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Chad Valley 4ft My First Trampoline and Enclosure

About the Chad Valley 4ft My First Trampoline and Enclosure

With this Chad Valley 4ft My First Trampoline and Enclosure your tyke can appreciate bobbing while you appreciate significant serenity. Trampolines are extraordinary fun and awesome practice and this one has an inward wellbeing fenced in area net upheld by cushioned shafts to guard your kid while they're having a ton of fun.

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Chad Valley 4ft My First Trampoline and Enclosure Reviews

5/5   'It's good quality, easy to assembly and use - great fun - highly recommend !'

5/5  Hannah 'Got this for my 1 year old son, it really is a decent size, the chords were a bit of a pain to put on but other than that it was pretty straight forward, very sturdy, and my son loves it. And for the price you really cant complain. :-)'

5/5  Kayley89 'Absolutely perfect size height and can still have fun and have plenty of room weather inside or outside it’s just perfect my sons absolutely made up with it 5 star purchase'

5/5  KR1403 'My son loves this trampoline. It’s compact so it fits in the corner of the playroom. This allows him to go on it any time he fancies. Great for small kids with ASD who need to be constantly on the move. Simple enough to assemble, took about 15/20 minutes. Great value product :)'

3/5  Stacey34 'Smaller than I expected as the net comes in to the trampoline so there is less space for my child to bounce. However she is only 2 and loves it but I think she'll outgrow it sooner rather than later due to lack of room'

4/5  PhysicsJon 'It was very easy to assemble, and it really looks great. My grand daughter has already had a great time jumping and bouncing on it. A great buy, thank you.'

5/5  Jesszoe12 'Absolutely amazing .'

4/5  Bw100 'Great little trampoline for my 2 year old. Doesn’t take up too much space in the garden.'

5/5  Elizabeth 'Perfect for my almost 3 year old. Brought as a treat for her and got it in the sale also.'

5/5  Kahmid 'Good value for money. Perfect for my toddlers.'

5/5  Charlotte 'Brilliant price brilliant purchase'

4/5  Sammy2019 'Great product great value for money my children love it not to big and not to small'

4/5  Loulouh 'Lovely little trampoline. My husband was able to put it together on his own in a bout and hour and a half. Some bits are very fiddly but other than that relatively simple and hours of enjoyment'

3/5  Bowich 'Inaccurate instructions and a couple of very tricky time consuming bits especially attaching the trampoline and securing the netting, instructions also awful. I really cannot understand how the assembly and instructions can be so poor and if anyone can put this together in 30 minutes then they are a wizz.'

5/5  Mayank 'Just use it accordingly and follow instructions'

5/5  Nisha 'Amazing buy and it perfect for my daughter and fits nicely in our garden.'

5/5  Kellypetty 'Good size trampoline, does exactly what it’s meant to'

5/5  Joey 'Very good quality product. Took a long time to assemble - well over an hour as stayed. But it is brilliant, sturdy and enjoyed by our 3 year old!!'

5/5  Steve 'Reasonably priced , easy to assemble, and the kids have hours of fun ! Would recommend this product to everyone who is considering to purchase'

5/5  AgaB 'Brilliant first trampoline, my son it’s 2 and a half and he absolutely loves jumping up and down in it. Our nephew who’s 1 and a half seems to like it too. So overall good investment. Only negative thing is, it’s so fiddly to put it up, but I’m sure like anything which comes flat packed.'

5/5  Victor 'Recommend it. Good value for money'

3/5  Max 'Assembly was time consuming. Some poor guidelines ie putting on pvc cover over gap should have been done before putting netting up.'

4/5  DaveyMac 'Easy to assemble. However, it took some strength to fit the bed as you have to stretch it across the tramp and line. Everything you need is in the box. My kids love it. It's not big enough to do any tricks and with the net on they wont hurt themselves'

5/5  Wayne85 'I would reckon mend buying it as it made my little girl so happy and she is enjoying it so much she is always out there playing on it'

4/5  Marg 'So hard to assemble needs better instructions'

5/5  Caz 'Very satisfied. Easy to put together. Bought for my grandson. One very happy boy. Highly recommend'

5/5  Hearneyator 'My daughter loves playing on it.'

5/5  Mummyoftwo 'Amazing trampoline my daughter loves it very easy to put together easy instructions to follow'

5/5  Pink 'Bought for my 3 year old grandson he absolutely loves his trampoline, it's made from sturdy materials. Only took roughly a hour to build. Defo recommend it's a good price and lots of fun.'

5/5  Blodwyn 'Ideal size for 1st trampoline, make sure you fit 1st poles correctly. Bungee is little difficult to attach (needs someone strong). Bought for 2nd birthday present for my grandson and he loves it,'

5/5  Eneri 'My grandson absolutely loves it and plays on it at every opportunity'

4/5  John 'Well worth the money the money went together With easy my 3 year old absolutely loves it full recommend'

5/5  Susannah 'Good product and lots of fun to be had on it for your little one small and compact.'

5/5  Kirst 'Brought for my daughter as our garden isn't that big it's perfect and just her size sje loves it and also a very good priced.'

5/5  ShannonCampbell 'Perfect size for my small garden my 3year old loves it and has been on it everyday since, came on time and was easy enough to assemble. Definitely recommend this.'

4/5  Laujen 'Kids love it, safe and secure just took a while to build'

5/5  MJE 'Really handy garden product for children however, it took 2 people to assemble with great difficulty'

4/5  Pops 'Our 3 year old granddaughter loved the finished trampoline but the suggested time of 30 mins for two people to assemble was somewhat optimistic, took us two hours. Overall very pleased so far though.'

5/5  Dee 'Brilliant first trampoline especially for a small garden.'

5/5  Sophia 'Would recommend for small children also easy to put up too'

4/5  Chloe 'Really happy with this trampoline and my almost 3 year old loves it! Perfect size for our garden, great price and easy enough to assemble'

5/5  Phippo68 'My 2 year old Grandson loves it'

4/5  Bigsham88 'Grand wee toy, nothing wrong with it for the money.'

4/5  KAZZA 'Bought for my partners daughter who is 3 and she loves it, however, it does need 2 people to put the black bouncy pad onto the frame as it gets tighter the more hooks to add. definitely good for youngsters and sturdy'

5/5  Ja89 'Perfect little trampoline for a young one to start with! Brilliant that it’s comes with the safety net!'

5/5  Maximum 'Perfect for little gardens'

5/5  Justyna 'It's very good and lot of fun.'

5/5  Grey 'We bought this for my 2 year old grandson who loves to bounce. The assembly took a very long time. It had 30 bungees to attach but the tool provided did make it easier. Nice size for a smaller garden. He loves it'

5/5  Singh 'My child loves it , so happy to have it , good exercise wish I have Gone for bigger one'

3/5  Katy 'This trampoline looked good in pictures and I thought it was safe due to the netting around it. Firstly my grandaughter falls up against the sides of it as all children would do and it it topples over very easily as it is too high and obviously top heavy. Secondly The fasteners in the netting would not keep a child from falling out , should have had a zip. it took two men one and half hours to put together, especially the tedious job of threading the cord at base, poor design'

5/5  Lynda 'Good size,good value, 2 year old granddaughter loves it, easy to assemble'

5/5  QC 'Very great product and good quality for the price.'

5/5  Sharon 'Bought for my 1year old grand-daughter. Easily assembled. Enclosure ideal. Quality superb. We defiantly recommend.'

5/5  Shell 'For a first trampoline this is good as it's not big and scary and gives little ones confidence , my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Mamof3 'We wanted a smaller trampoline for our 3 yr old this is perfect size for him to have plenty of fun, as well as a compact size so still able to fit other items in the garden'

5/5  Shazza97 'My little boy loves his trampoline he has just turned 2 and I find this product very suitable to the age as it comes with the enclosure which I know my child will be safe the only down side to this product is it’s very hard to assemble apart from that great product and great big thumbs up'

5/5  Forrest 'Bought this for my autistic grandson and he absolutely loves it best thing we’ve bought him'

5/5  Lianne 'Well worth money, easy to assemble, only thing with netting is its clips. Would of preferred a zip net.'

5/5  Lally 'This little trampoline was a bit of a pain to put together a d definitely requires 2 people! However, once up it is a great piece of play equipment. It's a good size, not too small and a good price for what it is. Very happy with the purchase. It also came extremely quickly!'

4/5  Cazzy 'Gods sturdy trampoline ... easy enough to assemble'

5/5  Kc 'Instructions to putting the. May n springs on not very easy but Once u work it out it’s fine'

5/5  Stevie 'Happy with size my son loves it easy enough to assemble but would recommend two people to build'

5/5  Kell 'Great fun for little one'

5/5  Mariapatt1 'Excellent quality for the £. My garden is small and fits just perfect still room for daughter and friends 100%'

5/5  Ad 'Great value trampoline for my daughter. A little tricky to build but after searching in YouTube for assembly instructions was ok.'

5/5  Tazzybabe7181 'Little one lovesbit and cant wait to go out a play'

5/5  Sr 'Not yet assembled only opened to check all pieces are there, it will be assembled beginning of August when my lg turns 4, she will be over the moon!'

5/5  GL 'I bought this for my son as we only have a small garden, it fits lovely and he has hours of fun on it.'

5/5  Ellis 'Easy to assemble out little girl fell asleep on it the other day. I'd recommend this a great first trampoline. It's safe and gives them an idea of what it's like. Hours of fun for them too.'

5/5  Georgia 'Great product, quite small for my three year old but she still enjoys it. Her little brother will get lots of use of it this summer as he will be 6months and especially next year. Great quality. Hard to put together with the tool provided but not impossible. Would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Jlb 'My 2 year old daughter loves it, it's the perfect size for her and will last a few more years for her, it was quite difficult to fit the bungee cord springs to the frame though'

5/5  Charliechimp 'My granddaughter loves this trampoline, it’s great value for money.'

5/5  Joshmcc21 'Assembly wasn't as hard as I thought it would of been, the little one loved it the moment she saw it and can already tell it'll be a summer favourite'

5/5  Meeeeee 'Cut the strung for the jetting into sections otherwise will struggle to fit it all'

5/5  Jessica 'Was hard to put together. but was worth it in the morning when kids saw it .. fast delivery also'

5/5  Muttley 'Safe for my grandaughter to have fun and exercise.'

5/5  Amy92 'Good quality and reasonably priced. Would recommend!'

5/5  Soph 'Easy to put up Lots ov fun'

5/5  Sara 'Fantastic First Trampoline for My Daughter and A good Size if you have a smallee Garden. Very Pleased and So is My Daughter :)'

5/5  JessicaB 'This is perfect for my2 year old. I didn’t want to get a toddler one as he would out grow so quickly so we brought this one which he can grow into.'

5/5  MrsStano 'For those with small gardens this trampoline is perfect! Both my boys love it. Was hard work to assemble together but I’ve heard that is with all trampolines. Happy boys happy mum!'

2/5  Nanna 'Instructions very badly written about as clear mid. Not impressed with the quality or safety of the net. Wish I hadn't bought it.'

4/5  Amanda35 'The kids loved the trampoline My boys are 1yrs and 3 years They both enjoy playing on it. It was hard to assemble. You tube was helpful. I would recommend this trampoline'

5/5  Connor 'My daughter loves it, very strong sturdy frame! Brilliant safety features! 5*****'

4/5  Nm25 'Exactly what we were looking for and looks great'

3/5  Birthdayboysmummy 'Trampoline itself is good and my little boy loves it, unfortunately I cannot put on the enclosure as one of the bolts doesn't have, and never did have, any thread so cannot be tightened otherwise it would be perfect for it's intended use'

5/5  Leona 'My little boy loves his trampoline, easy to assemble'

3/5  Sk 'It's a compact trampoline so great for small gardens, easy to assemble (except for bungee cords) and is low enough for a toddler to climb on. Kids love it but doesn't look very substantial and blows over very easily. It's not very bouncy especially if your kids are light. If your child is bigger, it wont be suitable. The net is nice and secure (closed with Velcro and fastners) but the bottom edge should be secured to the trampoline, as little people could roll out of the bottom.'

4/5  Lauren 'Great trampoline for 2-5 year olds. Took just over an hour to put together by 2 men. Great size for a small garden. O my downside is the netting around it could be a lot more secure will try and fasten it better'

5/5  Dodo 'I made an excellent choice with the My First Trampoline for my 2 year old nephew. It is safe and sturdy and he loves it! Just can't get him off it now!! Would definitely recommend this to friends.'

1/5  Emily 'I brought this for my daughter in june 2018 she was bouncing on it and the top of the net snapped.'

5/5  Lizzy 'Only thing that was wrong there was a bolt short in the packaging but in general is good quality'

4/5  Raleigh02b 'My little boy loves his trampoline, and I managed to put it together by myself without too much difficulty. Previous reviews have commented on the net fastening with just velcro, but this must be a newer version as there are two fairly robust clips that close it in addition to the velcro. The elastics create a huge amount of tension, and my skinny little boy doesn't get much movement from the trampoline as he doesn't weigh much, but he enjoys himself nevertheless.'

5/5  Jeremy 'Excellent product easy assembly and my son loves it'

5/5  Louise 'The trampoline is great easy to put up and the twins love it really happy with it :)'

4/5  Sarah 'Great price and great fun and size for my 3yr old!'

5/5  Kathy 'Very good , grandkids love it , safety good'

5/5  HLC 'Perfect size for my daughter, great quality and easy assembly'

5/5  JFHW 'My grandson is delighted with it and loves going on it'

2/5  Dylan 'Did not feel safe and secure for my child to play on'

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