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Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard - Red

About the Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard - Red

This Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard is an incredible approach to get kids into music. There are thirty-two (32) genuine piano keys, eight (8) beat buttons and fun pulsing lights for your most cherished to get down to. Different sounds and demo melodies urge your most cherished to explore as they develop their own particular one of a kind sound.

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5/5   'Bought as a birthday present for my 4 year old niece, she loves it. Its a great little keyboard, with loads of different buttons making different sounds. Good volume with on/off button. Happy purchase'

4/5   'My daughter love this , its really fab'

5/5   'Absolutely perfect for young music fans, with lots of different instrument and demo options. Volume limited at a comfortable level, its the perfect gift for encouraging an interest in music without being disruptive. Highly recommendable'

5/5   'Absolutely delighted with this. Sure our great granddaughter will love it Great service and prompt delivery. Couldnt- be more pleased.'

5/5   'Loads of demo songs my little one lives dancing and singing along to and it records too! Really good value for money.'

4/5   'This was really good product .I gave this to my friend daughter .she was very happy and played with this toy all the time.'

5/5   'My grandson love it l bought for present for him'

5/5   'Bought this for my grandson who loves it. Easy to use for little hands'

5/5   'This keyboard is excellent value, lots of features including a really good volume down bottom which lowers the volume to a "hear yourself think" level! If all toys had this!'

5/5   'My son loves it,and great for value'

4/5   'Great sound, good quality, kids love it.'

5/5   'Bought this for a birthday present for a 2 year old. Seems strong enough to cope with heavy hands on the keys. It was a hit and was played with until we left. Her mum and dad liked it as it has a volume key.'

5/5   'The first one we bought wouldn't work, even though I bought (unnecessarily) new batteries. Smooth exchange at Argos. New one works really well. Our 1-year old grand-daughter loves it and has twigged that hitting one key at a tme makes different sounds. She's also found the rythm keys! Excellent piece of kit.'

5/5   'Bought as a gift. works really well, Child really enjoys playing with this.'

5/5   'My daughter 3 y she like it and showing how to play.'

5/5   'Great first keyboard for young children - lots of fun'

5/5   '2yr old loves pressing buttons with different sounds.'

5/5   'Great product suitable for all ages great features ,good value for money'

5/5   'This item is definetley worth its money. Little ones loves playing and creating their songs. The sounds are enjoyable and is easy to use and clean/maintain.'

5/5   'For the price, I can't fault it. It's a great toy for the required ages and I've had no issues with it.'

5/5   'Perfect for little hands'

5/5   'This is a lovely little keyboard. My grandson found it way to use. Good reasonably priced.'

5/5   'I got it for my two year old. She loves it!'

3/5   'The build quality of the product is sub standard. But it works. The volume can be decreased and increased to acceptable levels.'

5/5   'My daughter play the music & sign with it . She is playing with her own. Thank God got something for her to play her own'

5/5   'My grandsons both like to play with it highly recommend'

5/5   'We brought this to give as a gift to friends son, they loved it and the boy playing a lot. The quality of body and sound in music are perfect for kids. Perfect gift which anyone can expect.'

5/5   'Just right for a 2year old!'

5/5   'It's an awesome product for an awesome price.'

4/5   'Brought this for noisy grandchildren.. Quieter than a previous owned one so ideal on the ears. Easy to use , not too big and the love it.'

5/5   'Had one very excited grandson when he opened this on his birthday !'

5/5   'Bought for my daughter on her 5th birthday, she really loves it and enjoys experimenting with all the different sounds.'

5/5   'My grandson enjoys playing it.'

5/5   'Was a gift for my 4 years old niece . She love it. Always playing music'

5/5   'I bought this as a simple keyboard but it is so much more. A real joy to use, even as an adult. Very good sound quality.'

5/5   'Great product for kids'

4/5   'The keyboard is great. My son enjoys a lot with it. Certainly worth spending on it'

5/5   'Got this for my little girl and she loves it. Has many different options of sounds and tempo. Also lights flash which makes it more exciting.'

5/5   'Looks great , brilliant price'

5/5   'Pleased with the product'

5/5   'Got this for my 3year old and its amazing'

5/5   'Keyboard is very nice , good Christmas present for my friends kid'

4/5   'I bought this for my nephew and he absolutely loved it! Its small enough and compact to fit in the toy box, causing less chaos to my sisters living room and was incredibly interactive. He started playing with it immediately and loved whacking all the keys. Once he was done with it and was busy playing in his cardboard box submarine us adults had a go, best reenactment of Twinkle Twinkle little star you have ever heard. I would 10/10 recommend this to a friend.'

5/5   'The keyboard has different sounds and keys that even with the kids I enjoyed playing on it too. Brought back memories of when I was a kid and practiced to play the keyboard'

5/5   'My daughter loved playing'

5/5   'Ordered for my granddaughters to play with when they come to mine they love it... just the right price too'

5/5   'Fabulous little keyboard, good value for money and, most importantly to parents it has a low volume control so as not to damage your little ones ears ( or deafen you when they want to show you the new song they learned for the 567th time).'

5/5   'Absolutely love this keyboard so many great features including the drum pad and recording. I would recommend this product to anyone for their child.'

4/5   'Overall good but for different instruments option it produces similar music. Would recommend to go for a better one if you are ready to pay extra'

5/5   'Great buy, great price. Lots of fun. Great learning to.'

5/5   'My 2 year old daughter has so much fun with this, couldn't recommend it enough.'

5/5   'Bought this and the guitar. Love being in my 3yo nephews band'

5/5   'My grandchildren love this keyboard lots to do on it . Can also record on it which is a bonus .hours of fun to be had . I have already recommended it to friends and family.10/10.'

5/5   'Nice Keyboard for young children.'

5/5   'Good value for money'

5/5   'This is an excellent product to gift my kids. It has a loads of options but simple to learn, kids can enjoy to play with it. Happy kids and happy parents too...'

5/5   'Great noisey toy. My kids love it. Would buy again.'

5/5   'I Would recommend this product.'

5/5   'The kids love playing with this little keyboard with its different sounds and functions. I love it as it has a limited volume .'

5/5   'Perfect for birthday gift.'

5/5   'This is such a great little instrument for a younger child my little boy loves music and playing instruments and he loves this! It is well made and has lots of choices for different sounds! Brilliant keyboard!'

4/5   'Overall good and value for money.'

5/5   'Good and convenient price'

5/5   'I bought this item for my grandchildren. Very easy to play. They love them'

5/5   'Really good value for money'

5/5   'Excellent value for the price'

5/5   'Nice sounds easy play. Batteries last well. Helps children develop musical ability.'

5/5   'Got one for by brother's birthday and loves it! He's not stopped playing it!'

5/5   'Wonderful little keyboard with plenty of good sounds, music and beats. Nice sound. Would recommend.'

5/5   'Good value for money and my 3 year old son loves it'

5/5   'Great first keyboard. Bought for my 4 year old and she loves it..'

5/5   'Brilliant way for young children to start learning how to play the keyboard. My nephew loves it.'

5/5   'Brillant price in the 2 for 15 both my daughters loved this great product'

5/5   'Very Good For My Son'

5/5   'Love the item woryh money and my daighter love it'

4/5   'This instrument is good for beginners...'

5/5   'Really good range of sounds and buttons to push. Gives off a good tone and holds interest for a long time. I bought this for a 2 year old and she loves it'

5/5   'Super product at this price ( bought in 2 for 15). Does the work for Keyboard genuinely. Well sized keys. Large enough for my 4 and half year old son. He has learned few poems in less than a month. Not just good for entertainment but also for knowledge.'

4/5   'My son loves this, it does lots of different sounds. Great product for the money'

5/5   'My grandson loves his new keyboard he has already learnt how to play it'

5/5   'My 4yr old grandson loves his new keyboard he got for his birthday. Plays with it every day x'

4/5   'The super-daughter is very happy and happy'

5/5   'My 5 year old loves this keyboard and at a great price as well.'

5/5   'My one year old Grandson had lots of fun playing with the keyboard. He loved pressing all the buttons.'

5/5   'My son loves his little keyboard, bought it to go with the chad valley electronic guitar.'

5/5   'My little one is in love with it'

5/5   'My 1 year old loves this! A lot of functions and really good price'

5/5   'Now the creativity can begin. The keyboard ticked all the boxes with every function on it doing exactly as they are expected to perform.'

5/5   'My granddaughter likes this nearly as muxmch as her fishing game. She plays with it frequently band it always makes her happy and smile. She like anything that makes a noise and allows her to dance so the keyboard does both.'

4/5   'My grandaughter loves this keyboard and plays with it every day.'

5/5   'My son like playing on it everyday and easy to carry around the house'

4/5   'Basic AA battery Small screwdriver needed to open the battery housing but super easy. Really good for the price so many settings and can record. Very small time delay between pressing the key to sound but only when playing fast on the keys And no child would ever notice.'

5/5   'It was brilliant for the granddaughter to make loud music'

1/5   'Was returned to the shop as the sound was awful and was far far far 2 small'

5/5   'Brilliant little keyboard with a decent number of buttons to keep a two year old entertained. Sound is pretty good for the price.'

5/5   'Fabulous and fit for purpose'

4/5   'Bought this for my little brother - it plays like a proper piano as well as with extra noises and sound effects to completely entertain, a great product!'

4/5   'The kid was a bit too old for the item, but played with it after X-mas day anyway. They bought him a better product from another store, which was more appropriate.'

5/5   'Great toy with loads of features. Made a great Christmas gift for my daughter, was part of an offer two for 15. Great value for money.'

5/5   'Bought as an Christmas gift for my nephew and he absolutely loved it.'

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