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Chad Valley Bubble Lawn Mower

About the Chad Valley Bubble Lawn Mower

This Chad Valley Bubble Lawn Mower fills the air with floaty bubbles while your most cherished plays at cutting the grass. Simply fill the garden trimmer with the solution (full of bubbly greatness!)and watch the mower blow bubbles all over the place as your little one pushes it around.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Bubble Lawn Mower Reviews

1/5   'I ordered this as a surprise for my girl we set it and wait the bubble machine to start rolling. Nothing. Changed batteries and pressing the button.. Nothiiiing. She was so disappointed and me as parent.'

4/5  Kettering 'The children were delighted with this product .Buy it yourselves'

4/5  Coraa 'Endless amount of fun for toddlers'

5/5  Casper 'Always a worry that if toys are a bargain they might be easily broken, however, the mower is sturdy enough for an energetic toddler'

4/5  Sazboo 'Great toy! Lots of fun.'

4/5  Pp 'Really worth for the price'

5/5  Lunaticlivvy 'This is so adorable and the children would have hours of fun. Wouldnt recommend using in house as the bubble mix gose everywere when the child gets excited with it. Great quality, great price and plenty of outdoor fun for the little ones.'

5/5  Gracie01 'Lovely little toy provides hours of fun for little ones'

5/5  Charlotte13 'Bought as a Christmas gift for young nephew, didn't realise it was 3+ but can only assume that's due to the bubble mixture so use supervised, fab little gift'

5/5  Sel 'Got this toy for my nephew for his birthday he loves it and loves the bubbles that comes out. Such a fun toy!'

5/5  CWJ 'Cute wee toy my daughter loves it, was easy to assemble and is really sturdy and well made.'

5/5  Katherine 'Bought for my son for Christmas and he loves to be in the garden so he’ll love this when he opens it! Nice little soze'

5/5  Megamum 'Just right size for my little boy'

5/5  Babybatch 'Nσt uѕєd чєt αѕ ítѕ α chríѕtmαѕ prєѕєnt вut mч líttlє mαnnч íѕ gσín tσ hαvє grєαt fun wíth thíѕ.'

5/5  DARM 'Endless amount of entertainment for toddler and puppy'

5/5  Saranac 'Great push along bubble machine, grandson loves it'

4/5  Dfs 'Really easy to push does what it says kids will love this. Only down fall is abit of spillage.'

4/5  Jel 'This toy is okay the idea is there but if you have a toddler who's abit heavy handed like mine as soon as he pushes it all the bubbles are out of the tray at the front and also it's extremely annoying I've actually taken the batteries out because the sound gets on your nerves'

4/5  Kirsty 'My little boy loves playing with this'

1/5  Rb11 'Bought for my son but it's not really kids friendly. Doesn't really make any bubbles either. The front part is open, where you'd put the water, so that's impossible to hold for kids. We had fun just pushing it around though.'

4/5  Grandchildren 'The grandchildren lived this. However as they are both under two it was a little unstable and the handle collapses when leant on.'

5/5  Tracey 'My 2 year old loves pushing this round the house. Only downfall is if tipped slighty the solution spills'

5/5  Thenumber1Witch 'Children who love watching bubbles floating about will love this'

5/5  Randa 'Great little little bargain and perfect to help my son walk and have fun at the same time'

5/5  MISSKELLY1 'Fantastic kids love it'

4/5  Sammii1991x 'Easy to assemble, make sure you have a very very tiny Phillips screwdriver for the battery compartment. Suggest buying a rather large supply of bubble mixture as it doesn’t hold much and goes through it quite quickly - especially if it keeps getting tipped up! That’s the only fault that the mixture compartment is open and easily spilled. Blows really good bubbles though for what it is and is good fun'

5/5  Flodge 'Bought it for my grandson for his birthday. I am sure he will love it .'

3/5  Kate 'Felt very cheap thin plastic, works but not convinced will last that long.'

1/5  EmShaw 'Flimsy toy - handle broke off on first use and bubble liquid spilt out as soon as our little one started pushing the toy along. Pointless purchase!'

4/5  Arty 'Kept the little one entertain. I would recommend buying a bigger bottle of bubbles.'

3/5  Nick 'Not impressed with this product'

5/5  Lmoore 'Product reflected the image online'

5/5  Gerbra123 'This is our 2nd one of these as my boy enjoys playing with it so much Our first one was slightly different with the handles and they kept coming out if place so we had to tape them in place. But this design is so much better and we don’t have the issue any more'

5/5  SEnty 'My 2 year old son loves this and loves pushing it around EVERYWHERE! keeps him entertained for hours. Ensure you buy extra bubble solution.'

2/5  Mary 'This was fun for the first few minutes. Blows a good stream of bubbles for a minute or two until the bubble chamber quickly empties and needs refilled. The supplied bubbles fill the chamber twice. It becomes very boring very quickly.'

5/5  Terry 'Great product, bought two as on special offer and my grandchildren love them. The only thing I didn’t like is that the fluid can tip out easy when not on flat ground but overall they are great. Just make sure you buy plenty of bubble fluid'

4/5  MrsMummyBurton 'Another great inexpensive toy my daughter adores. She loves it even without the bubbles on! Gutted the bubble solution isn't covered so little fingers can dip into it but obviously can be avoided. It's a shame it's not heavier at the bottom so it's not easily toppled but despite this, she walks with it well (after learning it can topple) and loves playing with her lawnmower inside and out!'

5/5  Ash 'This product has to be one of the best things we have bought our little boy, he uses it everyday and it is a struggle to get it off him. It doesn't use much battery power havnt had to change them once in 4 weeks and he has it on everyday for at least 5 hours.'

1/5  SASHA 'Bought this for my 19 month son. The first day we purchased it was broke with hours the handles are too flimsy my son snapped handle off and the bubbles stopped working within 30 mins even after refiling. My son was devastated had to go a proper one from other retailer.'

5/5  Mccaw 'Brilliant Son loves it..So many bubbles'

3/5  Kate 'Although the children like it the quality of material is pretty poor. One of the wheels already looks buckled. I don’t expect it to last long but it’s got bubbles so they like it'

5/5  Gemdky 'Great gift lovely for a small child in the garden'

1/5  Jacky 'Bubbles kept spilling out, could do with being enclosed. It stopped blowing bubbles and working after 10 minutes of play with new batteries in. Would not recommend to anyone. Grandson was upset but I’d already thrown box and couldn’t find receipt to return.'

4/5  Fari 'Keeps kids entertained'

5/5  Cook 'Kids love it.!! Easy for them to push about.'

5/5  Mum 'My daughter loves this lawn mower.'

3/5  Rosie 'The lawnmower feels very flimsy and cheap but my daughter likes it. The bubble liquid spills out easily whilst being played with so you go through it rather quickly.'

5/5  TrebleSix 'Easy to assemble and creates lots of bubbles'

4/5  Megs 'My son loves this, got him this as a birthday gift and loves playing with it in the garden with his grandad.'

5/5  Kira 'Good price.My son love it. Lot of fun.'

5/5  Steffiebear67 'Colourful product, easy to push and great fun !'

3/5  Nana 'Not really robust enough as it tips easily loosing the bubble liquid.. It still entertained without the bubbles and the on/off button was popular.'

3/5  Mark 'A fun, colourful activity toy where young children can pretend to cut the grass and see the bubbles floating out of the lawn mower.'

2/5  Brenora 'Bubble solution falls out easily when placed in allocated place, the mower is supposed to be moved but when you do the bubble mix comes out so only lasts two minutes'

3/5  Snowball 'Grandson loves it, the big downside to it, is where you put the bubble liquid in. It’s for not have a cap or top to stop it spilling out.'

5/5  Darthmum 'Great little toy- if a little light weight. It is bright and cheerful and keeps the little one busy and entertained.'

5/5  Ramzy 'Excellent product really happy with my purchase'

4/5  Rachie7779 'Bought as a gift, the child likes it. The mower works fine, isn't the best quality ever made but not the worst either. Is pretty average, I wouldn't pay more that what I did for it and I don't expect it to last longer than one summer but it has brought a child some joy - more what can we ask for.'

4/5  Ian 'Good value I bought this combined with a wheelbarrow Easy to assemble Downside plastic not finished off so check and remove any bits sticking out'

4/5  Dorota 'It's ok for my son Thanks'

5/5  Granny 'My granddaughter loves bubbles and she says her mower is better than daddy’s'

5/5  Raven 'My grandchildren love this and have so much fun.'

5/5  CORNWALL 'Lots of fun for my grandson, very pleased'

5/5  Paul1 'Bourght as a present they love it'

5/5  Helena 'My little girl have so much fun with this toy.'

5/5  Maria 'I will recommend it to mums/cater keep children occupied they love it plus good value for money'

1/5  Romford 'Never worked, despite spending a small fortune on decent batteries'

3/5  Jpaton 'My son enjoyed it not the best but for price great'

4/5  Ray25 'Okay for the price but the handles a little flimsy especially if you’ve got heavy handed kids!'

4/5  Ros 'Our 21 month old loves it, it is a little flimsy but fine for the money.'

4/5  Mumma88 'Bought for my two yr old. He loved it but it is very, very flimsy and has unfortunately been broken already :( not had it long..'

5/5  Vicky 'My boy is very happy making bubbles, easy put together, and big smiles'

4/5  MadM 'This brightly coloured very lightweight plastic mower with realistic sound was well received by my granddaughter of 17 months old. She loved the bubbles! It has given her hours of fun.'

5/5  Amy 'Our toddler loves it.'

5/5  Susiesue 'Don’t need a garden with this one but don’t forget the batteries!'

5/5  Agnes 'Perfect for a 3 - 5 year old. The bubbles work very well. Grandson loved it.'

5/5  Sagir 'What an amazing piece for new starters walkers to freedom while this transforms into a world of bubble fun.'

5/5  Jacqueline 'I bought this for my grandsons 3 rd birthday and he absolutely loves it . It was easy to put together but don't forget the batteries.'

2/5  Becks 'Cheap for reason. in hind sight would pay more for a better quality item. Saying that, it did keep my toddler entertained for 20 minutes until the bubbles ran out'

5/5  Bigmac 'Perfect for kids to play with for hours but their is no substitute for the real bubble mixture'

5/5  Nadira 'The kids loved this had soo much fun with the toy.'

1/5  Jmer79 'Item broke i was putting it together . My daughter was heart broken there was not another one in stock and the item was bought to be used there and then as it was for my daughter to play as i was working on the garden. Instead of returning item i had to setyle for taping it together'

5/5  Chloe 'I Purchased this for my son and he loves it. He has gotten hours of bubble fun out of it and loves pushing it around the garden.'

5/5  Nat07 'Bought 2 of these for my twins birthday! They are brilliant! Really good fun for our boys!'

4/5  Daisy 'Bought this for a friends little girl who was over the moon with it'

5/5  Smc 'My 3 daughters love there bubble lawnmowers'

5/5  Cas 'The grandchildren love them'

4/5  Jade94 'I Think Its Great That You Have The Option Of Same Day Delivery And My Little Boy Loves It.'

5/5  Mim 'Excellent value. It was a gift and my niece absolutely loved it!'

3/5  Laura 'Bought it for my 18 months old and she loves it but it's quite poor quality (quite flimsy) and I'm not too sure how long it will lasts.'

3/5  Tenpindee 'Seems a bit flimsy for an outdoor toy and only time will tell if it is robust enough'

5/5  Claire 'Bought for friends kids age 2 & 3 they loved them good value for money'

5/5  Klm 'My children love this and have a lot of fun playing with it, however I do find that it could be more sturdy as in the plastic handle can be broken quite easily.'

5/5  Katie 'Great garden toy for kids!'

5/5  Lilly 'Great price was cheap and it's good quality'

5/5  MissNatasha 'My toddler loves this lawnmower! It makes lots of bubbles and it's easy to push along. Highly recommend'

1/5  Mama 'Bubble wand wouldn’t spin. Had to exchange'

3/5  Loulou1 'Not very sturdy .The bubble bottle it comes with doesnt last long but Grandchild enjoyed it while it lasted.'

4/5  Lindsay 'Great little mower for little ones, lots of fun with the bubbles too.'

1/5  Hails 'Poor very unstable. Dangerously light to push would fall over. The bubble resolution just sits in a tray uncovered so all pours out when tipped. Bubble blower is pathetic. Very flimsy handle dosent stay secure either.'

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