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Chad Valley Blue Pop Up Ball Pit

About the Chad Valley Blue Pop Up Ball Pit

Your most cherished can climb, investigate and bounce around in the Chad Valley Blue Ball Pit, which pops up in seconds. A wonderful way to stimulate dynamic, energetic play.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3679737
EAN: 3679737
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5/5   'My 8 month old son loves it. Easy to put it and take down.'

5/5   'My 2 year old loves his ball pit, put 300 balls in and could still do with 300 more just to fill it half way, but he still loves it.'

5/5   'This was a total bargain easy set up and fold away. Decent size too but would recommend if using as a ball pit to buy a few sets of balls as 100 barely covers half the bottom of it.'

5/5   'This product is excellent value,it is some size so will probably need alot of balls to fill it'

3/5   'I like the breathable material, the ease of putting it up and folding it and the size. The metal that constitutes the frame is not very good, I dont think it will last long.'

5/5   'This product looks great, has bright colours and a strong shape. It was larger than we expected which is a bonus, plenty of room for our little one to play in. It does take lots of balls to fill, so far we have 400 inside and it is about half way. It is ideal because its not going to burst like the inflatable kind and we found it easy to assemble too. We would recommend this as a fun and easy to use toy.'

5/5   'Good for the price and a good size!'

4/5   'Bought as part of a present for 1 year old. It is small and a little light weight but it does the job at a very reasonable price.'

5/5   'Very good for kids to play'

3/5   'Love this product just wish it came with some ball as the item was a fair price but buying the balls to fill it became quite expensive more than the actual ball pit'

5/5   'Worth the money. Use indoors to keep grandson entertained.'

5/5   'Excellent value for money grandchildren loved it .'

5/5   'My ball pit is ideal for the grand kids.'

5/5   'Just the right size,and my 18 month little boy just pushes the sides down to get in and out. The sides just pop back up again, keeping the balls in the pit. It would take alot of balls to fill it, but we just put 200 in which is enough to start with. Can always add more later.'

5/5   'This was just as described, happy customer'

5/5   'Ball pit was perfect for our 11month old'

4/5   'Walls are not very stable but it does its job.'

5/5   'Bought this as a replacement to another ball pit. This does exactly what it says. Easy to put up and nice and colourful.'

4/5   'Nice bright colours kids love it takes a lot of balls'

4/5   'This ball pit was bought for my dog to keep him occupied in my garden and has been lots of fun for him. It's sturdy enough to take him jumping in and out of and has provided hours of fun. It was easy to put together so therefore easy o take apart if need be. It's bright and colourful so grabs his attention . A great buy.'

5/5   'Ball pit was bigger than I expected, but my 1yr old twins can still get in and out on their own. Nice bright colours.'

4/5   'Really nice product.. can be used as storage too.. keeps the room tidy as well as my son playing inside it'

5/5   'Amazing for the price my nephew loves it!!'

5/5   'Got this for my sons first birthday and loves it.'

5/5   'Brought for little boys 1st birthday he loves it and so do his older siblings .. very good value'

5/5   'Easy to put together, stays right shape. Really good size and good price.'

5/5   'Good FOR my soon best'

5/5   'Absolutely great. Kids just loves it like crazy. They want to play all day long in it. With addition of balls and other fluffy toys in it, they will be busy, happy and healthy. Atleast they will not stare at harmful digital screens.'

5/5   'Ideal for indoor play, though I would not recommend it for outdoors as I do not think it would survive some of our British weather. My grandson loves it.'

5/5   'It does as its intended by keeping the balls in.'

4/5   'The ball pit seems to be made out of cheap material but its holding and kids have a blast with it! This one is easy to assemble and fold back up and fold flat, although there is no-where to put the sticks that come out to keep together when folded - could have done with a bag or something! other than that - looking forward to may fun-filled hours with the kids.'

5/5   'Little one Absolutely loves it! Defo will recommend to others'

3/5   'My daughter loves it and exactly what it says in the description price correct'

3/5   'Good enough for the purpose.'

5/5   'My grandson loves it'

5/5   'The ball pit was easy to assemble and, with the 200 balls, a big hit during busy family times.'

1/5   'This is flimsy and has no balls in it. Its hard on the bottom for your little one to play in as there is no padding.'

5/5   'Very decent size,and easy to assemble and put down. Need plenty more than 100 balls though to make it worth while'

5/5   'Excellent buy. Good size - baby is currently 9 months but its big enoug to last through to toddler age. Used 3 bags of balls to fill so gives feel of proper ball pit. Baby is loving it'

5/5   'One year old son loves this!'

5/5   'This item is perfectly sized not too big, not too small. The only thing l would say is buy 3 or 4 bags of the 100 balls. 200 balls covers the buttom of the ball pit so if you want a few layers l would recommend buying a few more bags.'

5/5   'I filled this with balls and put the bottom of my grandsons slide into it.he had great fun with it!'

4/5   'Very good value for money. Extremely easy to assemble and store. A bit of a downside, its that quite a lot of balls are required. We purchased 500 to make it look similar as in the photos of the product. At first we got 200, but they just only covered the bottom of the ball pit. Good hong is that theyre also cheap:)'

5/5   'Lovely colourful ball pit very good value for money. Perfect size and great design for baby.'

5/5   'Easy to put together good size pall pool. Only con you need to buy the ball desperately . which you can buy from argos. Need more than one bag of balls to fill it'

4/5   'Easy to assemble and was great for my 8 month old grandson . He really enjoyed playing in the ball put.'

5/5   'Great for a ball pit. Really easy to assemble and put away. Ideal for our visiting Great Nephew.'

5/5   'Overall a good solution. Popup and has rim to stop excited balls jumping out. 200 balls not enough so probably double required Pack away easy although no bag provided'

5/5   'My children love it I have 7 month old and 6yr old and they both play in it together, great if u have a dog as my youngest can crawl and play without any worries'

4/5   'Needs 200 balls to fill but can't complain very good and easy to put up'

4/5   'My toddler loves to play in it'

3/5   'Seen better value for money items, it's not very robust... won't stand up to my 10 month old.'

5/5   'Already got one for grandkids so bought another for nephews baby they are great'

5/5   'This is a great ball pool. Great size for my 2 1/2 year old. He loves it.'

3/5   'Decent size ball pit and great colours. Slightly flimsy though.'

5/5   'Great fun for the kids and easily put away when not being used'

5/5   'I got it as we were having a faintly bbq/ our house warming party and we had infants coming around. It was bigger than I expected which was a plus and after the ball put taking a beating from the bigger kids its still in perfect condition. Highly recommend.'

4/5   'Will recommend to others'

3/5   'Great for keeping baby in however the will to escape was too much to contain baby and forced way out. Can keep baby in but toys inside have to be very good'

5/5   'Bought this as a last minute treat for our grandson whos 9 months old - was just as described - super quick to set up and he absolutely loved it - super value item - highly recommended!'

5/5   'Fab little ball pit my little one loves it!'

5/5   'My son loves his ball pit cant seem to get him out of it...'

4/5   'Granddaughter had hours of fun only thing instructions not very clear as to how to pack it away'

3/5   'Went a bit mis-shaped after my son had climbed out of it just once, but I think anything of this style would be prone to going mis-shaped. It's easy to use. Material seems a bit flimsy. Should probably have spent more and got one of those foam ones... you get what you pay for I guess. Glad I got this on an offer though as would have been a bit disappointed to have paid full price for it.'

5/5   'Both my 10 month old and 6 year old love this ball pit. The sides are flexible so my crawler can get in and out himself but it keeps its shape and seems quite durable. You do need about 600 balls to fill it though. I made the mistake of just buying 100 and it didnt even cover the bottom of the pit.'

5/5   'My son loves this plays for ages and even sits and watches hes favourite programmes happy mummy happy sonny'

1/5   'A product that doesn't last - the cheap plastic rods that help keep the ball pit in shape broke in less than an hour - horribly cheap and the way they are supposed to be held "secure" done work - terribly made product; i'd rather buy an expensive one that can do the job! I now have a flimsy ball pit that is like a deflated balloon and cannot hold any balls!'

5/5   'It was just what I was after. Keeps the kids going for a while. My nephew went straight over to get one for his kids'

5/5   'Easy to put up and store away'

5/5   'Bigger then I thought but thats ok my son loves it you need quite a lot of the balls to fill it though but other then that is great'

5/5   'The only thing I would say is this does not come with the balls, and you need at least five packs of the balls (500) to make it a proper ball pit for the children to play in, I only bought 2 packs which was (100 balls in each total of 200 balls) and they barely covered the bottom of the pit...'

5/5   'Easy to assemble and just as easy to pack away! LO loves the vibrant colours'

5/5   'Good size and easy to store away. My 11 month old baby loves it.'

5/5   'Dog loves playing in it'

5/5   'I bought this for my puppy to play in the garden. He absolutely loves it. He can easily play for an hour on his own. Which is great because I can finally get some housework done in peace . I used 200 balls to fill it but could definitely use more especially since he likes to chew them .'

5/5   'Nice size and high sides, fits my 8mth old perfectly'

5/5   'This was part of the 2 for 15 toys in the Argos Catalogue, got this for our grandson he loves it, great for use when they can sit up and know they are safe in the ball pit too, collapses easy too.'

3/5   'Good product. Quality is ok'

5/5   'Nice ball pen. Filled it with 500 balls and doesn't look that full but it's enough. Structure looks flimsy but allows baby to crawl in and out without breaking.'

4/5   'Bought 4 my grandson,Good size and folds away but not 2 sturdy,U really have 2 watch them.'

5/5   'Not yet used as its a Birthday gift but good valve for money and good quality'

4/5   'Works ok nice colors'

3/5   'Was missing its posts which Argos replaced no problem but then once it was built it only lasted 10mins as 2 of the posts broke so was flat at one side and the balls just kept rolling out. Great bright colours for the little ones'

5/5   'This ball pit is quite big I brought for my 2 year old and 6 month old they both fit in with loads of room to play. I brought 400 balls to go in this but it could probably do with another 100'

3/5   'Good price but flimsy'

4/5   'Ball pit easy to assemble, looks great. Only thing is the bottom rips quite easily.'

5/5   'Fab little ball pit. My little boy loves it. It's a lot bigger than I thought. Very easy to put up.'

5/5   'My little boy loves it and he has so much fun with it and he will be in thete for hour's.'

5/5   'Got this for my dog and she loves it, really robust and easy to take down and reassemble.'

5/5   'I bought tgis for my six month old nephew with some balls and he absolutely loved it. Had old the children aged one to six round for a baking and craft day and all they wanted to do was play in the ball pi would definitely recommend'

4/5   'Good value for money'

5/5   'I bought this as an xmas present for my little nephew, he was sat in it screaming with joy swooshing the balls about with his feet. It was sooo lush to watch, the simplest things can bring the most pleasure!! Would definitely recommend!!'

5/5   'My 10 month old loves this, he can get in and out by himself with ease! The size is good and can be put down and packed away easily without needing a lot of storage space'

5/5   'Execellent purchase, item looked as described on website.'

5/5   'This was one of the cheapest @ best gift, my grandson loved all the colors also was enough room for hes brother to sit inside and played happily with all the balls. Im giving this item 10/10 for good quality @ excellent price.'

5/5   'Very happy with the ball pit. It pops out naturally into shape. The metal poles are well and safely secured in place, well covered - it keeps it upright. (unlike other square ball pits i have purchased else where which were flimsy and tore off easily) I have to buy more balls now to fill it up. :)'

3/5   'Not sure if ok as one of the 4 rods of the outside of ball pit was missing. Will have to return at my cost and time c'

5/5   'Was a bit sceptical after reading the mixed reviews however I made sure it came with all the parts before leaving the store (was ordered on a click n collect basis). Its actually a Christmas present for my nephew so havent got his reaction yet but I like it and Im sure hes going to love it. 4 bags of balls are sufficient. I even bought a bean bag cover so all the balls can be easily stored. FYI the bags can then be used in the bathroom for holding all the bathroom toys!'

5/5   'Terrible packaging but....... Colourfull Big and spacious for lots of playtime Good quality Pipes are well padded and coverd Got 600 balls in and it fills up halfway Soft material Would highly recommend'

4/5   'Compact and strong, a good pool pit and nice addition to our playgroup.'

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