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chad valley bouncy house and pool

About the Chad Valley Bouncy House and Pool

The Chad Valley Bouncy House and Pool is ideal for outside bouncing fun for kids. Children will love exploring the bouncy house as they abate their curiosity with reckless abandon. Filled with either water or coloured play balls, the pool is the glorious finale after your most cherished happily glides down the slide for even more joyous magical times.

What's being said:

Kids love this as a ball pool and when the weather brightens up definately going to try it out as a paddling pool. A top tip is using an electric pump to inflate to save time and exhaustion. Overall the Chad Valley Bouncy House and Pool is great garden toy to put smiles on the faces of children.

Top notch for both summer and winter. Presently we're using it with balls in but without doubt in the summer it'll be tied down (it comes with the pegs and ties) and used with water in it. I'd say it's great for kids up to 5 years but any older they may find it a little snug, so a bigger bounce house would perhaps be a better fit for older kids.

This Chad Valley Bouncy House and Pool is perfectly suited for both indoor or outdoor play. Lovely quality, comes in 3 parts and super simply to assemble, took 25 mins to pump up, not too long but perhaps I should invest in an electric pump for future use! Perfect size for my kids (2 and 5 years old) who love it with or without water. Seems like this will be a long life, long time favourite; very sturdy, robust and safe when despite energtic bouncing or slide play. Bright and colourful and comes with ground pegs, so it won't drift off in the wind.

Unquestionably will give hours of fun (unless it pops which seems unlikely, strikes me as very robust) and the pictures don't do justice for how good it is. Its a good size, so it can be cleaned easily currently located in the front room but this bouncy house will be fab in garden too.

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Chad Valley Bouncy House and Pool Reviews

5/5   'Such great fun for my 2 kids this summer. Easy to set up and a good size however wouldn’t be suitable for more than 2 children at the same time. Very worth the money'

2/5  Jax 'This product is very good keeping the kids entertained however the slide has burst at the seam and no patch is working. Rather disappointed. But the rest of it is still working and the kids love it.'

3/5  Green 'This product ripped down the side, and along where the netting is, such a shame as my toddlers loved it'

5/5  Vazza 'Bought this for my granddaughter’s birthday and has had hours of fun playing in this with her brother and friends - UK weather permitting. Quick to assemble with electric pump - not included with castle. Great for the smaller kids as a ball pool too. Extremely happy with purchase.'

5/5  F1fan 'Bought for a 4yr old & 2yr old and they loved it. Easy to inflate/deflate with just a battery powered air pump. { electric one was out of stock} great quality product for hours of fun. Like the idea of the included ties to prevent the slide and pool separating from the main house/Castle when in use which works really well and the included ground pegs. Grandchildren happy! and I'm happy with this purchase.'

2/5  Vas 'The box says takes 15 minutes to inflate using footpump. Definitely NOT! It took me nearly 30 mins to inflate the bouncy castle using and electric pump (Which is said not to use). The bouncy castle needed re-inflating daily.'

5/5  Noceps 'I love this product. I bought it the day before our 4 year old grandson and his older brother were coming to celebrate his birthday. Easy to assemble. We chucked in the balls (had to buy separately) and the kids played with it for hours. We then put some water in the pool and the fun began again. Really great. Took a while to deflate and almost impossible to get back into the original packaging but that is no surprise'

5/5  Rebecca 'Low cost garden activity for the summer. My son enjoys it, suits toddlers well. Quite small so would fit any garden easily.'

5/5  KATHY 'Well made, you need an electric blower to inflate it which was fine i have one its very colorful and the grandchildren had fun they were 2, 5 and 9 years it held them perfectly ,i put warm water in the pool bit as was a not so sunny day easy to put up ;and quite weighty on the bouncy castle bit as i have artificial lawn so could not peg down but definitely as good buy and already recommended to a friend'

5/5  Shannon 'Amazing son loves it'

3/5  Paul1987 'The bouncy castle is great fun for the kids and I like the way you have the separate sections - you can fill the swimming pool with water or balls. It does deflate a little if you leave it out though.'

5/5  Debbie 'My granddaughters love it'

1/5  Syed 'I brought from argos in may 2019. Yesterday I was open and pump but after few minutes pump gone,try again but it's gone. Today I called customer service they found transactions but they couldn't help because I lost my receipt. I'm so unhappy because I regularly purchased from argos.'

5/5  Doucy 'Quick & easy to set up, good fun for young kids up to 4yrs. You will require a pump'

4/5  Debz196 'Bouncy castles is good, 2 year old loves it but it does start deflating after a day or so, so have to blow up often.'

5/5  Spakel 'You will need an electric pump to blow it up'

5/5  Jen 'Amazing product, would recommended to anyone with small children.'

4/5  Mike 'My son loves this but make sure you buy a good electric pump'

5/5  Damon 'Great for kids and easy to put up'

4/5  Hayley 'My little girl and her friends love it and we filled the front part with balls which was great too. Nice size.'

5/5  Milly 'Was easy to put together. Took a little while to inflate but well worth it. My kids, 4 and 2 have played on it daily. Bouncing and sliding. I’ve tried other pools with slides and the slides were too small and no good, but this slide is big enough for them to enjoy. It stayed up for 2 weeks in the rain and sun, it’s been pulled around and jumped on, so I am pleased with the quality.'

5/5  Joe 'Keeps the grandchildren entertained for hours'

5/5  Karen 'Grandson loves it plays on this all the time when it’s good weather'

5/5  Lew 'Bought this bouncy castle and pool for my 3 year old son, he absolutely loves it. So much fun for him in the garden, will keep him occupied all summer. Takes a while to inflate and deflate but that’s to be expected with the size'

1/5  Tracy 'Faulty had to be returned, argos unable to swap so gave me a refund. When purchasing pump was a recommended purchase so I did but was incorrect for product'

5/5  Sherra 'My 4 year old loves this item and was easy to assemble with a electric pump, would say it’s worrh the money'

2/5  Funplay 'The castle its nice himself with the slide and pool but its not bouncy at all had to take it back.'

4/5  Thesnaik 'Loads of fun for any little one with tons and tons of energy. Only draw back is that it takes ages to set up. Took me over 2 hours to inflate it.'

5/5  Jilly 'Its quite small, perfect for a 3 year old, although our 7 year old enjoyed herself on a hot Sunday afternoon, the pool was perfect for our 2 year old as it’s easy for him to get in and out , our 3 year old is definitely the right size for it , It took a long time to inflate with an electric pump but was worth it'

3/5  Suzy 'I think the picture is deceiving, I thought it looked bigger than it is'

1/5  Pitbull 'It pop within 20mins of be up'

1/5  Merka 'Bought this massive gorgeous pool with bouncy castle. Never been that dissapointed in my life. Brought it home and discovered it doesnt come with a pump. Doesnt say anywhere on box even. 3 hours of blowing it up by mouth and feeling faint headed but we did it! The bouncy castle doesnt actually bounce when jumped on. And every couple of hours i had to blow it up again as it kept deflating. The pool and castle both deflated slowly. Took back to shop. Wasnt worth it.'

5/5  Diane 'I bought this for my grandson and he loves it'

5/5  Nanna 'Not easy to assemble and not easy to deflate.'

5/5  Marshy 'Good quality for price, stands up well to the rough and tumble of the older generation.'

5/5  Kasp917 'Bought for granddaughter she absolutely loves it'

3/5  Jan 'It took for ever to blow up, got the pump Argos recommend to go with product it was like watching paint dry usless, we then tried swimming pool pump but dident work we made our own device 2 hours later it was up, grandchildren love it, it is not that big so would not be suitable for children over 5 years.'

1/5  Bex 'Omg don’t buy this, we have one disappointed little boy, the paddling pool arrived with a puncture , it took 2 hours to pump the whole thing!! It now has a puncture in the castle , my son is 2 he can just about bounce around he throws himself around on it!! Argos wanted us to take it all down and bring it in to the shop as if we would do that it took 2 hours to pump it wasn’t worth let it all down just cause of the tiny paddling pool! HUGE mistake it’s a disaster!!'

4/5  Mmm 'My grand kid loves it and so do I lots of fun'

5/5  Claire 'My children love it so we have no complaints'

5/5  Sibby 'Got it for Grandaughter’s 3rd Birthday. She loves it and you can fill the pool with water or balls'

5/5  Sophie 'The children absolutely love it. On hot days they can play on it for hours!'

5/5  Ali 'Bought for granddaughters first birthday she loved it so did her little friends'

2/5  Pritch 'Seams split after less than half an hour. The design and ease to set up are great. Hopefully it’s just that I got the one bad one. If the seams were stronger it’d be a great product for young kids.'

5/5  Lolly1974 'Excellent quality and good price. To set up was easy but you will need an electric pump ! My daughter had to set it up and she found it easy even with an excited 2 year old and 3 month old baby ! Bought some play balls to go in pool with water as well. Good price compared to other shops we looked at.'

3/5  Emma2800 'Can’t use an electric pump so took ages to blow up and just as long to take back down was quite small aswell for the price I expected something a little bigger definitely not worth the price'

5/5  Anne 'Bought the pump with this product and it was really good easy to blow up and good size for smaller children'

4/5  Elisez3 'This has given my 3 year old son hours of fun, can use inside when raining, and on the odd occasion when it’s sunny he has spent hours in the garden.'

5/5  Sarah 'It took around 30 minutes to inflate but once up my little boy loved it it's the perfect size for him'

4/5  Mummybear 'Easy to assemble once you have the correct equipment. Stays inflated for a good couple of weeks. Kids have enjoyed it.'

5/5  Felic1985 'This has provided hours of entertainment for our 4 yr old. Best price was with Argos where I saved £30... would definitely recommend. Really easy to fill the pool part too, it’s quite shallow, so takes no time but perfect for that splash after they use the slide. I reckon 2-3 kiddies could enjoy this at any time. Not super big which is great for storing away. Stays inflated if you leave out also. Need a good electric pump to blow up.'

5/5  Naomiw 'Arrived swiftly. Bought a battery opetated pin and so glad as it would be taken ages to put up. Comes in 3 parts. Castle, slide and pool. The bouncy castle itself is inflated in 2 parts. The base and then the walls. The walls must have a slow puncture as I need to reinflate every half hour but it has no impact on the base at all. 8 would've taken back but I just couldn't be bothered and my son loves it.'

5/5  Joanne53 'This needs a foot or hand pump. Lots of fun had already'

5/5  Chelle 'Great my grandson loves it can't get him off it great for the summer'

5/5  Booboo 'Ideal for 2 kids and a small ish back garden.'

5/5  Field 'I bought for my Grandson he loved it, couldn't every day to go in the garden to play. The price was good and bright colour, easy to assemble when blown up. Loved the sides so he didn't full out. Only down side is it had no pump, when you do pump up the holes you put the adapter in are really small.'

5/5  CharlieSol 'Great first bouncy castle if a little small. My toddler is quite tall so she probably could have done with a bigger one bit it was great and she absolutely loved it. Great fun with the pool being used both as a ball pit and as a paddling pool over the summer. Good value for money although I think it should have a pump included.'

5/5  Lola 'It was easy to pump up using the chad valley electric pump. Stayed together and withstood a lot of hefty jumping! Kids loved it.'

5/5  Sonia 'This is a 3 in 1 bouncy castle which can be used separately too. the slide and pool come apart if you need. the fun never ends and my kids play in it for hours. I use the pool as a ball pit too and when the weather is not good I use it indoors as well. great value for money.'

4/5  Alik 'My daughters really enjoy to play in and out, with water or with balls'

5/5  Ed 'Our lad is showing no signs of boredom after a few weeks. The bouncy castle, slide and paddling pool make it a three in one toy.'

5/5  Nabeel 'My little daughter is having a blast playing in this. Would definitely recommend this to my friends.'

5/5  Boodagurl 'Awesome item. We use the pool/ball pit area as a sand pit. There isn't much bounce though, but my 2yr old still enjoys it.'

5/5  Jade93 'I brought this for my son who's 2 and it's perfect just the right size and he loves it. My partner also loved it.'

5/5  Dotty53 'Exceeded my expectations, quality is very good not at all flimsey, easy and quick to blow up with an electric pump. 3 sides of the castle have a net "wall" making it safe for little ones, good size slide and ball pit/paddling pool. Bought for a 1 year old who loves it. The pit took 400 balls to fill to a decent level I was amazed at the size of it - a great buy'

5/5  Joycie 'Perfect! I have a 3 and a 9 year old and they both love it, my 3 year old in the traditional sense and the nine with a load of washing up liquid and sliding up the slide. Either way, top quality, strong and much fun had so far!'

4/5  Chris 'All ok but it should include an electric pump in this price .'

5/5  Jay 'Bought for 2 year old . Went up really easy with the pump I also bought (don't try to blow it up manually. ) all fitted together as per instructions . Children loved it. Had water in pool on hot days and took water out put balls in on other days.'

5/5  Locks 'My little one loves this and has hours of fun, castle can be used separately if it's not pool weather. 2 children can have fun with this but not really room for any more.'

4/5  Kris 'Easy to set up, perfect for kids up to 5-6, good value for money'

5/5  Jessie 'My son loves this he spent hours sliding down the slide into the pool. Easy to set up with an electric pump. Very sturdy using the floor pegs.'

5/5  Mumof2 'We gave this to our 3 year old for his birthday and he absolutely loves it!! There's enough bouncing room to not have a heart attack each time he jumps but enough for him to think he's 'King of the Castle'! We didn't put water in the pool, we put balls in there instead, it took about 5 bags of balls for it to be enticing to come down the slide for! The only downside is you don't get a pump. We ended up buying a foot pump, which wasn't too expensive. Brilliant product.'

5/5  Hollie 'Very good price Great for summer'

4/5  Allier 'Our 5 year old's garden toys had not weathered the winter too well but rather than replace with a new climbing frame and swing, we thought we'd get something less permanent that we can pack away. This castle/pool/slide combo is great as can be used in pieces or all together. Had it up in the garden without water on a warm day and our daughter enjoyed bouncing and sliding. Could put balls in the pool instead of water. Quality is good but it took about half an hour to inflate everything.'

4/5  Daisy 'Great product and value for money. My three year old loves this'

5/5  Milngavie01 'The. Bouncy house and pool proved a hit with my children aged 3 to 9 and there really enjoyed sliding down into the pool. We used balls in the pool rather than water. You may need to get a longer valve to put on the end of the pump so that it can penetrate the safety valve inlet when blowing up part of the house.'

5/5  Leppings 'Once inflated this was great fun for my 4 year old nephew. The weather was not good enough at the moment to have the pool filled with water, but he still enjoyed the slide and the bouncy house. Seems to be well made and not too difficult to inflate with a electric pump. Roll on the Summer and warmer weather so that he can have water in the pool. Great!!.'

5/5  Kinferno 'It took 1/2 hour to inflate with my own electric pump.As there is NO pump included with this.All three pieces are separate.But you cant use the slide on its own as it will topple over.But you can just use the pool on its own or the castle.The kids had so much fun jumping & sliding through into the pool.Its not as bouncy as a continuous blowing bouncy castle.My two children are 3 & 5 & both were in the castle at the same time.Any more would be too much.It took 1/2 hour to deflate.My Kids love it!'

5/5  Justin 'My children loved this as a ball pool, haven't had the weather to try it out as a paddling pool. My only issue is inflating it. I would higher recommend that you have an electric pump to save time and exhaustion. Overall a great garden toy to keep the kids happy'

4/5  Alibabba1977 'This bouncy castle is fab for both summer and winter. Right now we are using it with balls in but in the summer it will be tied down (it comes with the pegs and ties) and used with water in it. My 5 year old is just the right size but i would say any older than this then it may be on the small size a little'

5/5  Athena 'Great Bouncy Castle for indoor or outdoor play. Good quality, comes in 3 parts and very easy to assemble, took 25 mins to pump up. Perfect size for my 5 yr old and 2 yr old children who love it with or without water. Very sturdy and safe when the kids are bouncing and coming down the slide. Bright and colourful and the material feels robust so should hopefully last a long time.Comes with ground pegs, so it won't fly away.'

5/5  Char B 'Smaller than I thought but great can use just as a castle or just as a pool or ball pit kids love it brilliant quality'

5/5  Tsp8 'This without a doubt will give hours of fun (unless it pops) my pictures won't give it justice for how good it is. Its a good size, currently I have it in my front room as it will be easier to keep clean but will be great in garden too. It says 7 mins to pump up, my pump must be rubbish as it took 30. The pool can be filled with balls instead of water to keep them dry for all weather playing.'

4/5  Jodz 'Really good purchase, good price! My boys love it! 5 year old and 11 month old'

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