately or together. It packs away easily and is light weight so storage mo problem. Can be used indoors or out. Hoping all three of my grandchildren can play in it together'

3/5  RD 'Fair choice but not upto the mark.'

5/5  Purdey 'Love this set up. Just pops up and folds away. Kids love it. Great for inside or out. Kids wanted to go camping so have been camping indoors. For the money and a little imagination great value.'

4/5  Natnat 'My daughter loved it'

5/5  Froy 'Easy and fast to assemble it's good for both inside and out especially on rainy days, when friends can come and play any day what ever the Weather'

5/5  Jj38 'Was surprised at how small it packs up, perfect for storing away when not in use. Colorful, and bright as well as light in weight. The material used could be better in my personal opinion, but in terms of value for money it's more than great. The kids love it!'

4/5  Busymum 'Fun for toddlers and very easy to assemble, pieces just pop up and then tie together. Material doesn't feel really strong but should stand up to small children playing in it. Main downside is that there doesn't seem to be any provision for anchoring it to the ground, and because it's so light, if you use it outside it blows across the garden straight away. Would be helpful to have some pegs or hooks attached for securing it to the ground outside.'

4/5  Hedgehog 'Very good tent for 3 to 5year olds'

5/5  Kim 'Kids love it'

5/5  Paul 'Bought this as a present for my God Daughter, she loves playing with it. It folds down to almost nothing for easy storage.'

5/5  Shell 'The tents kept a 2 year old and 3 year old occupied for hours at a time!'

3/5  Garywarry 'Cheap enough but all completely open and could do with less openings and places to go/hide. One item is difficult to fold down but other 2 items are fine. Good value for what it is.'

5/5  Nana 'The kids loves it'

4/5  Lewis 'The tent was reasonable my son enjoys it. Probably won't last long as the materials are pretty low quality but for the monet it's not too bad.'

4/5  Kaz 'Good quality great fun for toddlers'

4/5  Fiona 'I bought this for my little girls birthday and she loves it. Looks like you can buy more tunnels or tents to add which is great. Easy to set up and even easy to get back in the small bag once taken down.'

4/5  StayAtHomeDad 'So easy to set up and put away again if you need to. Brilliant for young children my son has just turned 1 and really enjoys putting his toys in the end and the crawling through the tunnel. We brought this with the " Chad Valley Boat Ball Pit and Pool" and he loves to crawl through the tunnel and then jump in to the ball pit, it never gets old, and i highly recommend getting both together for hours of fun for your children.'

4/5  Evie 'Kids enjoy this'

5/5  ACO1981 'Looks fab, easy to pack away (if you can remember how it all fits back in the bag). We have this in my sons bedroom, a really nice item!'

1/5  Sarah03 'Cheap cloth had a tear in it not impress.'

5/5  Em22 'I bought this for my little boys party, great value for money, and all the children loved it. Very easy to set up and fold away which is a bonus. I would definitely recommend this product :)'

5/5  Asonic 'My son is playing all the time. He likes seat inside'

4/5  Glam-ma 'I've purchased this for my grandniece on her 1st birthday. Having in mind it will be a nice kit ti play with on a sunny or over weekends. Her parents have told me that, she loves it so much that it is set up 24/7 in their bedroom and she literally lives in it. Brilliant!'

5/5  Mh4tc 'Great set which folds down very small. ideal I'd say for from 1 year to 5 maybe.'

4/5  Deem99 'Very nice item, my daughter has had hours of fun with hers so far and we are planning to use it as part of indoor soft play at her upcoming 5th party. Being part of the 2 for £15 deal has made it a bargain purchase along with the ball pool.'

5/5  Debra 'Quite a large playtent, my little one loves it. Great buy, would recommend.'

4/5  Sukie 'It's a good product, not brilliant. They don't connect that great, my little one tries to climb through the gaps. One tie that connects the tunnel to the tent snapped when I tried to tighten it. Overall it's a good size & reasonably easy to put together. (Wire in square tent can be awkward to get back normal if it twists wrong way). It's nice you can use them single as well as all together.'

5/5  Robert 'Good value for money'

4/5  Peter 'This 3-in-1 playtent was easy to assemble and keeps my twin grandchildren amused for hours. A good buy and good value.'

5/5  Mindy 'I bought this for my 9 month old nephew who started crawling recently and he loves it! Saves them from bumping their heads crawling around elsewhere.'

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