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chad valley blue sand and water pit

About the Chad Valley Blue Sand and Water Pit

The Chad Valley Blue Sand and Water Pit (Capacity 111 litre) is a charming blue, fully assembled, apple-shaped sand and water pit known to be popular with kids. Whether filled with water, sand or playballs, it will provides young ones hours of garden fun at a fantastic price.

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Chad Valley Blue Sand and Water Pit Reviews

5/5   'My ducks love them plenty of room for the ducks to bath and chill'

5/5  Jayjay 'Great product kids loved it'

4/5  KatieG 'Great during the summer for my little grandson, however “ lid” poorly fitting and allows the rain to get into the sand ☹️'

5/5  MrsG 'Great value, has kept our son happy for hours. Shame it didn't include any sand toys.'

5/5  Jamiemorgan 'Exactly what I wanted, great size and depth to keep the dogs cool ! Also 1 half for the grandson!'

5/5  Female 'Great item ,& very good price too'

5/5  Scooby01 'It was brought in the summer to help keep our 5 month German shepherd cool and it was a major hit for her where it was hard bottomed didn't have to worry about her puncturing the bottom or the sides and she loved it completely'

5/5  Shellbm 'Really robust, great quality, will last a long time, also light enough, and easy to move and clean'

5/5  RFNicki 'Good quality plastic, stable enough to hold water to create a water feature for photography'

5/5  Wattie 'Nicely put together and excellent value for money.'

4/5  SJB95 'Good quality, we use one side for water one for sand. Plastic is strong and sturdy, only thing is storing when not in use.. it’s a good idea that they clip together so they act as a lid to preserve the sand'

5/5  Nanny 'My kids are grown up but I do have a dog who absolutely loves playing in water (watering the garden takes forever as she jumps in front of the hose!) This pool, being plastic, won't tear or burst with her claws and being a pup, she'll have many years of play because it is very strong.'

5/5  Tankerman 'Best sand pit and water pool for value bought for my dog who loves it would highly recommend to anyone'

5/5  Familygal 'My niece and nephews (8,7 and 2) enjoyed this in the summer. Water and sand, what a combination to keep them busy and playing nicely together.'

5/5  Shelbel 'My boys love this as they have a pool each, no arguments about splashing water out!! A great size and easy to clean after use.'

5/5  Karen 'Got this for my friends kids this summer, They love this hours of fun with the sand and water, Very solid item.'

5/5  Madmummy 'Its a quality and strong product and I can see this being passed down for years to come with how resilient it is. great quality product that can be stored away through the winter or when not needed.'

5/5  Kate 'I bought this for my grandchild. He doesn't want to leave it alone. Plays with it come rain or shine. Very good value. Needs 3 bags of sand.'

5/5  Jadey 'Good product. Sturdy and safe. Keeps rainwater out! Would recommend'

5/5  Ashi 'Love this water pit. My two years daughter and six years twins fits their perfectly and they had so much fun with water in hot weather.'

5/5  IRM 'Great sized sandpit, perfect for my 2 year old and can see it lasting her a good few years! Handy lid helps to keep out unwanted cats and bugs overnight and can also be used as a paddling pool! I used 3 bags of 15kg sand it was just the right amount. Really pleased with my purchase'

5/5  DawnD123 'Excellent sturdy construction which will clearly last years if taken care of'

5/5  Sarahw 'Works brilliant for my little boy! He’s got half sand and half balls. Will be filling with water when it’s warmer aswell. Fits together well to seal it at night'

5/5  Annie 'Bought these during the bout of hot weather for my two bulldogs to play and cool off in, they love them, and they’re robust enough to withstand their rough playtime!'

5/5  Annabel 'It’s amazing for our two boys. Can cover it up with the other half of the lid It does get a little slippery when water inside my 3 year old nearly slipped over a few times but other than that brilliant buy'

5/5  Faz 'I purchased this for my 2 akitas and they love them. They’re nice and sturdy and my dogs can’t shred them lol I use them for the dogs to cool down on hot days. Definitely recommend this product.'

5/5  Loreta 'Very sturdy, nice looking. We using it as sand pit only. My kids enjoying when playing in there. This is second one I bought, previous the same sand pit we had about 4 years. I definitely would buy again the same one.'

4/5  Jos 'A very good sandpit and great to be able to cover it up and keep cats out.'

5/5  BrightonAsh 'Brought this pool-pit for my German Shepherd Bruno he is only 6 months old but he loves to put all his toys in it and it helps him to cool down in the hot weather'

4/5  Jac 'Does what it says in the description - 2 sections for different media. good for small children and one side forms a lid to protect sand from cats etc.'

5/5  Sam 'This is an excellent product. Doubles up as a sandpit and a paddling pool. Well built, excellent value for money. Would highly recommend,'

5/5  OldRobin 'Excellent value and tough material so it has coped well with use.'

5/5  Crisp 'Purchased a Chad Valley Sand and Water Pit. It is well designed with a cover to protect the sand or water from animals when unused. Its a great price, well made and strong and easily fits into a car. for transport. Used by many play schools so highly recommended.'

4/5  Jannie 'Got it for my dog she loves it she doesn't slip & can get in and out best ever buy for a small terrier dog'

5/5  Paula 'Got this to use for our dogs to cool them down in the hot weather, our Labrador loves it and just steps into it whenever he wants. Very strong and durable. Good price as well. Would highly recommend.'

3/5  UnhappyDaddy 'Picked, ordered and arrived, so no problem there. I really expected them to be a little more sturdy. Be sure you pick a spot were it will be staying as if you try to move it , it cracks very easily.'

5/5  Grue 'Good value and hours of play and fun.'

5/5  Beckie 'Absolutely love this item! Price is amazing for the quality and standard of the product. My children absolutely love it. Its perfect and water tight when raining, deep enough for a good amount of sand or water. I use one side for sand and one for water like shown and I love it. Keeps the kids quite for hours, even the older kids love it! I've had two little ones (under 4) and two older children (both 8) in both sides at one time. Honestly couldnt reccomend enough. Best sand pit I've owned! 5star'

5/5  Gem 'Sand and water tray purchased for a 1 year olds birthday . The size in the picture doesn’t do it justice , it was a lot bigger than in the picture so well worth the price . Great that you can use both sides and fits together great as a lid . All in all hours of enjoyment has been had for my cousins little boy .'

5/5  CMS 'Great fun and easy to put away'

4/5  Diamond 'Basic sandpit. Holds sand and/or water. One half covers the other but needs tying down to keep in place. Not strong enough to move once you have sand in it - too heavy for the (plastic?). Small children could sit on the edge but it bends under larger children. It’s functional and grandchildren were happy with it.'

4/5  Re 'It's OK but when you put them together they don't lock so we have to put something on the top so it doesn't open when not in use.'


5/5  Granny 'Perfect sand pit with cover so that local cats don’t use it as a litter tray!'

5/5  Appreciative 'Product is excellent and our son's guide dog thinks it is wonderful albeit he is not too keen when the shampooing starts!'

5/5  FrankE 'I brought this item for our Labrador puppy'

4/5  Martnbev 'Fun indoors or outdoors for the kids and can be closed up tidy to pack away, .. only downside was that it don't come in a box so not convenient for a present.'

5/5  Winston '“No the dogs not having a pool” I had to give five good reasons why the dog needed a pool !!!! Glad I did he loves it Winston is a medium golden labrador and he fits in it fine Helped cool him down in the hot weather even with him standing in it to cool his paws Quite bulky so would need space to store in the winter but happy puppy'

5/5  Emma 'Very happy with this, a lot bigger than I was expecting so really pleased for the price. Looks good as well'

5/5  Nee 'It was great you can fill other side with water, you would need 2/3 bags of sand with it'

4/5  MrNAL 'Bought in hot weather to use as a pool for my dog to cool down in. Was rigid and robust and did the job we wanted it for'

5/5  Sleth 'Bought the water pit for my 2 year old Grandaughter. She Loves it. Good quality and it comes with a lid so you can cover it when not in use .'

5/5  Santessa 'I bought this as a paddling pool for my 2 Golden Retrievers. With their long, thick coats they don’t enjoy hot weather, but love water. So I now have 2 happy dogs who cool off in the paddling pool and have great fun playing with their toys in the water. Sorry I cannot comment on use with children, but I can only assume they would get as much fun out of this as my dogs. Highly recommended.'

5/5  Gucci 'Really useful to keep a young toddler safe from roaming and able to play happily with balls/toys (totally supervised of course). As an apple shaped design perhaps it could have come in red or green colours.'

4/5  Mario 'Do not try emtiing out when full of water take some out first with a bucket'

5/5  Amelia 'My son really enjoys playing with the shell, we put sand in one side, water in the other and he’s happy for along time. We also brought our sand from Argos and some play plastic balls to add to the tray. The shell is excellent value for money, a decent size and really easy to use. We love it.'

5/5  Peanut 'My dogs love it both have water in'

5/5  Louann 'I have no worries or does or dont about this product'

5/5  Kelly 'I actually bought this for my 2 dogs... But for children or dogs so much fun can be had with this as either a little pool or sand and water pits Love it'

5/5  Cookie 'Great value for money. Easy online ordering and collection the following day. Great service and friendly staff instore'

5/5  Rusty70s 'Great value and good size pool for our dog in the hot weather and he can't burst it! He loves it!'

5/5  BB 'My 3 year old absolutely loves it'

5/5  Pennyblack 'Bought it for my dogs while it was really hot, they enjoyed it and the lid stays on better than I thought'

5/5  Bec 'My dog Oakley loves his new paddling pool'

5/5  Observer 'We bought this for our visiting granddaughter and it provided lots of fun as both a paddling pool and a sand pit. But even Argos can’t keep the sand out of the water! ;)'

5/5  Fefe 'My little one loves this, he's had lots of playing in this. Ordered on line and was ready when I went to collect it'

5/5  Mark 'Good price for two shallow pools / sandpits. I’ve used them so my dogs can cool-off in the recent heat: it’s the perfect size for my collie and Dalmatians. My only issue is that you have to be very careful if you want to empty the water out of them as the plastic is quite brittle and mine cracked under the weight of the water as I tried to tilt it. It’s still useable so I’m ok, and will be more careful next time!'

4/5  Lozzz31 'Bought this for the dog as he ripped the soft vinyl one apart with his claws . He seems to like it and it's still in one piece so no complaints. Good price too!'

5/5  HH 'Very sturdy and big, a great buy!'

5/5  Melon 'I thought it might fit together like a shell but not a problem. As long as my grandchildren like it that's all that matters.'

3/5  Julie 'I bought mine for my dog in the hot weather has an ordinary paddling pool their claws go through these are quite tough well worth the money'

5/5  Gran 'Good fun, plain, simple, safe design fill it up watch em play'

5/5  Shannon 'Very fun for the children gets them active'

5/5  Pickle 'I got this paddling pool for my dog to play in and he loves it, We had previously bought an inflatable one which lasted less than an hour, but this is sturdy, and as there are two sides, he has two pools! Very happy dog, thank you :)'

5/5  JB 'This is a great idea as a sand pit you have a lid or use the lid as paddling pool very sturdy excellent value'

5/5  Trulycapricorn 'Great value and fun for my 3 year old , bigger than expected too. As i dont have grass just stones out the back i needed hard plastic as others will just puncture so this is perfect. Quick to fill and empty'

5/5  LyzzyT 'Really sturdy sand and water pits. Although I actually use them as duck ponds and they’re very good quality and last for ages even though they’re outside in all weathers.'

5/5  Fk 'Ideal for tortoise use !'

5/5  Ann 'Good value for money my 2 year old enjoy hours of fun play one as a pool and other for sandpit. As for quailty not sure only had it a few weeks hoping it last another summer'

4/5  Kevin 'The shell has developed cracks in 2 or 3 places round the rim'

2/5  Baldrick 'Great pool, better than the description as it doesn't mention that you get 2 identical pools, one to use as a pool, the other as a lid, or you could use both as pools. Really, really good value.'

5/5  WeeTFife 'Bought this for our wee dog that loves to dig. Ideal. However: ## make sure the lid is matched up in all areas or you could end up with a sandpit full of slugs and other beasties. ## do not move it when it has sand in it or it'll split!'

4/5  Warren 'Bought this for the grandchildren over the summer months and what a smash it has been with them (1-3-5-) they love the sand pit a bit messy but that’s that and the water part is great too'

5/5  Caz 'My granddaughter loved it'

4/5  BJ 'I bought this for my dogs to help keep them cool. The construction is robust and sturdy and they didn't even let me finish putting water in before they were playing in it. In essence we got 2 for the price of one as we only need to use one half at a time.'

5/5  Annie137 'This is great for use as a sand pit. The other half makes a good lid to stop cats from making their mess in it. You will need to tie the top down in windy weather though. We used 3 ribbons.'

4/5  David 'It is well priced, a good size and clever (the waterpit is the lid for the samd pit). There are locating dimples on the base and lid for alignment. However the material is quite light so you'll need to put a weight on top to prevent the wind taking it off. Also, the lid rim has wells around it, so rainwater will collect in these. These issues are extremely minor and easy to take off. My kids love it and at this price, cheaper than buying a new cover for their old sandpit!'

4/5  Monday 'Brilliant idea that lid can become water pit when not needed as a lid! I was impressed by the large size which I couldn't really visualise when I placed the order.'

5/5  Kag 'Decent size pool and has been ideal to keep my dog cool'

5/5  Cazza 'Wonderful garden beach and paddling pool for my grand daughter'

5/5  Tim 'I don’t have any dis or donts'

5/5  Momanda 'Bought for the dog. He loves it. Perfect size and durable. The grandkids love it too.'

5/5  Kitkat 'This is a great sandpit. My son loves it. Great value for money, robust and a good size.'

5/5  Charlongo 'Very good idea. Nice size. Good quality.'

5/5  Tel 'Bought this as temps were due to rise and I have 3 dogs. Product is superb with only one exception: Found out the dogs hate getting wet so as far as getting in is a no, no at the moment. No issues with the product as appears strong and it comes in 2 parts is ideal.'

5/5  Grandad 'Perfect for the little ones, just the right size and not too big to store away for the winter'

5/5  Lili 'Great size and good quality even I went in , my toddler says mummy pool , and can fit both of us in one pool'

5/5  Jjandmummy 'Totally perfect for what we wanted it for. Easy to clean (especially when puppy has dug half the garden and needs to wash the mud off!). Fab size (puppy is half husky!). Brilliant and very easy to separate and reassemble'

5/5  Dib 'I brought two for the grandchildren does the job they are happy'

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