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Chad Valley Bug Slide

About the Chad Valley Bug Slide

Keep your most cherished engaged with the Chad Valley Bug Slide. It's produced from strong plastic and good to go immediately, no delay in the fun times to be had. Your little one will be sliding about in no time!

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5/5   'Excellent for price great fun'

5/5   'I liked the fact it is a one piece slide so no screws to work loose. Just make sure if you collect from store that it will fit in your car! Perfect for a first slide and can easily be used inside or outside.'

3/5   'Good quality for price!'

5/5   'Bought for my 18mth grandson for xmas. Small enough for in door play. Sturdy and doubles up as a great car ramp...lol'

5/5   'My son loves his slide, he is only two I've found this to be brilliant for a first slide'

1/5   'Not very stable, weird design when i went to collect it, it wasn't in a packaging it comes like the picture so it was a struggle to fit it in the car. Plus it looked like it was handed down because of the dirt marks just looks old and scruffy'

4/5   'This is made of very thin plastic and I’m sure it will break with use and end up in landfill but............ my wee girl absolutely loves it!'

1/5   'Slide steps was cracked and not protected by any wrapping needed to exchange'

5/5   'Great slide does the job and no assemble needed'

5/5   'Wow My 17 month old loves this Very sturdy Well worth the money'

4/5   'My lil girl loves her new slide!'

5/5   'Pretty sturdy solid plastic frame, bright colour, good thick steps for little feet. Not too tall that any slips or falls would cause any bad injuries. It's small enough that it can be used indoors in winter months and rainy days. It does arrive on delivery as seen and not packaged though, so if it's a surprise gift for your kids and they are home when it's delivered, they will see it! Apart from that, it's a great little slide.'

5/5   'Great little slide, lightweight but durable. It doesn't take up too much space, so can be used inside and out. The space under the slide provided a great place to play hide and seek with my granddaughter.'

4/5   'Great slide for the price neice wanted it got it and she loves it'

5/5   'Great little first slide my little boy lovers it.'

5/5   'She loved it, it's a little steeper than expected but she found it great fun and it's not too bulky to be used inside the house.'

3/5   'Brought for my 1year old and 2year old for garden days. I would recommend if you was going to get it for a 2 year old just because it is very small and my 2 years old doesn’t really go down the slide her feet touch the bottom literally as she’s just gone down it. Also I didn’t get the little antennae’s and the stick on eyes'

5/5   'One of my best purchases.... I have this little slide in my living room. My one year old. Runs up it... Its his favourite thing ever. Lol... And as an added bonus... If you. Find babies favourite toy... You can slide it down the slide... And the baby chases and thinks its the funniest thing they've ever seen.... When they bring it back slightly move. The slide. And the toy flys. Off in another direction and the baby never gets bored. Love it. So simple yet affective.'

5/5   'This slide is great for the money. Fab small size for littles ones and doesnt use too much space. Definately recommend'

5/5   'My son really loved the slide he really enjoys playing with it and it’s very comfortable'

5/5   'My son loves it, good sturdy design'

4/5   'My nephew loves this slide. We have it both indoors and outdoors and has suited him since the age for 10 months to 2 yrs. it is sturdy and has a small enclosed area underneath which he enjoys using as a cave. Good value - would definitely recommend!'

4/5   'My Granddaughter has trouble holding on at the top and once up the steps moving to a sitting position.'

4/5   'My daughter loved it but it's not very strong. A pop up tunnel fits perfectly in the hole. It's lasted well in the garden and is still a lovely bright green'

4/5   'It's a fab slide. Alot smaller than I thought.'

4/5   'Great little slide. Really good value.'

5/5   'Great little slide for the price, bought for my 3 year old and a little small for her but great for a 2 year old'

5/5   'Looks great and has given our daughter hours of fun perfect for her at 18 months old'

5/5   'Works great but missing the red bits at the front.'

4/5   'My daughter love this slide it’s good for kids to play inside'

5/5   'My 10 month old grandson just started to walk and climb he loves it'

5/5   'Is what it says, we use it indoors so not sure on weather wear'

5/5   'This is a lovely little slide we bought for our little girl. Shes confident to go up the steps, sit and slide down and go back around to start again'

5/5   'Definitely give it a go very fun.'

4/5   'Very flimsy but i guess if its this cheap you get what you pay for'

5/5   'No box with it. So not going to be a surprise present to a toddler'

3/5   'This chute is brilliant. Bought it for my son's 1st birthday. He is able to climb and go down himself. We've kept it indoors and it only takes up a little bit of room. Comes in one piece and is very sturdy.'

1/5   'Brilliant fir the money my little boy loves it...'

5/5   'Good slide but plastic not strong enough, could do with being bigger aswell'

5/5   'I bought this for my little brother, he absolutely loves it! Always playing on it most of the day in our newly done back garden, definitely glad I bought!'

3/5   'Brilliant slide for the price, only downside being that it comes fully assembled and not in any packaging so can't collect with kids there!'

5/5   'Great value for money kids get alot of enjoyment from it'

5/5   'Great product , very addictive easy to use , kids just love playing on it.'

5/5   'Its well designed and safe for young toddlers'

5/5   'It is rather steep for a slide plenty of times my daughter goes down it and flips over and the sticker couldn’t be in a wonder place'

5/5   'Lovely little slide bought for my nephews 1st Birthday!! Very sturdy Cute bug !!'

4/5   'Loved the design idea and the simplicity of the product however the plastic around the steps is very flimsy and bends when my daughter climbs up the steps, when she's sliding down she gets to the bottom and stands on it as if the slope is too steep to get a proper slide from it'

5/5   'Great, lightweight slide, perfect for little people and it doubles as a tunnel/hideout for even more fun. My little one loves the little red feelers at the bottom too!'

3/5   'Great slide . Looks like the picture.'

5/5   'Brilliant. Lovely quality well made and just the right size'

5/5   'Slide is great, however the problem is whoever arranged it for delivery stuck the whopping big delivery sticker slap bang in the middle of the slide. One of those stickers that doesn’t remove easily. Just rips. Leaving a massive white sticky residue, right in the middle of the slide part. We have tried soaking and scraping but it just keeps reappearing. Kind of spoils the slide effect, especially since the slide is green'

5/5   'Very nice kids loved to play and is not much to take u space inside dors to'

4/5   'I feel the slide is very steep for young children also it has a large safety sticker on the actual slide so when you remove it the glue remains and is so hard to remove..very light weight would not leave it out in strong winds'

5/5   'Will have plenty of full filleddays with this product'

3/5   'Great little slide for the moneyalthough its a bit steep, you cant really slide far. Son loves it.'

5/5   'My boy was very happy to use this slide inside in swimming pool witch we bought also from argos with a great price!'

3/5   'Bought two of these slides as birthday gifts for both of my 2 year old granddaughters. They lioved them and have had great fun playing on them. Great for the garden or indoors. Sturdy and no assembly needed. Excellent buy.'

5/5   'Great slide daughter loves it'

5/5   'Can be used indoors as well as outdoors and my granddaughter loves it'

5/5   'Amazing little slide for any gender. Perfect for my little lady!'

5/5   'Bought as a present. Baby loves it.'

5/5   'This slide is a strong quality and is easy to clean. The stickers give the slide character and my son plays on the slide most days'

5/5   'It's ok. But the solid design means you cannot slide into a pool or ball pit. Came with a huge sticker on the slide which was a nightmare to get off. Steps were a bit flimsy and the plastic turned white when little one stepped on them.'

5/5   'Ideal for toddlers. Good value.'

3/5   'I bought this for my grandson’s first birthday, it’s just the right size and I’m sure he’s going to have lots of fun playing on it'

5/5   'My 14 months daughter loves it , she climbs the stairs and slide by herself , leave it indoor but can be used outdoor as well But she need to be fully covered ( long sleeve shirt, trousers and socks ) so she can slide properly Must have for all kids'

5/5   'I love this slide, it’s nice and sturdy, my 1 year old loves it and it is the perfect size for her. My 5 year old is a bit big for it but it doesn’t stop her playing on it all the time too!'

5/5   'Bought this as a present for our friend's baby. Safe to say we won the best prize award, she ignored all other presents when this came out'

5/5   'Nice slide but really only suitable for small child up to around 3 years old.'

5/5   'Lovely little slide perfect for younger children'

5/5   'My grandson really likes it, only problem is the slight lip on the bottom of the slide.'

1/5   'Lovely first slide would recommend for kids under three'

4/5   'Brought for daughters first birthday and is perfect size and also lives to play under it too! great value!'

5/5   'Very sturdy but it's a little steep 2 year old loves it n not to high he could hurt himself'

5/5   'This was also an extra present for my daughters birthday, the first time she has been on a slide and she really enjoys it'

5/5   'It’s good. Thank you'

5/5   'Brought for my little girls birthday and she loves it!'

5/5   'Lovely little slide. Very sturdy and a lovely design. Underneath the steps can be used by little ones as a tunnel or hide out. Perfect size for my one year old and looks like it will last a good few years.'

5/5   'The slide looks lovely- but when my boy goes down with no bottoms on his legs he can’t , so not great!'

3/5   'Our 15 month old loves this. Obviously use with supervision but he loves the slide and hes also got somewhere to hide underneath'

5/5   'This slide is really good, grandchildren love it, easy for them to use again and again. Was really pleased with it'

5/5   'Bought for my sons birthday and he loves it'

3/5   'Kids love it .great fun'

5/5   'It’s great. We’ve kept it indoors due the bad weather so it’s been used lots. Thumbs up from my toddler.'

5/5   'Great for the grandchildren.'

4/5   'My babies love this I even keep it in my livingroom they use it that much'

5/5   'Brought for my one year old. Ideal for 1st slide. Bargain for the price'

5/5   'Brought for my 18 month granddaughter but when she slides down it she hits the bottom standing up not well designed'

5/5   'My little girl found the slide the most funny thing ever, in her two years of being here on the planet! I'm very glad that I did manange to do that. Thank you Argos!'

5/5   'I love it, and very Haigh recommend that for my friends kids!'

5/5   'My 1 year old loves this but 4 year old not interested at all. So only good for a small amount of time, I would assume by 2.5 they will grow out of it'

2/5   'Its a bit flimsy but it is ok for the money'

5/5   'I bought this for my two year old and she has really enjoyed climbing the little steps and using the space beneath the slide to play with dolls and teddies. It is a shame i did not buy it earlier as i think she may outgrow it fairly quickly but it is very good value for money so no complaints here!'

5/5   'Good for purpose and makes a lovely addition to any other garden toys you may have. It is strong and durable. The kids have fun with it and their ages are 1, 7, & 10.'

3/5   'Good slide - slightly steep for a small slide but no less fun! Sticker is stuck on the bottom of the slide which won’t come off which is slightly annoying'

5/5   'Think the sides could be thicker to make it more durable. Apart from that design is good'

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