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chad valley 6ft bouncy castle

About the Chad Valley 6ft Bouncy Castle

The joy a bouncy castle brings when you take your kids to a fete or a birthday party is palpable, but why wait until then? With the Chad Valley 6ft Bouncy Castle that delight can be had every day as soon as little ones step outside to play in the garden. A fantastic way to get your most cherished fit and active, watch on as they leap and jump about with joy. For more fun they can invite friends over to play too! With a constant air flow system and a sturdy electric fan complete, the robustly designed Chad Valley 6ft Bouncy Castle is sure to be a hit.

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Chad Valley 6ft Bouncy Castle Reviews

4/5   'My kids had hours of fun on this..... great design and safety nets are a massive reassurance.'

5/5  Mark 'Excellent bouncey castle easy 2 set up and great fun'

5/5  LauC21 'We were struggling to find something to keep the kids occupied during the warmer weather in the garden, they absolutely love this and now we can’t keep them off it!'

5/5  Grandad 'Ok for small children, not suitable for bigger kid's and adults although it didn't burst when a couple off adults fell into it'

5/5  Suzy 'I purchased this for my granddaughters 3rd Birthday and she loves it . She’s had hours of fun it’s not to big and perfect for 2 children at a time.'

5/5  Sanjay 'My 3 year and 8 year son love it they enjoy a lot'

4/5  Ally 'Kept kids entertained for hours, great idea for the summer holidays.'

5/5  Si 'Excellent value for money my 4 year old loves it . Easy to set up and quick inflation, also easy to deflate and put away and a nice bag to store in. Very pleased!'

2/5  Taghad 'Big waste of money grandson is 4 only been on it for a few minutes very noisy small no much bounce to it a waste of money even 2 small children on it can't bounce'

5/5  Nic 'Bought this on recommendation from a friend for my 5 year old. Was worried she might be too big for it, but she loves it. So easy to inflate and store when not in use. Delivered same day by Argos. Great Buy'

5/5  Deb22 'Perfect size for small spaces........'

1/5  Emma 'There is no bounce in this it’s rubbish'

5/5  Michael 'I wasn’t sure if this was going to be too small to last for more than one summer. However, we’ve had everyone from 18month year olds to 5 year olds having hours of fun. Great option for the garden and we’ve even had it up in doors! Really compact once packed away. Super easy and really fast to set up. Maximum 5 min job to you’re up and running. Really impressed which this purchase. Great value for money'

5/5  Will 'My kids love it and the joy they get from it is unbelievable! Worth every penny!'

5/5  Natalie 'I got it at the beginning of the summer and my kids have had so much use and fantastic fun playing on it. Would recommend for young children.'

4/5  Santamouse 'Good for little ones, my 2 and 5 year olds lovenit. The only down side is that it can only take two children at a time so it causes arguments if you have more than two!'

2/5  Alisha 'Not good too small really n its actually hard to blow up'

5/5  Nikki 'Do recommend this item'

5/5  Anto 'My kids absolutely love this. It's great quality and easy to use. Totally recommend'

3/5  Elena 'Very good for the children and seif'

3/5  Burnsy 'Was not as big as I thought the space to get in and out not big enough catch there feet tying to get out'

5/5  Anita 'My 2, 4 and 6 year old all love this.'

5/5  Krazy 'My girls love it and it keeps them active too'

5/5  Edney 'This product is great value for money cheapest about . My kids have had so much fun on this . Takes about 20 minutes to pump up which is amazing we use the pool as a ballpiy and they love it'

4/5  TIGGIE 'No problem in blowing up children had great fun bouncing on it, only down side was packing it away.'

5/5  Marie 'Brought for my grandchildren they love it. Easy to put up and deflate. Fun for in the garden and easy to store away when not in use. Now they got something to play with in the garden when they over.'

5/5  Sandy 'When I went to blow the castle up it had a big hole in it so we had to super glue the hole'

5/5  Garro 'A brilliant castle this is. My kids loves it so much that they want to bounce on it even in cold.'

5/5  Rk 'My children dont want to come out of it. It kind of a good exercise a healthy game. I brought this to boots my childs height.'

5/5  Zara 'Brillant delivery service and also over all great product very safe for my 2 year old daughter who has already had hours of fun and many more to come! Easy storage and step up. Would recommend'

4/5  Vics 'First product was faulty but Argos sorted it right away. Little one loves it Great they can't fall out Packs away nicely in storage bag'

5/5  Saz 'Great for children under 5, comes with fan, great netting round whole castle inflates in less them 2 mins and comes with bag for storage'

4/5  Ferret 'Bought this for our grandchildren and they absolutely love it. Inflates in seconds and love the fact that the entrance has Velcro attached for added safety Worth every penny !!!'

5/5  Marcus 'Kids love it and it is robust'

5/5  Moore 'My partner and I bought this for our children's birthday, coming up 5 and 1, it's absolutely fab the kids love it we can't ever get them off it!! Perfect for little garden parties with all of their little cousins'

5/5  Markybouy 'Great product and well designed hard wearing'

5/5  Sarcky 'Decent product. inflates in 10-15 seconds and not much longer to deflate and is breathable material so air escapes through it which help prevent it bursting unlike plastic bouncy castles it is very easy to pack away also. only issue is my youngest keeps getting stuck trying to exit the castle as the opening is a bit tight but this is better for safety'

5/5  Bex 'My 6 year old loves this'

5/5  Scampi22 'Great fun good quality keeps the grandchildren happy for hours on end'

5/5  Katie 'If I seen it up and ready before buying I wouldn't of brought it'

4/5  Sandii 'Love the bouncy castle my lite boy loves it!!!'

5/5  Clare 'Kids love it well worth it'

5/5  Teri 'My two girls loves this and didn't want to get off, perfect size for two children. Well made and nice design also the air pump is not that loud so very happy'

4/5  Simo 'It's brilliant my little boy loves it and doesn't use much electricity as I thought it would'

5/5  Tee 'Best buy. Kids have great fun each time'

5/5  Mcljay 'Useful for keeping my 2 boys busy for half hour or so seems to be holding up but remember to tie off the exit air funnel or it doesn't hold enough air to be bouyant. Limit bouncing but fan seems to work ok, there are better things out there to keep your kids busy what can I say? A fairly average purchase'

3/5  Polly85uk 'Comes with fan that blows it up under 1 min. Very easy & fast assembly so kids can jump straight into it & have so much fun also great for kids with a lot of energy to burn & great fun exercise'

4/5  Barney 'Butlers Ballycastle for my twin two year old girls they love it to bits amazing fun are they would play on it all day long this a good product.'

5/5  Rachel 'This product is good for little ones in terms of fun but in terms of it's quality is poor and I am returning after if broke after the 1st time of using it. The tube which connects the blower has torn which is disappointing as it was my daughters birthday present. The opening for the children to get in is very restricting also and I don't think an 8 year old would fit in it my 3 year old struggled.'

1/5  Newt 'Bought this for my Grandaughters second Birthday, Best Buy ever! Well made, So easy to erect fully in flated in 1 minuet! Had children up to 6 yrs bouncing around in it plus the odd Adult! Good safety features with netting for the smallest, Packs away in no time!'

5/5  Julie 'Bought this for our grandson who is nearly 3. He loves it. The only fault that I can find with this product is its quite difficult for him to get in and out of. The opening is quite small'

4/5  Bizzy Beez 'Bought this for the little ones to play on in our stay and play group. not too big. good for 3 litte ones at a time max. easy to set up and pack away. the blower is a bit on the noisy side.'

5/5  Bowler999 'I actually returned this item as it was not the greatest, i would like to congratulate the manufacturer as they managed to design and produce a bouncy castle that does not bounce. The best thing about it was the pump. My kids were so disappointed that they now consider Argos to be a rude word. In short don't purchase this item as your kids will judge you for the rest of your life.'

1/5  Milly 'The product is great, my little boy thoroughly enjoys it, I love that it comes with a carry case but the material of the carry case and castle could do with being stronger, other than that I can't find a fault with it.'

5/5  Caz 'It's even safe for toddlers as they can't fall off (obviously adult supervision is still needed)'

5/5  Tony 'Bought this for my two year old. She loves bouncy castles and got excited when she saw it however after 5 minutes she was bored with it, the castle doesn't appear to be very bouncy, however after running for 10 minutes the motor started smoking and packed up. Not impressive at all.'

1/5  Sue95 'The bouncy castle was great that i got for my grandchildren the service from the staff was good would reccommend it to anyone thanks'

5/5  Leanne 'Great size for my 17 month old son he loves this.'

4/5  Fozzie 'My two boys age 2 & 4 love this bouncy castle. Despite them saying it was too small when it was first erected, they had had so much fun jumping about. And it's keeps us out of the parks so much which is great!. Would highly recommend this product .'

5/5  Lauz 'Great bouncy castle I brought this for my 11 month old son and he loves it :) would say after the age of 3/4 it's to small does seem abit on the small size but great value for money sure I'll get a few years out of it :)'

4/5  Miszy 'My little girl absolutely loves this bouncy castle , so much fun right in her home. Great price Aswell :)'

5/5  Shan 'Shame it is only for 2. But was great for the small birthday party. I know it will be great for the summer too'

4/5  Lou1979 'Bought this for 1 year old's birthday and she and her sister (31/2) loved it. Not as bouncy as those found at soft play but still good fun. Will grow with them both. Bought it on offer but wouldn't have been disappointed at full price. Not that noisy if used outside but I can imagine that it is noisy inside as other reviews have said.'

4/5  Janie 'I bought this for my Grandchildren, I certainly wasn't disappointed and neither was they. They loved it and had so much fun. The only problem I had was trying to get them off of it!! And it is very easy to put up.'

5/5  Oneboyonegirl 'I purchased this item for my sons 4th birthday. When opened there was I very nasty damp smell, when taking the item out of the box I had realised the item was used and damaged. The peg holders were rusted, the mesh material was torn, leaves and mud all over the bouncy castle. A complete dissapointment as I wanted this for my Sons Birthday Party. Had to return the item.'

5/5  Count Bruno 'Excellent product,hours of fun for the littluns,gave us olduns a bit of a break and plenty of laughs too.'

1/5  Lou Lou 'Keeps my 2 children busy, moves around a lot if you have it indoors but still entertains them, would only recommend 2 at a time on it, not sure why people have moaned about fan noise but I thought it was relatively quiet.'

5/5  Busybusybee 'I brought this for my daughter who is nearly 8 and for my son who is 19 months. They both love it it's great for nice weather. It comes with a air pump so you done need to buy Separate one. I love the fact that you can put it away and take it back out when needed. As soon as u unplug it it deflates very quickly.'

5/5  AimeeLoo 'Very easy to inflate, good quality material, 3 year old daughter and niece have had hours of fun on it, good value for money .'

4/5  Mo.dug 'Bought 2 for my great grandchildren but returned 1 as it was not big enough.Its good for toddlers but thought as it said 6ft. it would be bigger. however its not. not sure where the 6ft measurement was taken from !the fitting for the pump is not very secure could do with being a better way of fixing as it can slip off.worth half price only wouldnt pay full price'

5/5  Pinky53 'Excellent overall product goes up n down in minutes kids love it wod recommend'

4/5  Nekky 'Every family with kids deserves to keep one at home. Good distraction when everything else has failed. Love it!'

5/5  Branco 'This is a great bundle of fun for young children'

4/5  Debbied 'This castle does everything we hoped. Good quality. Full of fun. Good size. The little ones love it. Worth buying the pump separate though as the one in the box is a little high pitched'

5/5  Jules 'Bought this for my daughter's 3rd birthday. The kids had a fab time at her party bouncing! Cannot comment on long term use as it has only been used once.'

5/5  Robert 'Brilliant the kids love it .'

4/5  Nicki 'My parents brought this as a present for our two children and they dislike it immensely - have been on it twice and get fed up within a few minutes. Thankfully purchased when it was on special offer, certainly WOULD not pay the full price - its not very bouncy and children don't like texture. Its also very noisy. Not a great purchase at all.'

5/5  Jfb 'Excellent product and value for money at the sale price purchased. well done Argos'

1/5  Holidayqueen 'I brought this castle for my son who is 2yrs 8 mths and he loves it. He finds the blower a little loud but has got used to the noise now - it is loud if using inside. Purchased in the sales - good buy not sure if worth the full price.'

4/5  Anahelen 'Nice small size for a small garden and the fact you can velcro the opening shut for extra safety appealed to me, no way my son can accidentally bounce out and hurt himself. The fabric feels strong and of good construction. the whine of the blower is a bit irritatingly high pitched.It goes up in a minute and down in a minute and comes with pegs to stake it to the ground. Even has a handy holdall type bag for storage. Only downside is that the blower has a ridiculously short power lead and it says not to use an extension cable ! That said I used an extension cable and I think you just have to be sensible and not use an extension outside if it is damp/wet or could trip someone up.'

4/5  Mel 'Wow this bouncy castle is brilliant bought for our 5 yr old daughter for her birthday and she loves it! Very good that it inflates in 25 secs and brilliant price!'

5/5  Shar 'Motor very noisy,but my grandchildren have great fun on it.easy to inflate and put away in bag,taking it to my daughters so she can use it for her sons birthday party.'

4/5  Mac 'Totally 100% happy with product and instore staff.'

4/5  Emma D H K 'The children loved it, it was the star attraction at my grandchild's , party'

5/5  Doina 'I like shopping to u company.i like u care for any small detaly.It is good bouncy castlle for child, all the best Argos.'

5/5  Miley 'The grandchildren loved this! We kept it as a surprise and their faces lit up when they realised what it was! Very easy to inflate and also to put away afterwards! Can easily fit 3 or 4 little ones on it (under 3), though would have less if they were bigger. Will be so useful for the school holidays!'

5/5  Kitwoman 'Kids had great fun with this item and good value for money'

5/5  Natascha 'I had a bad experience. I ordered the castle for my daughters birthday . When I set it up there was a leak. What a disappointment.'

5/5  Tracy 'Bought this for my son tommys birthday and he and his little brother leon love it .'

1/5  Denise 'Great value for money, inflates in seconds and fits into a small bag. Will fit 4-5 youngsters with supervision, thoroughly enjoyable.'

5/5  Rebo 'Good value for the sale price my 2 children loved it and occupied them . My grandchildren also liked it . A bit noisey but a small price to pay for a bit of quiet time .'

5/5  Cheekychops 2010 'This was bought as a birthday present for my son who was 3 n my daughter is 5 they both love it . inflates really quick and very easy to pack away and carry.'

4/5  Jay 'Good value for money however the fan is quite loud'

5/5  PEPSIMAX 'My grandson absoultely loves this, it is easy to assemble, easy to pack away, comes with a small bag to keep bouncy castle in. excellent value, would highly recommend.'

3/5  Grandma 'We were able to collect this next day from our local store.It was good value in the sale,we used it for the end of term toddler party.Only suitable for pre school children.The kids loved it.grandma'

5/5  Susie 'This Bouncy Castle is made from strong material and is so easy to inflate. a great product and a great price.'


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