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Chad Valley Musical Band Set

About the Chad Valley Musical Band Set

Your most cherished can investigate music with this Chad Valley Musical Band Set. Playing and making the most of their own music won't just be fun and helpful but additionally assumes a vital part in their personal development. Beat the drum, sound the trumpet, run freely with the maracas, tap the tambourine, strike the castanets and clank the cymbals. Little ones are certain to create a musical showstopper in a matter of seconds. Ideal for acquainting your youngsters with music and instruments.

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SKU: 9083688
EAN/SKU: 9083688
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Chad Valley Musical Band Set Reviews

5/5   'It’s really good product and worth for money'

5/5  Idris 'Nice product, serves its purpose.'

5/5  Bexs 'My neice loves this although it didn't go down well with her mum and dad. It's lovely quality and excellent variety with all the instruments you get hours and hours of fun.'

5/5  Carly 'A fab little musical set. Well worth the money and the children love it.'

5/5  Hjosh 'My son enjoy these wide range of toys. Great price and entertainment value'

5/5  NannieJan7 'What fun this is - my Grandson loves entertaining is with his music set.'

5/5  Siobhan 'My 1 year old loves this band set. Good quality considering how cheap this is!'

4/5  Bee 'Really entertaining for a 3 year old.'

5/5  Laurels85 'This is a great wee set for my 2.5year old. It makes just enough noise that it doesn’t get on your nerves. We did find that the trumpet was a little hard for him to blow to get a sound but his favourite is the drum. He keeps going back to all the different instruments so it was well worth the money.'

1/5  Daz 'My daughter loves making noise so it was a great and cheap present. Just was very disappointed when one symbol was missing from the pack.'

5/5  Lucylo 'My son loves making sounds and singing this is perfect to encourage sounds and coordinations is defiantly recommend this product great value'

3/5  Dessy 'Made my children unhappy'

5/5  Precious1 'It looks smaller than I thought but my son loves it.'

4/5  Jannieann 'I bought this product for my grandson of 11 months, thinking that he would be able to grow into it in time (states 3 years on the box). We had a very entertaining Christmas Day as he soon found his way around making plenty of noise with the instruments. Some items are obviously not for him to use alone, but at the age he is now, there will be many months of pleasure to come from this product. We had lots of fun just watching him experiment with it all, and he was rewarded by his efforts.'

5/5  LindyLoo 'A good purchase. Certainly a favourite with the children. The drum is not too noisy at all.'

5/5  Demi 'Great gift for a young child. Various different musical instruments in one set and great fun. No complaints on the quality and I would purchase again'

5/5  Anonymous 'Excellent value, perfect for toddlers'

5/5  Greg 'My daughter absolutely loves it and it is good for her coordination and she likes banging the drum'

4/5  Jan 'Bought for 2 yr old and was just right size for his small hands'

5/5  Bampy 'Excellent value for money'

5/5  HHH 'My grandson, 15 months loved unpacking it and played the drum and cymbals straight away.'

5/5  Ams 'It was really good bought it for my nephew and he loved it.'

5/5  Jo 'Band all in one great value'

4/5  Bret 'Overall excellent quality however the trumpet is a bit quiet and hard for younger kids to use.'

5/5  Nat 'I bought this for my little cousins birthday and he loves it However he doesn’t want to stop playing on the drums which is bad for me. Great product.'

5/5  Bill 'Do get this toy as safe and well made'

3/5  Jolene 'Very basic- does not sound musical but good for children who just want to make some noise.'

5/5  Nevvy 'Nice little set of toy musical instruments. Well made and good value.'

5/5  Kif 'Really good fun and great at making noise.'

5/5  Christine 'Got this for my son's first birthday and we were pleasantly surprised! I was expecting it to be one of those things that only lasts a few weeks before it all gets broken or removed because of the noise levels but all the pieces are fab. The noise that comes from them isn't loud so he can be rocking out to his own little tune and it doesn't give me a headache. The cymbals are easily bent but I don't mind because I can easily bend them back into place.'

5/5  Mrsq15 'My son loves to play with these instruments gives him lots of fun well made not too noisy for the grown ups around lovely little kit.'

5/5  Munch 'I bought 2 of these for my nieces who are 2 and they absolutely love them, the items are great quality for the price'

1/5  KP 'None of the instruments making any sound..very disappointed with the product.'

5/5  Claire 'Love it , son loves making noise so this is ideal he loves drums also!'

5/5  EmC 'Bought this for my daughter as she last few music, she plays with the instruments for hours. Really good quality too, definitely recommend this for other kids'

5/5  RichandClaire 'Fantastic set for the price. Really impressed'

4/5  Rose 'Brought for granddaughter she loved it Playing her drums and other instruments'

5/5  Gemcey 'Great value for money as most Argos toys are. Comes with a wide range of musical instruments and keeps my one year old happy and amused.'

5/5  Pammy1 'I was surprised that you get so many instruments for the low price my grandson absolutely loves this birthday present'

4/5  Mrd 'Great little music set, lots of different items to play with, My friends 3 year old loved it and was walking around with the drum playing with it for ages'

5/5  Pal 'Kids enjoy to play with it'

4/5  GW88 'Got this to start teaching my 3yo rhythm and timing which has worked very well. Added bonus is we now have our pots, pans and cutlery back.'

4/5  Bobbymum 'Little boy loves it light weight'

5/5  Lou 'Great little set, my little girl has endless fun playing with all the little instruments. None of it is too loud either making it a great addition to her toy collection.'

5/5  Amiefoz 'My nephew loves this kit, his parents not so much!'

5/5  Tracy 'Great value for the money my grandson loved this'

3/5  Bhavesh 'All the musical instruments from the set plays brilliantly except the trumpet. I wish I had an opportunity to only replace one piece. The trumpet doesn't produce enough sound. The toddler in the house is delighted with this gift.'

4/5  Rita 'Good value for money musical instruments for young children. Bought for my grandchildren who really enjoyed using the instruments. It appears that the Cymbals have mysteriously disappeared and I think these have been removed by the parents for obvious reasons. Although the children thought they were great I think the noise levels were unbearable for any length of time. They have not been missed though and all remaining instruments are played with regularly. I would recommend.'

5/5  Hammer 'This was brought as a present for a Great Grandson his face lit up the moment he set his eyes on it and he hardly ever puts the drum down. I recommend this toy whole heartedly.'

5/5  VickiR4 'My 1 year old enjoys banging everything so I bought him this for his birthday recently and he loves making noises. Happy child. Happy mammy.'

5/5  Lisa 'Very entertaining for both my 2 year old and 4 year old'

5/5  Rita 'Got this gor grandson. Excellent variety of musical instruments. Fantastic value for money.'

5/5  Kdye 'My sister always bought my kids really noisey annoy mummy things so I bought this and it has served its purpose well he loves every musical instrument and they are all lovely and noisey.'

5/5  Claire 'My child loves it'

4/5  Mummyof6crazyones 'I was a little disappointed with this set. The plastic is cheap and flimsy. The noises from the instruments aren’t great sounding. My 3 year old loves these things usually but played with it once and won’t touch it.'

5/5  Tank 'Great set! Looked for a set everywhere and was seeing wooden sets for 25 pound plus! This is a great set and nephew loved it! A range of instruments included.'

5/5  Rickster 'My wee boy loves this toy drum its rhe first thing he goes for every day'

5/5  Sarah 'This was like mary poppings bag!!! For such a small box loads came out of it!!! Nephew loves this set think he will have hours of fun with it'

2/5  Karen 'Not exactly what I wanted'

4/5  Anna 'Lovely little music set, great range of mini instruments. Drum could be stronger as my three year old broke it within three days of Christmas but a nice set anyway.'

5/5  Natlamps 'My 9 month old loves all these so much. Me not so much haha . Great creativity play and hours of fun :D I have even started joining in so we have a right old band coming on now'

4/5  KazB3 'Educational & well made & a good make.'

5/5  Nanny 'Again for my grandson his sister will help him play with this as she is seven and loves music I imagine they will have hours of fun x'

5/5  Nat 'Good price. Great fun'

3/5  Gem 'Great toy and will do but thought it would have been a lot bigger . Still great for value tho ..'

5/5  Sidsnose 'If like me you have a friend who seems too happy with his lot, buy his toddler this. 7 hours of cymbal clanging later and he too will realise that life is fragile and hangovers are to be avoided. Brilliant.'

3/5  Kay 'Faantastic toy for children'

5/5  Vachko 'Great fun with all the instruments we play diffent song and all family members have an instrument :)'

5/5  Amy 'Brilliant value for money the set comes with loads of noise making instruments bound to attract the attention of your little one. Very pleased with my purchase. my Little has loads of fun shaking the maracas'

5/5  Amy 'Fair price and worth the money'

2/5  Jash 'Really disappointed with this product. The drum has already come apart as the centre is fairly soft and my son has managed to get the sticks through it. The flute is awful and a child will not be able to make any sound out of it as it requires a fair bit of strength. The rest of the instruments are good.'

4/5  Jules 'Just as described.grandchildren will love making a noise with these.'

5/5  Claymoore08 'No matter how loud it can be, the children absolutely love it! Good quality and can take a good beating! Great price and really good quality toys!'

3/5  5star 'A bit disapointed at the size of the pieces in the kit . The trumbone would b very difficult for a child to use as even an adult was having difficulty using it'

4/5  Carmel 'I bought this for my 1 year old and he loves 8t. Sadly the trumpet doesn't make any sound when you blow it. If you blow hard then a little sound would come through but that's impossible for children to do as hard as adults can. Other than that though the other instruments are fab. My little one loves the maracas.'

5/5  Charlie 'Good purchase son will love it'

5/5  Zizilady 'My 2yr old granddaughter takes them to bed with her and we hear her playing them until she falls asleep. and we also wake up to them in the morning.'

5/5  Amandaa 'This excellent product arrived faster than I was expecting but they always let me know when I'm going to receive the product so I can stay at home. The price is so cheap and really worthy because it comes an all band instrument. My nephew just loved it.'

5/5  Rhoda 'Keep my son busy for me, the noise is not too much for me not to withstand it when busy doing my work.'

5/5  Naomi234 'Really good value for the amount of instruments you get, Daughter loves playing with them'

5/5  Razzledazzle 'To avoid permanently damaging my saucepan lids I got this set for my grandson so he could use the cymbals Result! Not sure his parents are happy with me though.....'

5/5  Vicky 'My 1 year old son loves this! I defiantly recommend it. The only thing he can't work out how to use is the trumpet, but he pretends.'

5/5  Tammy 'Great first set of instruments for my son, he loves them. Trumpet not quite useable at min as quite difficult to use but all other pieces are great and for the price can't go wrong'

4/5  AJ 'A Basic music set everything is good other than the trumpet which takes quite a bit of effort'

4/5  Ramy 'My daughter loves to play with this set. Is difficult to play with the trumpet.'

5/5  Jemma123 'My little boy absolutely loves playing with these toys'

4/5  L7787 'Trumpet is poor and does nothing. Drum is average and tambourine could be better but it is only plastic after all. Kids love the maracas and the drum sticks. The best part are the symbols. I would never have thought to get symbols if they weren't in this set. Their little faces light up and once shown they understood them straight away (1 year olds).'

5/5  Twinks 'A great fun set for a toddler, plenty of noise can be made and running around in circles gives exercise, horn is very hard to play, grandson just uses it as a doo- taa-doo, very good value for amount paid.'

5/5  Jassm1n 'My little girl loves this musical set, she's 15months old. It's good value for money.'

5/5  Sanj 'Excelllent value for money online services were good deal was good two for 15 pounds'

4/5  Penguininafridge 'Great set of musical instruments my 20 month old loves them she loves anything noisy and I wanted something cheap and cheerful and this did exactly that, she in particular loves the cymbals and drum would be easier if the sticks would attach to side of drum so you don't loose them but it's fine she has had hours of fun with this set and we even take them in the car with us.'

5/5  Ts 'My little boy loves these musical set! Plays with non stop.'

3/5  Wilfrid 'Good musical instruments except for the trumpet which even we, as adults, found difficult to blow. This did not go down well with our grandson but he enjoyed the drum and the cymbals.'

5/5  Sweet Angel 'Brought for my great nephew and now loved by his parents lol'

5/5  TJ 'I bought this for my nephews birthday and he loves it. Product was very reasonably priced, and instruments were very good quality, especially for a youngster who has a habit of breaking things, these have actually lasted longer than most of his others'

4/5  Parksy 'My daughter loves playing with these instruments'

3/5  Yasar 'Nice product'

5/5  Jo 'Good fun, good price.'

4/5  Mollymac 'Good fun for all the family to sing and make a nosie. Not the best symbols (tinny and quiet) and the trumpet is very hars to get a sound out of but given the price it's probably fair and still good fun.'

5/5  Dee 'My little grandson loves this musical band set. It is so easy to shop at Argos due to the effeciency and helpfulness of staff and operation procedures.'

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