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Chad Valley Bubble Animals Assortment

About the Chad Valley Bubble Animals Assortment

Pour in the Bubble Fun, switch on and let your little one glide away as their bright and vibrant Chad Valley Bubble Animal makes gorgeous bubbles and hours of provides lots of laughter for your most cherished. Three (3) styles to collect!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4822507
EAN/SKU: 4822507
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Chad Valley Bubble Animals Assortment Reviews

5/5   'Its fun for all the family keeps all of my children entertaid and always makes them smile'

5/5  Andrea4 'My three grandsons loved this little bubble machine, brilliant product for the money. Small enough to take away with us for lots of hours of amusement.'

3/5  Sammy 'Good fun product but not as many bubbles as would of expected'

5/5  AWatts 'Bought this very cheap ( 3.50£) .Brilliant present for kids who like bubbles..'

5/5  Dee 'This was bought as a gift for my friends daughter, she has had hours of fun with it already. And as a bonus her Mum is able to get a few bits & bobs done as she sits in her wee chair happily watching the bubbles. Delighted'

5/5  Toffeeblue 'Great wee gift for a under 2'

5/5  Lizzy 'My daughter's has lots of fun with this'

5/5  Jolly 'Really nice bubble machine. Works very well.'

5/5  Tony 'Hours of entertainment for child and adults, not noisy. Easy to use and does not affect the pet.'

4/5  Kendal 'Great buy for the price.'

5/5  KJB 'Purchased in the sale. Pleased I purchased it in the sale, as I'm not sure I would have been happy paying the 'full' price for this item. It is a lovely item and works well. My dog absolutely loves it, yes I bought it for my dog haha. She loves bubbles so purchased some bacon bubbles (dog friendly) and put them in this … has her entertained quite happily for some time :) really easy to use (once you understand where the bubbles go) and really quick to set up.'

5/5  Sara 'Great machine for the price. Bubbles don’t blow very far but a lot do come out. Lasts about 5-10 mins before you need to refit it.'

5/5  Naweeda 'It’s was a fun machine very good'

5/5  Kazza86 'Does everything it shows on box lovely bubbles'

5/5  Hlc88 'This is a brilliant product. My son is 13 months old and loves it. I would imagine much younger babies would love seeing the bubbles too. We used it at my son's party and it was a big hit from babies up to 3 year olds.'

5/5  Cal 'Very good for my 7 month old'

5/5  Clemxo 'Bought as a present for a friend child. They love it! And a bargain in the sale too!!'

5/5  Mell 'My little boy loves this, brilliant value for money to.'

5/5  Waynee 'We bought this product along wirh several others for the Radio borders charity for children at Christmas, fantastic price and a very good product. Would highly recommend'

5/5  Nadine 'Really fun and small enough to go anywhere'

5/5  Hansa 'Wonderful bubble toy kept my grandson amused.'

4/5  Shan 'Worth for the price but no instructions how to use'

5/5  Michael 'This is a fantastic product that has given my young niece hours of fun, would highly recommend for any youngster'

5/5  Vicky 'Good quality product. My kid loves it.'

5/5  Karenshug 'Bought for my neice who loves chasing bubbles'

2/5  Jules 'Again Chad Valley have disappointed with thier cheaply made product. Worked fine at a friends house so could be a dud one I have purchased but was not blowing bubbles the way it should. I have found over the past 2-3 years that chad valley has let me down more times than most in their production of toys.'

4/5  Ash 'Got it half price other wise I wouldn't pay full price'

5/5  Tomrob90 'Excellent for the price'

4/5  Qwerty2122 'Perfect present for young children’s...'

5/5  Kim 'This is ideal for the summer in the garden and even on the side when children are taking a bath. My seven year old will have as much fun with this as my two and three years old grandchildren in the summer .'

4/5  Laura 'The bubble machine was a lot smaller than I expected for the price. I was lucky to get it on sale though. My nephew loved it though. Small but worked well.'

5/5  Bella 'Bought for friend’s daughter, she loved it'

4/5  Soph 'I really loved the chad valley bubble blower. Did exactly what it said in the description and my little one absolutely loves what it adds to her bath time. Only downside is it's a little noisier than expected and the bubbles don't blow really far - but it is only quite small in fairness. Overall I was super happy with my buy and I'd definitely buy again/recommend to others.'

5/5  Nadz500 'My daughter played with the bubble machine for hours.'

4/5  Robyn 'Bought this as a christmas present for my baby niece. She absolutley loves it just as much as the adults. Comes with bubble solution but no batteries. Would recommend.'

5/5  Hannah 'Baby loves it. Got in the sale for £3.50. Can’t go wrong for that price!'

5/5  225u 'Worth the money does what it says'

3/5  CharMil 'Overall a good product but after a while the machine started leaking liquid underneath'

5/5  Shane 'Amazing little gift and the price was amazing'

5/5  Sarah 'Great for the money. My grandson loved it, bright and colourful'

5/5  Yasar 'Good costumer service'

3/5  Dee 'This product works well but was a lot smaller than I expected it to be'

5/5  Judy65 'Granddaughter loved it great fun .'

5/5  Lissa 'Bargain as I brought on sale'

2/5  BamBam 'The bubble mixture clogs up very fast'

5/5  Lewis 'My niece is super happy she loves bubbles . So makes her happy'

5/5  MJ 'Great product, purchased for use at my son's 1st birthday party. It works really well and and was a big hit! All babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers love bubbles! I would definitely recommend!'

5/5  MumofLandH 'Bought two as gifts, really cute little bubble machines. There's no mixture included which was abit rubbish but can't complain for the price!'

4/5  Optifourteen 'Great device to keep everyone entertained. Much enjoyed this Christmas by a two-year old and Granddad!'

4/5  Mummy 'Great value and would buy it again'

5/5  Elsie 'Do - research the market before you decide Do - Check out availability from local stores Don't - Buy from another store'

5/5  Richard 'I bought it for my Niece and Nephew for Christmas, for the price it is a quality product'

5/5  Peterp 'We bought this for our great grandson and he absolutely loves it seems to go for ages without having to blow all the time or press buttons really good value and product.'

4/5  Wayne 'A bit small but still produced a fair amount of bubbles.'

1/5  SK 'Don’t buy it - worked once when I initially put batteries in and then when wanted to use didn’t work again - returned to store for a refund. Don’t waste your time.'

5/5  RivenPL 'My small daughter absolutely loves it. Loads of bubbles.. works perfectly with soapy water..'

5/5  Louise 'Got it for a kids party, was quite small but they loved it. Ideal for toddlers and young kids.'

5/5  Daisy 'Gives hours of fun at a great price'

4/5  Lj 'Kid's really enjoyed garden fun with this'

4/5  Bexy 'Only tested as it's for a birthday but seems to work really well. The bubbles are very small but thats perfect for my young children and you do get loads of bubbles. The machine itself is quite small but again, I like that about it. Can't wait to see my little ones face on their birthday as they LOVE bubbles but I cannot stand blowing them so this is a win win all around'

5/5  Kp21 'This was great value for money. Was smaller than I expected when I removed from the box but was not disappointed when we switched it on. Lots of bubbles came out and lasted quite well for the small amount of solution we put in. Only takes two batteries too. Grandkids loved it.'

5/5  Hatrick1960 'Excellent - just perfect'

4/5  SCJ 'It is quite small but does the job. My 2 year old has had lots of fun with this.'

4/5  Shannon 'My little was amazed for hours , could of been a little bit bigger'

4/5  Mummabear 'This bubble machine/bubble blower gives out a good amount of bubbles but sometimes even when there is solution inside the bubbles don’t come out.'

4/5  Chefpug 'Quick and efficient service .. simply in and out in 2 mins'

5/5  SD 'Great for the kiddies!!'

1/5  Supernan 'Very disappointed with this product. Appears much larger in picture, but is very small so holds very little bubble fluid. Wheel keeps sticking which stops bubbles.'

3/5  Nana1234 'Wouldn't buy again blows about 4 bubbles then just frothed up'

5/5  Su 'Great bubble machine'

1/5  Kittu 'It’s bubble dispenser is too small. I have to keep on adding bubbles solution again n again.'

5/5  Kazzy 'Brilliant, small but very impressed with amount of bubbles it produces. Fills my garden with bubbles much to my nieces amusement.'

4/5  Clojo 'This bubble machine is great for the price however smaller than I presumed! Daughter loved it for her 1st birthday'

5/5  Bumbleblee 'The children have had so much fun with this bubble machine. Highly recommended'

5/5  Smarty 'We got this for my son's party... It was a little smaller than I expected but it gave of so many bubbles and the little ones loved it! Definitely recommend'

5/5  SJ 'Bought for my daughters 3rd birthday party, she absolutely loves it so did the other toddlers.'

5/5  Kat 'The item is very small so didn’t expect much from it but we got a continuous stream of bubbles. My one year old enjoyed it'

1/5  K87 'The bubble machine went too slow therefore it didnt blow any bubbles 2 very disappointed kids.'

4/5  Nicola 'So far it's given my children hours of bybble fun. Doesn't last long before you have to fill up the mixture again but it takes less batteries than others. But noisy but fine outside.'

5/5  Hev15 'Bought for my granddaughter who loves bubbles it's abit fiddly to pour the solution in but worth it to see my granddaughters face when it's a constant stream of little bubbles'

5/5  Anca 'My son love it. Good product'

5/5  Caz 'Ivegot it for my daughter birthday on Saturday and she loves bubble and I would like to win the vouchers for Saturday for her birthday'

5/5  Mercury84 'My daughter loves it. Good value for money and makes heaps of bubbles! We were battling off bubbles within seconds !! Very good, better than some of the more pricey ones and bubble solution lasts a good amount of time. Recommended.'

5/5  Gs 'My daughter 2 1/2 loved trying to catch the bubbles.'

5/5  Hayley 'Great. My 2 year old loves it'

4/5  Katie 'Small thing but very noisy! My daughter loves the bubbles, she is 11 months old so I thought I will buy something like that for our garden to make some bubbles for her. Instead of having a nice quiet afternoon we were hearing the little machine making noises!! By the way it was not obvies that you should pour the liquid straight in to the animal mouth! So in general it’s a good item but if I could have to buy it again than I would probably get something different.'

5/5  Vallie 'Fun, fun, fun. Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles, great fun. Good value for money too..'

3/5  Suzanne 'Ok. Bit dissaponted as it does go through a lot of bubble mixture and batteries.'

5/5  Daddy 'This is small but a great bubble blower machine We use ours at bath time It blows small bubbles really well and comes in three different designs Well worth the money'

3/5  PKL 'I was very surprised when opening the item as its a lot smaller than I thought, it fits into the palm of my hand. I bought it for outside play but unfortunately it's just too small, would probably be good for a young child indoors, but I think there are cheaper ones around for what it does.'

4/5  Amie007 'The kids loved it for the birthday party'

4/5  Loulou 'Good bubble machine, works really well, a little on the small side but perfect for my baby'

5/5  Melons 'Great machine for entertainment. Lots of bubbles. Cat enjoyed chasing bubbles. Whole family loved it.'

5/5  Shugz 'Great wee bubble machine!'

4/5  Dulight 'Plus point, takes less batteries than some bubble machines Minus point, tends to get a bit 'clogged' up at the bottom when too many bubbles are made and the solution reservoir isn't very big. Overall though it's good. My grandchildren love it.'

3/5  Pippa 'Unfortunately i comment on how it was as it didn't work first time. But they staff were understandable and lovely and refunded me'

3/5  Hair 'Very small thought it would be bigger, bubbles themselves are tiny compared to normal sized ones. Child still enjoys Just super small product & bubbles. Would go for bigger next time'

4/5  Kellalco 'Both my little ones love bubbles so bought this for some garden fun. It was a little smaller than expected but it does make LOTS of small bubbles which the children enjoy popping! Great item and lots of fun'

4/5  Rach 'I bought as a present, after seeing it working I was really impressed with it, lots of bubbles and great value'

4/5  Kate 'Good value, bit louder than I expected.'

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