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Chad Valley 2 Ring Paddling Pool - Multicoloured

About the Chad Valley 2 Ring Paddling Pool - Multicoloured

Splash and splish in the Chad Valley 2 Ring Paddling Pool. Little ones will have a ton of fun in the water as they fling their arms hither and tither! It's an incredible way to get the your most cherished dynamically active as well as relax and soothe them when the climate warms up.

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Chad Valley 2 Ring Paddling Pool - Multicoloured Reviews

5/5   'Brought several of these as they are big enough to fit all 3 of my kids in. Would defo recommend. Cheap enough to replace every year also so win win'

4/5  Jon 'Bought for dogs. Good for them but not for human use.'

3/5  Abbi 'Convenient for little people to use without breaking the bank. Not very strong or sturdy but reflects what you pay.'

5/5  Mazza 'Fantastic slur for money went up quickly and children loved it. Well worth the money'

5/5  Charlie 'Great little pool. My 5 year old spent hours playing in it'

5/5  Natalie123 'I purchased this for my 4 year old as i needed something quick and simple and this is exactly that. Was so easy to put up and quick too. The fill time isnt long either which he was happy about! Would definitely reccomend to anyone if your looking for a quick and simple pool.'

5/5  Dan 'Really good value for money'

5/5  Sukiki 'Really good for the price. Bought it for my 4 year old son and he absolutely loved it. Can't wait for the hot weather to use it again.'

5/5  Saz 'Used this for my dog in summer. He loved it and just the right size for a big dog at a great price'

5/5  Nikki 'Was exactly what the picture and description said it was.'

5/5  Jh 'Perfect paddling pool for 2 children to use at a really good price.'

4/5  Gemma00 'This pool is the perfect size for toddlers. We put a slide in it to make it more fun. It doesn't take long to blow up and it's very cheap. Only issue is that I'm on the 3rd one now! It comes with a puncture repair kit but they are quite fragile.'

5/5  Annalou 'My little ones (7&3) love this Ideal for odd days in the pool in the garden Quick to blow up and holds enough water for the princess to have plenty fun Easily to empty and move around Sturdy and robust'

4/5  John 'Bought it for my dog she loves it. Really easy to set up.'

5/5  Amber 'Quite cheap pool, and enough for both my little ones.'

5/5  Stig 'Brilliant easy to set up and my little boy loves it I would definitely recommend it'

4/5  Amy1992 'Considering how cheap this it it is very good. I have a fourteen month old and 7 year old and they both loved it. Took a while to blow up and deflate but holds plenty of water they had hours of fun in it. Easy enough to cover with a sheet'

5/5  Diana 'Good to keep kids entertained in sunny days'

5/5  Mummyac 'This paddling pool is brilliant my little one loved splashing around in this on holiday on a hot day well worth the money'

5/5  Haybashy 'Very pleased! We brought a big one for the big kids and this one for the babies'

3/5  Ah 'It is easy to assemble but it didn’t stay up for a hour'

5/5  Penwal 'Great paddling pool exactly as it says on the box. Great price and lots of fun'

5/5  Mummybear 'This 4ft pool is ideal for hot days to cool off, it’s durable and quick to inflate. Only takes a few minutes to fill up and enough water to splash around in on hot sunny days.'

5/5  Leanne 'Perfect little pool for the price kids are still young so didn't want a big pool and this one is perfect for my 3 year old and 9month old! Doesn't take long to blow up either'

3/5  Bones 'Bought this to cool the dog down. Would be ok for small children too.'

5/5  Sarah 'Originally purchased for my dog to cope with the heat but he wasn't interested. Kids splash about to keep cool on hot days and lovely to sit in the sun with my feet in for a lovely cool down.'

5/5  JoMcK 'Bought for my two Dachshound’s to keep cool and it has been ideal'

5/5  Mumzyl 'Just the right size for my toddlers. Easy to put up and take down.'

5/5  Karina 'Canny for in the garden'

5/5  Mummyandlogan 'This paddling pool is just enough to keep my little one (4) cool in the hot days! Xx'

4/5  Andy61 'A sound little poool that was just what was needed for kids at a weddiong on the hottest day in history!!'

3/5  Kez 'Right size and price for kids to splash and cool down'

1/5  Seasidesuzy 'Although the paddling pool looked well made, it wasn't compatible with my foot pump so it couldn't inflate it. I had used the foot pump for a previous paddling pool so it was a big disappointment on the hottest July day of the 2019. I had to return it.'

4/5  Ellie 'It's a great little pool for the price.'

5/5  Agnes35lon 'Great small pool for kids!!!'

4/5  Kul 'Good price good quality'

5/5  LJ 'It’s a nice size pool that’s easy to blow up. It’s the right size for my 3 year old and it would comfortably fit another couple of kids'

5/5  Linda 'We bought this for our dog to cool down in and he loves it just the right size. If I had any complaints it would be trying to blow it up luckily we had a pump but it was still hard to get the valves open. Did the job would recommend'

5/5  Jane 'Bought on holiday for a very hot day, perfect for splashing and to cool down. Kids liked it too!'

5/5  Loopyloo 'I wanted a paddling pool that my dogs could use in the hot weather to keep them cool, this was a perfect size and the dogs could easily jump in!'

5/5  Debs 'My dog loves this paddling pool, great size, great colour'

5/5  Tan 'Great pool and on offer'

5/5  Jade 'My little boy loves this. A nice size for him to play in. Great value for money.'

3/5  Pauliborgy 'Lovely little pool for toddlers and very easy to fill'

4/5  Starfish100 'Not the biggest but kept the kids entertained for hours, like that it's not too full given how mucky water gets with jumping in and out, worth having on hand for the random heat waves!'

3/5  Chloe 'The actual blow hole had a hole in it so it kept deflating. The repair patch wouldn't fit because it was on an awkward piece of the pool.'

5/5  Alisha 'I recently purchased this item and I must say it was lovely to have this in the garden in the summer my daughter who is three she enjoyed it didn’t want to come out the pool the colour is lovey too. And it was easy to pump as well I didn’t have any issues whatsoever with this pool. It’s quite big can fit probs two three toddlers in this pool. It’s spacious as well. You can put like pool toys inside the pool too. I would defo recommend it for outdoor or indoor use.'

4/5  Jjanbe 'Very simple and easy to set up, though does take a fair bit of breath! Good for toddlers but not that robust for bigger children. Good value for money for a simple ,easy to pack away small paddling pool that stores away in a small space for the large part of the year when weather not suitable to use .'

5/5  Debbie 'Good size paddling pool. Bigger than I thought and sturdy. Perfect for my 2 dogs and me to dip my feet in in the summer B )'

5/5  Kelly 'Low price for the paddling pool, bought it for my dogs when it got really hot! Can’t complain'

4/5  MrsMollyCool 'Good old-fashioned paddling pool fun. Nothing fancy, easy and quick to inflate, keeps the kids cool. Holds enough water to get them soaked, but not so much that you can't lift it to empty it. Not the strongest materials, but will hopefully last for the heatwave. Would recommend for good value, easy fun.'

5/5  Becks 'Good size swimming pool, just big enough to cool off and have a bit of fun in it'

5/5  Tom 'Great price for the product. Easy to use and put away.'

5/5  Fatima 'Easy to use and fun in the summer.'

4/5  HWhite 'A nice little pool. Suitable for smaller children and easy to blow up. Happy with my purchase so far'

4/5  Alan 'Budget pool Not huge but perfect for 2 to 6 year old's. Bit tricky to inflate without a pump and even then found it difficult to overcome the non return valve. Once up though it doesn't take a lot of filling and does the job.'

5/5  Stipe 'Quick to fill and empty! Nice size for a 5 year to play with toys in the sunshine.'

5/5  Tjay1 'Good padding pool bigger than I thought keeping me cool in this hot weather great fun.'

5/5  KK 'Love it, easy to inflate and fill, perfect for young grandchildren. Excellent value!'

5/5  SH1412 'Bought for my two girls, who love it. It’s super spacious with lots of room for playing. Quick and easy to inflate and deflate, although I’d recommend purchasing some type of pump!! :)'

5/5  Moles 'Really easy to set up! Its worth the money if your child isn’t much of a swimmer but like to splash around'

5/5  Lloyd 'Absolutely perfect, bought it for my dog to cool down in the heat, works a treat, thank you'

4/5  Gemalb 'Smaller than i thought but my daughter loves it'

5/5  Jenna 'The product is easy to blow up. With a foot pump it was done in minutes. Nice size and colour. Would recommend.'

5/5  Kath 'Just the right size for a toddler'

5/5  MrsK 'With the super hot weather I purchased this for my two dogs! Who then spent the next 3 hours dropping their tennis balls in and cooling off!'

5/5  Milly12 'It was very easy to pump up and let down when finished with. Very pleased as it keeps my feet cool.'

3/5  JLouise 'Was just looking for a cheap paddling pool for my two kids, the orange ring has deflated already. Cannot fine a hole in there so can’t fix it. Always blowing it back up!!'

2/5  Nicky 'My daughter bought this paddling pool for her dog, she tried to blow it up and we noticed the valve opening wasn’t open, we had to use a knife to split the plastic open so we could inflate it. I know it was cheap but she wasn’t expecting that.'

5/5  SR 'Great for keeping my elderly dogs cool in hot weather'

5/5  Mhay 'Its amazing fun solution on hot weather. Its easy to fill up water and also easy to empty the water.'

5/5  Chalkie 'Purchased for my daughter's puppy to keep her cool on the hottest day of the year!'

5/5  Lisa 'Good for kids aged between 2-7, my grandchildren were fine with it, small but did the job on a sunny day'

5/5  RLG 'My 16month old loves this paddling pool to cool down in the summer heat. Perfect size and not too deep for her. Enough room to play about in it'

5/5  Adogstale 'We bought this for a dog to give birth in we are a dog rescue and these are brilliant as birthing pools'

5/5  Treacle 'Fab pool big enough for 2 kids at least. Strong easy to blow up and quite robust . Well worth the money better still when was on offer.'

5/5  Dean 'Inflates well, although took a few minutes by mouth as didn't have an electric pump. Held water and amused my child.'

4/5  Al 'Works fine. Deeper than expected'

5/5  H75 'Did the job. A great little pool for the money.'

5/5  HP 'Great value for money, perfect for small children to splash around in.'

3/5  Shaz 'I found blowing it up with a mattress pump very time consuming. It could just be the pump though'

5/5  Alice 'Larger than I thought and for the price can’t complain'

5/5  Kayley89 'Absolutely brilliant pool the kids love it it’s a lovely bright colour and brightens up the garden would definitely buy again and I have bought one already for my nans garden'

5/5  Mickkie 'It is big enough for my little dog especially as he only uses it as a drinking bowl :) and not to cool off'

5/5  Rhianjones16 'This paddling pool is perfect. I use it for the dogs to keep cool in the summer.'

5/5  Mick 'Bought a 2 pack. Great value. Its for the dog on hot days. Used twice and the dog loves it. only expect it to last a while due to the claws hence i bought 2. It does come with a repair patch.'

5/5  Jss 'Great for young kids and well priced'

5/5  Faz 'Excellent item Very simple to get set up'

5/5  Ell 'Bought for 2 children, good size and easy to use'

4/5  Deb 'Great value for money did the job as a ball pit and paddling pool.'

5/5  Hales 'Very good product for the money 5*'

4/5  MagsieK 'Haven't used the pool yet but it had good reviews and good value for money to cool off toddlers hopefully in the summer'

5/5  Sandg 'Used to put a shower chair in, to shower when unable to step into bath, perfect diameter for this use!'

5/5  FabNana 'It’s big enough for an adult, 18 month old & small dog to fit in and play at the same time.'

4/5  BusyMum 'Unfortunately one of the rings punctured on only its third go. We only used it on grass, so unsure how this has happened. Its a shame, its a really good size and perfect for my little one in the hot weather to play.'

2/5  Alicia 'Was attacked by several hyper children and stood its ground. 13/10 yes.'

5/5  JOANELLE 'This paddling pool is suitable for small children and for older children to cool off but it is stated as 5' across on the box and it definitely isn't.'

2/5  KatyB 'Absolutely fantastic for the money. So pleased with it. Only downside was finding a proper fitting to blow it up.'

5/5  Michelle 'My paddling pool was excellent, especially as the hot. I had one at home that I put my garden plants in and one with me on holiday to paddle in :-)'

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