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Chad Valley Grand Black Piano

About the Chad Valley Grand Black Piano

Give your most cherished a chance to investigate their inward performer with this Chad Valley Grand Black Piano. Little ones will feel like a maestro with their own particular stool and mouthpiece and they can even record their imaginative perfect works of art. With thirty-seven (37) socialised keys to play alongside twenty-two (22) demo tunes and four (4) drumbeat sounds. You can even interface your own particular music by means of the MP3 port. Incorporates record and playback capacities.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 5314258
EAN/SKU: 5314258
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Chad Valley Grand Black Piano Reviews

5/5   'She loves this piano all the different demos and recourd her music'

5/5  Mel 'I bought this for my daughters 1st birthday and she loves it, she plays on it every single day without fail.'

5/5  Robbie 'The piano has already given my granddaughter hours of pleasure and is her favourite birthday present.'

4/5  Mgm 'Good quality, my kid love it.the sound could be a litle bit improved'

5/5  MF 'Our granddaughter loves it'

4/5  Ruik 'My kid was excited, good quality for low price'

5/5  Paula91 'Great gift idea for 2-3 year old . Very good value for money :)'

5/5  Sharon77 'Excellent purchase my Grandson loved it'

5/5  Bokajr2000 'Just do's no don'ts!!!!!!'

5/5  Peri 'Bought this piano for my 3 year old niece and she absolutely loves it, easy to use and mic is good too.'

5/5  Jane 'My princess loves her panio n sing a long to music with her mic.'

5/5  Lottie 'Exellant product little one loves it well worth the money'

5/5  JJ 'My 3 year old loves it.'

4/5  BRAPBRAP 'Product works great and the kids love it. However, due to the size of it and only having 3 legs, it falls over very easily if slight pressure is put on the back side of it. It is a little too expensive in my opinion however I would defo recommend it if you want a keyboard. Great for my 2 and 3 year olds.'

5/5  Anto 'Great toy, my friend's kid and her little friend loved it so much!'

5/5  Sarah 'My little girl loves her little piano! It is great value for money! It was a cheap price and keeps her entertained! The food thinkg for us parents is the microphone isn’t too loud :-)'

5/5  Shez 'Great product. Good value.'

5/5  Nickstar 'Excellent for a little one wanting to learn music and play at the same time. Looks great. Happy with our piano!'

5/5  Rofiq 'Very good in price and value'

5/5  Tom 'Lovely piano our 2 years old love it! After few weeks she still coming back to play a bit and never get bored.'

5/5  Cat 'My granddaughter loves it so much it takes pride of place in her room.'

4/5  Benny 'My 2 year old absolutely loves it! Only gave it 4 stars because wish there could be a way to adjust the height of the piano. All the same great value for money'

5/5  Ronny 'It is really nice, keeping my child busy and getting her ready for Xfactor. Lmao (Downside)- Would have preferred if it uses electric instead of only battery.'

4/5  Twothirds 'Grandson & granddaughter enjoy making sounds, and playing with karaoke. Gradually they'll learn how music works.'

5/5  Rares 'Just perfect for my little one'

2/5  Rabbit 'Back leg very unstable shame although sound ok'

4/5  MONA 'Easy to set up as frame of piano, legs and seat are all made out of plastic. However, this makes the seat too flimsy as it slips away as my child tries to sit on it. Downside is that you cannot record your child singing and you don’t know which nursery tune you get when you are in play mode and hit any key. Otherwise good buy.'

5/5  Simo 'Fair price for product'

5/5  Kasey 'Bought this for my daughter she absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Badge 'A fantastic Christmas present for a 18 mounth old. Could be the beginning of a musical career.'

5/5  Sima 'My 1 yr old loves the piano and her sister who is 5 is very entertained too'

5/5  Dee 'Good buy. Microphone comes off a bit too easily. Sound could have been better. Otherwise good'

5/5  Ibadan 'It the best birthday gift she likes it'

5/5  Aine 'Brilliant little toy for the price. Has lots of built in tunes and mic works well'

5/5  Jess 'My son loves music and attends music therapy sessions. He absolutely lovd this it was perfect for him. I've seen some bad reviews on this and I totally disagree. I think it's perfect for kids. Not too loud volume can go down. My neice had one in her nursery. I love it my son loves it I would definitely recommend!'

4/5  Francesca 'It’s a real one of a kind toy and the kids love it'

2/5  DM 'The piano is very unstable on the three legs. I worry that it'll fall over on my little one's toes. Great that the piano has buttons for different instrument sounds, however very disappointed that the Piano option as it sound more like an organ than a piano. (There is Organ option that elongates the note a bit more.) The microphone is working intermittently only after a day.'

4/5  RussC 'Easy to put together grandson very pleased with it.'

5/5  Jo 'My 1yr old grandaughter thinks this is the best thing ever especially the microphone attached top buy'

5/5  Alex 'Very good gift, easy to build and sturdy'

5/5  Nero1956 'Santa delivered this for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter , she absolutely loves it and the sound is excellent (read previous reviews, but believe me this was loud). Only gave a 4 for quality as the legs are a wee bit shaky. Would definitely recommend for and small budding pianist or singer'

1/5  Eddie 'The item is rubbish please don’t waste your money'

5/5  Reece 'This mini piano was the perfect present for my grandson. He loves it. The size is just right Quality is great.'

5/5  SteM86 'I purchased this mini grand piano for my nephew for his birthday. Really easy to assemble and set up. My nephew was really excited when he received it for his birthday and is playing on it at every opportunity.'

5/5  Tiffles15 'Very easilly set up and my little boy loves it hes 2 years old and thinks hes a star now'

5/5  Will 'Just little bit problem with sounds'

5/5  Sofie 'Perfect for my 2 year old, looks lovely and good quality considering the price'

5/5  Sss 'Was a really nice item and was quite easy to assemble! Kids love playing with it and it’s just the perfect size,'

5/5  Woody 'Great present for my 1 year old and 3 year old who equally love it. The only downside is that it is quite easy to knock over when the toddler tries to pull himself up. Volume is set fairly low which I guess is a good thing!'

4/5  Gayle 'This is a really nice toy my son loves it it’s great entertainment for him'

5/5  Sandrian28 'Bought this for our 3 year old granddaughter as an inexpensive starter instrument to see if she enjoyed making music, the piano is much more sturdy and has a far better sound quality than we expected for such a small amount of money, a fun toy instrument for any small child, highly recommended and at Argos was 50% cheaper than anywhere else I could find on line.'

5/5  Meli 'This piano is perfect for children of age 3 because it not only occupies the child but improves the childs concerntration,and ability to focus,and also builds the childs confidence as it gives children a sense of achievement,which will help them in life,and other subjects such as maths,and more,i highly recommend this for children of this age group,a must buy,'

5/5  MC62 'My 2 year old granddaughter absolutely loves this piano, it is just the right height for her and she can switch it on and off herself too (don’t knock W if that’s s good thing lol) I would recommend this most definitely'

5/5  Jen 'Brought this for my little girls second birthday and it’s fab :) good value for money'

5/5  Mady 'Great buy, my niece loves it..age 2'

1/5  FatherOf3 'Not worth it. You better off going for something cheaper Its tiny my daughter compains about how everything small is. she got bored in 3 hours hasnt used it since we opened it a month ago'

5/5  Dhanyamol 'Very good reliable good in this value.my daughter loved it'

5/5  Peacock 'Exciting present for a 5 year old'

5/5  Chris29 'My 6 year old granddaughter just loved this I was well impressed with the quality'

4/5  Victor 'In terms of the price and quality, it’s worth it'

5/5  Linda 'Not disappointed bought a mud kitchen from Argos at Christmas and came back to order this grand piano. Delivery extremely quick too. Thanks Argos. Linda.'

5/5  Chez 'My son loves it, good songs, easy to use, looks sturdy a great buy just a shame volume dosent go very loud which im sure is a benifit for some people?'

5/5  JacieJ 'So pleased I purchased this very happy so was my little nieces face'

4/5  Ann 'Sound quality could be better or even just a bit louder'

5/5  Mona 'My grandson love it hecplaycand the sound is ok. Is not very loud.'

5/5  Nikon2016 'Amazing toy for a kid that loves music, just perfect'

5/5  Nats 'Daughters fav xmas present. Not to loud and have lots to do on it. Easy to put together and very good price for what you get. Worth every penny'

5/5  PB 'Great product. Microphones a little quiet but that’s not a terrible thing for parents!'

4/5  Mani 'Nice little piano perfect size and not to loud'

4/5  LD 'This was bought for my 2 year old and is an ideal size. The volume doesn’t go up too loud which is great!'

3/5  Proudparent 'This piano feels a bit flimsy considering it's made for young children, and some of the parts, like the lid for the keys and the legs, feel like they might break easily. They haven't so far, however. The volume is also too low in my opinion, especially on the drum effects. My son is quite tall for his age but his knees lift the piano up when he uses the stool provided. I wouldn't buy this particular one again. It's OK for the price but I would pay more next time for something of better quality.'

3/5  Buyerofgoods 'Minimal sound quality. Microphone isn’t reliable.'

1/5  Bb 'Really disappointed with this toy. It looked so good , but unfortunately it's very lightweight and gets knocked over by an enthusiastic toddler very easily.. Not robust enough at all. Also, the volume is extremely quiet. It really isn't worth the money.'

4/5  Rsw 'Piano is lovely and sweet! A bit flimsy if anything but my son loves it.'

4/5  Trev 'This piano was a great hit this xmas for my 3yr niece she loves the mic too very happy with it'

1/5  TVFan 'Poor quality Sound, even at maximum volume it cant be heard, avoid purchase of this item. Straight in the Bin on Boxing Day.'

3/5  Jim 'Great for the price. This item isn't too robust and the Mic sound is poor but up to now my daughter's really enjoying it.'

4/5  Kellyt 'My son loves it.'

5/5  Lollipop 'My Son absolutely loves his musical instruments and this is just perfect for him! He is a little singer and dancer so with the feature if being able to record and playback, we have him singing and dancing to his own music! Definitely a product I would recommend to all with young children with a passion for music! (Secretly really enjoy this myself too!)'

5/5  Laura 'Only down side the seat isn’t the best but doesn’t really effect use'

5/5  Squiggle 'My little one absoluty loved this, as his grandma is a piano teacher with her own large one he was over the moon to have his own smaller version to place along side hers, fabulous for hand eye coordination'

4/5  Cc 'It was delvered fast and looks good and played good'

5/5  Lisa 'Easy to put together fab little piano my babys 2 and shes copying her big sisters footstep (who plays a real piano )'

3/5  Adds 'Sound is very quiet which does have its up sides only real issue with it is it's not very stable and tips up easily, have to watch when little one gets up as they both end up on the floor'

4/5  Hannah 'Very nice piano, we have bought this for her as it is easier for her to use'

5/5  Sandip 'Great microphone piano makes her feel like a real superstar'

3/5  Kel 'The sound is really bad the volume is really low and the slightest knock and it falls'

5/5  Nikki 'Realy pleased and chuffed with this item i bought for my 3 year old,he loves it on it at least 3 times a day love watching him playing it and singing into the mike would highly recommend it'

4/5  TLB 'The piano was bought as a gift for my son who loves playing on it. The quality is adequate for the price of the item, the sound is quite low which isn't a bad thing. Overall I would recommend the product.'

4/5  Jules Lee 'The sound on the his product is really poor. You cannot hear very much unless the room is very silent. Maybe a blessing for parent but not much fun for the child. Fix the sound levels and you will have a very good product'

1/5  Eileen 'I bought this for my grand daughter for Christmas present and when she saw it she was so excited until she sat down to play it... You cannot hear it at all... At first I thought I had put in the batteries but no I had them in correctly but it was near impossible to hear the sound and the mic did not work at all I'm really, really disappointed with the piano and wish I had bought something else as my grand daughter was so disappointed on Christmas Day'

4/5  Jojode 'Great first little piano.....and not annoyingly LOUD'

3/5  Dj 'Good basic product....daughter played with keyboard version and lovec...piano more disappointing though...looks gd...mic sound gd but piano sounds very quiet...even at full volume...daughter enjoys but after seeing her with keyboard version feel she misses out on alot off the rythyms...tunes etc as so quiet'

4/5  Grandma 'The piano is not too loud to be annoying, and the microphone was a big hit. We enjoyed the Christmas fun.'

3/5  Alex 'This is a nice little toy but is a little bit unstable and the the microphone functions very poorly although it does add to the overall visual impact. Overall I'm satisfied with this purchase.'

1/5  Sb 'Poor sound quality, lovely looking product and a fab idea but the sound just does not work on it, to quiet and my 2. Year old son would have outgrown, returned for full refund and a different piano purchased'

5/5  Sheila 'Very good products and service'

1/5  Vicky 'Not worth the money and I will be returning. The volume is low the microphone sound is also low Cheap flimsy plastic. My 3 yr olds knees are a tight squeeze when sitting on the stool.'

1/5  BettyLouXx 'Bought For My Son For Christmas. Very Flimsy And Not Greatly Stable. Screw For Battery Compartment Was Almost Rounded So Couldnt Get It Unscrewed Or It Would Of Rounded The Screw. Not As Big As Its Made Out To Be Wouldnt Buy For Anyone Above 3 As Its Tiny. Over All Dissapointed With It. Lost Recipt Or Would Of Been Taken Back For A Refund To Buy A Better One. Staff Very Polite And Happy When I Bought This Item.'

3/5  Natalie 'Not got much volume to the piano but the drumkit makes ul for the volume for my 2 year old. Height great'

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