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Chad Valley Electronic Smart Phone

About the Chad Valley Electronic Smart Phone

Now little ones can have a phone just like grown-ups. This brightly coloured toy smart phone has icons just like Mum and Dad's as well as fun sounds as different ones are pressed. The phone also helps children learn through role play. This Product is for use against the ear. To protect infant ears and comply with British safety standards, the volume has been limited. Size H2, W12, D7cm. Weight 120g. Batteries required: 2 x AAA (included) plus . For ages 3 years and over. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4112200
EAN/SKU: 4112200
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Chad Valley Electronic Smart Phone Reviews

1/5   'I brought this item for a baby in India, when I got here to India and I open it out of packet, put battery in , did not work, very disappointed , I had to take item bk, I'm bk in U.K. March 2nd 2017, the baby was disappointed , and I still have item, did not expect this from Argos, could not give the baby a present.'

3/5  Lisa505 'For £2.99 I guess I cannot grumble too much at this. It it's not very loud in fact you can barely hear the noise. The design isn't massively appealing either.'

1/5  Bailey 'Bought this for my granddaughter the volume is very quiet with no volume control the buttons small and heard to press played with it once got frustrated with It and never played with again a total waste of money'

1/5  Maria 'Bought when product was on offer. Very small . Would not buy at full price. OK for a little stocking filler at Christmas .'

3/5  Jo 'This is supposed to be a noisy phone for young children , the sound level is that low that even the baby can't hear it ? Would not recommend even if it is only a few pounds .'

1/5  Mum4 'Looks cheap, didn't work, never worth £9.99. I bought it on sale for £3.49 but it's so badly made. Don't waste the money'

2/5  Rik 'Poor hardly audible sounds Plastic brick'

1/5  Farshad 'Unfortunately when I bought this for my children who arrived new in the UK from aboard then I just realised that the toy not working at all.'

1/5  Sam666 'Do not buy this the sound is so low you cant hardly hear it dont waste money on this.'

5/5  Hayley 'Good product'

4/5  Sparky 'This has kept my iPhone safe as the Chad Valley version is more attractive to little fingers. Phew!'

4/5  Sandra 'Grandson was happy with it nice little stocking filler for 2 year old'

3/5  Clo 'Got this on offer for £3 so cant grumble But it really is very cheap looking'

2/5  Nicolaleanne 'I purchased this product as my 9 month old likes to have my phone as it lights up and he bites it as he's teething and he laughs when it rings and vibrates. so I thought this would be ideal for him but it is so quiet so he can't even hear it, neither can I, I also thought there would be buttons but it's just like a touch screen which is fine but it doesn't light up either, the only thing that lights up is a tiny bit at the top but I was hoping the whole front would like up like a proper phone.'

2/5  Lee 'Colour fun little phone with plenty of little buttons but completely let down by the poor sound quality.'

5/5  Ellie Emily 'My son loves it'

2/5  Lynn25 'The concept is great but its so quiet it didn't hold my young granddaughters attention at all. I bought 2, one each but wish I hadn't! £10 wasted.'

5/5  Tom 'Toy is amazing'

1/5  Jane 'Waste of money more baby not toddler'

1/5  Sansa 'I purchased the chad valley electronic tablet phone for my granddaughter. The sound quality is very poor.'

1/5  Prince Francis 'Bought for my 7 months old girl. The sound is too low. Also it neither has proper buttons to press. Difficult for even adults to operate'

1/5  Lou 'So quiet that you can't really hear it! My little boy got bored straight away.'

4/5  Erky16 'I bought this for my one year old daughter who kept grabbing my mobile phone. She loves this toy phone and it keeps her amused for a while. Definitely recommend getting this whennits on offer especially.'

4/5  Hayley 'Really good value for money and well made. The only fault is that the sound is not very load'

1/5  North 'I brought these for my granddaughters Mia and Miya nearly a year old Put good quality batteries in them and didn't hear the sounds on the smart phone Not happy with this product'

5/5  Emma 'My 10month old loves it and plays with it all the time.'

3/5  Kjw85 'We purchased this item half price it makes sounds but not very loud .'

4/5  Zehra 'Great toy for the kids'

1/5  Deba 'So quiet in sound bored straight away never been used since I bought it'

3/5  Maz 'Not as good as expected- very quiet, doesn't light up/flash as description.'

4/5  Chloe00 'Really good. It was originally for my little boys Christmas but gave it him early and he loves it'

1/5  Mallys Mum 'No sound at all can hardly hear anything but son likes it to chew haha'

2/5  Sally 'Not very loud as you have to put the phone right next to your ear to hear it so I won't be recomening this product to anyone. The price is good just not the product'

5/5  Becka 'Keeps him entertained with the music and the light at the front!'

4/5  Wright4u 'Kids love it'

2/5  Cheryl 'I bought this for my son whos two, disappointing sound quality'

1/5  Nicky 'I bought this for my daughters birthday & am very disappointed with the sound. The volume is so low you have to hold it to your ear & even then you struggle to hear the sounds !'

3/5  Rach 'I bought this in the hope that my Son would stay away from my phone and break another one! It hasn't worked but the phone itself is brilliant for keeping him amused and he holds it up to his ear and knows to talk into it etc. It's durable but rather quiet, I haven't tried swapping out the batteries to see if that helps but it is rather hard to hear, even if there is silence around us. Overall a good little way to save your phone for 5 minutes!'

2/5  Shaunaaaaa 'I brought this as my son loves to grab and play with my phone and the tv remote, unfortunately this wasn't comparable. My son doesn't play with it much and the volume of the toy is so low you can barely hear anything. But overall I scored it a 2 because it's an alright price and there's hopes of my son beginning to like it.'

4/5  Matt 'I bought this for my son and he loves it'

4/5  Debby 'It's exactly what I expected and my son loves it'

5/5  Kleigh 'Daughter loves to play with phones. excellent cheap buy hours and hours of fun. would recommend to anyone with children who love phones'

3/5  Gee 'A compact little phone that can be either a toy phone or tablet.'

1/5  Miny 'Had to return'

1/5  Littlun 'When you press the buttons, you can hardly hear any noise. I believe this was designed so that children's hearing isn't damaged, but given that all children's toys make audible noises - which is exactly what they're designed to do - this was just a disappointment.'

5/5  Tom 'I recently bought the Chad Valley Phone from Argos. The delivery was fantastic as I received the item the following day. The lady who delivered the product was friendly and patient. Definitely consider Argos for the future!'

1/5  Busybodymamofthree 'Bought for my daughter as she likes to eat my phone so thought I'd give it a whirl. However was expecting it to be a lot louder than it is; dogs have trouble hearing it and only when you press one of the button does it whisper anything. And this was before any baby slobber got onto it. Very poor. I'm sure there's better ones on the market than this one. Don't waste your money'

3/5  Bex 'I got this phone for my 1 year old son and he loves picking it up and putting it to his ear and having a pretend talk. I think it really encourages role play'

1/5  Scottiegirl 'I ordered this to give as a present but when I saw how small it was I returned it straight away for a refund and bought something different for the price i found it over priced.'

1/5  Sharon 'Poor sound quality. Replaced batteries but still unable to hear sounds. Returned product'

4/5  Elf 'When received it was a lot smaller than expected but worked very well. It was brought for a two year old and she loves it.'

1/5  Nay1979 'Ive found that the sounds on this are extremly quiet hard to hear them'

3/5  Renata 'Average quality for the price paid. Not excellent but not bad either. Just a bit cheap looking and fragile. Sent as a gift so can't say i've seen it in action.'

3/5  Sammy 'Toys very quiet, can't hear what it's saying.'

1/5  Kath 'This is not a phone i would recomend bought it for my grandson but had to take it back you couldnt hear anything playing at allnot suitable'

1/5  SEASIDENANNIE 'This toy is not as it seems, the web site says, not for under three year olds the boxl says for over 18 months, his ever this toy is not suitable for any child. It do'es not do as advertised, NO noise and NO lights. This makes it NO good, a phone makes a noise or should do. This one is not as advertised, it is one to steer clear of to spare a young child bring upset. I only wish I had read the reviews before I had bought this.'

1/5  Maymay92 'The volume on this toy is terrible you can barely hear it even when its near your ear. The only plus is it looks nice as a brick phone without the volume addition but if it says it has sounds in the description you expect it to have sound.'

1/5  Adele 'The sound on it is very poor'

2/5  Busybee 'The idea of pressing the buttons to make different sounds is good but the play phone is too quiet and a 2-year-old loses interest quickly.'

5/5  Shellbell123 'Brought 2 of these,, both kids love them and have so much fun with them'

5/5  Mags85 'Excellent features from Chad Valley as always this let's kids feel like a grown up chatting away whilst your on a call my nephew felt very important while calling his friends.i couldn't believe the price an absolute bargain!!!'

5/5  Scouse 'At 18 months Maisie gets bored with her toys quickly but plays with this endlessly and loves it'

3/5  Deb 'Bought this because she likes to play with phones but its very low and you cant hear it'

1/5  Rach123 'Bought for my 2 year old, you can hardly hear the sounds and looks very cheap'

1/5  Kosty 'Is the worst product i ever buy... the sounds he's make are not loud enough.'

4/5  Thomas 'The product is good. But, the button sounds are low and can barely hear.'

2/5  Rose 'This was bought as part of a gift for a 3 year old, it's a good size, big buttons and looks fun for the kids. Very good value for what I paid but it is extremely quiet. So quiet in fact that we can hardly hear it, you have to really listen. Still for what was paid it's good value and enjoyed in pretend play.'

1/5  Mo 'Brought this product for my grandaughter. The sound is rubbish'

1/5  Anne7 'Got it home. Put batteries in. Didn't work. No time to return it so stuck with it'

1/5  Amy 'I was really disappointed with this, the buttons when pressed hardly made a noise if any. To hear it I had to hold it close to my ear also it was not a bright display at all.'

2/5  Shane 'The product is a good idea but it very quiet for my daughter to hear and it needs to be a bit louder'

1/5  Donzey 'The sound is so quiet that is bearly heard let alone good enough to entertain a 8 month old. Returned for a refund straight away.'

5/5  Leeanne 'My son lives this toy'

1/5  Caprecious 'It's rubbish and I would not recommend looks cheap and can hardly hear the music threw it away'

4/5  Valgriff 'Lovely fun item for my grandson with a great price point!'

1/5  Martin 'Need to buy a hearing aid as well sound is very poor'

4/5  Mandyw 'Grandson loves this .... so do I as it means he is leaving my phone alone'

1/5  Dissappointed 'Bought this for my grandaughter, put batteries in when I got home and was so disappointed. The sound was so quite you couldn't hear it. I thought it was faulty so took it back to argos and tried another which was the same. Ended up with refund.'

5/5  Kj 'Great value and using as a stocking filler.'

3/5  Mary25 'Thought this would be good for my child but althought it made the right noises it was very flimsy and extraordinarily quiet. only at nighttime could we hear it.'

1/5  Gran Gran 'Very poor product . Did not work returned.'

4/5  Anto 'It great for my 10 month old son he loves it'

1/5  Cooksuey 'Volume was so faint even with brand new decent batteries. This would not hold a child's attention.'

1/5  Debs 'This product is rubbish - returned one as the sound was so low and nowhere can you turn the sound up - the second was just as bad. Don't recommend.'

1/5  Maisling 'Difficult to use, and very very quiet sounds from it. Not suitable for my 18 month old at all.'

1/5  Ediye 'I bought this product for my little one. You cannot hear what it's saying, pressed any key as stated, all you hear is a wobble sound. It pains me because I has to purchase battery to operate it. Not recommended.'

1/5  Rebjay92 'Far to quite to hear with no other noise around.. impossible to hear when in public. My son soon gets bored and throws it.'

1/5  Mags18 'This was a complete waste of money. The sounds that it made were so faint that they could hardly be heard and also didn't light up much. Was discarded within a few minutes.'

4/5  Pamela 'Nice toy and quite good quality'

3/5  Daisy 'Product smaller than expected'

4/5  MiMi.x.x. 'Grate proudest, very happy. And my nephew loved it. Also very appropriate.'

1/5  Shazb78 'Sound too poor. Could barely hear it at all. At first I thought it was broken. I know that volume levels need to be fairly low so as not to damage a childs hearing. But that low is just utterly Ridiculous! Glad to leave the item returned. Would have been a total waste of money. You get what you pay for I suppose. But I still hoped it would have been at least a little better. :('

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