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Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard Pink

About the Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard Pink

This Chad Valley electronic keyboard is a great way to get children into music. There are 32 real piano keys, 8 rhythm buttons and flashing lights for little ones to rock out with. Various sounds and demo songs encourage little ones to experiment as they invent their own unique sound! 32 key standard keyboard, 19 demo songs, 4 animal sounds: dog, bird, frog, duck, 4 drumbeat sounds: bass drum, hi-hat, tom drum, guiro. 8 instrument sound effects: piano, organ, violin, trumpet, bell, mandolin, guitar, music box, 8 rhythm sound effects: slow rock, rock, new age, disco, march, waltz, samba and blues. Also includes LED flash light. Size H49.5, W14.5, D4.5cm. Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included) plus . For ages 3 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3498444
EAN/SKU: 3498444
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Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard Pink Reviews

4/5   'It's not very loud but I suppose that's not a bad thing really.'

5/5  Ally Cat 'Keyboard is really great shame there's no volume button as sound not so good but overall a good buy'

4/5  V 'Good value and very bright pink piano! My daughter really liked this and it was a fantastic price as I got it in the sale. The record function is a nice touch, along with the wide range of different functions and modes. Hours of fun!'

5/5  Danni 'Provides Great imaginative play, sounds good, durable as my daughter likes to drag it around and stand on it. Overall provides hours of fun for the kids and noise for me'

5/5  MotherMinty 'Perfect little keyboard. My 2 year old thinks it's fab. Has loads of different music settings. Simple and easy for her to use and most importantly, great value for money. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Jf 'She will love it so happy with it'

5/5  Jaz 'My daughter felt so happy with her keyboard, she thought she was in a band, I would recommend to all 2 to 3 year olds it keeps them amused.'

4/5  Jexsam 'Bought for a small grandchild, we were surprised how easy and convenient the shopping experience at Argos (Bodmin) was. Very good value toy for the price, with lots of options to maintain interest. Average build quality and may not last very long but still very good value.'

4/5  Emm02a 'I bought the keyboard for my two year old. The keyboard itself is fine however the sound is very quiet even with the volume turned up high. It's ok for a first keyboard'

4/5  W.b 'Not bad, lots of different buttons to mess about with'

5/5  Hunny 'My daughter really love this product.. She sings her own songs and enjoy alot.. Full of fun.. Xx'

4/5  Lily 'Nice little keyboard. 4 year old can carry it around. Sound OK. Bit tinny. Not sure how it all works at moment.'

3/5  Tina 'The sound quality isn't very good, very quiet. However it is very good quality and good to get kids interested in.'

2/5  Ald 'Nice one Good one'

3/5  Santhosh 'Product quality is good, but volume from Piano is very low ..not audibile'

1/5  Claire E 'Bought this as a birthday present and was very disappointed as you can barely hear it. Waste of money'

1/5  Barbara 'The sound is very poor'

4/5  B 'Purchased for my 4 year old god-daughter for her Christmas gift and she loved it!'

5/5  Laura 'I bought this for our daughter as an added extra for Christmas as she absolutely loves music. There are many more features than I first realised and our daughter absolutely loves it. It is a little bit quiet when the tv is on in the background etc. but many parents would consider this a bonus! Would definitely recommend and is cheap considering what it can do!'

4/5  Ems 'Sound is a bit quiet but good for money'

5/5  Ant C. 'This keyboard is excellent for a child. The volume is not very loud but this is probably a good thing! I bought this for my great niece for Xmas, she loves it.'

3/5  Gaurav 'Sound is low in keyboard. Plastic body is just OK not too good nor to bad.'

3/5  Twin Kaos 'It has lots to do sound wise and is well built but its very quiet and kids that are young wont know how to turn it up. i bought it for my 2 2yr olds so cant complain they like sounds and lights. its took a good beaten too and still works.'

4/5  Lisa 'Happy with this keyboard, gives a lot of functions at a great price (bought on offer) Yes, the sound isn't great but that's not a negative! My 3yr old loves it.'

5/5  MARIE 'The 3 year old girl who I bought this product for absolutely loved it, I read from other reviews that the sound quality is too quiet but to be honest it is just right & therefore not annoyingly noisy, also is good value for money.'

3/5  JSL27 'Sound is very poor however still good value for money.'

3/5  Shan 'It's a bit on the quiet side , can barely hear it if the telly is going as well but it is pretty cheap and I guess you get what you pay for.'

5/5  Ron43 'Just right for my grand daughter Thankyou'

3/5  Mamma J 'Great for young kids. Volume seemed a bit too low even on highest setting'

4/5  Moynul 'The little princess loves it, and it didn't cost a fortune. Really worth purchasing. Sound is not that loud. Could be a good thing.'

1/5  Sophie's Mummy 'This keyboard looks lovely! However, the sounds are too quiet to even hear what it plays. The quality isn't that good either. It kept our 3 years old entertained for 2 minutes, and that was it. She's been wanting a pink keyboard and I regret buying this one. Deign itself would not recommend for 1+. It could be that it is more suitable for a baby? But even so the batteries don't last long and it's very very quiet. We have changed the batteries thinking that's what the problem was. ...'

1/5  Micky 'Very low sound, hardly audible.'

5/5  Andropaws 'Bought to see if 4-year-old ready to start playing keyboards. Plays full chords, demo tracks, records your plagying, several instruments and effects. Not too loud even at max volume. Battery life (use good-quality rechargeables) seems good so far.'

4/5  Babi 'This product good.my little daughter like it.'

5/5  Paula 'We absolutely love it. My baby is 15 months old and she love it.'

5/5  Daz86 'Very good for your money my little girl loves it'

1/5  Rae 'Got this for my daughters birthday and she managed to play with it for all of 5 minuets before the speakers broke . Not happy will be returning it later on today'

5/5  Sham99 'Great value for money'

4/5  Andys 'This keyboard did all we expected and was good value for money. The only critism would be the sound quality.'

4/5  Shri 'Nice one. My 3 years girl loved it. She enjoys with keyboard. Good quality product.'

5/5  Sal-mick 'Good little keyboard....our grand-daughter loved it.'

4/5  Sammya 'This is great value for money my 3 year old loves it n sure will discover more sound/features as she grows'

5/5  Rolg 'Fantastic product. My kids loved it right from the very first day. It's got good sound and a lot of recorded nursery rhymes. It's also very durable. It's fallen off several times now but it's still very much intact.'

5/5  Turraquine 'My granddaughters, aged 5 and 15 months have had great fun, even their dad joined in.'

5/5  Cm53 'Excellent quality and excellent value. Our 14 month old granddaughter loves pressing the keys and the many buttons. However she needs to be a bit older to appreciate it more. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying attempting to compose the odd tune, which you can record and play back. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Fairy 'This is a great product. Both my 2 year old and 4 year old love it and so do the adults too. It was good value for money too.'

4/5  Retiredlass 'Bought this for my grandaughter who although only one likes to sit and play on keys and get different sounds by pressing buttons. Who knows maybe one day she'll play a tune.'

5/5  Lilly's Mammy 'Great toy and a bargain great for those on a tight budget since its in with the 2 for 15 my daughter loves playing with this i would definitely recommend this product :-) :-)'

1/5  Graham 'Very shoddy on off switch not good'

5/5  Happy1 'Great value for money. Lots of different features. Kids love that it can make sounds for them to play along with. Would recommend.'

5/5  Chas 'Good value product...money well spent.'


4/5  Jay 'This keyboard offers endless fun for little ones with several great features.'

5/5  Lili4 'Bought the keyboard for my friend's little girl and she loved it.'

5/5  Poppy 'Really good sturdy keyboard! got it for a present for a 5 year old girl! she loves it, not sure about her mother maybe the noise giving her a headache!!!! overall great product! will buy another 1 soon for another girls present!!'

5/5  Sue 'Bought as birthday present for my little granddaughter. She loves it! It's colourful and has a nice tone.'

5/5  Jay 'Bought this for my daughters birthday and it's the best present she got! she has lots of fun and it plays tunes as well as letting her play. she has played with it even day since getting it. Very good product'

5/5  Kamran 'My 1 year old loves her pink keyboard. She plays with it for ages.'

5/5  Maxine 'Bought for my 2 year old neice and she loved the colour and the variety of noises she could make with it'

5/5  Murali 'Given as gift to friend's daughter. they are so happy and his daughter is playing well with it and enjoying... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!'

5/5  Chikku 'First best purchase for a beautiful budding star'

4/5  Jan 'A good starter keyboard for a young child. Gives the option of playing notes or listening to pre-recorded tunes which young children like.'

4/5  LOGY 'Little one loved it and sings along with it'

5/5  DEAN 47 'My daughter only likes pink toys so this it really good, she enjoys all the different sounds and makes her own tunes.'

5/5  Poppy 'Bought for my niece for Christmas & am sure she will love it !!!'

5/5  Anda 'I bought it for my 5 year old daughter, she loves playing with it, it's easy to use, has good quality sounds and plenty of options to choose from.'

5/5  Christine 'Bought this for my neice who loves bopping to music along with the "my first cd player". She will love it although her parents will probably hate it (I believe her big sister is buying her a set of drums!), but that's what aunties are for. Lots of different sounds, has lights. Great for the child who loves music. Seems sturdy and I had fun trying it out.'

4/5  Got two of these as Xmas pressies for my neices. They will be very pleased with them....depending on how loud they are maybe their parents may not. Seem made well enough to last a couple of years. Probably about as long as the girls will want to play with a pink keyboard!! 'Appears to be good value for money. Bought it for my little girl for Christmas so it hasn't been used yet but it looks good for the amount spent.'

4/5  Perfect for my little girl's first instrument, she's very pleased as am i. 'Richard'

5/5  I bought this for my little girl and she loves it.keeps her busy all day. 'Gemma*C*'

5/5  Bought this for my 2yr old & she absolutely loves it. 'Shaz'

5/5  Bought two of these as presents. Pleased with this product as it is easy to use, looks good and is great value. 'Maza'

5/5  One of the keys was not aligned. However it worked but had it not been opened by a child at Christmas we would have returned it. 'CazzyP'

3/5  All functions are easy for a toddler to use, and it is great fun 'Geoff'

5/5  Not expensive and you do get what you pay for. Not turning off is better than not turning on! 'Mouse'

2/5  Its a good purchase for the price mentioned! Its useful for beginners esp tods who just love to play it in their own tunes 'Clare'

4/5  Good product considering its price 'Vivek'

5/5  Nice gift well worth the money. 'PS'

5/5  Lovely little girly presy. 'Rosie H'

5/5  Bought for my 5 year old for Christmas. She loves it. I will no doubt regret buying it at some point (when I can take no more) but it is simple to use, has a variety of different instrument sounds as well as some pre-loaded tunes and rhythms. Can't go wrong. 'Mave'

5/5  Great key board for the price 'Mejon'

4/5  Have bought this in the 3 for 2 deal Haven't opened it yet as it is my daughters xmas gift Looks good for it's value 'Marj'

4/5  Yvonne 'Disappointed with the size of the product'

1/5  Ash 'Hi, Good for Kids who are biggner.'

4/5  Steve 'Excellent value, plenty of different functions, well made, would recommend'

5/5  You gets whats you pay for! 'Very good buy... my 6 and 10 year old love it and even my husband has tried to play some tunes. Its has lots of different lots of different sounds which work and so far it seem robust.'

4/5  I bought this for my wee granddaughter, age 3, she loves it and it has kept her occupied for hours each day. 'GB'

1/5  My 3 yr old loves this, great price and plenty of different instruments sounds and rhythms, seems sturdy. Best thing about it for me is the volume control! 'Janmc'

5/5  Good quality and to be enjoyed by children with a wide range of ages. 'Kiimy2'

5/5  We bought this for our 4 year old daughter on her birthday she loves it and doesn't stop playing with it,it comes with a little song sheet which is a bit advanced for her at the moment,she has had hours of fun with it. 'MikeG'

5/5  Brilliant keyboard. My 1 year old loves it and so does her sister 3. It comes with a little music leaflet with a few songs on which is good. It's great. A real bargain. Definitely buy it if thinking of doing so. 'Vicky'

5/5  Was pleased with the colour and size but the keys didn't all work and some of the buttons didnt work had to return it .got a replacement but that too has issues third time lucky and it is playing well 'Mrs F'

5/5  I bought this for my two year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. For the price its well worth the money. 'Unhappy Mum'

2/5  This keyboard is great! It's got loads of fun functions and cool sounds. I selected the 'demo' mode whilst on Britains Got Talent and they fell for it - bring on the live shows! 'L Menabney'

5/5  Bought the keyboard for our daughter's , very impressed with the quality and functions for the price and my daughter loves playing with it 'Fireman Rob'

5/5  Good little keypad, enjoyed by my granddaughter. Price reduction was the reason i bought the otem as price was then reasonable. 'Nubia'

4/5  Good value for money. A cute little keyboard with lots of buttons and some flashing lights. My daughter is only 2 but likes pressing the buttons and it is a good size for her to pick up and carry around. She hasn't used all the functions on it but she is very happy plinking on the keys and pushing buttons to get drum beats etc. 'Eve'

4/5  There is a slight problem with where the battery goes in but overall a good product, my daughter loves it. 'Clam'

5/5  0 'Deee'

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