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Chad Valley Guitar, Mic and Amp

About the Chad Valley Guitar, Mic and Amp

The Chad Valley Guitar, Mic and Amp is a total unit to empower pop star inventiveness. Your most cherished can execute a virtuoso individual performance or mix it up with other little ones to be the guitarist. There are 8 demo tunes to discover and explore!

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5/5   'Amazing for the price. Could do with volume fix. As it's a lil quiet. But my girls love it. Twins (brilliant for the both).'

5/5   'The kids love it and a reasonable price too. Very robust and durable too.'

5/5   'Bought for my grandson who is 2 & loves to sing & dance. He thinks it’s great'

5/5   'Excellent value for money from Chad Valley. My granddaughter loves this musical gift and will spend a lot of time playing with it. It's not too loud which is a bonus.'

5/5   'Got this for my 2 year old son as a Christmas present after he displayed a keen interest in guitars and singing. He absolutely loves it. He stands there guitar in hand, strumming away singing his favourite songs.'

3/5   'My kids love it but the sound is very poor. You'll barely hear yourself on the microphone. The guitar sound is very low too. Otherwise, it's a good entertainment piece for kids.'

2/5   'I bought this item for my grandson’s Christmas gift but when he opened it up tears were spilled as it wouldn’t work. The amplifier didn’t amplify and the Mic didn’t make a noise when spoken into. Dissatisfied customer who will be taking this back.'

5/5   'Good value and a fun toy.'

4/5   'We got this for my little 3 year olds Christmas present. He absolutely loves it. Uses it when ever he can. The sound of the mic isn't great. But great value for money and entertainment.'

5/5   'My 2 year old enjoys using it with ease.'

5/5   'Enjoyed by all the family.'

5/5   'My son told me that Father Christmas was bringing him a 'Batman Guitar’ 3 days before Christmas. Luckily the big guy was able to source this great value kid’s music set from Argos at short notice and managed to customise it with some batman stickers! Everyone happy! Not too loud!'

4/5   'It’s quite good and looks cool, but it’s a shame the beats and the pitch of the notes don’t match up - It could have had better chord riffs to fit the major scale notes to. It’s also a bit too quiet - it’s good to not damage hearing but it was a bit dreary and wimpy. it’s supposed to be a rock guitar! My 4 year old son played with it a little but hasn’t gone back to it, so it wasn’t a massive hit, despite it being on his Christmas list.'

5/5   'I can't believe how great this little combo is for the price. My grandson
5/5   'My Son Enjoyed it.Guiter Played well .I was greet.Thanks for the product.'

5/5   'The product is fine for the price you pay, my wee boy loves play on guitar and sing a song'

4/5   'Great item my son loves it and has had hours of fun with it'

5/5   'My Grandson love it good value for money'

5/5   'More noise the better as I need to annoy their dad'

5/5   'Great value for money, loads of hours of fun'

5/5   'Given my two year old grandson hours of pleasure'

5/5   'My grandson will be very happy with this for Christmas, will give us some great entertainment and laughs.'

5/5   'Easy to use but so effective. Son loves them.'

4/5   'Such a great product for an absolute bargain! My son loves it'

3/5   'I bought this for my grandsons birthday.it is okay for the price but won’t last long as it’s made of thin plastic & would easily snap if accidentally stood on .'

5/5   'Bought this for our granddaughters birthday she loves it'

5/5   'For my 3 yr old grandson he now believes he truely is a rock star great quality fantastic entertaining factor for the whole family and was a great price !'

4/5   'Great value for money, item as described. Bought for my 4yr old'

2/5   'It’s quite entertaining for 5min. There should be a strap for the guitar so the kids don’t have to hold it. You can’t play a tube on it just pretend. I would rather get them a real guitar and amp.'

4/5   'Fantastic toy Could be louder'

5/5   'Little girl chose this for her treat she absolutely loves it,good value for money.'

4/5   'Brought for lg for Christmas, took out of box to check and it works fab also sound is good. Im sure my lg will love it'

5/5   'My daughter loves it! Couldn't be happier'

3/5   'It’s fine, not the best toy I’ve ever bought but decent enough as a stocking filler. Probably won’t last too long as it is very plasticky but can’t really complain for the price!'

3/5   'It’s cheap looking and nots as loud as expected feels very flimsy'

3/5   'My kids love making noise so this was s perfect gift for them to play with. This isn’t the best sounding but still very good value for the price. My 2 and 4 year old loves playing with it and would definitely recommend;)'

5/5   'Amazing star buy! Reasonably priced and great quality'

4/5   'Size spoils it but still enjoying it'

5/5   'My sone recived this for his 3rd birthday and loves to rock out all day long'

5/5   'Perfect present for a loud child. Smaller than it looks on picture but for the price it is perfect.'

1/5   'Poor quality Poor crackle sound Guitar doesn't work in amp Mic hardly works unless you shout'

5/5   'Great little plaything for the budding rock star sturdy and colourful great all round toy'

2/5   'Guitar should have some strings on it to make it look like a real guitar. Amplifier is just a red block of Pretend play with the guitar and it doesn’t do much. The sound level is too low that my child didn’t like it at all. U have to put ur mouth right on the mic for u sound to be heard a little(mind it just a little)! Overall not really pleased!'

5/5   '3yr old grandson absolutely loves this. We have a future rock star in the family.'

5/5   'Excellent first time guitar'

3/5   'My granddaughter was delighted to receive this was was disappointed when her voice wasn't amplified through the microphone'

4/5   'My 6 year old wanted this for his birthday, he loves it but the microphone doesn’t work at all. It is plugged into the amp but it’s just a bit of plastic there is no on/off switch on it. Overall my son is happy with it but I wouldn’t recommend it really.'

1/5   'Really looking forward to collecting this product for my three year old son, don't waste your money. The entertainment, sound and performance all very low quality and returned the following day.'

5/5   'Need be for any little rock star'

5/5   'Fab product brought for my 4yo nephew - he loves it! Great size and so much fun to use'

5/5   'Bought for my grandchild who is 2 he loves it'

5/5   'My Grandson absolutely loves the guitar and microphone. Runs around the house and garden singing 8the top of his voice.'

5/5   'Bought for a birthday present . Daughter loves singing dancing and trying to play her guitar entertains her and me for ages. Well worth it to watch her having fun and learning to sing along'

1/5   'Guitar didnt even work and not even a sound from amp'

5/5   'Guitar good amp very dogey connection'

3/5   'Fab little guitar set. Plays tunes so kids can pretend they are playing whilst singing into the microphone. Not too loud either, which is great as a parent! Might have been nice with some pretend stings for kids to strum whilst playing?'

5/5   'My little one loves this'

5/5   'Initially I was pleased with this purchase as it was a lovely gift for my son's birthday. However, when set up and ready to use I noticed a few flaws. I was unable to position the microphone into place, as the clip to hold the mic is unsecure. This made the microphone flop around on the stand making the whole mic stand pointless! ( My partner and I attempted to fix the issue by using a screwdriver to tighten it, this did nothing.) 2. The amp didn't really amplify anything. Overall poorly made'

2/5   'In love with this. My only issue was the microphone isn’t super traceable through the map but it’s fine for my son anyways!'

5/5   'Fantastic toy for my son the only thing is its abit quiet but that doesn't bother him he plays happily for hours with it.'

4/5   'For the money it is a fabulous buy for children'

5/5   'Very quiet and basic but daughter was happy and good value for money'

4/5   'The guitar and and amp set looks way better than it actually is in use. The sound isn't great, and although I understand it is intentional as the product is used by young children, I just feel like it should be loud enough to get some entertainment out of it! My little one was excited for 10mins before she realised singing into the mic wont get her heard! I'm a little dissapointed, to be honest.....:('

5/5   'Very good grandson loved it'

3/5   'It's really not very good at all too quiet in fact can't hardly hear it'

1/5   'Happy with it but not with the microphone'

5/5   'The grandchildren love it'

3/5   'Sadly every aspect is quality except for the microphone sound. All good build and sturdy, guitar is the saving grace. Microphone doesn't work unless lips are touching it, Liam Gallagher style, basically useless. Got this at sale price so okay. But full price would be hugely disappointing. Manufacturer says they tweaked with microphone for safety, they need to tweak some more, a lot more.'

1/5   'Bought for my friends child's 3rd birthday. He absolutely loves it. Great value for money too. Everything else for same money you only got guitar. This is much better with microphone and amp.'

4/5   'Bought as a present for a toddler, who has enjoyed playing with it.'

4/5   'It keeps my little boy entertained for hours, he loves it. Well worth the money, the only problem is the sound stopped coming through the box after a few days. It doesn't stop the entertainment my son has with it though.'

3/5   'There is nearly no sound unless you put your whole mouth around the mic. Poor quality mic and amp but guitar is still good fun and my 4 year old has played a lot.'

5/5   'Poor sound from both the guitar & even poorer from the microphone'

5/5   'The whole family have a great time with this product. :)'

5/5   'My 3yr old nephew loved this for Christmas - sounds work without cables too which is great for when he's running around with it. Not greatest sound quality but adequate and he was made up with it.'

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