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chad valley aquarium activity pool

About the Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool

Children will love the summer in this fantastically adorned dolphin, clown fish & octopus Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool! With an impressive capacity of three hundred and eight (308) litres and only 7 minutes to inflate, fun will be had in no time. Plus as we know accidents happen, there is even a repair kit included!

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Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool Reviews

5/5   'My little boy absolutely loved it. Played in it for hours !'

5/5  Katie 'Great product. Fairly large but shallow. My 3 and 1 year old daughters have loved this over the summer'

4/5  Nade 'Great for kids only drawback the water sprayer did not stay up even will water going through it'

4/5  Superwalnut 'A large enough size for my 3 and 5 year olds to play in, with low sides for ease of getting in and out. The slide is attractive for the kids, but in reality it is impossible to “climb” the steps and the kids seem to stick on the way down instead of sliding. It is removable, so after some rough play and a puncture, it has gone. The palm tree is very disappointing - it doesn’t stand up at all. I’ve had it tied to a chair but even then it’s too heavy for the hose connection to work well.'

4/5  Jodiedeborah 'Great fun for the children to play in, nice size square splash pool, slide only any good for smaller children 1-4 . Design very bright and colourful with the little blow up inflatables. The palm tree though listed to one side no matter how much air was in it would not stand upright , so when connecting the hose pipe did not have quite the desired effect. Saying that kept the children cool and happy in the sun.'

5/5  Kirstlovesmart 'Brilliant price my toddler and baby loved it!! My toddler loved it most especially the slide, definitely a 10/10 I would 100% recommend'

5/5  Harveypops 'My child loved this, and so did I for the price. I would recommend you buy a pump, it is needed for this product.'

5/5  Aj 'Paddling pool is great fun and I thought it was very good value.'

5/5  Kelly 'Purchased for my 1 & 3 year old. They loved it, especially the slide and other inflatables. Was fairly easy to set up, the string to tie the slide to the bottom of the pool was a bit fiddly but no big deal. Unfortunately there was a slow puncture in the seams so the pool kept deflating (May I add before the children got in it whilst the water was being added) prompting a return & replacement which Argos were happy to do.'

5/5  Grandpa 'Our grandchildren really enjoyed this pool and played with it a lot. The slide is an excellent feature. Also, compared to traditional-type pools, it doesn't need much water so is cheaper to fill if you have a water meter!'

5/5  Caggsy 'Lovely happy with it x'

5/5  Viki1970 'I would highly recommend this pool big enough for the whole family ..loads of fun for hours'

5/5  JD 'My grandchildren absaloutly had the best time in this paddling pool, the slide was a big hit , the smaller one loved the fish , we had lots of fun playing the hoops on the octopus game great all round family fun'

5/5  Wendy 'Very pleased with this my grandson & niece absolutely love it,well worth what i paid for it.'

5/5  Natasha86 'A really nice paddling pool for the summer my little one loved the colour and how interactive it is.'

5/5  Tfitz 'Great value for money. Kids had a great time on the slide. Best for 4 years and under'

5/5  Kirsty 'Really good my son love it’s well worth the money x'

5/5  Ally 'Absolutely amazing , it’s worth every penny. My toddler and his friends absolutely loved it.'

5/5  Michael 'Really happy with the pool, this is our second one as our cat burst the first one. Perfect size and depth for a slide.'

5/5  Ju 'Great paddling pool. Although it’s shallow I like this as I always find you spend ages filling the pool for them to be in it for ten minutes. This pool means that because it’s geared up for playing in my three children aged between 1 and 9 were kept entertained for several hours. It was a huge hit!'

5/5  Claire 'This is a great young children's paddling pool - looks of additional bits and pieces to keep them amused, and at a great price too! Well recommended!'

4/5  Maximoo 'Great paddling pool ....but don't set it up whilst your little one is waiting as it takes quite a lot of time to pump it all up and fill it!! I advise an electric pump...not a hand pump that I used! But the results were fab! My grandson absolutely loved it!! So did I on a very hot day! Lots of fun to be had by all! I also suggest getting a storage tub to keep it in once deflated so it doesn't get punctured!'

5/5  Grandad 'Easy to blow up with pump (not provided) all the extras eg, blow up octopus etc add to the fun, easy to drain & our 18 month old granddaughter loves it, difficult to get her out'

5/5  Debs 'Our nearly 3 year old and 9 month old grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed playing in this. The slide and extra blow up items really add to the product. There was room for 3 adults and the children to all sit in and play happily together. The only negative is that the palm tree is quite droopy and if you attach the hose to it as suggested the water spray that comes out is too fast and cold for young children. We just didn't use this and it was fine without.'

5/5  Raq 'Amazing pool with lots to keep the little ones happy for hours . Plenty of space for the water . My 3 children were in it and slide ties to bottom of pool. I bought balls also so could use it as a ball pit .'

5/5  Gina 'This is a great pool. Kids loved it, had hours of fun.'

4/5  Miniu1982 'Good item for kids. It was not easy to set up it. But with electric pump it was fast.'

5/5  Laura 'Great pool lots of fun to be had hours of fun perfect for toodlers what aren't great on deep water'

5/5  Llou89 'I have three children aged 2/ 6/8 i needed something shallow enough for my two year old and something fun enough for the elders I made the right choice as all three loved it plenty off room for them all together 1000% recommend would advise using a foot pump to blow it up, the slide takes the longest to pump up but it’s definitely worth it!'

4/5  Starman 'A lovely looking pool when its finally inflated but you need a pump. Tie downs for slide are poor, nylon ropes are very short and dont hold a knot. The extra items need inflating which also takes time. Overall a usable and decent item.'

5/5  Kaywees 'My son loves it. Great for little ones to sit and splash in.'

5/5  Gilly 'Bought this for my grandson and he absolutely loves it!! Great value for money and worth every penny as I watch my grandson enjoying hours of endless fun'

3/5  Angel1234 'Good pool perfect for a toddler but slide not really slippery so can't slide down it bit my son still loved it so all good'

5/5  Chris3 'Bought this during the heatwave and the kids love it easy to set up and put away when the weather turned fit it into the box. Brilliant product for the price Only issue we had was the tree doesn’t stand up.'

5/5  Ann 'Verry easy to set up amd dont take long to fill up,my toddler had hours of fun, east to clean and put away'

5/5  PJD81 'My little girl loves this paddling pool, perfect for toddlers and young children!'

5/5  Eh 'Brilliant paddling pool, my 5 year old played for hours with the little slide and additional toys. Took about 30 mins to blow up and the fill.'

5/5  Em2019 'My kids loved this pool isn't very deep which was good for my one year old'

5/5  Gem 'Great entertainment with the pool having blow up games too.'

5/5  Shelly 'Can’t keep my lovely little Granddaughter away she absolutely loves it. Even her little 6 month old brother is loving splashing around in it. Top purchase this summer.'

4/5  Howl84 'My 3 year old loved the pool but it is a bit faffy to put up.'

5/5  Anne 'My two year old boy loves this it is ideal for his age.'

4/5  Debz 'Great paddling pool for my 3 year old with all the accessories although the chute isn't great and I ended up not using it which was a little disappointing.'

4/5  Trickster 'Slide could be more robust!'

5/5  Jade 'Great size, kids had the best time. very easy set up. will be used again and again'

5/5  Kellywoody 'Brilliant paddling pool. Hours of fun for the little ones. My 4 year old loves it.. especially the slide and sprinkler. Lots of inflatables to play with too. A very good buy'

5/5  Twiggy 'My little girl absolutely loved the pool, giggling her head off going down the slide. You will need an air pump to put it up though'

5/5  D52 'Great paddling pool. Slide too small for a 3 year old and hose doesn't attach well to tree, but still a great paddling pool for the money and inflatables are brilliant'

5/5  Timbo 'Once blown up all the different parts are good fun.'

5/5  Nandoz 'Absolutely amazing,my grandson adores it,as do we. So much more than a paddling pool,great fun.'

5/5  Kitten 'Great fun and dosnt take very long to fill up. The only issue we have is the palm tree keeps drooping. Loads of fun and a good size. My girls are 3 and 5 and both love it'

5/5  BossMomma 'Both my kids (3 years Old and 9 months old) absolutely love the aquarium pool. The capacity is perfect so my 9month old can crawl around and not have water in his face. My 3 year old loves the slide and the blow up octopus game! Definitely will recommend to everyone.'

5/5  Phill 'The poole is so much fun for the children, easy set up and is nice an spacious.. even with the toys in! IT fits a nice amount of water in even for the little ones to learn to swim'

4/5  SPerks 'Very good pool, the kids love it, great design, you definitely need an electric pump. It deflated quite a lot over night so had to pump it up again which was abit annoying. But overall we love the pool.'

5/5  Lou 'Good value for money Daughter loves this'

5/5  NTTN 'Fab pool for the kids, brightly coloured with plenty of space and the kids love the little slide and the inflatable toys that come with it'

5/5  Vanfran 'I love this pool and so do my children. Inflation didn’t take too long with an electric pump (I wouldn’t recommend manual inflation) and it looks great. Only negative is the tree hose tends to droop but the kids wasn’t bothered by this.'

4/5  Kib 'This paddling pool is amazing value for money. It’s a larger paddling pool so gives multiple children plenty of room and comes with a number of fun toys and the slide is very fun for them to play on and splash into the water. It isn’t very deep but perfect for what I wanted as even very young children can play in it. I didn’t realise when buying this but if you attach a hose to the palm tree is squirts water making even more fun.'

5/5  AKB 'Really pleased with this. The 3 year old loves it and it has been enjoyed by his older cousins too. Really easy to put up, highly recommend investing in an electric pump, just to make it quick and life easy. The sprinkler works really well and connected to the hose very easily.'

5/5  Rebecca 'Worth the price, my two year old absolutely loved it .'

5/5  Ali 'Good size, it's big but not deep, perfect for my 20mth old daughter. The slide is fun, and the spraying tree (attach the hose)'

5/5  Faz 'Bought for 4 yr old and 1 yr old. Took bit of time to fill up...other than that great water fun for kids.'

5/5  Bri 'Entertaining and perfect for a 2 year old however the slide could be a better design'

5/5  Jess 'Perfect for the little ones to cool down in'

5/5  Gary84gl 'Excellent value top marks all round'

4/5  TracieeLouu 'Brilliant product. My two little ones love it.'

5/5  Jo 'My 2 and 6 year old were absolutely overjoyed with this. It was fiddly to blow up, each bit has a separate valve. The slide was brilliant but by the end of the first day had holes in multiple places and my kids were under the weight limit. Still I would recommend this. The low sides were nice for my toddler and meant you could keep it shallow easily, the square shape made it easy for everyone to fit in with plenty of space for water toys, and plenty of room for adults to sit in too.'

5/5  Karen1234 'Really like this, nice quality my little one loves it. Great for the price'

5/5  Emily 'Great product for little ones hours of fun! HOWEVER there was a hole in the inflatable outside so the pool went down didn’t know his until I pumped it up and filed it with water, because of this Argos would not exchange it and I had used the product! So for that reason cheek for holes before you fill with water!'

4/5  Maree 'My two year old loves it, it’s huge. A bit of a hassle setting it up, I don’t suggest a hand pump - obviously took forever but well worth it.'

5/5  Elle 'My girls loved the paddling pool but unfortunately the slide popped within two days of having it. And the palm tree doesn’t stand up properly. Good pool for toddlers though. Just try and keep the older kids off!'

2/5  Flairy 'Bought for our two grandsons aged 1 & 7 to play in alongside a bigger pool for the older children. The youngest was able to get in and out safely. The slide is a great feature & the children untethered it at one point, using it upside-down as a rocker! We filled the pool up so that the water just covered the bottom & then attached the hose so that the palm tree worked as intended - as a sprinkler. This was on for some time but didn't cause the pool to fill up too much. An excellent purchase.'

5/5  TimC 'Third year I've bought this pool. Don't try and store it over the winter as the mice always have a nibble. Grandkids love it and the size is perfect to fill over the weekend and empty on a Monday. I do, however, have a compressor so blowing it up only takes a few minutes.'

4/5  Tt 'Great item but need a level surface'

5/5  Charlene 'Brilliant activity pool and perfect size for my 1 year old and 3 year old they have hours of fun going down the slide and playing with the inflatables'

3/5  Eggllute 'Our children are very excited and happy about having this pool in our nursery garden. We created our own beach in a setting with this wonderful pool.'

5/5  Steph 'Perfect gift for my 16 month old grandson he loved it Perfect height around the sides for him to get in and out of the pool himself. The slide didnt stay up for long . Loved all the blow up stars and other bits Easy to assemble Brilliant price too'

4/5  Sweets 'Bright, colourful pool, plenty of colourful sea creatures, plenty of room for 22 month infant and adult, slide more for affect however if used adult must supervise as not very stable A lovely pool and would recommend'

5/5  St 'Kids loved it, just need some sun so we can get it out again!'

5/5  Brookey 'It’s a good size pool that suits ages 2-10. My kids absolutely loved the extras you get with the pool for example an octopus and start fish. The slide is great however it’s not very sturdy and it’s only secured onto the pool with a piece of rope. I would recommend this pool to a friend.'

5/5  Gdil 'Great value for money! My little one loves it and didnt get out of it all day!'

5/5  Carol '2.5yr old loves this. It’s shallow but great fun for splashing and the toys are entertaining. I bought it as others have said older kids continue to enjoy it too.'

5/5  Martyn 'My 2 yr old loves this very easy to put up and was in sale so very good price. Lots of blow up animals to play with, recommend a electronic pump or you will be blowing for hours lol. Only negative is the flower is flimsy if it isn't plugged into a hose but wasn't a proplem for us.'

5/5  Betsab 'This is a lovely paddling pool however the slide is not fit for purpose. Its Way too small to even slide down it even for a 2 year old. The hole to inflate is small and so it does take a little while to inflate. Other than that it's a great pool :))'

5/5  MamaDuddridge 'My children were over the moon with this pool, it isn't deep at all so great for little ones and easy to set up, even my 6 and 8 year old enjoyed a splash - the inflatable fish and octopus are a fun touch.'

5/5  Em 'Price good for what you get. Slide doesn’t really stay inflated and the children often don’t slide down it as get stuck. But would definitely recommend to friends'

4/5  Eeemmma 'The tree falls down quite often to has to be blown up regularly'

4/5  Moughts 'I fill it super shallow and she sits playing with the blow up fish. The stairs can be attached or not used at all which is perfect as she’s too small for them at the moment.'

5/5  Shantelle 'Took a little while to inflate all the parts but overall the kids love it and that's all that matters.'

4/5  Dean 'Amazing pool my little girl is 4 and loves it perfect size, she would stay in it all day if she could.'

4/5  Craig88 'We chose this product for the slide and space at the bottom. Some of the other difnt have much space to paddle. Good quality. Make sure you have a pump on hand to blow it up.'

5/5  Maria 'Good quality and price'

4/5  Gemma 'This is a really good paddling pool, lots for the kids to play with. The only down side to it is that it is really shallow however it's more of an activity pool so depth isn't a massive issue.'

5/5  Peter 'Good pool great for 1 year & 3year old only issue is one of the toys that came with it may have a puncture when I received this'

5/5  Kay 'It has plenty on for children to enjoy and keep cool when hot it's not deep but enough water to splash and sit and doesn't take long to fill would recommend getting pump to blow all up though.'

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