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Chad Valley Bubble Tool Box

About the Chad Valley Bubble Tool Box

The Chad Valley Bubble Tool Box doubles in exactly the way you'd hope for; as a tool box and bubble set. Your most cherished love to play act and behave like the adults however this set has some good times of air bubbles. The tool box can be converted to a work bench for extended role-play and play.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3168846
EAN/SKU: 3168846
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Chad Valley Bubble Tool Box Reviews

1/5   'Bought this but it's really small so not good for use as a tool table. I can easily see my 3yr old dismantling it, spilling bubbles and not being interested in trying to put it up again. Not at all what I expected. Returned straight away.'

4/5  JCN 'Would recommend this item. Lots of fun and even better I bought it in the sale. Nephew has lots for fun playing with this toy.'

1/5  Collinsg 'Very flimsy and cheap plastic. Don't normally leave bad reviews on things, but I would have taken this back had it not been a gift for my son that was already assembled.'

4/5  Lm 'Bought for my grandson and he loves it x'

3/5  Hails 'The product looked better than when I got it home wasn't what we thought it was going to be seemed a bit cheap feeling'

4/5  Speedy 'The tool box i got 2 for my grandchildren they love it never stopped playing with it since i got them'

5/5  Smithy 'Lovely little tool bench great for young children who want to help daddy with diy plus you have the fun of bubbles too. My little nephew loves it. Good quality'

5/5  Rita 'Biught this for my 3 yesr old great nephew as he wants to be like his dad who is a joiner He abolutely loves it, and has played with it on every visit to his great- nana's house He knows what most of the tools are and asksif he does not Colourful, inexpensive & educational Ideal toy would recommend for little boys & girls'

5/5  Oz 'My great grandson absolutely loves this and especially the bubbles'

5/5  Shah 'Good price . Fun product. My son loves it'

5/5  Meadowlark 'Excellent learning toy for my grandson'

5/5  Teawee 'My little grandson loves it takes it every were We go'

5/5  Kezza619 'Great value really good how it can be like a tool box as well as a bench'

4/5  HazzaB 'Small simple product that my 20 month old enjoys'

4/5  Piggyback 'Good little toy smaller than expected'

5/5  Adam 'Brought this product for my 18 month old son. Easy to assemble and provided excellent entertainment for him!'

4/5  Mumoffour 'Bought this for a friends child's birthday. Looks great but I haven't actually given it to him yet'

5/5  Elmama 'A Fab toy for kids who love to fix things while playing as my grandson says.'

5/5  Bbmama 'Lovely item'

3/5  Sruss '3 year old granddaughter thought it was great fun'

4/5  Neenee 'My 2 year old love this. Looks small but it's not that small for a kids toy'

1/5  Grandma 'Bubble gun did not work so grandson very disappointed,not worth full price no wonder it was in the sale'

1/5  MeLubs 'Not good. Glad I only paid £6 for this. Very hard to assemble and couldn't workout how to actually use it. If I'd not erected it and opened the bubble mixture id have taken it back.'

5/5  Awol68 'Very good and our grandson loves it, mostly the bubbles but he is under 2. The tools will be good play when he is little older.'

3/5  Sapna 'This was surprisingly small, it was a good buy at sale price but would return at full price.'

5/5  True Blue 'Bought this for a two year old,who loves it.'

5/5  Emma 'Excellent value for money, bought for my 16 month old, I think my husband enjoyed putting this together!!'

5/5  Liz 'I bought this for my grandson and he loved it he played with it for hours.'

5/5  Smiley 'Great price got it half price,my twins absolutely loved it'

5/5  Bendy 'Excellent little compact toy!'

4/5  Kash 'He is only 1 and a half and has the nuts in his mouth. Bur he loves to bang bang and screw on screw off all the time oh and dont for get the bubbles'

1/5  Nel 'Cheaply made'

4/5  Highlander2802 'This is an excellent learning toy for my 3 year old at a phenomenal price. Superb value'

3/5  Oliver's Mon 'Okay for the discounted price, wouldn't pay the full price! Poor and flimsy not ideal'

3/5  Kryorks 'Very cute, excellent price but very flimsy! great treat for little ones in smmer but do not expect amazing quality or a long lasting toy.'

5/5  Dimples 'Excellent value £5.99 in sale'

4/5  HS 'A great addition to his already existing collection of job toys. Good role play.'

5/5  Jack 'We brought this for our 4yr old grandson he loved making into the work bench then playing with all of it for hours when he finished he turned it back into the carrying tool box with a little bit of help great bargin at 5.99'

1/5  Deb 'Very flimsy and bubble hammer stopped working within the week .'

4/5  Kerry 'Loads of fun'

5/5  Atfa 'I both it for my little nephew he loves it was worth buying'

4/5  Nessie 21 'Excellent value toy which I am sure my grandson will enjoy!'

5/5  Charlotte 'This is very easy to use and put together, would recommend'

4/5  Scotty 'The little one we bought it for loved it'

1/5  Maddie 'Awful present unsuitable no pleasure for the child really was disappointed no instructions were available'

4/5  Tubbs 'Cheap an cheerful ,but my grandson had hours of fun with it.'

2/5  Linda 'The toy was frustrating to put together and my grandsons lost interest in the toy quickly.'

5/5  Happy Mum 'Great two in one toy bubbles then tool box great fun for all'

4/5  Snob 'It was good'

5/5  Ruby 'Looks well made'

5/5  Anne 'Excellent toy and great fun to play with'

4/5  Danielle 'My 3yr old loves it, but it is very small and kind of fiddly to open, other than that it's a great toy. And even better i got it half price'

5/5  POPs 'I bought two of these for my grandchildren. They loved the robust design and easy to grip toys. We enjoyed playing with the toys and bubble makers just as much as the children. They played for two whole days before putting it down. I can safely recommend to everyone with children and grandchildren.'

5/5  Jude 'Really liked it my grandson of 3 was pleased with loves his bubble played for hours with it on his birthday'

4/5  Amz 'This is fun and practical at the same time. My son learned how to use tools as we built the bench together and then played with the bubbles. Also great at half price do grab a bargain while you can.'

4/5  Taylor 'My 4 year old boy loved it kept him buzzy for ages'

4/5  Flower 'Easy to change from carrier to bench. Tools make good bubbles. Good toy .'

4/5  Bertmort 'Bought this for my 3 year old son as he loves tools and also loves blowing bubbles. He absolutely loves these toys. I would recommend buying this as there is fun for at least 5 kids at a time.'

3/5  Miah 'Its not as strong as i thought it would on the picture very weak but its fun to play with she enjoys it'

4/5  Lis 'Bought this when it was on offer. Kept 3 yr old busy for half hr or so before he got bored. Not very sturdy but ok at the discounted price.'

4/5  Boomer 'Only small but 18 month old loves it.'

5/5  Debs57 'Excellent product, again brought for a bubble crazed Grandson, hours of fun was the result, highly recommended'

4/5  Sal 'Great fun to have'

4/5  Knighty13 'Really good product. Our 4yo loves it. The bubble hammer works well (once we got the hang of it) and it benefits from being mechanical rather than relying on batteries. The rest of the set encourages his creativity and some bits e.g. The spanners can be used as bubble wands too. Pros: multiple toys in one, battery free fun, bubbles, good price. Cons: a little flimsy (thin plastic), toys don't all fit in the carrier once opened.'

5/5  Maxaboy 'Fun toy ..'

4/5  Sal 'A good fun'

5/5  Caren 'Its very fun to play along with the bubbles it creates!!it can also serve as an instrument to make your child love having a bath..'

5/5  Gale 'My son loves them. With an extra bonus of being bubbles too. Hours of fun'

4/5  Supertaff 'Bubble gun a bit fiddly but works with perseverance-grandson well chuffed.'

1/5  Jkmummy 'Bought for my 4 year old for bubbles with a difference, but so disappointed, no instructions, flimsy, falls over and the tools don't really make any bubbles. My son was fed up and frustrated within 5 minutes. Even at half price this is expensive for what you receive. I shall be returning it.'

4/5  Happy Grandma 'Fun to assemble, lots of different 'tools' for bubble making and neat design.'

3/5  YummyMummy247 'Bought this for my 3 year old son at half price. Looks great in the packaging but a bit fiddly to use and my son got bored after a short while. He loves bubbles and tools so I thought this would be ideal but I think a normal bottle of bubbles would have been more fun for him.'

1/5  FTL 'I thought this looked like a good buy- tools and bubbles! No. Very flimsy. Once put together it doesn't stay in position. We took it back the very next day. Swapped it for a Chad Valley tool kit. Much better idea.'

4/5  Sange 'Bought as a birthday present, the little man loved it especially with the added fun of bubbles, would recommend especially as I got it half price.'

1/5  Cooper 'I had to return this bubble tool box as I coudnt get the bubbles to work neither could the staff which were very helpful'

3/5  Dibey23 'There is nowhere to keep the tools that come with it and it's a lot smaller than I thought apart from that my son seems to enjoy the bubbles.'

1/5  NOORIE 'Never worked, Waste of money'

1/5  One And One On The Way 'There were no instructions with the product. After complete assembly though I found a large crack in one of the pieces. I wasn't entirely sure what the purpose of this toy was and took it back due to its flimsy nature and poor quality. I definitely would NOT recommend this to anyone'

3/5  Klf24 'Product is a it flimsy but you get what you pay for.'

5/5  Shell 'Love this product my son has played with this since the day he had it, he's bubble crazy and with it being a tool box also it's given him hours of endless fun.! A great value toy especially if you have a little one who's just as mad for bubble's like mine, would absolutely defiantly recommend to everyone.! A big ***** from me'

1/5  Sueboo 'My granddaughter loves helping grandad so this tool bench seemed something she'd enjoy. It's quite lightweight and continually falls over when she's trying to play with it. Hence the bubble mixture spills and she becomes very fustrated.. toy is too hard for her age 2 but too immature for an older child. Would not recommend. Above was probably why it was reduced'

4/5  RD 'Purchased this for a 3yr birthday party, good value for money'

4/5  Burn 'Very good son loved it easy to put together'

5/5  Marion 'A very good gender equality play item - after all - ALL kids love bubbles'

3/5  Ness 'A bit fiddly to put together but my nephew thought the building game was fun, unfortunately once together we noticed a sticker was on wrong & the bubble machine wasn't as easy to use as it looked.'

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