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Chad Valley I'm a CD Player - Blue

About the Chad Valley I'm a CD Player - Blue

Youngsters can have loads of musical fun with the Chad Valley I'm a CD Player. I'll play nursery rhyme tunes and other fun rhythmic sounds. Your most cherished will love putting the imagine CDs in and pressing the "play" button, sturdily designed especially for little ones and their dropping habits! Incorporates 3 imagine CDs and 21 prominent nursery rhymes.

Brand: Chad Valley
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5/5   'Worth buying it. In plays really nice music. It has its own little CDs. It is excellent. It has a really good sound. Kids enjoy it and love dancing to it.'

4/5   'Looks the part this was purchased as a gift so haven’t tried it. Nice a bright and colourful. Arrived promptly.'

3/5   'This was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be but well worth the price. I don’t know how good the sound is yet as this is an Xmas present for my 3 year old grandson.'

5/5   'Twin 2 year old grandsons Christmas present. Love music and dancing. Bring it on'

5/5   'Cute little design bought as a gift for Christmas'

5/5   'Little one already has one at my nans and loves it. So grabbed one for little Xmas gift as they are a bargain'

4/5   'My 22 Month old loves to walk around with his little cd player, perfect size for little hands.'

5/5   'Amazing and nothing to say really apart from keep at it lol'

5/5   'Great little toy CD player for toddlers. Good value for money'

5/5   'Great sound and quality my granddaughter will love it'

5/5   'I got this for my two year old grandson for Xmas it's much better than I thought good value for the money.'

5/5   'My son loves his new addition to his kitchen'

5/5   'Another Christmas present for our 14 month old who lived to dance to music so will love this'

5/5   'Bought this my daughter as a Christmas present as she loves to dance'

5/5   'Very good and cheap.'

5/5   'So cute little one loves it loves the music not too big or small great price too'

4/5   'This sturdy, lightweight toy has 3 CDs with jazzed-up versions of nursery music which my 17-month old granddaughter loves to dance to. The control buttons are large and easy to press, but different colours for "play" and "eject" might help. My granddaughter can put in each little CD once I locate the "eject" button but the space for the spares is open and they fall out when she carries the player around. I'm sure she'll use it for a long time, and it makes me want to dance with her.'

5/5   'Great item works well'

5/5   'It was very very good'

2/5   'Quite small not very loud'

5/5   'I brought this for my neice and she absolutely loves it'

5/5   'Excellent quality safe and easy for children to use,'

5/5   'I bought it as a birthday gift her mummy says she carry’s it all over even to take her big brother to school. Good present of me'

5/5   'Got this for our grandson. It was good value got two toys for 15 pounds. He loves it. He loves listening to the discs provided with it. He also likes pressing the buttons for it to make a noise.'

5/5   'Great value and fun for my son'

4/5   'Works well with a good selection of tunes Would have given 5 stars but feels a little flimsy - Only time will tell'

5/5   'Great entertainment for children. Gives them there own independence with different songs to learn. Great gift for my daughter first birthday and great to play at her first birthday party.'

5/5   'I have bought for my grandson. I am sure he will love it as loves music, lights and fiddling with buttons. Am pleased with it as exactly as it was in the picture, and product description.'

5/5   'As this is used for my 19month old granddaughter to listen and join in with nursey songs and rhymes it fit s perfectly for her.'

5/5   'Pretty baby toddler CD player, purchased as Christmas present for great grand daughter, reasonably priced'

5/5   'Great value, lots of features. Can get a bit loud though!'

5/5   'I thought it actually sings the nursery rhymes but no, it's only music which is disappointing for my daughter. The music stops playing very soon so need keep pressing play button very often. My daughter is nearly 4 and a big music lover but she doesn't show much interest in it. The small disks are just for play, the thing is playing music without them as well. The sound is good, clear. The colour is different from the picture as well. It's blue not green, which doesn't look that nice.'

3/5   'Pretty robust toy which plays a number of songs on each little cd. My son enjoyed it without the batteries in just to put the cds in and out and then liked the songs once the batteries were in. One annoying thing is there isn't an on/off switch so when we carried it in a bag it kept randomly playing music.'

5/5   'I bought this CD player for my 3 month old grandson, who seems to like music. It plays some decent tunes, but it would be good to be able to buy extra ' CDS’ The tunes do become very repetitive for an adult !, though not for a baby ofcourse. Smaller than I expected, but that was an advantage. Don’t forget the batteries !'

4/5   'Lovely little toy and such good value. 15 month old loves it and works the buttons really well'

5/5   'My little great granddaughter will have hours of fun with this as she sings along to the songs'

5/5   'My grandson loves this he listens to it before going to bed. Wish you could buy more cd for it.'

5/5   'Great price, good product, easy to use, and has variety of nursery rhymes.'

4/5   'Easy for my granddaughter to carry and some lovely old nursery rhymes we can teach her'

5/5   'Great for little ones who love music also easy for them to use and plays all different music my grandson loves it'

5/5   'Amazing toy for my 2.5y girl, she couldn’t stop playing music and singing. She didn’t put it down for first week! Yes, very enjoying toy for parents as music loud but so much entertainment for kids that was worth every penny and my nerves! Highly recommending!'

5/5   'My grandson loves this, cheap, sturdy little toy with few different discs to change for different tunes'

5/5   'Put in batteries, select CD and your ready to go'

5/5   'Lovely colourful and very robust'

4/5   'The price was good and the child play with the toy.'

5/5   'Bought this for a friends little girl - was a lot smaller than I expected and looked cheap'

2/5   'It needs a better c.d slot'

4/5   'My 2 year old loves it and its really easy to use and with the discs helps him with learning and he loves the songs'

4/5   'This is absolutely great for a toddler'

5/5   'Cool little gadget for the little ones to feel like big ones and inclusive of the 2 for 15 it’s a bargain!'

5/5   'Found the options a bit puzzling for younger children. Was hard to work out if the disc or demo was playing. Spare discs fell out of the storage slot if the player was tipped up which was frustrating for the smaller child (nearly 2) Older child (nearly 5) loved it so probably better for slightly older age group. Good value, colourful and will probably be played with quite a lot'

4/5   'This will keep my son entertained for a good amount of time , it's a b'day present'

5/5   'Perfect colour easy to use. Lightweight easy to carry around.'

5/5   'Loved the nurse and have loads of fun and dancing plus it's sterudy so baby can't brake it.'

5/5   'Lots of fun, keeps little one entertained'

5/5   'Good price and fun for children'

5/5   'The toy is very boring doesn’t really do anything. It’s an expensive toy that actually does hardly anything. I wouldn’t recommend'

5/5   '2 and 4 yr old love this! Although a little confused about what cd’s are haha'

1/5   'Thought this was going to sing nursery rhythms not just music Granddaughter was not interested'

5/5   'Bought for my granddaughter's first birthday. It was a great hit! She loves the music, can press the buttons herself and carries it around with her. Brilliant first music player. The only negative is the cds are not fixed in their slot so fall out easily. Could get lost quickly!'

2/5   'I bought this for my grandaughters birthday and she played with it all the time to be recommended.'

4/5   'The song are nice and we all sing along to it'

5/5   'Plays for ages with this dancing and singing with it'

5/5   'The music is great and really catchy which our little one loves. Easy to use and very self explanatory toy.'

4/5   'Not very useful.. too tiny'

5/5   'My daughter loves the stereo as she loves dancing so carries it everywhere'

1/5   'Fabulous little radio with its own little cd nursery rhyme music. Just the right size for my little boy to dance around with it.'

5/5   'Granddaughter loved it. Great for little hands. Plays music great and she enjoys dancing to the music.'

5/5   'Again my little boys loves it, it could do with bring a little louder when he talks into it but other hen then very good'

5/5   'Got this blue CD player for my lovely 20-month old granddaughter.She loved it, danced and sang along with the rhymes. Took it along for our Barcelona holidays, too. I would say this is a Very innovative product and brilliant offer from Argos. Trust Argos for their offers. Thumbs up!!!'

5/5   'Great product was easy to use even our 16 month old was able to do it himself easily'

5/5   'Makes lots of sounds that my little one dances to! Great little toy for young ones!'

5/5   'Love this product, however it doesn't have an off button, only a stop button so it's really annoying when I accidently nudge it lol. One of my child's favourite toys though so other than that I have no complaints.'

5/5   'Very good entertainment for both the child and the adults! She’s making us all get up and dance!!'

5/5   'We loved this so much we brought our child one then got two more for gifts for my nephews . All the children have really enjoyed playing with it. Easy to use , different songs . Portable an reasonable size . Highly recommend for age 1-4.'

4/5   '18 month year old loved it for Xmas'

4/5   'My son loves it. He is only 6 months old but loves playing with it.'

5/5   'Good bargain. Very light. My grand daughter carries it around with the music on'

5/5   'The cd player is great for kids who live music.It is great value for money too.'

5/5   'Great size and capability for a crawling inquistive baby who likes a bit of music and wants to press the buttons. Well priced too!'

4/5   'My daughter loves it xxx'

4/5   'Bought this for my nieces daughter, lovely little CD player, not heavy either for her to carry and comes with a cd with music on, love it'

5/5   'OK and colourful but discs are small and fiddly and there is no on and off button.'

5/5   'Bought this for my music mad 2 year old who's always tampering with anything he can get his little hands on. This is brilliant for him he can play with the cds and put the music on whenever he wants he loves it! Good value on the 2 for 15 aswell.'

4/5   'A very nice attractive toy,easy for my grandson to operate himself,hasn’t stopped playing with it,good strong and sturdy'

5/5   'Good fun for my two year old who loves music he dances along to the different tunes'

4/5   'Grand daughter loves it , however every one else in family hates it as it won't turn off ,and is VERY annoying'

5/5   'Works well and is sturdy but the nursery rhymes it plays are only music. There is no singing. Wouldnt have purchased had i known.'

5/5   'Good small toy for the price, can adjust the volume which is good and is quite entertaining for baby. Ok quality.'

5/5   'Nice little gift for toddler'

2/5   'A brilliant first tech toy for my nephew. At 16 months old he was very interested in placing the plastic cds into the player and rewarded himself by clapping and dancing when the music played. kept him amused for ages!'

2/5   'A great toy for the age it is meant for'

3/5   'Good little children’s CD player. My daughter is obsessed with operating the CD player so this is perfect for her. She loves it.'

5/5   'My grandson love this toy, entertaing, light wait to carry around'

5/5   'My grandchildren liked to play with it'

5/5   'My daughter was bought the CD player two years ago and still plays with it-she’s now 5. So bought one for my niece who is almost 3 and she absolutely loves it.'

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