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Chad Valley Electronic Drum SetChad Valley Electronic Drum Set

About the Chad Valley Electronic Drum Set

Get creative and make some inspirational music with the Chad Valley Electronic Drum Set, with flashing light effects. Pick one of the eight (8) upbeat demo drum rhythms or let your own talents shine and create you very own unique tune (march to the beat of your own drum as the saying goes!) using the two drumsticks (included). You can record your masterpieces then mess around with the tempo and the drum switches to create differing sounds (size H21, W6, D42.5cm).

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Chad Valley Electronic Drum Set Reviews

5/5   'Keeps my 2 year old entertained absolutley loves it, would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Loz 'Hours of fun great price!'

4/5  Hannah 'Get your moneys worth here! It’s fun easy to use, my only wobble is that I wish it was a little louder (thumbs up)'

5/5  Tigger 'I brought this for a Christmas present, my nephew ,3 absolutely loves it. Definitely recommend it'

5/5  Charlie 'Excellent value for money, I bought two!!!@!@!@'

5/5  Mollymandy33 'Granddaughter loved this drum machine. Lots of different music and exceptional value'

5/5  Mrsrichards83 'Fantastic value for money my boy loves it (almost 4 years) and my daughter (6.5 years)'

5/5  MommaRex 'Brought for my 2 year old for Christmas, she loves it and I love the adjustable volume!'

3/5  Rasa2015 'There is some music, but not fun as I tough.'

4/5  Shake71 'I bought this for Xmas for a 3 year old child. There's quite a lot of features, some too advanced for this age but it's better to have options. It seems to be easy to get a sound from and drumsticks are easy to handle.'

5/5  Kazza 'Fantastic for hand eye co-ordination not to loud lovely drum sounds , kids and us grown ups enjoy it'

5/5  Elgar 'Bought this for my 3 year old who is obsessed with drums. It’s perfect for her and even my babies are enjoying playing with it.'

1/5  Hally 'It’s rubbish you can’t hear it'

4/5  WJ 'Good little drum set, lots of functions but could be a little louder....my 6 & 2 year old grandchildren love it!'

5/5  Alice 'My kids love the drum set bought it as a Christmas present for my 2 year old but my 5 year old also loves playing with it and dancing to the music.. The sound is also not too loud which is good.'

5/5  Emma 'This is big enough for my 3 years old to play in front of them. Different sounds and noises keep them entertaining for ages. They obviously need help to show how to record and play back etc.'

1/5  Meezi 'Bought for grandson and the drum bit is rubbish, you can hardly hear anything even when volume is turned up, it sounds like bashing on saucepans instead of a drum noise, no instructions either, waste of money'

2/5  Rosebud 'Bought for my grandson and not really good. Wasnt interested due to it not sounding like a drum kit or loud could hardly hear it.'

5/5  Badger 'Bought this as a Christmas present for my grandson as he likes beating a drum and I know he will love it.'

4/5  Sam 'Great first drum kit for my music mad nearly 3yr old daughter. Not very load but she loves banging away on it. Not as big as I thought, the drum sticks are massive compared to drums. Would recommend for 1st drum set for a music mad toddler'

5/5  Lorna 'My little boy loves it'

5/5  Lou 'My little boy loves music and making up his own little songs, he’s three years old so I saw this and thought it would be perfect for him and it is! He absolutely loves playing with it and making little songs.'

5/5  NJC 'Just right for my noisy grandson'

5/5  Bonfirebill 'My Grandsons love not to loud keeps them happy to make music'

4/5  Rob 'It makes a good drum sound and there are cymbal sounds as well. Particularly liked that the drum sticks could be stored underneath the drum machine. Good for eye and hand co-ordination.'

5/5  Cristina 'Fab drum kit for the proce'

3/5  Chantelle 'Well built but the volume limit is lower than expected so can not hear the beats just the hammering of the sticks on plastic'

1/5  Laura 'Does not make effective sounds upon hitting'

5/5  Poshbimzy 'Fab easy to use and has a lot of sounds to play with.'

5/5  NM 'This is a brilliant drum set, perfect for my Son. Good value for money'

5/5  Abbie123 'Bought this my son for a Christmas present as he loves to bang my pots and pans as drums'

5/5  Paigetier 'This is my daughters favourite present, love all its little features and how easy to use it is - even for my 1 year old!'

3/5  Mel 'It's a nice drum set .noisy and annoying when am trying to rest and it comes on by its self. Spooky'

5/5  Miriam 'Very good, easy to use and good pay back on the kids'

5/5  Abs 'Enjoyable and noisy, perfect gift'

5/5  Nebby74 'I purchased this item for my son for Christmas and we are sure he will absolutely love it. The quality is top notch and is extremely durable. We are delighted with our purchase.'

5/5  Mreorm 'Bought 2 as gifts for grandchildren, Chad Valley toys are robust and I've never been disappointed on the quality, great value too. They love making music and at the ages of 3,4 and 5 the drum is ideal, bought the keyboard too.'

5/5  Cats693 '.Just big enough not to make too much noise!'

5/5  Sarah 'Great value for the price . Great Xmas present'

5/5  Jess 'Looks great, I’m sure my niece will love it!'

5/5  Terri 'Great product, my 3 year old loves it'

5/5  MommaSam 'Got this for my 2 year old neice she loved it'

5/5  LouJ 'The drum set is brilliant, my nephew loves it. Definitely worth it, considering the price the quality is amazing!'

1/5  Jules 'My granddaughter always plays drums with crockery, household pans etc. I bought the drum set for part of her birthday (3). She was not at all impressed, poor sound, I would not recommend this toy.'

5/5  Jp 'Fun and noisy and amazing fo kids'

5/5  Spangz 'Good toy for children that love to make thier own music lots of different backing tracks and sounds to play over'

5/5  Kuka 'Would recommend it .'

5/5  Fifi 'I got this as a gift for a little boy whose Mum is a music teacher. He loves it!'

5/5  Ros 'Bought this for my little one well worth what I paid , plays with it for ages great for any little one boy or girl .'

5/5  Sm 'Daughter loves the drum along with the piano set'

5/5  Madmummy 'Musical instruments are important for development and the little man loves it! Good value for money!'

5/5  Shawz 'Grandson loves playing with this excellent value for mny'

5/5  Karen 'Great Christmas and birthday present brought 2 because I loved it'

5/5  Minnie 'Excellent item great quality and easy to use great value'

5/5  Babs 'Very good value and not too noisy, has a lot of backing sounds for my grandson to play along with'

3/5  Pam 'This was a nice looking drum.'

3/5  Karie79 'Ok, my 2 year old boy loves beating the cr*p out of this, the sound isn't very clear or loud, but good for first drums experience'

4/5  Jo 'Bought for a 2yr old who loves music'

5/5  Jeeger1974 'I got this for my 10 month old son and he absolutely loves his drum kit constantly playing on it just seeing him so happy with it fills my heart with joy'

5/5  Shannon 'I bought this for my 18 month old son as he played with his cousins and he loves it. He can sit for ages playing it. For now he just enjoys banging it and is starting to copy the sounds. He very much enjoys this.'

4/5  Lela 'My son got this for his 2nd Birthday and he enjoys playing with it. Sound is not too loud (which is a good thing!) and he can choose to play with some other instruments and sound effects. There are also some flashing lights which are great for child development. Great pratical toy!'

3/5  Pickle 'Young grandson loves it, wakes parents up early in morning.'

5/5  Becky 'Bought this as a birthday present for my Cousin, He absolutely loves it, works really well. Perfect gift, even if parents don't agree.'

4/5  Hollyl 'My son loves play with this. Only thing is, the sound isn’t very loud.'

5/5  Jemonessicar 'Bargain priced child’s drum set - great fun'

3/5  Grandma 'He enjoys banging it with his sticks it's fine as he is only young . For an older child I would want a better sound quality .'

3/5  BigBits 'Even in silence this toy is not very loud, so interest was lost almost immediately.'

5/5  El 'This is a great toy. I have bought 4 in total for children aged between 3-5 years and all have enjoyed, as have their older and younger siblings. Can see my daughter enjoying this for many more years.'

5/5  Tilly 'My niece loved it, would recommend'

5/5  Jools 'Grandson loves this uses it a lot'

3/5  Kay 'Or he monetary value the size is great but has very poor sound quality.'

5/5  Benny 'Bought this for my friend’s sons 2nd birthday with the sole intention of annoying both him and his wife. It’s working a treat, so can’t fault it!'

5/5  Janine 'My little boy had lots of fun playing with the drum and the noises it makes'

5/5  Lac 'My daughters love music and this product gives them endless hours of playtime'

4/5  Bob 'Our granddaughter loved it.'

1/5  Tuch 'Honestly it wasnt worth it at all. Not for a 2 and a 4 year old anyways.'

1/5  Rohini 'This toy use 1 or 2 years kids, and kids like this'

3/5  Kel 'Bought for my 3 year old hes fascinated with drums and . he really enjoys marching and playing .'

5/5  Toni 'Good fun for our 3 year old grandson. Constructive start to producing music, lots of variations, controllable volume so not too loud. Great value for money.'

5/5  Rodders 'This item is cheap tack'

3/5  JC 'Unmelodic, more of a 'thunk' than a rat a tat tat or boom. My 4 year old grandson loves singing and dancing but has showed very little interest in this'

2/5  Mumof4 'Good for age 3-5 year olds like all the different sounds'

4/5  Gemini 'Very happy with this. I got it for my son for his birthday and he loves it.'

5/5  Tricky 'My little one loved this. Can easily take the beating from a toddler and was very good for the price.'

4/5  PAS 'Value for money. My son was really happy with the new toy.'

4/5  Claire 'Was worth the money and was good fun.'

5/5  Lottie 'My little boy loves this toy plays with it all the time'

4/5  Gman 'This is a superb toy! The quality is excellent and the drum/tempo etc are really very good for the value. I strongly recommend this one!'

5/5  Custardmonkeymum 'Sadly, our toddler lost interest quickly and much preferred banging on a stainless steel sauce pan with wooden spoons. But the idea is good.'

3/5  Donna 'Smaller then I thought it was going to be, the bang of the drum sticks on the pads is louder then the bang noise of the actual drum noise. Suppose you get what you pay for!'

3/5  Bobs88 'Excellent price , well worth the money'

5/5  Fo 'It’s a little bit smaller than I thought, it has a few playing modes, thankfully the sound is reasonable and not so high that is becomes unbearable in a child’s hands. Hence if you want an actual live sounding drum set/toy this is not for you. This is clearly playful imitation for roughly a tenner.'

3/5  Yakittyyak 'It has adjustable volume but doesn't actually go very loud and I think it's ment to light up but it doesn't so bit disappointing other than that my kids had fun with it.'

4/5  Haidee 'Lovely drum set really good quality'

5/5  Zoe80 'The drum set was a good price, as I got it on offer. I'm glad I didn't pay full price though as it wasn't loud enough and one of the pads stopped making any sound at all after a few days. My son hasn't played with it since...'

2/5  Saffy 'Nice drum set bought as a present and the child loved it.'

4/5  Dannii 'A great little toy for boys and girls. Not too loud and you can store the drumsticks underneath.'

5/5  A1 'Have to strike it hard and some areas are not as responsive as you’d like. Not bad. Kids enjoy having a drum kit along with the other instruments'

3/5  Tony 'Excellent toy well worth money hours of fun for the little ones'

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