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Chad Valley Bubble Machine

About the Chad Valley Bubble Machine

The Chad Valley Bubble Machine, with thousands of bubbles swirling around in seconds, is great for marvellous party fun! Little ones love bubbles (but then so do adults too!) so this is really a must have addition to play sets,

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Bubble Machine Reviews

5/5   'Lots of bubbles, used at my little girls party . Good value'

5/5  Melody 'Very happy with it and better than we thought'

5/5  Trig '2.5 year old loves it'

4/5  Jonnyfa 'Good bubbles produced . The only issue is getting unused bubble mixture out of the machine. Could do with a rubber plug in its base.to easily drain after use.'

1/5  Nicky 'Put new batteries in all working ( the fan , and wheel turning )but no bubbles coming out'

5/5  Coco 'Everyone loves bubbles'

5/5  TAZ 'Our grandchild finds the bubble machine fantastic fun as she stands in front of it to try to catch all the bubbles!'

5/5  Becca6279 'Bought it for my friends son, he loves it'

5/5  Cw 'Great bubble machine, creates lots of bubbles!'

2/5  Jen 'Loads of bubbles but does eat through batteries'

5/5  Becca 'Fanatic bubble machine blows out lots of bubbles doesn't stop at times with no bubbles. Only thing don't fill to much or will leak everywhere.'

4/5  Eliza 'My two year old absolutely loves this, he even plays with it when there's no bubble solution which is my only negative. I think they should give you a big bottle rather than a tinsy one.'

5/5  Shelly 'Perfect. Small, portable and effective.'

5/5  Rich 'It works really well, the children are having a great time chasing the bubbles'

5/5  Jo 'A simple effective little toy. My 3 year old grandson loved it.'

5/5  Deb 'Loved this; babies go to sensory classes and love the bubbles'

4/5  Abs 'I have to keep replacing these so they aren’t that good, luckily cheap.'

5/5  Juju 'My 2 yr old grandson loves bubbles , this is fantastic for him , 5 stars recommended to family & friends'

5/5  Betul 'Makes loads of them and my 11m baby loves them'

5/5  Wessy 'Great fun kids loved it'

4/5  Nannashazza 'Great value for money. Only small amount liquid needed lasted ages *****'

4/5  Emma 'The bubble machine works well and does its job the only down side is that it leaks a lot of the bubble fluid over the surface it is placed on.'

2/5  SeanG 'Looks fab, works well... For 5 minutes, after adding half a bottle of solution. Then the device spins slowly and won't restart until batteries have been changed. Disappointed about this outcome as it was a Christmas present for my 4 year old brother and he could only use it once.'

2/5  Beeweew 'Disappointed didn't work for very long and broke'

2/5  Sam 'Followed instructions said put in front all the solution fell out back and bubbles didn’t last long'

5/5  Rach 'Keeps baby entertained, also the dog loves it too haha! Good for it’s price!'

5/5  Ben87 'This is a really good product, the only issue I have is this small device takes 4 double AA batteries, seems a bit of an overkill. But its brought plenty of hours of fun and laughter to my daughter. Which you cannot put a value on!'

5/5  Chrisstar 'I was very surprised how many bubbles this produces at the one time'

5/5  Kay 'It is good bubble machine, does as what the name is.'

5/5  Babydoll 'Do buy this for your toddler it's good and keeps little ones amused for ages.'

5/5  BGV13 'My son has a lot of fun during bath time. It works fine. Only minus would be that you need to be very careful not to spill the liquid'

4/5  Ellz 'Amazing christmas present, my 2 year old loves it, endless fun and works perfectly.'

4/5  PeachBlossom 'Good price, works well. Loads of bubbles coming out so it uses a lot of bubble solution very quickly. Quite noisy too but the kids loved it.'

4/5  Tam 'My little boy loves it! Only problem is it’s quite noisy'

3/5  BeckyC 'This is a very basic bubble machine but it works well. You have to be careful when moving it as it can leak, but for the price its fine.'

4/5  Colette 'Great value for money. Only thing that could be improved is the noise of the fan.'

5/5  Dipi 'My boy likes it keeps playing all the time'

5/5  Chris 'Little girl so loves this'

5/5  Christina 'Another great item from Argos with a great price to company it . It’s very eye catching and works amazing . To be honest I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I take it back this gift is fantastic. I use it at bath time with the kids and they love to see the floating bubbles'

3/5  Mona 'Lots of bubbles but mixture keeps dripping out when child holds it and it’s quite noisy'

5/5  Bryannie 'Brought for my 2 and 1 year olds for birthday works amazing I'm very surprised would definitely recommend! And the price is just a bonus! Worth the money!'

1/5  Ange 'Leaked and not very good with children. Needs to be placed somewhere so they can’t pick it up, If they do the solution goes everywhere (which it does say to be fair) m Disappointed with purchase. Its priced rather high for what it is.'

3/5  Sophia 'It’s good as a smaller bubble machine but if you tilt slightly all the bubbles fall out and you have to refill quite often.'

5/5  Loopy 'Was a birthday present grandson very happy'

4/5  Em2018 'Great bubble machine, my 3 year old loves it. Little bit noisy but keeps my little one entertained.'

5/5  Katie 'My little niece loved this for her 2nd birthday present'

4/5  Lexiloulabell 'I’ve purchased loads of bubble machines and this one has been the best by far m! My children loved it'

5/5  Steph 'Nothing as product is great'

5/5  CLondon 'Fun outdoor accessory for the kids.'

5/5  Doris 'The Chad Valley Bubble M/C I pre-ordered & pre-paid at Argos for collection was great and my grandson is delighted with it. The Service Argos gave was very good.'

5/5  Blublu1985 'Brought for a 2 yr olds birthday and he loved it'

1/5  Legallyblonde1 'My kid loved it for few minutes until it stopped working.very disappointed little girl.returned to shop'

5/5  Naruto 'Great bubble machine kids enjoy it'

5/5  MissKmac 'Bought this to save me blowing bubbles all day, wow it fills the room with bubbles in seconds, even the older kids joined in the bubbleroom x'

2/5  KR 'Chad valley use to be really good Quality This only blow bubbles For about 30 seconds And you have a fill it was a again because the reservoir is too small it’s very messy'

5/5  Claire 'Fantastic bubble machine - kids love it'

3/5  Mirren 'It's just ok. I wouldn't say it's the best quality for the money. I wouldn't buy another, I'd probably try a different one next time. It has a carry handle on top but I found liquid easily spilled, especially from the back if not very careful as you carry it. My daughter enjoys the bubbles though. You need decent bubble mixture, some work better than others.'

1/5  HH 'Literally don't know how everyone hasn't returned this item. The machine is SO noisy, it blows only a small number of small bubbles and then if you look at picture you might be able to see the fanned area at the back is the same level as where the bubble mixture goes in, so literally I poured in and turned it on, and not only did it bubble up like a shaken bottle of fizzy water, the mixture all came out the back too and went everywhere. What a bad design!'

5/5  Owlbird 'This is the best bubble machine.I've ever seen it's so good I'm amazed it was so cheap.I brought it for my little girls first birthday & all the babies & kids & even the adults loved it. Great value for money only down side is it's a little noisey like a little Hoover what was not great for my daughter as she is scared of them but she soon got over it once the bubbles came out & she loves it now. Also becareful using it on lino as it gets very slippery lol'

5/5  Jojo 'My son loved it bit small than thought but good'

1/5  K87 'The bubble machine leaked from the back. The front just foamed no bubbles.'

5/5  Annie 'It is so easy to use & mess free. A brilliant idea for a childs party'

5/5  Aisha 'Fabulous product saves you blowing bubbles every 5 mins'

4/5  Gembo 'This produces a lot of bubbles at a nice quick speed! It is quite noisy and my 12 month old was scared when we first used it but once the bubbles appear she's fine. We bought extra solution online as the bottle included is quite small and it does get through a lot. Good product.'

5/5  Iva 'Bubble magic works with any age'

3/5  Jo 'It’s ok. A bit slow and not the greatest bubbles. Also it froths no matter how little bubble mixture goes in.'

1/5  Nicky 'Cheap looking Not robust Once bubbles supplied used other bubbles didnt work'

3/5  HBanana93 'The machine doesn’t last long with the bubbles provided and it also leaks out of the bottom like there is no tray to catch the residue'

5/5  Danni28 'I brought a bubble machine and my son loves it'

4/5  Tiffany 'This is a good little bubble machine lets out lots of bubbles, would recommend not leaving it on for too long or giving it breaks otherwise it gets a bit messy but I’d recommend it.'

5/5  Geordie82 'Thousands of bubbles, Excellent little machine. Possibly the best one we've had of this kind.'

1/5  Neetie13 'The screw holding the battery compartment closed was not screwed in straight, therefore it can’t be unscrewed! Website isn’t really helpful with reporting faulty items either!'

5/5  Glamma 'Bought for my grand-daughter and she loves it. Best used outside.'

5/5  Cody 'My granddaughter and friends had great fun with this but you do need some extra bubble mix as uses quite alot.'

5/5  Dotty 'Good product for the price, saves having to blow bubbles yourself for hours. Gave a lot of pleasure.'

4/5  Donna 'Initially the machine was brilliant. We used it for a few days before my son's 1st birthday then on the day of his party it stopped working. We were really disappointed. We exchanged it in the hope the next one is ok. We will soon find out!'

3/5  Juliana 'The bubles are finishing for a few minutes. All the liquid was gone for 20 min. I tried a few different liquids for bubles and the machine didn't work. Now is useless'

5/5  Kait 'Brilliant blows loads of bubbles for a little machine kids love it parents don’t have to blow bubbles any more'

4/5  SC 'This works well - smaller than expected but lots of bubbles. Son loves it.'

5/5  Ray 'A great machine and a big hit at childrens parties'

5/5  Andy 'By far the best bubble machine I have owned. Creates a huge amount of bubbles... was used indoors but then outside and honestly it was better than the bubble machine I rented before. It doesn't hold alot of solution but enough for 5 minutes of continued use before a refill is needed.'

1/5  Stars 'Had this working for one day then it broke'

4/5  Kerrie 'Fab little bubble machine however a quite noisy like a hair dryer and scared my 14 month old! Creates plenty of bubbles in seconds and brilliant outside!'

5/5  Barney 'I bought it for my great grandson he is my 7th generation and just o see his facw was worth every penny'

5/5  Mumof4 'My children love this, it is quite noisy but the sound of children soon drown it out. It does produce a lot of bubbles which is good.'

5/5  Jj 'Loads of fun easy to set up our great grandson loves it'

5/5  KA 'Works perfectly. Creates loads of bubbles for bubble fun. Don’t bother with cheap batteries as these drain within an hour.'

1/5  LaurenMJ 'Put brand new Duracell batteries in and didn’t work'

1/5  Clara 'Stopped working after first use!!Very disappointing!!'

4/5  Doggie 'Really good all round only one negative comment it uses so much of the bubble solution very quick other than that it’s great'

5/5  87Lear 'My daughter loves this. It's not expensive & it comes with a small bottle of bubbles as well. A small amount of the bubbles goes quite a long way. We think it's great & would definitely recommend it'

5/5  SophB 'This is a great product and works really well. Do not use with washing up liquid though, only bubble solution because washing up liquid just makes a mess.'

4/5  BOF 'Good value toy which our granddaughter enjoys - great fun'

4/5  Ellie 'This bubble machine is really good, it projects loads of bubbles with a flick of a switch! My only problem is that it spills very easily. You put the liquid in at the front, but if you tip it back by as little as 1cm, bubble liquid spills out of it. So definetely for outdoors or indoors with towels down.'

5/5  Darren 'Good value for money . Kid very happy'

3/5  Sally 'Wasn't what I was expecting wouldn't get it again.'

5/5  Princess 'This is a fab little machine, it works perfectly, I only wish that it came with a bigger bottle of bubble liquid!'

4/5  Welshlass84 'Quite noisy but does what it is meant to, the bubble solution does spill out as it is not a closed spacebut it's a Lovely little bubble machine my daughter loves it.'

4/5  Maggie 'Bought this to replace one I had last year, works really well, grandchild love it lots of bubbles'

5/5  Calm 'Both girls share it they love chasing the bubbles round the garden so many bubbles blow out of it they end up not knowing which ones to chase after they was very amused by it.'

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