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chad valley giant floor piano

About the Chad Valley Giant Floor Piano

With the Chad Valley Giant Floor Piano it's time for little ones to get creative. Letting their imaginations guide them, your most cherished can bring to life their own musical creations to dance to. In additional to this, there are fourteen (14) demonstration songs and six (6) animal sounds for them to engage with to spark creativity as they formulate their own musical masterpieces.

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Chad Valley Giant Floor Piano Reviews

5/5   'Excellent toy for children my little girl loves it Brilliant for imagination play and learning sounds'

4/5  Kais 'The game is very popular with children. It is really fun'

5/5  Sharon 'Great sound options, little nephew loved it! Very handy volume setting as well.'

5/5  Jeannie 'Just brilliant for running up and along keys, pressing animal noises noses and dancing to the musical notes.'

4/5  AJ 'My grand daughter loves it..It seasy to use and practical...i,e it can be wiped down with a damp cloth to clean'

5/5  HappyArgosShopper 'This amazing floor piano kept my two kids so happy on christmas day, they played together for ages making up tunes and laughing and dancing, afforded me plenty of time to prepare supper too. When bedtime came around again it was so easy to simply roll up and store in their toybox and barely takes up any room at all. Highly recommended.'

4/5  DeeBee 'Gave this to a 9yr boy with delayed development. He enjoyed playing with it.'

5/5  Tomo 'Bought this for my niece, she absolutely loves it. Good size and quality'

5/5  Nickname2 'If they love music and learning to stand or walk this toy is perfect.'

5/5  Karnie 'I bought this piano for my 3year old grandson for Xmas, he loves it so much, he loves all the different sounds, it's fun, very good quality, and entertaining for my grandson, a brilliant purchase from Argos once again! Love Argos! Would definitely recommend to others'

5/5  Xxy123 'Little one loved it so did the adults'

5/5  Sjconsi 'This item is enjoyed by both my 1 and 2 and half year old. They love copying all the different sounds.'

5/5  Bronagh777 'My grandson loves it.'

5/5  Charl 'Great value for money brilliant to for young kids'

5/5  20455 'Great to play with the sounds are excellent.'

5/5  John925 'Very good entertainment for a young child. My two year old grand-daughter particularly likes the animal noises/'

5/5  Flump 'This is a lovely toy for any young child that enjoys dancing or music. Bought for 1.5 yr old who loved it, as did the adults too. Can play tunes or press the animals to make noises.'

5/5  Kevvy 'Excellent little toy. Excellent value'

5/5  Taz16dee 'Great price as waited for sale reduction - excellent entertainment for little ones'

5/5  North 'My grandaughter loved this. very easy to set up and store away. Any child that is musical will love this'

4/5  Em 'The Could be louder!'

5/5  Vogel 'Was warned not to buy by my son but he was soon joining in with the grandchildren and they all had a great time.'

5/5  BB 'Brilliant piano mat daughter lives it'

5/5  Eleanor 'He played with it for hours. I taught him mary had a little lamb on it. Now were on twinkle twinkle little star. Thanks'

4/5  Manka 'Bought this as a present for my 2 year old nephew and he absolutely adored it. Provided hours of entertainment at a reasonable price...perfect!'

5/5  Charlie 'The giant play floor matt is great! I gave it to my daughter who is 1 and she loves the animals sounds and how it plays its own music. It's been great entertainment for the whole family not just the for the child!! The only thing I can say wrong is the sound isn't exactly loud but you can still hear it. Overall its a great present.'

5/5  CB 'The sound quality is great and for a child as young as 1 it keeps them entertained but also useful to learn the sounds of different animals.'

5/5  Emily 'I’m impressed with the quality. I thought it may be a bit hit and miss as to whether the keys would play when stepped on/whether the placing of where you needed to touch was accurate and it was!'

5/5  Paigeex 'My 2 year old daughter spends hours on this key board she loves the animal noises and can’t get enough of it. I just love seeing her dancing away on it very happy mama :D'

5/5  Karen 'Granddaughter loved it'

5/5  Tallbird 'Bought for a Christmas present so can't really say yet.'

5/5  JillyB 'Fantastic product for the price, I got this for my niece's birthday. Ove got a feeling the whole family will end up having a play! Lots of sounds and adjustable volume too.'

5/5  Carolz 'Perfect for curios toddlers'

5/5  Gill 'Bought for my niece for christmas tested to make sure it works great value'

4/5  Gavin 'Very good product and kids enjoy using it. Would recommend.'

3/5  Mike 'Doesn't work great, sense of touch is off, all in all a waste of money and not much fun'

5/5  Shel 'Great toy and well Worth what we paid'

5/5  AuntieKee 'Bought this for my 3yr old Neice & 2yr old Nephew, as a joint present. They both love it and play with it for hours on end. Sound is clear and a good volume without being too noisy. Seems a tough material which will last and Folds and stores perfectly aswell.'

5/5  Jade 'Please with purchase'

5/5  Ana 'Is hilarious seing a 2 year old kid playing with it. Entertains for hours.'

5/5  Belvis 'Great for keeping grandkids entertained'

5/5  Amit 'Best Gift to give to someone'

4/5  Mel 'Brought for my daughter 2nd birthday had load of fun jumping on the different keys.'

4/5  Claire 'Present for children but adults replaying their youth !!! Great fun !!!'

4/5  Sooks 'My nephew was looking forward to this being set-up. It's safe and makes sound which was really appreciated.'

5/5  Tanves 'It was a great birthday present for a 5 year old. The kiddo just loved it.'

5/5  Icedragon 'Looking forward to our new Grand child using it'

5/5  Ewa 'Very nice. I recommend, my child is happy.'

5/5  Woody 'Aboustly great for the granddaughter'

3/5  Rowmama 'Not that loud. Actually hard to hear the different animal sounds. Very slippery ! Due to the low volume it's been used once then ignored. Probably better for smaller babies 18months and under. 2.5yr olds don't like how quiet it is and they slip on it too'

5/5  Mickey 'Great wee toy for the kids and it's very reasonably priced'

5/5  Buddie 'Ideal for 2 grandsons (2 1/2 yrs & 13months) to share / play together at the same time. Something they can home back to, together, singly, whenever they want.'

5/5  Paul 'I bought this for our two year old'd Birthday and she loves it. She loves making noise and it's made even better by the animal noises that can also be set. Only negative is the keys registration can be a bit hit or miss but for the price this can be overlooked.'

5/5  Bingochick 'I bought this item as part of a Birthday present for a 2yr old, it was great and he took to it right away, its colourful and amusing with the different sounds and doesn't take up much space on the floor. I bought it in the toy sale so it was a brilliant buy.'

4/5  Johnny 'The item is great because it will help children to learn more about sound and also it doesn’t require a lot of room but the price of this product is ok in a way.'

5/5  Ja7 'My little boy loves it.'

5/5  Dawn52 'Got this for my granddaughter not give her it yet but I have took it out to see what it's like she's going to have hrs of fun'

5/5  Soph 'My daughter loves it!'

5/5  Chris 'Very good product.Top quality'

3/5  AN 'Kids love it.keeps them amused.'

5/5  Nat 'My little one loved making noises with this and kept her fully amused'

5/5  StaceJ 'I've put this up for my daughters birthday present. It looks well made and I think they will enjoy playing with it. Time will tell'

5/5  Ajay 'The kids loved it, very enjoyable and fun, great to keep the children occupied.'

5/5  Madjock 'Great entertainment for the kids'

5/5  Lady 'Have lots of fun and be happy don't leave child unattended'

5/5  Kc 'Great gift for my nephew, he loves it!'

5/5  Familyiswhatmatters 'This is very entertaining and fun for little ones. It’s great that it’s educational as well. The sound is really clear and it’s a good size. Would definitely recommend.'

4/5  VonMisfit 'Pretty good quality for the price, my daughter loves it. Can be a little irritating when they set off the music and run away leaving it playing haha! But definitely worth getting for some indoor entertainment.'

2/5  Sanny 'Still in original packaging unused as of yet'

5/5  Rosie 'My 3 year old niece loved this piano!'

5/5  Tarn 'Fun and really interactive for adults and the little ones'

5/5  Meg 'My son has had hours of fun on this... as sad as it is me too haha'

5/5  Me 'Perfect for very young children, not to loud and keeps them entertained for a long time.'

3/5  Eunice 'As soon as you set it up it gets reset again to animal noises because the pad is too sensitive. Wouldn’t recommend'

3/5  JHD83 'I bought this for my two girls 2 & 4, they both play with it. Unfortunately the one we got had broken keys at the end, its too much hassle to return so we kept it, but our kids do like to play the music on it and dance about.'

5/5  Jesdica 'Very good my daughter loves it'

5/5  Anup 'Overall very nice product so good to buy for kids.'

5/5  Halloweenangel 'She loves the piano and makes the animal noises as well'

5/5  Mick 'Keeps my grand daughter happy and folds up to store away'

5/5  Polly 'Great value for money and the baby loves it'

4/5  Wifey 'Ordered online, collected same day, easy Pease! Nice item, bigger than I thought it would be. Good price. Dont forget the batteries! A very happy 1 year old!'

5/5  BusyMumOf3 'Bought this for my son for his birthday. He loves it.'

5/5  Mama 'Gift for 3 year old great neice who loves it so much. Lots of fun.'

1/5  Bob 'Bought one which did not work, got a replacement which again did not work'

5/5  Pippin 'Good interactive toy with different modes'

5/5  Mummy27 'This is a brilliant toy, for crawlers and walkers. It’s great fun and kids absolutely love it. (Cat loves it too) My LG loves walking over it. And then sitting on it and making it play more noises all together. There is a prion instead of the piano, it can be animal sounds aswell. 10/10'

5/5  Dreamer 'It gets played with for ages by both my 2 year old and 6 year old. Colourful. Has good responses. Good sound level. Animal sounds are good 2 year old daughter likes to set off the music and have a animal sound playing along with it. 6 year old son uses the keys to make songs X'

3/5  NoAssumedName 'If you have one kid it's ok but if you have more than one kid you can't hear nothing... construction wise is good product, entertainment if I'm playing with my nephew just the 2 of us it's good but it he has a play date he won't even bother, because you can't hear nothing. So solid product but sound wise not si good.'

5/5  Laura87 'Brought as a present for a 2 year old. He absolutely loved jumping and running up and down making different sounds. Was a massive hit. Recommend for all small kids especially if they love music and/or dancing'

5/5  Tony89 'We bay that for Christmas present. This is very nice and funny toy.'

5/5  Sopharh 'Great for kids of all ages'

4/5  Pixilox 'A good little mat shame our boys keep squabbling over this toy but it's lasted well so far'

2/5  Becky25556 'Purchased for a toddler but when brought home it’s states 3 years plus so had to return'

5/5  Troy 'Excellent fun for my young son and his friends'

5/5  TheValencian 'This is a great toy for entertaining a child and a superb way of annoying the parents LOL'

5/5  Jojo 'I bought two of these mat piano’s, one each for my grandchildren & they both luv it. Really nice & can be wiped clean if any spills, my grandchildren luv it!!'

4/5  Helen 'No problems really just wish it had grips for the floor'

4/5  Gab 'Stepson enjoyed playing with this and exploring the sounds it made.'

5/5  Mopsey 'Brilliant for the grandchildren even my 10 month old granddaughter. Had lots of fun on Christmas Day. Please don't wear socks.'

5/5  CosmicCherry 'My two children loved this and enjoyed making music together'

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