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Chad Valley Bag of 100 Multi-Coloured Play Balls

About the Chad Valley Bag of 100 Multi-Coloured Play Balls

Ideal for use in ball pits, this sack of one hundred (100) multi-shaded balls from Chad Valley will have a mind blowing number of uses, so many you'll never think of them all! Your most cherished can plunge into a pool of them, utilize them to play catch and tennis, then when it's an time to tidy up make a game of who can get them back into the sack the quickest.

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5/5   'Bought fir my daughter loves them'

5/5   'Purchase as described and fair value for money. Would possibly need a few bags to fill up a small ball pit.'

5/5   'My son loves throwing and playing with these balls. They go perfect with the chat valley pot up pit'

5/5   'Perfect size for the little hands'

5/5   'Bought for my granddaughter. She loves rolling , throwing and kicking them about the room and in the play pen'

5/5   'This also comes in one more different colour with is also good for girls and boys but of these colours one r more for girls and also good for all ages'

5/5   'Great balls! Really good purchase'

5/5   'Good quality balls I use for making the feeding of my dogs more fun'

5/5   'The baby is happy with them!'

5/5   'Perfect size and amount of balls for the car ball pit I had purchased along side this item. Vibrant colours and a strong, secure bag for storage.'

5/5   'Good qaulity set of play balls'

5/5   'Great bargain got for my daughters 1st birthday!! Lovely bright colours she loves them'

5/5   'Great choice of colors my little one loves them in his ball pit & chasing them around the floor'

3/5   'Smaller than your standard size of play balls and lose colour quite quickly after being played with in water but still fun none the less and for a good price.'

5/5   'Great for my kids to play with. Good that it comes with a storage bag too.'

4/5   'Good product and not too expensive. It's rather a small bag but nicely packed and colours are bright and cheerful'

4/5   'Flimsy storage net but otherwise exactly what you expect'

4/5   'They are fine for what they are. My 1 year old loves them ,you will need a couple of bags to fill a small ball pool.'

4/5   'Came as expected with nice mesh bag that is reusable. My little one loves them!'

5/5   'Great just what I needed for my daughters ball pit. No doubt I'll be buying more when these all magically disappear.'

5/5   'Hours of fun to use in ball pits.'

5/5   'Perfect size for a ball pit. I suggest buying 4 bags if you want to fill a ball pit up abit.'

5/5   'I've ordered 4 bags of these and they are well worth the money! I previously looked else where before purchasing this item and ordering from Argos you are getting a better deal :)'

5/5   'I bought these for my little girl she loves them. Couldn't recomend them enough'

3/5   'Nice but balls are slightly smaller than expected.'

4/5   'These are great however you need about 6 bags to fill the chad valley ball pit.'

5/5   'Could provide more balls need 3 bags to full ball pit up xx'

5/5   'Bought for my 9 week old puppy and what a joy it was worth every penny- 4 stars in design and quality due to not being pink as stated and quality not great but still with the money'

5/5   'Nice colourful plastic balls for ball pits. 100 sounds a lot but barely covered half the bottom of the matching ball pit so do Buy more sets for a decent amount . Cant go wrong for price I paid a lot more years ago for these!'

5/5   'Brilliant value for money'

1/5   'Dont buy not worth the money'

5/5   'Throwable, squashable and good fun to hide in the garden. Good colours, bought to add to some that had already been bought'

5/5   'We bought this balls to fill a small pit in the garden for our one year old. Great quality, bright and colourful, perfect addition to keep them busy!'

5/5   'Bright colours, quantity ample, good containing bag'

4/5   'Look great & a nice size. Love how they have mixed girly colours.'

5/5   'Good quality Good price'

5/5   'Nice size. Nice soft colours. Well made.'

5/5   'Just what we needed my boys love them!!'

5/5   'My children all had a ballpit and they absolutely love it'

5/5   'Amazing price Good qauilty Can't fault one thing! Would recommend to any one needing balls for a ball pit!'

5/5   'Balls balls everywhere'

5/5   'Good price as was in sale'

5/5   'Looked on line click and collect great price 100%'

5/5   'Super worth the money! My son has so much fun with these balls and theres plenty in the pack. Goes amazing with the pit'

5/5   'Dogs love them in the ball pit'

5/5   'These balls are good value and they are perfect for my daughter she loves them and the colours. Also easy to clean'

5/5   'We got the balls to go with the ball pit. Grand daughter Loves it!!!'

5/5   'Great little balls my nephew has had hours of fun with them in his ball pool'

5/5   'My god daughter loves them'

5/5   'Ive nothing bad to say they are worth the money'

5/5   'Good value for money works well in a paddling pool'

5/5   'I live the pink and blue balls for my daughters ball pit and so does she. Perfect size, good packaging and also easily to clean The packaging is also perfect so you dont have to go and buy net bags to wash them in.'

5/5   'Does both girl n boy'

5/5   'Grate price brilliant colours got for my daughter although they say 9 months thats just the guidelines dont listen as long as you dont leave children under attended its fine dont worry'

5/5   'Grate price brilliant colours got for my daughter although they say 9 months thats just the guidelines dont listen as long as you dont leave children under attended its fine dont worry I dont'

5/5   'They are so colourful! Kids enjoy them and the net bag is very nifty.'

5/5   'Was good value get loads in the bag. Might need to buy more than one bag though as they dnt feel the ball pit up much x'

5/5   'Great, recommend, worth the money'

5/5   'Lovely colours definitely get two bags to fill the ball pit and also give movement for little one'

5/5   'Great colours and you get loads but definitely use 2 bags to fill the ball pit and have room for movement too'

5/5   'They are good balls. I only wish there were more colour options to choose from! I also like the mesh bag they come in. Very handy!'

4/5   'Multi coloured play balls went down really well and stood up to some robust playtime'

4/5   'Great price and ideal for fun activities indoors and outdoors'

4/5   'Ideal for ball pit, colourful and girly'

5/5   'These are great - I bought one of these and two of the blue, red and green packet to fill up a large(ish) ball pit and my daughter loved them. Its easy to store them in the bags they arrive in so we just even get out a bag and play with them without the ball pit too. Lots of fun!'

5/5   'These are great - I bought two of these colours and one of the pink to fill up a large(ish) ball pit and my daughter loved them. Its easy to store them in the bags they arrive in so we just even get out a bag and play with them without the ball pit too. Lots of fun!'

5/5   'My 1 year old absolutely loves them!!!'

5/5   'They are smaller than I thought they would be and plenty more room in the bag to fill up with more. Doesn't look like alot in a ball bit considering there is 100.'

5/5   'These are an ideal size for my 1 year old and are a lovely colour'

4/5   'They do what they say on the label. It would have been useful if Argos sold ball pools at the same place.'

5/5   'Nothing surprising really. I wanted a bag of balls and this is what this is. Bag okay but really I threw that away afterwards and used a large black bin bag as I had a few more balls. Something to note ... 100 balls does not go far !! Better that I should have got 200 !!'

5/5   'Really good product, my little boy loves playing with them (and they make a great teething toy, albeit ruining a few of the balls in the process lol!) will be purchasing more.'

5/5   'Bought these to add to a ball pit. My little one loves them. Seems to be good quality and the bag is handy as you can store them away again.'

5/5   'Good price for 100balls, though you will need at least two bags for a small kids ball pit'

5/5   'Lovely light weight ball pit balls! My little one has had hours of fun playing with these!'

5/5   'These delightful small soft play balls are just right for our 13mth old Granddaughter. She loves playing with them, sitting in them and sorting them all out. Great price, great product and easy to get from Argos through click and collect.'

2/5   'Will look elsewhere for cheap toys expected better quality from Argos pound shop quality at extortionate price . I though I was paying for quality ,'

5/5   'Excellent for play time also in the ball pit'

5/5   'Good value for money you cant get balls like these cheaper'

5/5   'Great value for money and hours of fun'

5/5   'Our 10 month old grandson loves his play balls in his ball pit!!'

4/5   'Nice quality, pretty colours. Good fun for a ball pool however 100 balls is alot less than I thought when put in a small pool.'

5/5   'My 8 month old loves these so much! Theyre a little smaller than standard ball pool balls so shes able to grasp them herself and play. Bought a paddling pool for her to sit in and play inside and out. Great buy.'

4/5   'Not as many as I thought but heyho they are fine'

5/5   'Bought to fill my daughters ball pit, she loves them'

5/5   'I brought 3 packs of these to go in the ball pit for my Granddaughters first birthday and she loves them.'

5/5   'Got these to put in a basket for my baby ferrets they love them'

4/5   'Not much to say about balls - light in weight and colourful. 100 look a lot on a bag but don't go far in the activity play centre for which they were purchased.'

5/5   'Great item, however if you buy a ball pit. Please make sure you buy 2 plus of these as 100 balls seems alot but you will need 2 packs of 100'

3/5   'Rather smaller bag than I thought and balls are small but were on offer and I wanted them the same day delivered Probable could get a better price elsewhere'

5/5   'Ball Pit Balls are Balls that do exactly what theyre supposed to do. These ones are brightly coloured and none were defective. So far theyve been played with for a few hours and none need replacing yet. Youd think that 100 balls sounds like a lot but in the Ball Pit game it isnt! Youll need several of these in order to fill a toy with them. Well made and fun you cant go wrong with these. Whether youre learning about colours or filling a Pit or paddling pool these are great for children.'

5/5   'The kids like the attractive soft balls. Good quality. You will need 500 balls over to have a real fantastic time for the kids.'

5/5   'My daughter love these bring a lot of fun'

5/5   'I thought that these were the slightly larger balls so they dont go as far as you think but for the price they are absolutely fantastic keeping the kids entertained anyway'

5/5   'With the summer weather greeting us i purchase a few packs for my grandsons pool which as gone down a treat paying in is paddling pool now come ball pool which is under a gazebo so as the protect him from the uv.. thanks to argos the balls where delivered same day'

5/5   'Loads of brightly coloured balls in a neat case. Brilliant'

5/5   'My grandson has a whale of a time in his new ball pit with his new bright and colourful balls.'

3/5   'I bought these to put in the puppy 's paddling pool. He did have great fun. Thay are easy burst. But are cheep enough to replace.'

5/5   'Lovely and bright to interest baby, easy to clean'

5/5   'Good size and plenty of them. Fantastic for a ball pit and my daughter is only a year so the size is great for her to really play with.'

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