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Chad Valley Bag of 100 Multi-Coloured Play Balls

About the Chad Valley Bag of 100 Multi-Coloured Play Balls

Ideal for use in ball pits, this sack of one hundred (100) multi-shaded balls from Chad Valley will have a mind blowing number of uses, so many you'll never think of them all! Your most cherished can plunge into a pool of them, utilize them to play catch and tennis, then when it's an time to tidy up make a game of who can get them back into the sack the quickest.

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Chad Valley Bag of 100 Multi-Coloured Play Balls Reviews

5/5   'Value for money and good quality !'

4/5  Caitlin 'I think the quality of these balls are fab and perfect for my little girl'

4/5  Chez 'Lots off fun and good packaging'

5/5  Kayla 'Great size and nice and soft so little one can sit on them and roll around without getting hurt'

5/5  Alex07 'Expensive for quality'

4/5  Pampers 'They love them and always chomping on them'

5/5  Jenny 'This item is as described and is a generous amount of soft play balls'

5/5  Kirsty 'My girl loves her ball pit and balls great purchase'

5/5  Jesse '£6. Good quality ball'

5/5  Aki 'Chad Valley balls are excellent quality and make a good contribution to my Childs ball pit. The price and packaging are fantastic. A nice treat for the little ones whether indoor or out.'

5/5  Clh 'Perfect for little ones'

5/5  Kaylzzzz 'Excellent product, my son loves the bright colours and just the right amount for his ballpool at his age'

5/5  Chardubz 'I bought 2 bags of these for the matching ball pool. It didnt really fill it much.. maybe these balls should be bigger and more put in a single bag'

4/5  Zed 'Did the job well made so not sharp edges'

5/5  Lis 'Good value product kids really enjoying using them would recommend to anyone with toddlers'

4/5  Jess 'Pros, kids love them not very expensive an come in a little mesh bag for easy clean up an storage'

4/5  Rafal 'We initially bought 500 balls but it did not seem enough so we bought another 200 elsewhere and for £0.50 more we got better quality balls.'

4/5  Blessed 'Great for price, lovely bright colours, my toddler loves them!!! Would of given a 5 overall but had to give a four because its not quite 100 balls as it states so had to buy more like 2 bags, and may go back for another at some point too.'

4/5  Lillyivy 'Great for daughters ball pit she loves them. Seem smaller than most though but still good. Love the colours. Great value for money.'

5/5  Bezza 'Excellent quality and the price is reasonable I bought 4 packs for our ball pit.'

5/5  Hearty 'You need about two bags of balls to go in the ball pit, but we'll worth it to see the grandson having fun.'

5/5  Jo 'Such a simple concept that provides endless fun'

5/5  Browny 'Just enough. Lovely colours'

5/5  DaddyBriggs 'My 10 month old Nephew absolutely loves the ball pit we got him and these balls are ideal to help fill it up, absolutely cracking value as always. Couldn’t be happier.'

5/5  Olivia 'Prefect size for the ball pit. Good quality and not to hard! Daughter loves them'

5/5  Plumberboy 'Great product, although the size of the ball are slightly smaller than ones we purchased a few years ago, but a design change and less plastic is probably a good thing. Would recommend this product'

5/5  Becca 'These balls are highly recomended, easy to clean and very good quality, bought with a race car ball pit these balls filled the pit at a good height enabling my little one to move around confidently. 10/10'

5/5  Bigrigs 'Brought these to go in a ball pit for my Granddaughter, we brought two bags which is two hundred but could still with a other hundred to complety fill the pit but she still loved playing in it.'

5/5  Bod 'These were part of a Christmas present for the newest addition to the family my little great niece. The colour was perfect for a girl mostly pink with a few blue ones mixed in. Great value for money at Argos.'

4/5  Chloe 'My rabbits love their new ball pool!! Colourful and bright and so fun!!'

5/5  Sarah 'Just what you'd expect. Good value for money'

5/5  Debs 'Easy to store back in the bag.'

4/5  Elle 'For the amount you get and the price you pay, there's really nothing to fault about them. Compared to what other places charge, you get what you need at a decent price. We bought these for our son's first birthday, and he still adores them - not to mention how much fun the adults have with them too! The size of the balls was perfect as they weren't too big, or too small to fit in our LO's mouth.'

5/5  Sean 'Great product overall, will have to buy more as didn't realise need around 4 packs to fill up a all pit. All around very impressed.'

5/5  Lollipop '100 balls seems like loads but it looks less than it is. I evrn counted them to make sure. Might have something to do with the size of the ball pit i bought alongside though lol'

4/5  Peony 'Very happy with these! I came back the following day to buy one more bag of these. My 14 months old enjoys playing with them, and so are his friends ranging the in age from 3 to 7 years old. Highly recommended.'

5/5  Jonny 'Brilliant my 7 month old son loves playing with them'

5/5  God1 'Great product would definitely tell a friend about them for there kids aswell'

5/5  Amanda 'My little girl is 5 months old and loves playing in hur ballpit with her balls lovely colours and good size for her little hands.'

5/5  Awakenyourscents 'Bought these to top up my little ones ball pool and they are fabulous. He loves the colour and they are great value for money'

5/5  Bev 'I bought these for my Grandson’s ball pit he loved them, I may well get more for him.'

5/5  Thepunkfraggle 'Good quality and nice bright colours. My little one loves them.'

5/5  Bosie 'Fabulous buy love it'

5/5  Mylinka 'Balls to plan,nice colour but not enough to fill a ball pit. Also too soft. It would be nice if balls were pattern make it more interesting for toddlers .'

5/5  Leelee 'My little boy adores his balls we got him for his ball pit.'

5/5  Katiie 'Absolutely fantastic would definitely purchase more of these in the future. Safe for any age!'

5/5  Pixie8 'My Great Grandson Loves these in his Ball Pit.'

5/5  Jaydon 'My daughter loves the balls she throws them at me and all sorts'

5/5  Jamesccccc 'Very strong quality Various colours and fair price Fantastic for kids'

5/5  Susan 'Great accompaniment to any of the ball pits , inexpensive and very colourful'

5/5  Jflan 'Perfect size for a young child to pick up, value for money and good quality item perfect to go with the pop up ball pool'

5/5  Lb 'Good value for money paid , the bag they come in make it easy to clean'

5/5  Emmzee82 'Nephew enjoyed them but bag was broken.'

5/5  Lotie 'Quite a few packs needed to fill ball pit, but endless fun had by daughter!!!'

4/5  Golfmags 'Exactly as described and fit for purpose'

5/5  Hfarren 'Good price for item.'

5/5  Fernando 'My baby are happy and me too'

5/5  Donnameg 'My grandson is having so much fun playing with his ball for his play pit.'

5/5  Shona2305 'Great product at the cheapest price I could fine. no faults'

5/5  Tracy35 'Bought for a ball pool for my baby granddaughter, just the right amount and she loves the bright colours also right size for her to hold them too.'

5/5  Lozz86 'Daughter loves these ball for her ball pit, great size for her to hold and great colours. I will b getting more for her.'

5/5  W40 'Bought for little grandson to go in ball tunnel and he loves them …colours goog quality good and good value compared to others I looked at would definitely recommend'

5/5  Gracey 'I bought this for a pet and the balls are smaller than the previous ones. Which means you have to buy more.'

5/5  Chelle 'An ideal inexpensive fun time for the toddlers.'

3/5  Jeanette 'Much smaller now how ever we got 3 bags and will need more'

4/5  Kieran 'The chad valley multi colour balls are of good quality and good for all too play with, very satisfied.'

4/5  Robyn 'The balls are good colours, very bright and appealing but the actual quality of the balls isn’t good at all. Got them for Christmas and they have already started to cave in on themselves. They are also a lot smaller than I imagined them to be.'

5/5  JR 'I loved the price of the pitballs for the pit, everywhere else was a lot more expensive.'

2/5  Kaz 'Great product. Good quality and perfect size for little loves them.'

5/5  Chrissie 'Great addition to the ball pool'

5/5  GAZA 'Brillant Christmas present - my daughter loved it!'

5/5  Charlie 'Great! Great size for my 1yr old, just need about twenty more bag to fill up her ball pit !! :)'

5/5  Nat 'Okay quality balls, they di squash easily especially if a toddler picks them up to throw them. But for the price I paid they were the quality I expected. My friends little boy loved them in his ball pit, he was so happy.'

5/5  Radar 'Great product. Safe for children and loads of fun.'

5/5  San 'The balls are very colourful and my daughter loves to play with them in the pit. Happy with the purchase.'

5/5  MummyBear22 'Amazing value for money can't go wrong brought for my 8month old ball pit brightly coloured great for sensory play in Bath as well you can use the ball pit bag as a bath toy holder after to let dry and re wash bag amazing getting two products for prize of one enjoy'

4/5  Lisa 'Bought as a gift for my kids christmas for their ball pool they were over the moon 8n'

5/5  Manfred 'Bright colourful balls easily squished but perfect for ball pool'

4/5  Lozza 'Bought to use in a ball pit. Soft and colourful and easily stored in the zip up bags they arrive in.'

5/5  Ig 'Exactly as described, bought to go with a ball pool which was also a good buy.'

5/5  Davisos 'Item as discibed. Kids had loads of fun. Great service.'

5/5  Laura 'My granddaughter loved it'

5/5  Fro 'Cheap, lightweight and enjoyable!'

5/5  Lydia 'The balls a great entertainment for the little ones but they do get bored sooner than expected. The product itself I can’t fault they are to hard (for when decide to throw them) and big enough they can’t try and put it in their mouth. Overall very happy'

5/5  Lemonade 'The balls are standard ballpit balls, colour are a light pink, not bright pink like advertised but the colours are nice'

5/5  Andy 'Great for our game of human hungry hippos'

4/5  Emily19 'Bought these for my nephews ball pool. The bags they come in are very handy and reuseable'

5/5  Sue 'I bought this for my granddaughter and both her and my son love this'

5/5  Katie 'Brilliant toy! Brought for my sons 1st birthday to go with a ball pit. He loves them! Handy size for little hands as not as big as the ones at a soft play area.'

4/5  Gill 'We anticipated these would be interchangeable with the balls in the Cad Valley ball pool. They are much smaller. Be aware'

4/5  Danni 'Great price and went down a storm with my toddler :)'

5/5  Jojo4 'We brought some balls for my baby’s ball pool. Lovely pink and blue colour. We got them with a little princess castle ball pool and they just covered the bottom so definitely need more than one pack if you want to fill stuff. We didn’t think we got 100 and counted them and we actually had 102 haha the baby loves them and that’s all thank matters.'

5/5  MBeegth 'Many fun balls, simple and fun'

5/5  Pbalf 'Super lightweight great little carry bag with zip For storage'

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