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Chad Valley Activity Pool Play Centre

About the Chad Valley Activity Pool Play Centre

There's heaps of amusing fun times to be had with the Chad Valley Activity Pool Play Centre. This inflatable play area is a paddling pool as well a slide and ball pit for additional entertainment, ensuring little ones will have their attention captivated for hours with this brilliant long-time play centre. Usually a small number balls come with the Chad Valley Activity Pool Play Centre so your most cherished has something to occupy their little hands, though of course you may want to top it up with additional balls to make full use of the ball pit. You can either manually inflate or use an air pump, and once inflated the sturdy design means it'll remain that way for hours upon hours of long time play; that's the Chad Valley way!

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Chad Valley Activity Pool Play Centre Reviews

5/5   'Great fun had in this pool over the summer. Takes 2 people to blow up but will be done in less than 10 mins! Thought it was better with both sides as a pool as opposed to ball pit.'

4/5  Chris 'Very well priced paddling/ adventure pool but sadly there was a hole in the palm tree and it will need to go back if I can find the time. Given I have already had to visit the store twice as I was incorrectly informed it was in stock after ordering online I would apprecaite Argos contacting me.'

3/5  Mick 'It couldn't be ordered to be collected from any local Argos store so had to travel 20 miles to get it. Big and colourful. The instructions don't show how many inflation valves there are - 7 I think..It says it comes with a repair patch but mine didn't, so I hope it isn't needed. There is a spray which requires the connecting of a standard hose. As far as I'm aware our hose, which is a very well-known make, is standard but its internal diameter is too small for the connection on the playcentre.'

5/5  Toni 'Exactly what it says on the box! Great value and making the most out of it in this weather! I would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Cat 'Really good purchase , been brilliant this summer so far! Lots of fun for me and my boy'

5/5  Lyndharve 'We made the mistake of just buying a foot pump and not an electric pump so was a bit time consuming as different components need individual pumping up, but saying that its brill value and my 2 year old grandson loves it, would not hesitate to recommend this paddling pool and I'm sure my grandson will get a lot of hours of fun with this pool, a good size and sturdy.'

5/5  Sassy 'My granddaughter loved it especially the slide going into both parts'

5/5  Ellybelly 'Great value paddling pool with some extra features to entertain them and keep them occupied for longer'

5/5  Clyon2003 'Great little paddling pool kids (age 2&4) absolutely love it. Slide is a a little small for my eldest so really more suited to toddlers but he loves it none the less. We also bought An extra bag of balls and turned one side into a ball pond.'

5/5  Mama 'Really good design. You can use both parts of the pool or just fill one up. My 3 year old son loves it. Only downside is the amount of separate areas you have to blow up. Takes a while to do but is worth it. Would recommend it. Great but and great price.'

3/5  NJ 'Had there not been so many holes, (in almost every compartment) I’m sure the kids would’ve had so much fun. It was fairly simple to inflate, (I used an electric pump) although there were around 9 chambers to fill and it became tedious after a while. It was well packaged and repack.'

5/5  Lai 'Really good product, good size and suits both my 8 month old and 3 year old. I would say that the slide is a bit small but is fine for smaller children. Pumped up quickly and has stayed inflated for over 2 weeks now. Flower sprayer is great as it keeps the slide wet and the children can spray each other. Overall really pleased with the pool and my children have great fun between the ball pit and the paddling pool.'

5/5  Crumbz 'I got this fir my children to play with indoors and they absolutely loved this! Definitely worth the money'

5/5  Lou 'I used an electro pump because it does take a lot of blowing up but my daughter was absolutely delighted with it. She loves that there’s more to do than just sitting or splashing and the bright colours. Perfect size for her and a friend.'

5/5  BettyF 'My dougther love it. She enjoys playing in this pool.'

2/5  Alf2365 'Don't bother buying this. It's very poor quality. This one had a leak in it when we took it out of the box. It was supposed to have 3 repair patches in but there was only one. Suggest you spend your money on a better quality one even though this wasn't the cheapest. Won't be buying another'

5/5  Bex 'Kids love this hours of fun'

5/5  C123 'Lovely pool, my two children 1 and 3 have hours of fun.'

5/5  Lalou10 'I bought this for my grandson , he absolutely loves it, the ball pit is great, the kids have hours of fun with this and it is so easy to set up and the balls come in a zip bag for easy storage.'

5/5  Kdo 'Very good for the price for a toddlers first pool brilliant'

1/5  Vc 'Difficult to inflate. Lasted less than 1 week.'

5/5  KLD 'Fab pool my son loves it. Only hard thing was blowing it up as I never had a foot pump.'

5/5  Shel 'My to youngest have absolutely live this pool it's a great size and hours of fun to be had they are always wanting in it defo worth the money'

5/5  Cg 'Excellent value for money'

3/5  Rob 'Great product but could be designed a lot better. some sections are more difficult to inflate than others. Also came with a tear in a small section which was a shame.'

1/5  Dotty 'Takes to long to set up. Says its suitable for 3+ but, children over the age of this would struggle to use it. The slide (if you can call it that) dont hold the weight of a 2 year old so would struggle with anything bigger. The pressure of the water in the sprinkler makes it wave about all over the place. The picture shows balls running around the side of it. They don't move and you are only supplied with 3.'

5/5  Jen 'My daughters enjoyed playing. The spray from the flower created much fun. Takes a little while to blow up due to it being in sections.'

5/5  Kerri 'Bought this as a quick buy for the nice weather for my toddler. Perfect size for them and plenty to amuse them. Takes 10 mins to fill and the kids loved the sprinkler feature'

1/5  Flossybo 'I spent an hour inflating this pool with my own breath only to watch it deflate minutes later when my daughter got in. She was only sat in it and was on garden tiles so no debris in sight. Hoping they accept returns as not happy with purchase.'

5/5  Rams1988 'Amazing would recommend to anyone with young family in hot and warm weather still a great purchase'

5/5  Kc 'Kids had hours of fun with it and I thought it was good value for money'

5/5  Loui 'Our little one loved this more than I thought he would . He played in it all day. Easy to set up but I used a air compressor (for a car) to help me cause I would have been there all day doing it manually. bigger than I expected, perfect size for my 2 year old.'

5/5  Abbb 'This was absolutely perfect for our neatly 2 year old! The older boys, 6 and 8, were also jumping all over it. For the price I expected it might only last a days play, especially as the older ones can be boisterous, but it was excellent and lasted them jumping all over it! The house in the flower creating a shower was especially good! Worth every penny! Good as a blow up ball pond in the winter if you have space!'

5/5  Maz 'This is a perfect size paddling pool for my two young children. It kept them entertained for hours.'

5/5  Mari 'Very good splash pool with cute designs. Good value for money and doesn't luck in quality. I would recommend it.'

2/5  Jules 'Although good value for what it was we bought for a 3 year old and found it was way too small. More suited for a 1-2 year old under supervision. When sat on slide feet reached the end. Obviously unable to pack up and return once inflated. Lots of blow up points so takes a while to get fully inflated.'

4/5  Pollypop 'Don’t get me wrong my little girl loved playing in it. But it wasn’t very deep, and no as big as it looked on the picture. We went to bed and next morning it was deflated. So had to re- pump again :( won’t be recommending to friends.'

5/5  Njw 'The swimming pool is great for my 11 month old and 2 year old they both had great fun'

5/5  EmmaF 'What a fantastic paddling pool this is. I was looking for something for our 21 month-old to enjoy and I cannot recommend this enough. Takes a little while to get it set up, so start early, but the only issue you'll have is getting your little ones out of it. The slide stays up and is really stable, he had hours of fun. Amazing value for money as well.'

5/5  Hw 'Great paddling pool, my son loves it but it was time consuming to set up.'

5/5  Chloe 'Really happy with this pool, read a q&a on the website that said the foot pump can be used with this which it can but it is very time consuming. I’d definitely recommend paying a little extra and getting a better pump. Other than that great product! My 2 year old loves it.'

5/5  Emma 'Very good quality product, however I hope you've got a big set of lungs because it took us a while to blow up!'

5/5  Nicola 'My 2 year old loves this. Not too big that it takes forever to blow up and fill but enough he gets lots of splashy fun!'

5/5  HappyParent 'Is a fab pool for the summer. Keeps both the baby and my six year old happy. Only fault would be the set up. My foot pump wouldn't fit in it and does every pool I had so had to do it all without and takes alot of effort and there's alot to blow up.'

4/5  Elal 'Amazing pool my 2 year old loves it its not too deep but just.deep enough it's nice and big I'm very happy'

5/5  Ashy 'My girls love this and because its shallow its relatively safe'

5/5  Marie 'Really good pool. Nice size for a toddler'

4/5  DynamicDaveUK 'Perfect for those rare hot sunny days. The water spray is an excellent addition to keep the kids entertained.'

5/5  Lizi 'Good size, two year old absolutely loves it. Glad I bought a pump with it though as there's a lot of faffing round inflating different parts. Shocked at how cheap it is, have already recommended it to friends.'

5/5  Charl 'I think this amazing for my little one I have a ball pool bit and a pool so they can use it even it the dont want to get wet.'

5/5  Charpin 'Great pool especially for my 1yo, nice and shallow plus fun features. There are quite a few valves so would recommend using an electric pump as it could take a while. Overall very pleased.'

5/5  Christopher 'Great size, not the easiest to inflate due to the amount of different sections but worth it once its up!'

4/5  Viv 'THIS PADDLING POOL WAS NOT USER FRIENDLY FOR SETTING UP. would NOT INFLATE MAIN POOL. ALL EXTRAS INFLATED BUT MAIN POOL WOULD NOT. Spent 2 hours in heat trying to inflate, brought another pump but nothing'

3/5  Rocky 'The pool was large and had a slide and a smaller pool.'

5/5  Lsco 'This is an excellent design, kept the kids entertained all day.'

5/5  Jess 'I bought this paddling pool for my four year old daughter and she loves it. It’s a great size and there is lots of fun things to do, not just paddle in it, and it feels really good quality. The only issue I have with this paddling pool is that it takes time to pump up, apart from that it’s a fantastic pool and I’m very happy with it, would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Sarah25 'We bought a foot pump along with this product however it still took over and hour to get it blown up. Apart from that it’s great fun and kids loved it. Great value for money.'

5/5  Jakub 'Bought it for kids to play, they love it!!!! Perfect size for my medium garden, easy to inflate and store, would recommend to everyone'

5/5  Watsy08 'Fantastic product for the summer. I bought this for 1 year old & he has enjoyed it as a ball pool & with a small amount of water. He loves climbing about. I’m making sure I take care of it & keep in in the garage as I think it’ll last a few of summers :)'

5/5  Newbie 'This is great my little ones had great fun'

5/5  David 'Best thing ever my son loves it wont get out once in'

5/5  Gabbeyhayes 'I am very pleased with this item but we just need warm sun to use it'

5/5  GG 'My 2 year old and 3 year old absolutely adored this paddling pool. Hours of entertainment they were in it for 5hrs! Only came out when turning blue and shivering Loved the watering palm tree and the slide. Good depth to the pool and nice size. Used a electric pump to set up only took 10 mins. Left over night to let down. Extra bonus that it comes with puncture kit.'

5/5  Tash 'Fantastic kids love it hours of fun on a summers day'

5/5  Cameron 'Highly recommended. Got for a garden party. Children loved it.'

5/5  Traydan 'Paddling pool is an adequate size for toddlers. My only issues are; too many valves for blowing the air into it. Our 4 year old granddaughter loves it, including us adults, especially the flower spray! Great fun'

5/5  Sweetpea 'It Looks Amazing Up & Kids Had Fun In It... But Sadly It Didn't Last The Day, It Started To Deflate & It Didn't Come With Any Puncture Repair Kit, SO It Was Returned x'

3/5  NettyC 'Loved it although you do really need a pump with reverse for getting it back down. It's big with two pools and a slide in the middle. Also got a big bag of balls'

5/5  LW 'My son loves this and it has so far coped with some boisterous three year olds jumping about in it. Sprinker feature is a big hit. Other plus is that its quite shallow so doesn't take too much time to fill. I didn't anticipate how much time it was going to take to inflate though - no way I'll be deflating between uses so make sure you've got space in a garage or big shed! (I do wonder whether a simple pool and separate sprinkler would have been just as fun though....)'

5/5  Katie70 'Lovely paddling pool, hours of fun for toddlers. Needs a pump to inflate and different sized attachments for the pump is best. Great value for money.'

5/5  Rids 'Excellent for our littlest Grandchildren to play and have fun together.'

5/5  Twoos 'Our 2 and 3 year old grandchildren love it. Very glad we bought it for the summer.'

5/5  Billie 'Good fun for little ones my daughter spends hours playing In there'

5/5  Jellybean 'Took a while to blow up even with a pump but once up and fill was great. Getting it down took ages as trying to get all air out is impossible so could not put it back in box , maybe air hole in both halves would make the case easier to get down'

4/5  Jane1504 'Easy to inflate with pump and my grandson loved the slide'

5/5  Joy 'Fantastic little pool for littles ones'

5/5  Jodan 'Nice pool for Grandson, good size and easy to inflate with a pump.'

5/5  CharMil 'My son loved this pool. Bit awkward to blow up some of the bits as they're in awkward places but he's happy to go in and loves the slide'

5/5  Tink 'This is a perfect pool for my 3 year old'

5/5  Sammi 'Only issue is there is so many separate bits to blow up. So took a while but other than that is fab'

5/5  Coco 'Pool is amazing. Can't wait for another amazing sunny day to get this outside and see my little sisters' faces glowing again!'

5/5  Bec 'A great purchase ... a lot of fun for the kids!'

5/5  Cactus 'Came with 3 small balls and a repair patch It was really hard to blow up cos our electric pump wasn’t working so I blew it up myself, it took a while but it can be done The slide moves quite a bit when you slide down it but the kids loved playing on it The palm tree was cute and worked The ball slide was ok It was a fault large pool so a good size for a baby’s party, 6 kids were crammed in there at once LOL they decided to throw all the balls out and they went everywhere'

5/5  Alexander 'Son really loves and enjoying playing for an hour. We made it as a ballpits and put slide on it. Easy to inflate and good quality. Worth it'

5/5  Lisa 'Great item purchased .my granddaughters love it very entertaining and occupies them both for hours highly recommended for any little one'

5/5  Kazza 'Great fun paddling pool with slide and bit for playing with balls'

5/5  Julie 'This activity pool is great! It's perfect for my 1 & 4 year old to play together. Now all we need is some sun! :)'

5/5  Tiredmummy 'We got this pool for my almost 3 year old. It is better than some paddling pools because it has further play value due to the ball run and the sprinkler. It was very easy to assemble, we used an air compressor and it was up in minutes. My little one loved the ball run but we needed to add additional balls for real fun! I would recommend for children under five as I think older children wouldn’t be able to enjoy the pool due to its size and shape.'

5/5  Ks 'The kids live this and had hours of fun playing the n it in the hot weather.'

5/5  Cathy 'Fantastic pool brought balls to play with as well my grandchildren had a fantastic time'

5/5  Munch 'Perfect paddling pool for our one year old, exactly as it’s shown in the pictures and our daughter has spent endless hours having fun in it already!! When it wasn’t quite warm enough for water, we put her ball pit balls in it!!'

5/5  Vicki 'Great little pool that my two little ones have had a lot of fun playing with. That said the slide I found to be a little flimsy underneath two toddlers, overall great pool and good price!'

5/5  Nic 'Although my 3 year old liked this the slide is far too small for a 3 year old. My 8 month old baby loved it (with help of course)'

4/5  Ad87 'Brought this for Easter for my kids and they love it would recommend to all my friends with young children'

3/5  Trigger 'Fab pool when it’s up, a lot of different sections to blow up but grandchildren’ loved it and played all day. You do only get 3 balls with it so if you want balls you have to buy them separately but with such a great price it’s worth every penny'

5/5  JJ 'Kids loved it and with same day delivery meant we had it by the afternoon so they could make the most of the sunshine'

5/5  Clarke 'Kids love it , decent size but took awhile to pump up .'

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