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Chad Valley Catch A Ball Set

About the Chad Valley Catch A Ball Set

The Chad Valley catch a ball set is great fun for all ages. Fit the disc 'catchers' to your hand and throw the ball between players catching the ball on the Velcro pads. It's an ideal game to play at the beach or in your garden! Includes two scatch catchers and a ball. Size of catcher: 19cm diameter. For outdoor use only. Size H19, W24, D5cm. Weight 0.2kg. For ages 3 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3677760
EAN/SKU: 3677760
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Chad Valley Catch A Ball Set Reviews


5/5  Flymo23 'Brought for my friends son who is 7yrs old and going on holiday!'

4/5  Sam 'My children love playing with this set. It's a bargain at £1.99'

4/5  Annette 'My little girl likes this toy good value too'

5/5  Carol 'My grandaughter loves this working on her hand eye co ordination'

5/5  Michelle 'Kids loved playing with this and so did I'

4/5  Rebeckah 'Basic but great fun and super cheap'

4/5  Sarah 'I remember having this a as child and my step son had great fun with this at the weekend, although think the weather helped ☺'

5/5  CWALTERS 'Good quality bats and ball, really sticky pads. Kids really enjoyed playing with them.'

5/5  Viki999 'Bought when in the sale. Daughters absolutely love these. Hours of fun.'

3/5  Sy 'The straps are a bit uncomfortable but for the price it was great'

5/5  Hayley 'Great fun with this. Indoor or outdoor. Great for all ages and abilities.'

5/5  Hunny 'You can't go wrong great simple fun for little fingers who have trouble catching a ball'

5/5  Clarrie 'We paid £1.99 for this on offer, was great value for money, would recommend'

4/5  Julie 'Kids love these, have hours of fun playing with them. Well worth the money would highly recommend...'

5/5  Shelley197 'Brought these in a sale so perfect for the summer but even full price worth hours of fun'

5/5  Laura D 'Love this item, great fun'

4/5  NB11 'Fun in the garden - may not last forever, but great for my son and pals to play with'

5/5  Emmie 'Great value for money I got it half price. My little girl loves playing with this'

5/5  Kel 'Excellent product and great fun for the kids. Teaches them eye hand coordination'

4/5  Shellbell 'Bought in the sale. Both my little ones had fun with this down the beach and in the garden. Fab toy x'

3/5  Niki 'Great little game to practising catching for my 2 year old on holiday. The velcro lining on one of the bats is loose at one point, but I think might mend with some glue, and it still works and don't think you can complain at this price. Velcro is surprisingly strong and ball could be useful for lots of things'

3/5  D 'Cheap and cheerful'

4/5  Andrew 'Happy children and adults ha ha nothing to complain about its is what it is'

5/5  Fluff 'Provides lots of fun and great for hand and eye co-ordination.'

5/5  Mumof2 'Good quality, not much to say about it, it does what it's meant to do. Kids have enjoyed playing with it.'

5/5  Spring 'Very nice toy, keeps my child active. I would recommend.'

4/5  Ms22 'Nice ball set for the kids to play with'

4/5  Adsmum 'Good fun toy for the kids especially young ones that have trouble catching a ball as it's much easier. The only problem, for young children that I found is that the ball sticks a little too hard and it takes them a while to pull it off! But I would recommend'

1/5  Cliff 'Item was rubbish, Velcro came away from pad after first use.'

4/5  Raks 'This product was totally fun to play in the beach where it is windy'

5/5  Amski 'Definitely a must have for under active kids! And great fun for adults also!'

5/5  Gemz 'This product is great fun for children of all ages. Young children who find hand to eye coordination difficult get a sense of achievement as the product design makes catching the ball much easier. More accomplished children find innovative ways to catch making the game suitable for young and old alike.'

5/5  Nims 'Just what it says catch a ball. Fantastic product and great quality with extra great value. "Catch this deal" as it's fun for kids And adults. You can have loads of fun any time of the year.'

5/5  Jintie 'Bought this for our grandsons, they loved playing with them, would definitely commend them.'

5/5  Callum00 'Really brought back memories and enjoying every minute walk these even if I'm 21. Only issue is had to glue velcro back down but otherwise perfect products'

3/5  Welshy1980 'Bought this for my son as I had one when I was a kid and loved it. He enjoyed it too, but its very poor quality - the tennis ball split within a few hours of use, and the velcro pad keeps coming off the hand-piece. I would recommend the game, but maybe source a better quality set.'

4/5  Meme 'I bought this for my 5 year old nephew and he loved it.Great product for outdoor fun and is a bargain at this price.'

4/5  Sharon 'Children loved this, low priced and good value.'

4/5  Nikkig2413 'Good value for money and hours of fun!'

3/5  Cilbop 'Great for the kids, keeps them entertained! Brilliant for the park'

5/5  Granny 'Kids had a great time playing with these'

1/5  Susan13 'Only lasted five minuets before the rim of the bat was hit with the ball and cracked. The whole bat then fell apart and couldn't be used.'

1/5  Disappointed 'I searched everywhere to get the last remaining one of these toys to take on holiday for me and my 10 year old to play with in the pool. What a waste of time and money. The pads and ball had a really good grip. Unfortunately it was too good. Within minutes of opening the packet and playing with it, both the pads had come apart and couldn't be repaired. My daughter was gutted and I felt I had let her down. The items went straight in the bin. Load of rubbish, do not buy this product.'

5/5  Neil 'Brought this for a beach holiday to give the kids more to do. They both enjoyed it. Product is well made and does what's it's designed for.'

5/5  Rhi 'I got this for my 4 yr old daughter to keep her entertained outdoors this summer, she loves it and already it has provided hours of entertainment. The only criticism is the ball is comes with is pretty small! I remember the one I had as a child and the ball was slightly bigger than your average tennis ball. This one however is much smaller, I've swapped it for a regular tennis ball and my daughter can catch much better with this!'

1/5  Unhappy Mom 'My kids played happily with this product for aprrox. 10mins until the velcro pad on the racket totally separated from the rim and broke...it was un fixable'

5/5  Neena 'Brought for a birthday present so not sure if the child likes it but will be buying one for my little girl as will be good for her coordination and lots of fun too at a cheap price cant grumble at that'

3/5  Gilly 'My little grandsons had great fun playing with this bat set but unfortunately one fell in the paddling pool and fell apart. It only lasted about an hour because of this but if used indoors and kept dry it would be fine for little children.'

1/5  Unsatisfied 'It fell apart the first time it was used, waste of money'

5/5  Mags 'Excellent value as i purchased thie product when on offer sending to Ghana for new build school there'

5/5  Digby 'Really good safe fun indoors or in the garden young or old. Small enough to take to the beach.'

5/5  BBopper 'Had bought a cheaper ball set in the past and the velcro backing came straight off but this has not happened to this set, Great lightweight toy you can take anywhere.'

4/5  Barbara 'We have had several of these sets and our grandchildren love them. It's a great game for all the family to get involved in and have some outdoor fun. As our sets have been very well used you do have to replace from time to time as the Velcro can come away through use. Notice that this year product is £1.00 dearer and the ball is smaller.'

5/5  Mike44 'Considering how cheap this item was it is incredible value. It has given my Grandson ( age 5) and me (age 68) many hours of pleasure and the velcrose bat and hairy ball show no signs of wear. It is a ball game that can be enjoyed by any age group.'

1/5  Phillip 'I was not very happy with the Chad Valley Catch a Ball Set because it broken within about two days of me buying it.'

4/5  Marie 'My grandchildren are 6 & 3 and really had great fun, as it is easy for them to catch the ball with the hand bats.'

4/5  Lin 'Good product for all the family to enjoy'

1/5  Plinkplonk 'Plastic rim frequently comes off. Product has a cardboard lining - the children got it wet and the cardboard disintegrated'

5/5  Lynda 'Grandson loves it but its a bit big for little hands at the moment. Great to play with, as its good for hand/eye co-ordination and gives confidence in catching. One problem is I wish a spare ball was with the set as it will be difficult to get another if the one is lost. Good set, would recommend it.'

1/5  RAB88 'This is probably the worst product I have ever came across. I know that it was not expensive however it fell apart after 1 minute of use. We tried to put it back together but it was totally useless. I am not sure if the ball is too heavy for the small bats but the velcro section immediately fell out of the frame after the first catch of the ball.'

4/5  Judith 'Nice and working, my son was really happy with it'

4/5  Anna 'I bought these on offer and because of that they were very cheap. I would not pay full price for them - they are made of brittle plastic and I suspect won't last very long, but my son likes them and they are good fun while they last.'

5/5  Hayley 'Brilliant fun with the family would recommend to a friend'

4/5  Helen 'Bought for a 5 year old boy for his birthday who loved it - definitely worth the price'

5/5  Linda 'Great present for my 5 year old godson and his 3 year old sister enjoyed it too. Good toy for indoors and outdoors and for learnign ball sense.'

4/5  Chris 'Works as expected, pad and ball remain sticky after numerous uses. Minor drawback is that the strap on the back is quite hard to adjust as it catches on itself as lengthening. Other than that, not bad.'

5/5  Tracey 'Me and the kids love playing catch ball worth every penny'

5/5  Silv 'Bought for my 2 1/2 year old son and it was success. Item very good quality despite VERY low price. My son loves playing catch and the set helps him develop his skills. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.'

3/5  Ringo 'Not of the highest quality as the velcro started to come off almost straight away. But a bit of glue seems to have done the trick. For 3.50gbp as part of the 3 for 10 pounds i would probably buy again.'

4/5  MrsMo 'I love these sets and the kids do too.They help with coordination and are fun! Nice little buy.'

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