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Chad Valley 4ft Ocean Fill 'N' Fun Pool

About the Chad Valley 4ft Ocean Fill 'N' Fun Pool

The Chad Valley 4ft Ocean Fill 'N' Fun Pool includes an on theme design that your most cherished will love. With a ready time of only five minutes, you and your little one will be splashing away and having fun in next to no time.

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Chad Valley 4ft Ocean Fill 'N' Fun Pool Reviews

5/5   'Perfect we have dogs so didnt rant a typical blow up. It's perfect for all use, young children, older. Design is perfect and I couldn't fault this pool what so ever. Very happy children, happy wife happy life.'

5/5  MamaN 'Kids loved it. Struggled to put it up but once it was filled it was it provided hours of fun throughout the summer holiday. The size was perfect!'

4/5  Grandma4 'The pool is attractive, my grandchildren love it. It is easy to assemble but needs to be full of water to keep the sides up and it does take a while to fill with water because of its size, it’s huge, so I would recommend filling with a hosepipe. Handy to use the water to water the garden when the children finish playing in it, so there’s no wasting of water in the summer!'

2/5  Leah 'Sides keep falling down causing water to tip out !'

5/5  Toptotti 'Great price, no pump needed. Kids loved it. Highly recommend'

5/5  Shannon 'I have found this pool to be quick to set up and easy to put away. Unlike blow up pools, this takes no time at all to set up. And it's a decent size for kids. I have 2 children and one teen and it was enough room for them to sit and cool off in. The only downside of this pool is the hard plastic sides. If you are not careful, you can burst the sides by being too rough. However, I feel that goes with any pool and rambunctious children. I would highly recommend this pool for a family.'

5/5  Nick 'So easy to set up. Really nice and big. So much easier to empty than inflatable ones too.'

5/5  Gemma 'Brilliant fun for toddlers this summer! Easy to assemble hassle free! No air pump needed, just get out of the box and start filling !!!! My little one loved it'

4/5  Hez 'Got for my grandchildren,they loved it. Easy to put straight up,plenty of room and easy to clean. Lots of fun time'

3/5  Altone 'Found this quite tricky to fill up without the sides keep falling inwards Had to put things in the pool to keep the sides up until the water level was high enough to hold the sides'

4/5  VV 'A good sized pool for little kids. A bit fiddly to put on your own because it was creased from the box and the sides kept collapsing.'

5/5  Nik 'After having thrown out the kids main paddling pool for this yr, the hot weather crept back towards to end of season. Was desperate to get the kids something to cool off in. This was perfect. No fuss, non eventful paddling pool set up. Kids were happy.'

5/5  Joji 'Brilliant way of cooling down in the summer!'

5/5  Bex 'Just what we needed for some cooling fun in the sun this summer, the kids could paddle and our pup used it to cool down in too! It's exactly as you'd expect for the price, if treated well it should last a good few summers'

5/5  Katie 'Brilliant paddling poo,l not too big, not too much water used, easy to assemble and fill!'

2/5  Uvjulie 'If you have dogs that like to swim its definately no good only lasted a few hrs!'

4/5  SNE 'Great value for money'

5/5  HC 'Bought this pool for my dogs and they love it. Quick + easy to set up'

5/5  Pearcy16917 'Ideal paddling pool for little ones and dogs!'

5/5  Mum81 'It is easy to put up and fill. A really good size, perfect for my 2 boys and it will last much longer than the blow up pools they have had in the past. It packed away easily a good buy.'

5/5  Jenny 'It was for my little dog and she loved it..'

5/5  Emma 'This pool was great in the summer my daughter had many days of fun splashing around it in to keep cool!'

3/5  DonnyRob 'This is ok for kids upto about 3'

5/5  Suzie 'Lovely pool, easy to set up, holds decent amount of water. My daughter and nephews had hours of fun throughout the summer. Easy to empty and clean too.'

5/5  Japko 'Great pool, lots of fun for kids.'

5/5  Kasia 'Fantastic. Lot of fun for kids'

5/5  Lieba 'We bought last year there smaller size and we loved it so much, This year I got the bigger size We love it because you don't need to pump it up and is the kids stumble or actually collapses on itself so it's safer than blow up pools. You still have to supervise your children'

4/5  Cat 'Kids loved it... deeper than most pools which is a bonus.'

4/5  MummaG 'Good pool, very easy to fold up and store. Big enough for 2-3 kids, but not too big so it takes ages to fill.'

5/5  Sara 'The pool was a great size and perfect for our needs. Easy to put up'

5/5  Paulawills 'I bought this little pool for my dogs to use for cooling down over summer. They loved it and it didn’t puncture which is a first. It’s back in its box for next year.'

5/5  Jonaid 'Good product, no need for pump and is very steardy when filled.'

5/5  LauLau82 'Really pleased with this was perfect for the summer and unlike a inflatable one that punctures each summer this one will last much longer making it more environmentally friendly as won't end up in the bin after one summer Would recommend if your looking for a great little pool'

4/5  Me 'The water holds the sides up so until it is half full you have to keep pulling the sides up or they fold in.You have to make sure it’s level if the water isn’t even the side goes in. Some messing about getting it level and full but OK once it’s up and full.'

5/5  Mummm3 'Fantastic pool. No worries about sides being popped. Quick and easy to set and fill and empty and put away. Only down side is has to be used on flat flat ground or sides end up flapping in and letting water out'

4/5  Jumpinghobbits 'We decided not to put up our normal 8ft pool this year as the weather seemed less reliable (I know the irony) so we purchased this little beauty to quickly fill for out soon to much about in. Reasonable size and depth, sturdy enough to manage being emptied and refilled multiple times. Not bad for the price.'

4/5  Mum 'Excellent pool for quick set up'

5/5  Lxurenjxne 'I purchased this particular pool due it not being inflatable and having a dog. It’s perfect size and height and is perfect for a dip in the warmer days. My neighbour also bought this pool and said that they also would recommend this pool.'

5/5  Ramjet151 'My dogs love their new pool. Its been used all summer and has withstood all their jumping in and out without any damage.'

5/5  Me 'Quick and easy to set up. Great for my grandchildren from 6 months to 4 years'

5/5  Jasmine 'Really wish I would have purchased one of these pools sooner! After wasting money on inflatable pools that always end up poping and the faffing about deflating and cleaning I decided to purchase one of these pools. They are so easy to set up and simple to empty and store away! Very durable and larger than expected another great valued product from Argos!'

5/5  Ricardo 'Easy to order, easy to pick up, easy to use. Just the job.'

5/5  Caris 'Great product kids loved it. Durable'

2/5  Kell 'The price was reasonable however the pool would not go up properly and the sides would bend in resulting in the water coming out'

5/5  Manuela 'Good for toddler. But my 5 years old little boy enjoyed as well.'

5/5  Az 'A lot bigger than i thought my 6 and 3 year old love it and the best thing is there cant pop it'

4/5  Alice 'Unable to find a fault. set up is easy, no inflating at all, such a bonus on a hot day. actually took longer to fill than I thought but that was ok & proved that the pool was in fact big enough for more than just a toddler or two. 2 adults & 2 toddlers sat & played with ease. we put a large blanket underneath as it was on concrete , the rigid sides stayed up the whole time the pool was up (water has to fill quite high to keep sides up, hence filling times) well worth the time and money.'

5/5  Argosbuyer66 'Fab swimming pool. Very easy storage'

5/5  At 'Best product I have ever purchased'

4/5  Stacie 'This pool was perfect for my children.. Quick set up and unlike the past blow up pools did not get ripped by the dog who also enjoys a splash around on a hot day.'

5/5  SNES 'Great little pool for the children. Ready to use straight out the box & does not require an epic amount of water.'

5/5  WonderMum 'Great little pool. Fill on flat level surface to avoid side collapse. Perfect size for my 4 year old, doesn’t take too long to fill with a hose pipe, about 10-15mins.'

5/5  Wiseowl1 'Easy to set up. No blowing up. No punctures Big enough for 3-4 toddlers'

5/5  Agnessss 'Easy to use and good quality'

5/5  Mumofboys 'Really great paddling pool, lovely design, really quick to put up and empty unlike inflatable ones. Very sturdy and large capacity. My 2 year old can only just step in and out as the sides are quite high so good to be aware of using for toddlers.'

5/5  Sabina 'Absolutely love it so easy to set up specially with my arthritis didn’t have a problem at all Would recommend this pool to everyone'

4/5  Dee 'Good to have a paddling pool that doesn't require finding the air pump, decent size and quality'

5/5  Marion 'After purchasing an inflatable which lasted one use we went for this. It was fast and so easy to set up and was plenty room for my two granddaughters 8 and nearly 2. My daughter (32) also got in with them and could lie down. Extra bonus is that it’s easily emptied dried and folded back away in its box.'

5/5  Hay 'We brought the pool for our dogs.They absolutely love laying in it to keep cool.Cheap to fill and easy to clean.'

4/5  L23 'Kids love it, easy to use, well worth the purchase.'

5/5  Liz 'Exactly as advertised, easy to fill'

3/5  Milena 'Easy to set up. But when the water is in is also very easy to spill the water out.'

5/5  Kaz 'Perfect for young toddlers'

5/5  S2 'Kids enjoy playing in this easy to set up pool. Good quality.'

4/5  Anna 'Excellent pool, no setting up, fill the pool and play, the sides could do with being a little sturdier, had to refill quite a few times lots of water spilled from collapsed sides, but apart from that great product'

5/5  NickiD 'Great pool with no chance of punctures. My Grandchildren love it'

5/5  Zoe 'Really good pool for the little ones my 3yr old and 6 yr old had hours of fun during the summer with this'

5/5  Auntie 'Great pool. Ideal for paddling in the back garden. Perfect size for us. Seems well made. Nice and colourful outside.'

4/5  JodieC12 'Fantastic, took less than 30mins to fill, my son LOVED IT, played it in for hours, easy to empty also, could fit around 3/4 toddlers at a time. Great product'

5/5  GrannyAnnabel 'Great for small grandchildren and no blowing up. Has to be fairly full in order that the sides are upright but not a problem. A quick buy that was cheap and easy to use. Stored back in its box when dry. Not so big that it's difficult to fill with warm water.'

4/5  Ann 'Just right for our puppy to cool down in and the solid sides mean he can't puncture it!'

5/5  Emily 'Bought this for my dogs during the mini heatwave we had and it was perfect, good value for money and cooled pups down well. Easy to set up, just take out the box and unravel, the sides are firmly structured so easy 1 man set up. Takes a minute to fill due to its size which is to be expected but once filled can be hours of fun or just a great place to put your feet in the heat!'

5/5  Shaniece 'Loved it, kids had a blast .'

1/5  Roo 'This paddling pool does not stay up by itself. The sides keep falling down even when it's full up. Absolutely rubbish waste of money'

4/5  Harvey 'Very good perfect for the bank holiday weekend as it was hot easy to set up only works on a flat lawn mine is slanted so did work well but I had one deep end and s shallow end'

4/5  El 'This is perfect for a hot day. Takes couple hours to fill but get triple the fun time! My children enjoyed spending hours splashing and playing, I even joined them for a dip. Only criticism would be that water sloshes out a lot, a small rim to encourage water to splash back would of an advantage. But for the coat you can't complain. If you can it's better on grass when in use. We dried on line and all rolled away Into small box so stores away great.'

5/5  Don 'The pool was so easy to set up. And it's great for sunny days with the kids. I would recommend this product to anyone. Great fun'

5/5  Jimmychristian 'This pool is smaller than it looks on the photos so make sure to measure it before you buy, it’s good value for money not easy to puncture unlike inflatable ones, and is ideal for a small child or baby to have a splash about in'

5/5  Nency 'Great Value for Money and my Kids loved it❣️'

5/5  Laura 'Easy to put up, easy to fill. Great for my 5 month old to have a supervised splash around.'

5/5  Mal2001 'This was an excellent choice as it was very affordable, has a large capacity and folds away easily into a small space. Far more convinient and hard wearing than a blow up pool so definitely gets the thumbs up from us and our 16 month old :)'

1/5  Jb 'Terrible cheap plastic that is completely overpriced. To top it all off the service received in store was diabolical. Staff were too busy having conversations to help anyone'

3/5  Dominique 'Good and easy to put up no blowing up or putting up a frame we have 3 pools a framed, a blow up one and then this. We use this as it’s so much easier.'

5/5  BusyAngie 'I love this pool it is very stable when it is half filled with water.'

5/5  Louise 'This was perfect for my little girl and her cousins, ages ranging from 2-8. I LOVED how easy it was to set up, no spending 10 minutes blowing it up. I chose this style as my do chewed through our inflatable one, she wasn’t even interested in chewing this at all. It’s a really good size, plenty of room for play.'

5/5  SRWWWB 'Was easy to put up, sides don't stay up if theres not enough water in it, but my grandson loved it, it was big enough to put a slide in.'

4/5  Michelle07 'Nice pool just very simple'

5/5  Elz 'Great item. Kids loved playing in it and it was just the right size to keep close to the house. Easy to put away for next year'

2/5  Sassy 'Sides kept flopping letting water out.'

4/5  Ann '.good value for money'

5/5  Alan 'Easy to fill, no inflation needed - just start to fill with water and the sides gradually stay up.'

5/5  Amy 'Fab purchase, kids love it and value for money'

2/5  Julie 'It was very hard to fill up as the sides kept falling down and empting the water as they was strong enough to stay up. Pity i couldnt return but unable to put back in box Disappointed as it was a cheap paddling pool.'

5/5  Winnie 'I brought this for my dogs and they absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it did get damaged by their claws so I will have to get a puncture repair kit. Next time I use it I am going to put a carpet offcut inside to protect it. But worth every penny If this is for your kids it’s great. They will love it. I would suggest putting an old blanket down underneath just for added protection. I would recommend this to everyone and their pets'

5/5  Missmoneypenny 'Lovely pool with sea creatures and no more looking for the pump'

5/5  Vvenu88 'I bought it for my 1 and 3 year old kids. They enjoyed playing in it. Definitely recommended. I wish it would have been deeper but can really complain it for the price. One could fill balls and use it as ball pit.'

5/5  Lee 'It is just great, good size easy to store and not too long to fill up'

4/5  RandomRogue 'Slightly fiddly keeping sides up whilst filling with water, but not too difficult really. It is big enough for a few kids to paddle and play in, but not so big as it takes hours to fill up.... I have a water meter, so conscious of how much water I'm using and how much it's costing... The capacity of this pool is much more sensible than others out there. It's not got blow up sides, so it's not going to pop. I personally really like this pool'

5/5  Mill 'The pool was brought for the grandchildren who love being in the water on a hot day. Really good capacity and practical to use.'

5/5  Welshnan 'This pool is fab take out of the box and before long you have a nice big pool this is a great price ,easy to set up , grand kids love it ,'

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