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Chad Valley My First Sing Along Kids CD Player

About the Chad Valley My First Sing Along Kids CD Player

The Chad Valley My First Sing Along Kids CD Player is an awesome present for your most cherished who love to perform. Little ones can play sing along to their most loved pop star with the included mouthpiece and a pal can participate in the fun by utilizing the second microphone. So whether your most cherished longs for being the following be the next big thing or keep it low key on the indie scene, this gift could strike all the right notes.

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Chad Valley My First Sing Along Kids CD Player Reviews

5/5   'Ideał Gift for my 3 old son, who loves to listen the music'

4/5  Muminahurry 'Great toy Karaoke and CD player well-made and robust, great fun to use, recommended!'

5/5  Nana52 'Bought this for my grandsons birthday he loves listening to the latest music and the mikes mean he can sing along .It was a definate hit .'

4/5  Bev 'It’s a Christmas present for my grand daughter she will hopefully love it'

3/5  Claire 'Quality of actual product is quite sturdy, only thing is it takes four expensive batteries and the sound is reasonably quiet when playing a CD but perfectly safe for my 3yr old son'

3/5  AJ 'Hhhmmm thought this would be great for a noisy boy - but the player is very quiet when playing a CD and didn't hold his attention for very long . The microphones are a bit louder than the music but my little one soon worked out he could shout louder without it and gave up with it pretty quickly Shame as I'm a parent who actually doesn't mind noise !!'

5/5  Nines 'Excellent product for a toddler or small child. Only used for CD stories. Sound good for the price. Excellent value for money - we bought on offer.'

4/5  Kelly 'Good buy and bought at a reduced price so even better. My son loves it and the two microphones means he has the family joining in with him too! I personally think the music volume could go a little louder but doesn't seem to bother him at all.'

4/5  Panda 'It keeps my little boy and girl entertained for hours thank you'

5/5  Annie 'My grandchildren aged 3 love it and sing a long to the songs they know from pre-school. It could be improved by being able to charge it rather than having to use batteries. It would be nice if it also came with a sing a long CD to get you started. A good buy.'

5/5  CR 'Bought for a friend's child. She loves it. It has kept her entertained.'

4/5  Jules 'Have this CD Player to my 4 year old grandson for his 4th birthday with some cd books. Easy to use and good quality - he loved talking into the microphone as we read the books.'

4/5  MrsL 'Bought as a birthday present for our 4 year old. She loves it and is able to use it independently. The sound quality isn’t great but for a child’s CD player, I don’t think that matters too much.'

5/5  Superwho 'My granddaughter aged 5 loves it. Along with her smaller sister aged 3, they are always asking if we can have a disco.'

4/5  Twinnie 'Easy to carry, works well with good quality of sound. 2 microphones are good fun to have sing along with children'

5/5  Tov 'Works very well. Worth what it costs. Only thing is that if it bangs against something then it stops until its standing upright again'

5/5  Simon 'Singing and dancings. Adapter would be useful to be included.'

5/5  Lib 'Bought this for my daughter for xmas. It wouldn't read cds. Took it back and they exchanged it no bother and had loads of fun with it since.'

5/5  Mummyof2 'My two kids at 2 and 4 love this karaoke machine. Easy to use and durable.'

3/5  CD 'Robust and easy to use but CD sound not great and Microphone sound poor quality.'

5/5  Bdieje 'Brought for my daughters 3rd birthday and she loves it, normal CDs are compatible too. Definitely worth the money'

5/5  Caz 'We bought this for our grandson for his birthday he absolutely loves it he loves to sing great value for money.'

5/5  Moiana 'I bought it to give a friend's daughter. The girl is 2 years old and she liked it a lot.'

4/5  Nic 'Baught as a Christmas gift, unfortunately didn’t realise it took 4 C batteries not 2 so had to wait to play with it. Slightly plasticky and cheap feeling but does the job for a 3 year old'

4/5  DMC 'This unit worked well and has been used by my 3 year old grandaughter a lot.'

4/5  Essdee 'Our 6 year old grandson loves this, however we had to buy 2 sets of large batteries, an adaptor (for at home) and a set of headphones so he can listen in peace...so it works out fairly expensive present.'

5/5  Meggles 'Fab Christmas present for my 3 year old son, he loves it'

5/5  Harbio 'My grandso loves this easy to use for a 3 yr old'

5/5  Happybunny123 'Works great easy to operate kids loved it.'

4/5  Maz 'Kids loved it, adults did too!!'

4/5  Lyates 'Great purchase. My son loves to sing along to the songs on the cd. also able to use it at night to play stories to help him settle off to sleep.'

1/5  Granny 'This did not work and sold out can't get a replacement so very disappointed'

5/5  Becks 'Got for my sons 4th birthday, he loves it. Microphone volume is adjustable as well as the cd volume. Easy to use and good for sharing as it has two microphones.'

5/5  Lozmoz 'Should come with plug however, as batteries run out quickly.'

5/5  MadHattress 'My daughter is three and a half. She loves it. It isn’t too complicated. I’ve only taught her the play, stop and on. And how to deal with the mics.'

3/5  Pat 'First one was broken, a shame as it was a Christmas present for my twin grandsons. I returned it but it was out of stock in my local store. I asked about the Chester store and was told they had one and it was reserved for me. I travelled to Chester to pick it up, the address I was given was Chester Le Street, which is actually in the North East. A wasted journey, my time and petrol. I did have to go to Ellesmere Port in the end to get one.'

5/5  Barkin 'My granddaughter has not stopped using this product she is singing away in her own world'

5/5  Dba 'Great buy for my grandson. He's hardly put it down since he got it.'

5/5  Car66 'I bought this for my 4 year old grandson. Who loves it and even his 10 year old brother joins in a times with the dual mikes. A great sound and a good volume level. Plays real CDs so I found the sing CD perfect for it. Love it!'

5/5  Sprax 'This is a great cd player for kids. Good value and robust'

4/5  Jo 'Perfect for my 5 and 2 year olds'

4/5  Granny 'My seven year old granddaughter loves it. She enjoys singing and performing.'

5/5  Jabba 'Ideal first music player for your young one, very strong and plays spot on ... everywhere else these were £51.99 what a bargain ... :-)'

5/5  Sammie 'My 3 year old loves this hasn't stopped singing in it and listening to CDs. It's great'

5/5  Kathy 'Purchased for my 3yr old grandson for christmas. chad valley is a very known and trusted company. my grandson loves the cd player as he can take it anywhere and sing along . both microphones are very clear you can adjust the volume. great sound and good value for the money paid. its very colourful, sturdy and well made. would recommend this item..'

5/5  May 'My granddaughter will be pleased with this, she loves singing'

5/5  Layla 'Hours of play time. Great product'

5/5  Millie 'Bought 2 for my grandchildren brilliant idea to have 2 microphones so they can sing along together hope they will get hrs of fun with them'

5/5  Janeip14 'Good even for very little children'

5/5  GOTET 'Bought this in the sale. Great value for money. My 4yr old daughter already has one and I bought this one as a birthday gift for her friend. The microphone is good too. They actually hear themselves through it.'

4/5  NannaD 'This is a lovely purchase though had to replace first one that was extremely sensitive to any kind of movement. The 2nd one however is still slightly sensitive though easily remedied if kept on a flat surface. my grand-daughter loves it and has it playing every opportunity she gets whilst playing with her toys'

3/5  Robbo64 'The Singalong arrived promptly and I had no problems when picking it up. It wasn't off the highest quality but my grandson loved it. It could perhaps be a bit sturdier as one of the microphones came apart quite quickly and had to be repaired by his dad. I would happily have paid a bit more for better quality.'

4/5  Lorelee 'It's a great you for little ones although not as robust as I would have liked. I would buy it again as it was good value.'

5/5  Sandra 'Grandson loves this, not to loud either'

5/5  Csaunders 'My niece loves it and it's really easy for her to use. I bought her some cds to sing along to and she loves that I or someone can sing along with her.'

4/5  JS 'First one had to go back as faulty. Argos exchanged with no quible. Argos ordering suggested buying batteries but said AA not the C size that was required. Reading instructions it states non -rechargeable batteries should not be used which could make running this very expensive. I purchased a suitable power supply from Maplin but this does mean the child can't walk round with it. Having said all that the child really enjoys using it, especially the sing along microphones.'

5/5  Sherman 'Brilliant for my little boy. Bright coloured, robust and very entertaining. Hours of fun to be had. Good for little hands.'

1/5  Daniel 'We were extremely disappointed with this player. Within a very short period of owning it we had errors reading disks that other devices could read and a random pattern as to whether it would read or not! Very frustrating for my son!'

1/5  Hayley 'Looks good sound is fine but only worked for a day then now will only work when lay flat and often can't play the cd!'

3/5  Mummy 'The first one of these I purchased didn't work properly, lots of blips and interference when trying to play CDs. I would have just asked for my money back but my 3 year old seemed to really love it, so instead I exchanged for a new one. The replacement works fine and for the enjoyment factor alone I think it's probably worth the money, but I wouldn't overly recommend it.'

4/5  MARTIN 'VERY good toy for my dougher'

3/5  Ellen G 'Looks good, two microphones but takes 4 large batteries. There was a plug for external power source but no lead or similar. Cost of running could be high.'

1/5  Bela 'I was very excited at first to give this to my son but unfortunately the product didn't work. There was a constant error message coming up when we tried to play any CD. Argos sent me 2 replacements and none of them was working. All 3 had a similar issue. Not a good product. Wouldn't recommend it'

5/5  Megs 'I got this for my daughter's third birthday and she loves it. The microphones work really well and are constantly used to sing let it go. It does jump a little if being moved around a lot but doesn't really affect its use if used correctly. My daughter also uses it for listening to her CD story books and the sound us very good. Im very happy with this buy and would recommend to any budding signer.'

1/5  Mummy1 'This was disappointingly poor quality. CDs skip if you try to use the player upright so it can only be used lying flat, muffling the sound. The player is extremely sensitive and cds skip at the slightest nearby vibration. After a very short time the first of these we tried stopped working intermittently. The replacement was no better. A CD player for children should be more, not less, robust than a player for adults. Disappointing all round.'

3/5  Betty 'I bought this as a birthday present for my granddaughter along with the recommended batteries. Great disappointment when the batteries turned out to be the wrong size completely!'

4/5  Squirrel 'Disappointed at hiw awkward to get the battery cover off for a child's toy!!'

4/5  Juls 'Purchased for my 3 year old, she is able to control/ use the product independently. Good sound when playing music alone. Microphones are loud enough for singing karaoke with a friend.'

5/5  Carolina 'My grand daughter loves this and the whole family have enjoyed it. Easy to use and sturdy. Would recommend.'

5/5  Gran 'Bought this for my 5 year old grandson for Christmas and he loves it. Nice and sturdy with a nice sound. Would recommend.'

4/5  Nanna 'My four year old grandaughter loved it. Microphones a little quieter than I expected but otherwise great so far.'

4/5  Diyer 'Our granddaughter loves her present'

2/5  Kay 'This was just what I wanted for my little performing 2 year old but was upset when the volumes didn't work very well and the mics didn't work at the same time'

5/5  Pickle 'Brilliant! We bought this cd player for my 3 year old daughter, it is easy for her to use, sounds clear and the microphones work well along with a cd or by themselves. My only criticism would be the shapes of the buttons, would be better if they were the standard play,stop buttons which my daughter already knows.'

1/5  Nicola 'I have had to give poor ratings because the player has not worked after we bought it as a Christmas present for our son. Have tried toe exchange it for a new one but it is out of stock all over the country so looks like we will have to return it and find an alternative. Also realised after buying that you need an additional adaptor to be able to plug it in for use rather than use 4 big 1.5v batteries.'

5/5  Dajoner 'It's great for my 2yr old daughter who loves it'

4/5  Janie 'Have this to my nearly 3 year old grandson! Time will tell whether it is robust enough to stand up to his tough usage!!'

5/5  Bobhope 'Helps confidence,vocabulary whilst having fun.'

5/5  Shippy 'Great product. Only thing is you need four Batteries to make it work so that it can be carried everywhere. Otherwise good sound from CD, shame you have to nearly eat the microphone to get the sound of your voice, but my toddler loves her new CD player. Good value for the money.'

5/5  Mike 'Got this for my grandson for Christmas. He has it on all the time. Loves playing nursery rymes and learning cd's. Exellent value'

4/5  HR 'Bright, colourful and easy to use. My niece loves this and hasn't put it down since she had it for Christmas. Not 5 stars as it would be better if the symbols on the buttons matched those on most CD players (square to stop, triangle to play etc) It is also possible to open it up while the CD player is playing and I'm wondering if this will damage the CD or reader.'

5/5  Shaz 'The sound is really good and seems quite sturdy.'

5/5  Dmoz179 'Bought for 2 1/2 year old grandson, he loves it What more could you ask.'

4/5  Granddad 'So don't assume it comes with a mains adapter just because it shows a 6v/240v input port on the box. It doesn't! Ask at the till before you buy if Argos stock them as it maybe heavy on batteries ! They are the old fashioned C type and can be pricey to buy but too early to say how long they last. Looks good , works well and is lots of fun especially if you can't sing a note like me !'

1/5  Loz 'The player didn't work the cd jumped so had to return to the local Argos they didn't have another one so I had my money back.'

5/5  Liz51 'My grandson sings along with his favourite songs using the CD player and the microphone! 2 microphones so mum can sing along with him too! Loves it. Seems quite robust too!'

4/5  Sligobernie 'Great cd player easy for my 4 year old grandson to operate and at a reasonable price'

2/5  Emily 'The toy arrived not working as i assume its been sat on a shelf for years. not impressed. Has to take it back to the shops after I ordered online.'

5/5  Bubbles 'Grandaughter age 3 delighted & singing to old spice girls album'

5/5  OMG 'Lots of enjoyment'

5/5  Mel 'Brillant for kittle ones to sing along to'

4/5  Catherine 'Although this CD player doesn't have the best sound quality (and I wasn't expecting it to), it looks great and my little boy loves it. All in all, a good purchase for the price.'

5/5  Anne V 'Think my Granddaughter is going to love this'

5/5  Sandy 'Granddaughters are going to love this'

4/5  Em 'My little boy who is two years old absolutely loves singing along and dancing to the music. not to heavy for him to carry to nana's house or in the car. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  MEL 'Bought for 3year old but enjoyed by 7 and 2 year olds'

5/5  Carter 'My son loves it'

1/5  Sharly 'Broke after one use......'

4/5  Andy 'Bought this for my 4yr old son and he loves it. Easy to carry around and is lightweight. Sound is excellent and the microphones offer entertainment! My only issue is the lack of power cable which has to be bought separate. Come on Chad Valley lets get a power cable added to this as you would have got 5 stars!'

4/5  Wattsy 'Hours of entertainment or my grandchildren'

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