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Chad Valley Children's Pool Set with Spray Turtle

About the Chad Valley Children's Pool Set with Spray Turtle

The Chad Valley Children's Pool Set with Spray Turtle is an incredible toy perfect for enduring play and fun in the sun. In addition to a pool, there's a cool spray turtle that squirts water and playfully splashes when joined to a hose.

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Chad Valley Children's Pool Set with Spray Turtle Reviews

4/5   'Great pool for the kids'

5/5  Dale 'Great product, my daughter loves it, highly recommended'

5/5  RadioFan 'We bought this during the summer for our two young children age 1 & 3. Was easy to set up/take down & they had great fun with plenty of space.'

5/5  Chelsea 'Bought this for my little boy, he loves it! The turtle is a lot better than expected!'

4/5  Tomo 'We brought the paddling pool for our 3 year old, I would say you can fit three young children in the pool at a squeeze. You definitely need a pump to blow the pool up we tried and failed without one. The turtle spray is great but be careful how much pressure you use as you will get a soaking yourself, the little tree game is not the best as the tree doesn’t stand up very well but other than that it’s a great pool and I would definitely recommend it to friends.'

5/5  Mz 'Good quality; very nice for hot days'

5/5  Emma 'This is an amazing little paddling pool. I bought it for my baby daughter and she loves the colours and the turtle that squirts water out the top. Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Nic 'My 2 year old son loves this pool, it’s a great size and can hold a lot of water if you want it to due to depth. He loves the turtle which now has to feature in our bath time also. Would recommend.'

4/5  Jackie 'My Grand children loved it'

5/5  Anna 'Easy and fast to set up perfect capacity and size - additional toys just fab I can use turtle to water my garden too :)))'

5/5  KrissieG 'Never leave children on their own in the pool.'

5/5  Min 'This pool is absolutely worth the price I paid and more. My son loves it, and will spend hours (if he had his way), playing away and "swimming" from one side to the other. He loves the turtle too, which if the tap was turned on strong enough would wet everyone in the garden! We got it just before the really hot spell in July and it was worth it. It's big enough for 2 or 3 toddlers.'

5/5  Meeka 'Amazing fun excellent value.... Definate recomend . Kids will love you for this one.'

5/5  Chippy 'This pool is big enough for at least 2 small kids to splash around in. My daughter loved the pool set that comes with it. Used a foot pump to inflate, I would recommend this pool.'

5/5  Kam 'Bought this for my two children (7 and 10). Our garden is small and this suits perfectly. Used an electric pump to fill it up, took no time at all. There are two sizes of inflating nozzles , the small ones took ages but the large ones were super quick. Kids have had loads of fun and they love the inflatable toys that came with the pool. Has a handy plughole to let out the water when you want to empty it out. Was easy to pack away afterwards.'

4/5  Smike 'Using a 2 way pump it was difficult to inflate quickly, but remained inflated without top up. The bottom of the pool is slippery so having inflatable sides protects from harm. Good bright colours. The fountain turtle is great fun, so don't set up near your washing line!'

5/5  Anita 'This is a great pool for kids. A good size, even half full.'

5/5  BLV 'Wonderful paddling pool. Good size. Don't try blow up manually, it takes an age! Get an electric pump. Otherwise really great and my son loves it. The turtle sprinkler is also fantastic!'

5/5  AJ 'Excellent pool bright and fun grandchildren love it'

5/5  AmyJane 'Reasonably priced, easy to set up. Turtle water spray is great idea.'

5/5  Will 'The sprinkler turtle makes this so much more than just a paddling pool. Endless fun'

4/5  SL 'I bought 1 last summer and it lasted 2 days, the inflatable turtle never worked. Bought another 1 this year and the pool was busy so didn’t even get 2 use it. Couldn’t return it either as the kids had already soaked the box. Waste of money.'

2/5  AmyK 'Great little pool, my children love it!'

4/5  James 'Had to return the first one of these as all but one of the toys had big splits in the seams and wouldn't inflate at all, and the first and only time we used the pool the lower of the two wall rings gradually deflated throughout the afternoon and we had to keep pumping it up. Haven't tried the replacement yet, hopefully it's better than the first one...'

3/5  Sharon 'Brought this for my grandchildren, they had so much fun with the turtle sprinkler, enjoyed getting their grandparents wet, hours of pleasure'

5/5  TB 'This pool is great has high sides to stop children falling put very happy with it'

5/5  RhiRhi 'Looks great and very colourful.. the turtle sprays and the coral has hoops to throw and hook onto it which makes for extra fun for the kids.. lovely size and easy to set up. The floor is a little slippery so be careful with younger children who may walk/stand in it more than sit.'

4/5  Dfarley92 'Brought this pool for both my girls and they absolutely loved it, they spent hours playing and they absolutely loved the turtle and kept spraying everyone with it which kept us cool, will definitely recommend buying this pool. It’s quick fill too so we didn’t have to wait hours for it to fill before the kids got in it.'

5/5  Shuni 'I will recommend to everyone'

5/5  Fordy 'Great fun for kids and adults. Easy to put up an empty. Larger opening for air in /outlet, also smaller if you just want to add a little bit more air. Accessories are water and air filled so they don't blow any.'

5/5  Lisa 'Brilliant. Worth every penny. Absolutely loves it especially when it’s spraying water too.'

5/5  Monella83 'Nice little pool for my daughter. I love the spraying turtle. The loop game with the blow up coral is sweet but often falls over.'

4/5  Geoff 'This is a great value pool for kids, it even adults. The turtle with sprinkler is fun for kids. Just the right size for 2-3 kids. However, this takes a long time to pump air with using manual pump. I recommend you buy an electric pump if your planning to buy this.'

5/5  None 'It took some inklating as we had no pump but the children enjoyed playing in it and delivery was on time thank you'

4/5  Johng 'Great fun for the little ones. My 3 and 5 years old love it. Seems strong and durable. Really good value.'

5/5  Cweb 'Great pool not too big to fill and the extra turtle sprinkler is great fun and doubles as a garden sprinkler brilliantly! Love it'

5/5  Reviewer 'When I was looking for a paddling pool this summer, most of them were out of stock. I needed one for the children at the stay and play service we offer at our children's centre. It went down a hit with all our parents and children. they especially loved the turtle which sprays water. Thank you.'

5/5  Shell 'Extremely happy with this product my 3 year old niece loves it'

5/5  Holly 'Do put old sheet underneath the pool so it won't spit. Don't leave babies on their own with older ones and always empty the pool then hang dry before put way.'

5/5  LP 'Fun design, easy to set up, not too big so doesn't take ages to fill. Extras make it worth the extra price.'

4/5  Sarah 'Very easy to set up and my grandsons love it and would be in it all the time if I let them. It is also big enough for an adult to go in with them'

5/5  SusieQ 'Bought this for our grandchildren and they absolutely loved it. Well worth the money. Pool was just the right size.Would recommend.'

5/5  Jane 'The pool is fantastic for us: compact, being square, but plenty of space for 3 children under 7. They also love the squirty turtle, my 3-year-old immediately worked out how to plug it into the hose so very simple. The only real downside is the coral thing that doesn't stand up.'

4/5  JB 'Pretty decent. Filled it up with an electric pump from an airbed. Took about 15 minutes to get the whole thing out, inflated, and then a further 20 minutes to fill it up with the hose. Has been sitting outside for about a week now with water in it and it hasn't gone down. The little turtle thing you can attach to your hose and it sprinkles water everywhere... nice touch... daughter also enjoyed playing with the inflatable toys in the pool...'

5/5  Lloyd 'Great for small children! Extra inflatable toys keep kids entertained'

5/5  Michaelsmammy 'Sturdy paddling pool with good capacity but please use a foot pump-it takes ages to blow up otherwise. The turtle sprinkler that comes with it is great-even without the paddling pool.'

5/5  SJ 'Perfect, better quality than we expected and it should be really durable.'

5/5  Vicki 'Ideal for 2-3 children under 5. The add on toys aren’t much use but the pool is decent. Shame the empty valve is so easy to do... child managed to empty the pool by pulling it out.'

4/5  Hardy 'Horrendous to put up. Incredibly expensive for what it is.. Very disappointed!'

1/5  Dartford 'My granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Kel82 'Excellent pool recommended turtle brill too'

5/5  Mummybear 'Lovely and bright. A little small but fine for little ones. Would be better of you could attach the spraying turtle on to the side as the pool isn't really big enough to have it in the pool with two kids.'

4/5  Dawn 'Ideal for all my grandchildren and fantastic value for the price.'

5/5  Seffy 'The hardest part was pumping it up. Otherwise great size with some accessories for the kids also a bag of 100 balls 3 kids age between 1 and 6 fitted nicely.'

4/5  Tracy 'Just what was needed .... Excellent size and the extra toys were great fun for our4 year old .. was quick to set up and fill. Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Tommy 'Orderd to pick up in store fast easy service polite staff , the pool was easy to put up and my little girl loves it any chance she gets she is I the pool'

5/5  Woodel25 'Kids have thoroughly enjoyed this pool to keep cool in this heatwave'

4/5  JenJenjen429th 'Spliss and splashing'

4/5  Lori 'Good size to allow frequent water replacement without wasting too much water in the process. Lovely colour and the kids loved the inflatable toys, which also come in bright colours. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family.'

4/5  Bob 'Easy to blow up and to empty'

4/5  Mjw22 'Very happy with this purchase. Paddling pool goes up ok using an electric pump and to put down there are two large valves which means this can be done quickly and easily for safe storing. My little one also loves the little extras with it - the spraying turtle is fab'

5/5  Bon 'Very happy. This is the perfect size for the garden. Ideal for two kids to sit inside and enjoy.'

5/5  Teddyboy 'Looks great, not too big, but not too small. My little boy is 2 and loves this pool, the turtle spraying water is just an added bonus. Well worth the money.'

5/5  Ps5108 'Pool and turtle are great, less so the rings and coral piece. They're a bit flimsy. But the pool is a good size and ideal for our little granddaughter. Recommended purchase.'

5/5  Mlh 'This has been great for my 3 grandchildren over the summer. Big enough for the 3 together sturdy and well made. Downside cactus and rings are pointless even with the water in cactus falls over. Also although I understand why the valves are very difficult to close. No way they are coming open by accident, so maybe not necessarily a downside.'

4/5  Pammy 'Kids loved it, just a nice size too'

5/5  Nina 'Easy to set up and the kids love it'

4/5  Twx 'Great pool for the price and my little one played in it all day and loved there was a game with it to with the ring toss! Would recommend'

4/5  Ksilevic 'Size which I need for my 2 year child'

5/5  Tendai 'Very well made and strong,kids love it'

5/5  Lyanne 'Actually bought this for myself and hubby but grand daughter loved the squirting turtle, it's surprising how high it squirts.'

5/5  Kerri2409 'My little boy loves it very big will last him a long time just could do with a pump to blow up as wasn’t very easy'

5/5  Marie80 'Bought this for my 3 year old but it’s far better suited to a1 year old as it’s so small.'

2/5  Bmc 'Great size and sprinkler good addition'

5/5  GavSmith 'Loses air after a couple of days but other than that the pool is great fun.'

4/5  Elle 'Too small. And the turtle sprinkerler doesnt work unless you have the specific hose attachment.'

2/5  Tinkerbell 'My kids absolutely love this paddling pool. Easy to set up. Kids enjoyed playing with the extra parts; turtle and coral reef'

5/5  Bex 'Great paddling pool! Hours of fun for my little one, she loved the fact she could lie down and swim around. Also liked the extras that we got with it. One happy toddler!'

5/5  Granny 'Very happy with pool. Looks great and is just the right size for my child to play in. Had lots of fun with the additional toys. Well worth the money. Chad Valley you ve done it again. Cheers.'

5/5  Aimee 'My little one loves her knew pool! Very good for the price and it’s great quality.'

4/5  Nicola 'Very colourful design and the turtle is fantastic. MY son, step daughter and nephew (ages 2, 8 and 6) all played in this and had a great time.'

5/5  Claire 'I bought this for my 3 year old grand daughter to use at my house/garden. It was easy to set up, and she enjoyed playing in it. The squirty turtle delighted her! The blow up cactus and inflatable rings weren't great though.'

5/5  Abbie 'It’s so good just the size I want it to be'

5/5  Pool 'Child friendly easy set up fun pool'

4/5  D4rkKitty 'Was unsure when I bought it but was desperate to get her a pool that day! It was fabulous! The turtle works amazing as a sprinkler! All round it was fab ❤️'

5/5  Dd 'Excellent bought for my nephews birthday'

5/5  Frustrated 'This is a great size and the sprinkler is fab but I had a puncture on the first use!! Why don't they make these pools better ... arrghhhh'

5/5  Lynsey 'Great pool love playing in it with my child. Fun for all the family great design good quality can't wait for the sun to shine so we can fill it up agaim'

1/5  Sandi 'The pool is great and the turtle is brilliant fun! The coral though is a waste of time and just falls over so is pretty useless. Overall though, we love it and very pleased with our purchase.'

5/5  Diana 'Fantastic product, medium size and uses less water'

4/5  Niki 'Easy to set up and robust. The sprinkler turtle was a big hit with my kids!'

5/5  Kain33 'My two kids (3/6) love it ! Specially "turtle spray" coral piece it's just a gimmick tho'

5/5  TRICKSTa 'Really easy to set up and quick to fill kids really like the turtles water fountain thank you argos for helping me see my kids happily playing in a swimming pool'

5/5  Johnny 'The pool was fab well worth the money it was what he wanted and loved it ideal for the small garden they have .'

4/5  Sadie 'Very good value for money. Just the right size, and the spraying turtle is an added bonus. Our grandchildren had hours of fun with it. Seems quite robust . Packed away now ready for next summer'

4/5  Auderz1 'Purchase was easily made as was the collection. Excellent service all round thanks'

5/5  Harding 'The pool itself was great and the turtle that sprinkles water but the coral thing to throw the hoops onto was pointless blew it up completely and it doesn't stay standing up to throw the hoops onto so that's the only downside. I only brought this pool as they had no others in stock at the time in my price range but overall pool was great just didn't reallt need the accesorries with it'

5/5  Kates 'Lovely paddling pool good size for the children altho expensive for what it is.'

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